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Israeli warships open fire at fishermen off Gaza coast
Published Tuesday 02/09/2014 (updated) 03/09/2014 19:10
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GAZA CITY (Ma'an) -- Israeli forces opened fire at fishermen off the coast of the southern Gaza Strip on Tuesday, in apparent violation of the ceasefire agreement reached with Palestinian factions a week ago, fishermen said.

Palestinian fishermen told Ma'an that Israeli warships used machine guns to fire at their boats while they were sailing within the agreed-upon six-nautical-mile limit near Rafah.

No injuries were reported.

An Israeli army spokeswoman said fishermen "deviated from the designated fishing zone," and that navy soldiers fired warning shots into the air.

The fishermen then "backed away," the spokeswoman said.

Asked how far the fishermen were sailing from shore, the spokeswoman said she did not know the exact distance, but that it was further than six nautical miles.

Prior the recent agreement, Israeli forces maintained a limit of three nautical miles on all Gaza fishermen, opening fire at fishermen who strayed further, despite earlier Israeli agreements which had settled on a 20-mile limit. The restrictions crippled Gaza's fishing industry and impoverished local fishermen.

A ceasefire agreement reached on Aug. 26 stipulated that Israel would immediately expand the fishing zone off Gaza's coast, allowing fishermen to sail as many as six nautical miles from shore, and would continue to expand the area gradually. Under the terms of the deal, Israel also agreed to ease its siege on the coastal enclave.

Other unresolved issues such as the construction of a seaport and airport, the release of prisoners, and the demilitarization of factions in Gaza were to be negotiated a month later in Cairo.

Israel's assault on Gaza lasted seven weeks, left over 2,100 Palestinians dead and over 11,000 injured, the vast majority of them civilians. Some 71 Israelis also died in the fighting, 66 of them soldiers.
1 ) carine / UK
02/09/2014 14:08
Not long before the Gaza fishermen will be forced back to the inhumane 3- mile limit - Israel salivating, just waiting for the opportunity...

2 ) Donna Schwarz-Nielsen / Turkey
02/09/2014 14:39
Did anyone really think Israel would abide by the ceasefire? It's never done it before.

02/09/2014 15:13
Palestinians already violating latest ceasefire - just like Hamas broke previous 11 ceasefires during latest Gaza war. Israel should sink those boats violating fishing zone - palestinians would not have boats to violate it again.

4 ) Rami / Palestine
02/09/2014 15:18
#2 Yes, I'm not surprised at all. Israel (especially under Netanyahu's "leadership") is much too predictable. Sadly I wasn't surprised by their massive land grab this week either. Abbas should do as he promised and dissolve the PA. Let Israel hold the burden of the occupation.

5 ) Nabeel / USA
02/09/2014 16:29
Clearly Israel continues to play the same game. They have zero intention of ever negotiating a permanent end to the occupation of Palestine. It is time for Europe and America to force their hand into a just peace agreement for Palestine based on internationally recognized borders of 1967. It disgusts me that tax dollars I pay to the U.S. are used in perpetuating Israels criminal activity. At least the world is seeing first hand who the terrorists really are.

6 ) Rebecca Rhodes / USA
02/09/2014 17:26
It just goes to show you that Israel will always be this way . That is why they need to be held on war crime charges to get the message across s.

7 ) AMH / Israel
02/09/2014 18:07
There are no 1967 "borders" because there was never a signed peace treaty between Israel and Palestine. Prior to 1967 the areas now considered Palestine were under the control of Jordan and Egypt.

8 ) susan sherrit / U.S.A
02/09/2014 18:36
Whether it's three miles or six miles is crazy ...does Israel relly need that much fish !!! Unbelieveable !!!! ..The Anarchist

9 ) Ahmed / USA
02/09/2014 18:36
Israel has no respect for anything or anyone, man, land, creatures, environment, US, UN, EU, absolutely nothing. They would dance around like innocent children but are the devil him self in their actions. Just like #7 presents the fact that they OCCUPIED Palestine with no intention to leave a two state solution or let the neighbors live in peace either (since there are no defined borders even Zimbabwe can be claimed by Israel) when war strikes at Israel to wipe it out they shouldn't complain!

10 ) john Sullivan / England
02/09/2014 18:44
Un unesco what on earth are u talking about.. Israel is stolen land it does not exist I should know I live in,a land that stole it with them

11 ) Antinetan / R0mania
02/09/2014 23:41
I weep and weep for Gaza and palestinians everywhere I will continue to pray and donate and I speak as a roumanian for all my country, we love you and suffer deeply with you and pray for the palestinian State and the arrest of the criminals who will be judged soon starting with psychopath Nataniahu mentally ill monster!!!!!!!!!!!!

12 ) Arnold / Canada
02/09/2014 23:41
Are you all blind as well as brain dead. The report clearly says the fisherman went beyond the 6 nautical mile mark. The Palestinians are the ones pushing the ceasefire limits not the israelis.

13 ) David / USA
03/09/2014 03:02
There fishermen!!! Weather it's 6 miles or 60 miles what difference does it make? Let them fish and feed the people enough of this it's wrong and anyone with a brain should know this.

14 ) helen / uk
03/09/2014 03:25
What an absolute cheek anyway,Israel really takes the biscuit,they should not even be in the water stopping any fishermen, fishing in their own space, Israel is a ridiculous aggressive country with no shame.

15 ) The Thinker / Canada
03/09/2014 06:06
who was so fool to trust Israel? Their only goal is to kick all Palestinians from Gaza and the West Bank. They are doing it little by little. Where they punish by anybody for destroying 10,000 homes? no... guess what is going to happen next time? 20,000 homes or 30,000... nobody is standing to Israel and saying enough is enough. Their goal is the complete demolition of every building and then wait until all Palestinians leave. There is no accountability.

16 ) Nazliah / Malaysia
03/09/2014 06:25
Warships and machine guns against fishermen in wooden boats? Give me a break! Oppressor vs oppressed.

17 ) sam/England / uk
03/09/2014 10:17
Its all a puppet game...resolutions are simple word games...unhonoured ukby bullies of the world under the pretence self preserverance over vunerable indegeniuos population..Israel should balls up and give Palestinians the real one state solution giving same human rights as themselves..but whos mocking!!! Global chess games..let see

18 ) Henri / France
03/09/2014 11:17
@10 ''Israel is stolen land it does not exist''. Stolen it from whom, the Turkish Ottoman Empire? What on earth are you talking about?

19 ) Tariq Bashir / England
03/09/2014 11:31
The main obstacle to peace are the Egyptians not Israel.

20 ) Hisham / Canada
03/09/2014 19:32
If this isn't excessive force, then what is? WARSHIPS vs Fishermen Ridiculous!

21 ) Pauline / England.
03/09/2014 21:22
Israel have stolen land from day 1.They do not seem to have any sense of shame or compassion,they are always in the right.

22 ) @20 Hisham / USA
03/09/2014 21:51
Hisham, what do you expect a country enforcing a legal maritime blockade to use instead of warships--rubber rafts? And anti-Israel UN has acknowledged that the blockade is legal.

23 ) Japan one woman / Japan
04/09/2014 12:11
I pray everyday , God please stop attacking to GAZA. It's most bad thing , invasion to peace ?citizen.

24 ) The truth / Canada
04/09/2014 14:49
The water does not belong to Israel. Gaza has a right to fish in its own waters anywhere they want. Israel should NOT be in their water in the first place.

25 ) Beth / US
06/09/2014 08:00
#12 what proof did Israel give that the fisherman actually went beyond the six nautical miles? Israel is good about claims of this and that without giving evidence.
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