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8-month-old baby dies from tear gas inhalation near Bethlehem

Oct. 30, 2015 6:37 P.M. (Updated: Oct. 31, 2015 3:06 P.M.)

BETHLEHEM (Ma'an) -- An eight-month-old Palestinian baby died Friday from tear gas inhalation in Beit Fajjar village south of Bethlehem during clashes in the area, the Palestinian Ministry of Health said.

The ministry said in a statement that Ramadan Mohammad Faisal Thawabta died after inhaling tear gas when clashes erupted nearby between Palestinians and Israeli military forces.

Thawabta's body is being transported to Beit Jala Governmental Hospital.

Three Palestinians were injured with 0.22 caliber bullets during clashes in the village, the ministry added.

An Israeli army spokesperson did not have any immediate information but told Ma'an they were looking into the incident.

The eight-month-old child's death brings the total number of Palestinians killed this month to nearly 70, at least ten of whom have been children.

At least 68 Palestinians have been killed during clashes and attempted, alleged, and actual attacks on Israeli military personnel and civilians.

The number does not include two elderly Palestinians who died after long delays at Israeli military checkpoints, a Palestinian prisoner who died while under Israeli custody, and a Palestinian man died after a heart attack shortly after his family said he was beaten by Israeli soldiers.

At least nine Israelis have been killed in attacks by Palestinians during the same time period.

Earlier Friday, Qassem Mahmoud Sabaneh was shot dead after an alleged attack on an Israeli border policeman in Nablus, and Ahmad Hamada Qneibi, 23, died from his injuries hours after attacking and injuring an Israeli in occupied East Jerusalem.

Clashes across occupied Palestinian territory initially began to escalate following the fatal shooting of two Israeli settlers on Oct. 1 as well as increased restrictions on Palestinians in East Jerusalem.

Near-daily clashes in the Bethlehem area have left at least three Palestinians dead, including a 13-year-old.

On Thursday, Israeli military forces told residents of Aida refugee camp in Bethlehem over a loudspeaker that unless they stopped throwing stones, the forces would gas them until they die.

“Inhabitants of Aida, we are the Israeli occupation forces, if you throw stones we will hit you with gas until you die. The children, the youth, and the old people, all of you – we won’t spare any of you."

Outlier / USA
A parent's first duty is to keep children out of harm's way. These parents failed.
30/10/2015 19:10
Daniel / Germany
Where was the Baby? At home? Or carried around among stone throwers? Thats the most important Information, guys, thats bad journalism.
30/10/2015 19:56
Julie / USA
Israel has declared de facto one of its multitude of criminal, unforgiveable never-to-be-erased legends as the most horrific baby-killing entity in all the world.
30/10/2015 20:18
Dai / UK
So now the IDF are proudly announcing their intention to use gas with lethal effect...... You would think that Israelis would be sensitive about using the term gas in relation to killing people.... we are constantly being reminded of the holocaust and the issues surrounding it...!!!!
30/10/2015 20:21
Graham Turvill / England
When will it stop?, a tragic and needless waste of life , perpetrated by the greedy.
30/10/2015 21:30
myra / canada
Israeli government really pushing the limits.shamefully the international community has the limits for Israeli government's cruel treatment of Palestinians set unbelievably high.for the leaders in this world shame on all of you.
30/10/2015 21:53
Arnold / Canada
A sad story. The parents are suffering. In any other part of the world the parents would probably be brought up on charges of child endangerment for having their child outside when all this was going on.
30/10/2015 23:21
Legal Eagle / Australia
The Useless Nations showing again just how useless they are. Israel is not just a rogue state, it is completely out of control.
31/10/2015 20:30
Michelle / USA
After returning from there just last night, I can say that I have seen for myself that Israel is out of control. I have witnessed the amount of gas they use, the poor baby didn't even have to be outside to be affected by it. The IDF even attacked our Christian tour buss full of Americans!
01/11/2015 01:36
Peter / Canada
Outlier: They failed because there is nowhere in (brutally) occupied Palestine "out of harms way".
01/11/2015 09:05
Helga Marie Mali / Germany
How cynical and selfrighteous some posts are... horrible!
And Arnold: In most other parts of the civilized world you won't find occupation troops being out only to oppress and kill other human beings. So sad. hmm
01/11/2015 09:09
Paul / Kenya
Very sad and tragic death, but where are these kids parents to stop them from all the rock throwing and stabbings. You will never find peace in violence.
You wanna overcome your problems, then shower what you think is the obstical with love, NOT HATE, NOT VIOLENCE, and you may be victorious.
01/11/2015 10:05
Hetty / the Netherlands
Typical how some you the above prejudge.. know it all without any trial. Just like the criminal zionist goverment. Always blame the defenseless, the occupied, the weaker party. Again: give Palestinians F-16's, tanks, Iron Dome.. so the 'fight' will finally be equal. UNothing, USeless..
01/11/2015 10:46
Jon / USA
Blaming the Palestinians for fighting back is like blaming the rape victim for scratching and screaming and trying to fight off a rapist. It is the occupation that is the cause and the ever ending theft of land, resources, and freedom.
01/11/2015 15:34
Dania / Mali
I read that the tear gas canister landed in the baby's home. Just like the fire bomb that killed baby Ali.
01/11/2015 18:54
ian / australia (1)
To Helga. "How cynical and selfrighteous some posts are... horrible!" Don't mind Arnold and Outlier, Helga. They're habitual apologists for Israeli state terror who, for their own strange reasons, persist in posting on a Palestinian site. There's essentially no outrage they won't defend. No punitive demolition, no checkpoint murder, no contemptuous assault
02/11/2015 08:52
ian / australia (2)
(contd.) on the Aqsa, no vicious collective punishment, no criminality, no sadism, including, it seems, asphyxiating a baby. I imagine they think they're doing their bit for the team, denying the occupation, deflecting criticism and smearing Palestinians as violent and brutal and motivated by baseless hatred of Jews. Also being bad parents.
02/11/2015 08:55
ian / australia (3)
(contd.) But appalling as they are, they do perform a function: they show that it's IMPOSSIBLE to make the case for Israel truthfully or morally. To defend and support Israel and its appalling record, it is absolutely NECESSARY to deceive. As they constantly show. So they've got that going for them. Which is nice.
02/11/2015 08:57
Outlier / USA
Peter, even in the worst conditions, there are safer places one can take a child. It takes seconds - perhaps a minute at most, to grab the child and run to one. These parents did not do so.
02/11/2015 17:58
Hetty / the Netherlands
So Outlier, what you are actually saying is that the parents don't mind letting their baby get killed? Are you serious? it says a lot about you all what you assume. You should hang your head in shame..
02/11/2015 21:46
ian / australia
To Helga. See? A baby is dead from tear gas inhalation but for Outlier it's an opportunity to smear the Palestinian parents as being so rabidly fanatical and so consumed by hate they didn't try, even though it would've taken "seconds", to save it. It's so shamelessly mean-spirited, it's boggling, but that's the pathological hard-wiring of apologists for Israel. Stay classy Outlier.
03/11/2015 01:43
Outlier / USA
Hetty, Ian - who is responsible for protecting this - or any - child? It is the parents' responsibility. The situation was difficult and these parents made a bad decision. Not mean spirited or an apologist. Parents of children who survived made better decision.
03/11/2015 18:31
Carlos / usa
So many good comments by Ian australia, Hetty Netherlands, Dani Mali, Jon USA. What the israeli propagandists want thier comments to be 1 or 2 because that is what people normally read. Maan why dont you randomize the comments so that way the ridiculous ones will not be first.
03/11/2015 18:43
Carlos / usa
alternative to random is Last in First position. That would eliminate the advantage of being 1 or 2 on comment list.
03/11/2015 18:45
Brian Cohen / Israel
Funny posts from the Americans (Julie, Carlos, etc) and Aussies - both nations famous for invading, occupying and settling somebody else's land andmillions murdered in genocide. Is Julie moving back to England? Carlos back to Spain? Ian back to UK? Of course not! Successful occupiers all!
03/11/2015 21:51
Rami / Palestine
@Brian Cohen - your comment is ridiculous. You are essentially saying that no one has a right to object to Israeli crimes if he/she lives in a country that once perpetrated "similar" crimes. You are Hitler justifying the Holocaust by pointing fingers at Stalin saying "He did it worse."
04/11/2015 10:14
Ativ Redarsch / Spain
The Auschwitz survivers and hence the following generations LEARNED A WHOLE LOT THERE, either personally or such thru transmission.
In addition to the whole Palestinian tragedy is the dowright fact that the UN-hands are being blocked by the US - faithful and loyal ally of zionist Israel
04/11/2015 20:58
ian / australia (1)
Holy schnikes, Outlier. Did children who died in Auschwitz (or Dresden) (or Iraq) die because of bad decisions by irresponsible parents? Sometimes evil is engulfing and parents are powerless. Would you blame the death of Ali Dawabsha on his parents because they failed to protect him or the psychos who torched their house?
04/11/2015 22:08
ian / australia (2)
(contd.) The martyr Ramadan Mohammad Faisal Thawabta died in a tear gas attack in a village Israeli soldiers had no right or reason to be. The "clashes" are pointless, illegal and avoidable. And which is more likely? That his parents didn't bother trying to save him due to some character flaw (as you poisonously suggest)
04/11/2015 22:11
ian / australia (3)
(contd.) or that increasingly unhinged soldiers (threatening maniacally in Aida to "hit you with gas until you die") used so much tear gas in Beit Fajjar there was nowhere safe to hide?
04/11/2015 22:17
ian / australia
To Outlier. "Not mean spirited or an apologist." Of course you're an apologist for Israeli terror, Outlier. What else do euphemisms like "the situation was difficult" to describe a wholly illegal attack on a village in Palestine indicate? (And for a genuine frinstance of irresponsible parenting ending in tragedy look no further than Udi Fogel who chose to settle the fam in a war zone AND on land stolen from the enemy. I mean what was he thinking?)
04/11/2015 22:23
Outlier / USA
Ian, responding to a violent protest is not "Israeli terror" and not "an illegal attack on a village." It is the role of security to end violence and restore calm, and it does so with a response that eliminates the treat.
05/11/2015 19:40
Hammond / Canada
A horrible crime by the Israeli "Occupation" Army.

For those who blame the victim and the parents for the action of the criminal Israelis, should stop their heinous blaming and their false sadness!!
06/11/2015 18:32
ian / australia (1)
"Ian, responding to a violent protest is not "Israeli terror" and not "an illegal attack on a village." " OK, Outlier. Enlighten me. How can a perfectly valid political rally, however rowdy, held in a Palestinian town IN Palestine which poses no threat to Israeli life, property or "security", be a "violent protest" and require Israeli soldiers to "respond" to "end violence and restore calm"?
06/11/2015 23:06
ian / australia (2)
(contd.) How is that NOT "an illegal attack" and when efforts to "restore calm" result in the wholly foreseeable death of a baby why isn't it the definition of state terror for which you are a chronic apologist. Hmm?
06/11/2015 23:08
ian / australia (3)
(contd.) And claiming this lethal incursion "eliminates the threat", when clearly the opposite is true, is perverse, even for you. So, your post, Outlier, is the same old Occupation denial. The same sleight of hand: there's no occupation, so Palestinians have no valid grievances and attacks on Jews are the result of entrenched, irrational anti-Semitism, which, as I'm constantly pointing out, is number one in the bag of tricks of apologists for state terror. Like yourself.
07/11/2015 00:45
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