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Hamas leader rejects Israel's call to disarm group
Published Friday 05/09/2014 (updated) 06/09/2014 14:28
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A Palestinian youth carries items salvaged from the rubble past
destroyed buildings in part of Gaza City's al-Tufah neighborhood,
on August 6, 2014.(AFP/Mahmud Hams)
GAZA CITY (Ma'an) -- Hamas will not accept any Israeli, regional or international calls to disarm the group, leader Ismail Haniyeh said Friday.

Speaking at the al-Susi mosque, the Hamas leader said that the group's arms are "sacred" and the same calls for disarmament should also be applied to Israel.

"As long as the occupation exists there will be resistance and fighting and Palestinian factions have the right to have what they can have," Haniyeh said.

The top priorities now for Hamas are ending Israel's blockade, strengthening national unity and providing support to Palestinians affected by the recent Israeli offensive, he said.

Palestinian factions have all agreed to President Mahmoud Abbas' proposal to join the ICC, he added, stressing that Israel should not get away with the killing of "children, women and the elderly."

"We have the right to have the necessary means to defend ourselves," he added. "We do not call for war, and we do not want war, but if the enemy wants it we will fight back."

The al-Susi mosque was shelled during the Israeli offensive on Gaza.

Israel and Palestinian militant groups in the Gaza Strip ended over seven weeks of fighting last week with a long-term ceasefire agreement in which Israel agreed to ease its siege on the coastal enclave.

Further negotiations regarding unresolved issues such as an airport and seaport in Gaza and the demilitarization of factions were to take place in Egypt a month later.
1 ) David / USA
05/09/2014 15:33
You see the hypocrisy of this hamas statement? "We have the right to have the necessary means to defend ourselves." BUT, if Hamas hadn't offensively fired rockets into Israel, hadn't dug offensive tunnels INTO Israel, hadn't gotten caught red-handed bringing heavy weapons into Gaza for use against Israel, THEN there would be no blockade, no military crossings, no response attacks, in short: THERE WOULD BE PEACE. Hamas can say what it wants, but it's just bullsh-t lies. The world knows this.

2 ) RIGHT TO RESIST is 100% legal / UN law
05/09/2014 15:35

3 ) ahkam / land of God
05/09/2014 15:59
Why this news stated hamas millitan? You suppose to call israel illegal state of terrorist..not hamas..or your media is zionist friendly..is that so..you are uncredible news source. Thank you

4 ) Nasir / India
05/09/2014 18:59
Disarm israeil for humanity and rearm hamas to defend its people and land

5 ) commonsensereader / world
05/09/2014 19:09
Excuses-me!! Here you have an illegal and barbaric occupier armed to the teeth thanks to european and US taxpayers' money, that attacks Palestinian people who are under siege, from air, sea and land, steals their land, water and taxes, jailed them with no charge, assault, emprison or kill them, including old, handicapp and children, and on and on..!

and it's the legitimate Palestinian Resistance that has to disarm so they will have no means to defend themselves as per Geneva Convention ?

6 ) Arnold / Canada
05/09/2014 19:31
At the end of WW2 Japan and Germany were devastated. Both were soundly beaten and devastated. They no longer had a military and they were occupied. Both countries allowed the rebuilding of their infrastructure and their societies. Today they are powerhouses. Why did this happen quickly. Because both Germansand Japanese are "normal" Both have a belief system based on Western and Far Eastern tenets respectively. Arab culture is nothing else than confrontational. Hamas cannot see beyond its nose.

7 ) Braun D. / USA
05/09/2014 19:40
Israel is the only Jewish state since 5000 years ago. The Arabs invade this piece of land from Saudi Arabia Egypt Syria and Lebanon. 300.000.000 Arabs over 15 countries couldn't let 6.000.000 Jews in only one country to survive. If the Jews will stop fighting they will not survive (beheaded ?) If the Arabs stop fighting there would be peace.

8 ) George / UK
05/09/2014 20:08
@1, David: No, I see your hypocrisy. Israel left the Palestinians no choice but to use force against it. Even before they had the means to resist, Israel was denying the Palestinian people basic rights, was oppressing them and stealing their land. See what's happening in West Bank currently? No resistance, hence people are arrested, tortured and killed, more land is stolen, more settlements are built. You are the true hypocrite.

9 ) JoeUSA / USA
05/09/2014 20:36
ref#1 David. And if there was no creation of Israel , most Gaza residents who are refugees from 1948 would have been , peaceful farmers living in their towns and villages from which they were evicted by Israeli forces. This is the Bull shit facts that you seem to so conveniently forget. You cannot choose convenient facts to support you argument. The whole world sees through your naivite of history of this conflict. Keep watching Fox News .

10 ) Brian Cohen / Tel Aviv
05/09/2014 20:36
#1 WHO IS THE INVADER HAMAS OR THE ZIONIST APARTHIED. majority of high ranking israeli officials are ( terrorist) members of the urgun gang that used to bomb the british until they left. irgun gang is labled terrorist by the usa. palestinians are not goyim gentiles , they are human and have a soul

11 ) mexica / mexico
05/09/2014 21:23
resistence100% is legal.state sponsor racism and land grabbing is not

12 ) @ Mex-11 / Honesty
06/09/2014 02:16
-1- If you were informed and Honest you would acknowledge that "land grabbing, state sponsored racism", terrorism, murder, and war crimes far more characterize "Palestinians" than Jews, and -2- If you were Honest you would acknowledge that "Palestinian resistance" is racism, terrorism, murder, and war crimes, all of which are 100% internationally "Illegal" !!

13 ) To those / who say
06/09/2014 06:34
resistance is legal: I agree. I understand that resistance needs AK47, RPGs etc to defend Gaza from invasion. I would even understand air defense or air force. But what is the purpose of having an arsenal of thousands of rockets? They are so inaccurate, they can barely hit a city, thus cannot be used to hit military targets. They can only be used to kill and terrorize civilians. They are an offensive, not defensive, weapon, to be used on civilians, with the only possible purpose to provoke war.

14 ) @13 To those / who say
06/09/2014 17:37
resistance is legal: It is, which is why the Palestinian resistance resist the Israeli occupation of their land. Why make rockets? Because they have nothing else. I understand that Khalid Meshaal said were they to be provided with guided missiles/weapons they would use them. The US is happy to provide Israel with state of the art weapons to kill over 2000 Palestinians, including nearly 600 children. Will it provide Hamas with the same, no, yet it deems Hamas to be terrorists. Look in the mirror!
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