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Israeli forces chase 5-year-old with 'skunk water'

May 16, 2015 12:32 P.M. (Updated: May 17, 2015 10:32 A.M.)
QALQILIYA (Ma'an) -- Amateur photographer Ahmad Nazzal captured Israeli forces spraying 'skunk water' at a Palestinian child during the Kafr Qaddum weekly march in the occupied West Bank on Friday.

Five-year-old Muhammad Riyad appears standing in front of Israeli forces wearing a Palestinian Keffiyeh before the forces begin chasing him with skunk water, the boy eventually falling to the ground.

The foul-smelling liquid has been used by the Israeli military as a form of non-lethal crowd control since at least 2008 and can leave individuals and homes smelling like feces and garbage for weeks.

Skunk water was developed by Israeli company Odortec Ltd. in conjunction with the Israel policeand is generally sprayed from specially designed trucks up to a range of 30-40 meters, according to Israeli human rights organization B'Tselem.

Israeli army spokesperson has reported that skunk contains "organic material and has been approved for use by the Israeli Ministry of the Environment and the Chief IDF Medical Officer," although the exact contents of the rancid liquid have been contested, B'Tselem says.

The rights group documented regular use of skunk water by Israeli forces, and has accused the forces of using the substance for collective punishment, citing instances of Israeli security forces driving skunk trucks down the streets of villages known for active demonstrations and spraying the substance into residents' homes.

Photographer Nazzal had headed to cover the Kafr Qaddum weekly march, this week commemorating the 67th anniversary of the Palestinian Nakba, when he witnessed Friday's incident.

Four Palestinians were also injured with live fire as Israeli forces suppressed the march.

An Israeli army spokeswoman had no immediate comment on the incident.

Jon / USA
I suppose this is a terrorist child in the eyes of the Israeli's.

Disgusting and inhumane treatment, they should be jailed for such abuse.
16/05/2015 14:59
Sue Sibany-King / England
Thanks for sharing these pictures to show the world what Israel is really doing and the International laws it breaks on a daily basis. We MUST share this to change public opinion and bring about a just solution for the people of Palestine including a state of their own with a right to return for all
16/05/2015 15:11
Luzer / USA
Your story is about how a well armed army is chasing a young innocent boy but your photos clearly show that the boy is running to his father who is busy throwing rocks. The kid clearly needs a parent who can teach him how to read and write instead of throwing rocks and practicing violence.
16/05/2015 15:57
Vee / UK
Luzer- I don't care if the man in the picture is throwing to rocks, a 5 yr old isn't responsible for that and it doesn't make the action less despicable. Nor do we know if the man is the child's father. He may just have some concern for a small child. Shame you don't.
16/05/2015 18:47
Jon / USA
Throwing rocks?? Where do you see that Luzer.? Looks like a man running to save a small child from terrorist Israeli's. I guess you see what helps to clear your conscience and justify such heinous acts.
16/05/2015 21:33
Colin Wright / USA
Yessir. Makes one proud to be an American. This is what we support...
16/05/2015 22:34
Colin Wright / USA
To Luzer '...your photos clearly show that the boy is running to his father who is busy throwing rocks...' Actually, the photos show the father is busy rescuing his son. It's amazing the self-deception and dishonesty supporting Israel can lead one to, isn't it?
16/05/2015 22:38
Colin Wright / USA
To Jon: 'I suppose this is a terrorist child in the eyes of the Israeli's.
Disgusting and inhumane treatment, they should be jailed for such abuse.'

Don't be silly. You can't imprison a whole state. Israel should be disbanded, not 'jailed.'
16/05/2015 22:40
Brandy / Usa2
Shocking footage. Please get this out on international news.
16/05/2015 22:56
Miriam / UK
There are no signs of rocks being thrown at all! And even if there were, to suggest that it is OK for an occupying power with modern weapons in occupied territory to be there at all inciting violence, killing, imprisoning and terrorising children, is state terrorism - abhorrent and shameful.
17/05/2015 00:03
Luzer- (and you sound like one too) I'm sure he'd love to go to school or his parents would like him to go to school or be taught at home. But if these kingpins are harassing their very being what is he supposed to do, sit there and offer them tea?
17/05/2015 00:40
Yves / England
Luzer, where is the rock in the man's hands? Your despicable words designed to excuse a child being doused in a rancid liquid by the army truly disgust me. How do you know it is his father in the picture? The answer is, you don't, you're merely assuming. This is a child, A CHILD! IT IS WRONG!
17/05/2015 01:02
RockyMissouri / USA
I think the soldiers enjoy hurting the Palestinians. Especially the children. Shame on them.
17/05/2015 01:43
Nicky Nelson / USA
Good lord, what complete degenerates! FREE PALESTINE from these moral monsters !!!
17/05/2015 03:34
Patrick Dulany / USA
Americans, how long are we going to ignore things like this happening before we take action and cut our funding to Israel? How long are we going to keep turning an eye to this type of conduct? It's embarrassing...
17/05/2015 04:30
inbound39 / New Zealand
IDF members should be banned entering Nations supporting Two State Solution and Both Settlers and IDF should be internationally declared as terrorists. Israel has zero morality.
17/05/2015 06:56
Lt. / Canada
Well said, thanks Vee
17/05/2015 07:00
Steven / USA
Muhammad Riyah is a very brave young boy, but I despise the facts surrounding this photographed event. Muhammad should be playing with friends, in a safe and peaceful neighborhood. Shame on the Israelis AND the USA for promoting inhumane treatment in response to protests. Shame, shame, shame!!!
17/05/2015 07:04
Jon / USA
Notice they keep on spraying even after the small child falls down.

Nice bunch those israelis.
17/05/2015 07:46
Parris Lane / USA
How can I get permission to use this in a music video... about disparities?
[email protected]
17/05/2015 08:44
stuart / uk
Luzer there is no evidence whatsoever in these photographs that the man is throwing rocks. Your assertion of this lie however is proof enough that you are one of the many paid trolls employed by the Israeli govt in its attempts to suppress the truth
17/05/2015 09:33
Claudia / Argentina
Thanks for showing us the truth and brutality against Palestinian babies , it is our duty , who are on this side of the world, help spread these aberrant acts
17/05/2015 10:33
Ace / netherlands
treu heroes! Everything is made in China
Except Courage thats made in PALESTINE!
17/05/2015 11:37
Miriam / Jerusalem
Just seen the video footage from the same incident.

The skunk water was not aimed at the boy and his two younger friends throwing stones but at the adults standing behind them joining in the action.
17/05/2015 13:15
Miriam / Jerusalem
The boy trips over the rocks while running. The water was sprayed beyond him.

The video tells the story.

The selected frames shown here do not.
17/05/2015 13:19
Eldad / USA
The full video of the event shows not only that the child was throwing rocks from close range, but the police did nothing. The video also shows that the skunk water was shot at adult rioters on the right, unseen here. Video at Palmedia YT page.

Ma'an owes its readers a correction and apology.
17/05/2015 13:28
Ellis Simpson / Israel
If you are up to it, take a look at the video coverage here: In short, the coverage is not complete, and you are all wrong. But keep on hating, if that works for you. It's not helping the Palestinians.
17/05/2015 13:35
Sara / France
Ma'an readers will believe anything without the slightest shred of evidence. Why don't you publish the full video if you've nothing to hide and this is a legitimate, totally not manufactured, story?
17/05/2015 15:32
Josh / USA
That's kind of not what really happened, Ma'an
17/05/2015 15:45
L. King / Canada
Too late! The boy is to the left of the stream of spray - he's not the target. And there is video already on the internet showing this is part of the larger weekly protest at Kafr Qaddum where adults are indeed throwing rocks.

It is fauxtography such as this which destroys Palestinian credibilty.
17/05/2015 16:23
Luzer / USA
Guess the pile of rocks just happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Must be a coincidence. Guess the father wears his ski mask when he sleeps also. It's a good thing that he's teaching his son how to build rockets, throw rocks, dig tunnels....lmao at the family values these people have.
17/05/2015 18:01
Sarah / The Netherlands
The Israelis are right this time. Ma'an should do some investigation before putting story's on line.
17/05/2015 18:44
zaba / USAUSA!!
17/05/2015 18:54
Adam / United Kingdom
Stop believing everything your reading about Israel - here is some video evidence of what happened!
18/05/2015 14:36
Yigal / Israel
Those who criticize Ma'an for shoddy reporting-" Please don't confuse us with facts. We're not interested in facts. The way this article is presented suits us just right!"
18/05/2015 20:41
Baybars / Canada
Why are Zionists arguing about who the water is being sprayed at? You scream foul when Palestinian people without any other recourse use non-lethal methods (media/rocks) to fight against injustice. Why are we supposed to sit quietly while these same Palestinian people are bombed and starved by you?
18/05/2015 22:04
Tibi / Tubas
Undoubtedly, the 5-year-old was walking part of a large violent clash,
and probably throwing stones too, before he was sprayed. And,
It is dusgusting that Palestinians will use their children for violence,
just show to show such injuries to the world !!
21/05/2015 20:54
@ Baybar, et. al. / Truth
Sarah, Zaba, and Yigal are all correct about "right, Pallywood, and facts".
Also, FYI Palestinians have murdered several Israelis with "rocks" thrown from cars, and even without cars involved, you could lose an eye, so it's both "lethal" and violent, unlike "skunk-water".
21/05/2015 21:01
John / Denmark
My gosh, isn't the propaganda brigade out in full force. No but surely it's a coincidence that this comment track suddenly fills up with just-as-good-as-eyewitness accounts from people claiming it's all just an unfortunate misunderstanding.
14/06/2015 09:18
Edip Yuksel / USA
Five photos depicts the depraved nature of Israeli fascism.
It is shame that millions of my countrymen are duped by the Zionists media and lobbies.
14/06/2015 10:10
Marie / France
Some people justification for IDF are just ridiculuous and unbelievable, No matter what the circumstances are its A CHILD ! and this isn't the first nor it will be the last we see israeli soldiers harassing, killing, bombing palestinian children with cold blood , they've last their humanity
14/06/2015 11:39
Greta / Sweden
Poor Child! Poor Palestinian people..I cant find Words to explain my anger,my fear and my sorrow! When will it be an end of this crime?
Lets hope the Boats can sail in to Gaza and make it this time."Ship to Gaza" my heroes!
14/06/2015 11:47
Judie / USA
Fauxtography again. Facts: The child was throwing rocks. The police ignored him. They aimed the water at the older throwers near him. He tripped.
04/01/2016 14:32
Said Farzad / USA
Amazing people are palestinians, in other cultures 5 year old kids, are playing with toys. Long Live Palestine. Long Live the bravest people on earth. Here is when the history distinguishes good from bad, brave from coward. Palestinians will own the history and will write the history.
22/06/2016 17:46
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