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Palestinian children aged 7, 8 detained by Israeli forces in Jerusalem

Nov. 3, 2015 6:59 P.M. (Updated: Nov. 4, 2015 11:29 A.M.)
JERUSALEM (Ma'an) -- Israeli forces detained two Palestinian children, aged eight and seven-years-old, on Tuesday in front of their homes in East Jerusalem, a local committee said.

Amjad Abu Asab, head of local group representing the families of Palestinian prisoners, said Israeli forces arrestedMuhammad Abdullah Yaqoub Shweiki, seven, and Amir Muhammad Abbasi, eight, outside of their home in the Silwan neighborhood.

They were both taken to the notorious Oz police station in Jabal al-Mukabbir.

It is unclear why they were arrested.

Defense for Children International - Palestine says that between 500 to 700 Palestinian children are detained and prosecuted each year in Israel's military court system, usually on the charge of stone-throwing.
some one / some where
one of their leader say: we will have peace when ARABS love their children more than they hate us you kids mean nothing to you you cam make kids overnight why should you care what happened to them no education no school go throw stone so they give me money
shame on all of you
03/11/2015 19:30
Face / Reality
As the article states: the reasons are unclear why they were arrested. As for Arabs loving their children, of course they do. Why would any Palestinian throw stones? Just for fun? END THE OCCUPATION and there would be none of this. There would be no need for resistance.
03/11/2015 22:17
Tobias / USA
PALESTINIAN CHILDREN "aged 7 or 8 are only detained by Israeli forces", because they ARE COMBATANT, STONE-THROWERS !!
03/11/2015 22:25
Outlier / USA
Of course, this story will stay up, while the story about the 70 and 80-year-old Israelis stabbed by Palestinians is already gone.
04/11/2015 02:01
Mark of Lewiston / USA
Toddlers next. Inevitable.
04/11/2015 03:44
Hanna Kawas / Canada
Palestinian resistance is the result of Israeli brutality and occupation. As for who teaches hate. See Israeli language and education professor Nurit Peled-Elhanan book "Palestine in Israeli School Books" and learn about the true face of Israeli RACISM and the SUPREMACIST nature of Zionism.
04/11/2015 06:07
Mark of Lewiston / USA
Toddlers next.
04/11/2015 11:05
Palestinian and Proud / Free Palestine
Palestinian children are more precious than anyone could think, but the Israeli soldiers are cowards and brutal to arrest such innocent angles and put them under this psychological pressure.
It also clearly shows the sordid reality of Israel’s war against the Palestinian people.
Long life Palestine
04/11/2015 11:19
Olga / USA
Too old for your time but look it up. Sting: I hope the Russians love their children too. You'll see some sort of parallel One/Where.
04/11/2015 13:30
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