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Video: Israeli soldiers beat, wrongfully detain Palestinian

Oct. 23, 2015 11:56 A.M. (Updated: Oct. 23, 2015 9:41 P.M.)
(AFP/Hazem Bader/File)
BETHLEHEM (Ma'an) -- Israeli rights group B'Tselem on Thursday released video footage in which a Palestinian is brutally assaulted before being wrongfully detained near al-Bireh earlier this month.

Ansar Aasi, 25, was working in the storeroom of a cleaning products company during clashes in the area on Oct. 6 when at least three Israeli soldiers spotted him and began violently kicking him and beating him with their rifles, before he was detained.

Aasi was taken to Hadassh hospital for medical treatment a day later for injuries sustained in the attack.

He was then held in detention for two days before being interrogated on accusations of stone-throwing, having been identified by three Israeli soldiers, according to police interrogators.

Aasi denied the charges, and was only freed after Israeli police finally viewed the CCTV footage taken from the storeroom where he worked, which proved his alibi.

He was released on Oct. 11 after five days in detention.

B'Tselem said it does not know whether the Israeli soldiers who beat Aasi and made up false charges have been held accountable.

Israeli forces have detained at least 876 Palestinians during the month of October, prisoner rights group Addameer told Ma'an on Thursday.

Addameer said the 876 new detainees has brought the total number of Palestinians imprisoned by Israel to around 6,200 people.

Over 500 Palestinians were detained in the occupied West bank, 213 in East Jerusalem, and 152 in Israel. Over 130 of the detainees were children, Addameer said.

Joe Fattal / USA
Come on. They treat that boy like their own brother. They were just try to reprimand him for his bad behavior.
23/10/2015 17:29
Carlos / usa
I love Maan but it is so depressing to read about the brutality of israeli occupation everyday.
23/10/2015 21:02
ahhat / palestine
Violent Israeli occupier. Stiller of land. If ur grand parents who actually suffered from holocost see what Israel is they would be ashamed. Nothing wrong about Jews
I'm Muslim and respect all religions. Israel doesn't represent Jews and all occupiers murderers settlers arogant full of power.
23/10/2015 21:16
witness / usa
it takes 6 fully armed Israeli soldiers to apprehend an innocent shop keeper !!!
23/10/2015 22:51
Roy / Mexico
Learned nothing from the holocaust. They are brutes and sadists ..and we SUPPORT them????
What does that make us? Idiots i guess...
24/10/2015 02:01
This is one of the most vile cowardly mean vindictive incidents I have ever witnessed and I've seen a lot - from the endless newsreels and documentation of Nazi atrocities against Jews, and in Poland, Russia, France, to colonial atrocities in Algiers.
These IDF soldiers are amongst the worst.
24/10/2015 18:25
Jon / USA
This is an example of the "most moral army in the world." Six armed soldiers stomping on one innocent unarmed Palestinian. He represented no threat to anyone yet the beat him. These soldiers are racist thugs who should be imprisoned for their actions.
24/10/2015 20:54
licence payer / uk
sadly you won't see this, or any other crimes against Palestinians on the BBC
24/10/2015 23:30
Coco / Bolivia
Very brave, only six beating an unarmed man.
24/10/2015 23:40
Colin Wright / USA
Whoops. Those pesky video cameras.

Obviously, reality is terrorist. It keeps turning out that Zionists are lying thugs.
25/10/2015 13:35
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