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Report: Netanyahu says will not send delegation to Cairo talks
Published Monday 01/09/2014 (updated) 03/09/2014 10:01
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Residents walk through the rubble of their destroyed home as a
Palestinian flag flutters in the wind, in the devastated
neighborhood of Shujaiyya in Gaza City on Aug. 7, 2014
(AFP/Roberto Schmidt)
JERUSALEM (Ma'an) -- Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu does not plan to send a delegation for negotiations in Cairo as stipulated by the ceasefire agreement that ended seven weeks of fighting in Gaza, Israeli media reported Monday.

Channel 10 said in a TV report that Netanyahu told his cabinet in a closed session that he would not send as agreed a delegation to Egypt for further talks regarding a seaport and airport in Gaza, the release of Palestinian prisoners, the demilitarization of Gaza factions, and the delivery of bodies of Israeli soldiers presumed held by Hamas, among other unresolved issues.

Netanyahu spoke proudly to his cabinet about the Gaza offensive, saying Hamas had not achieved any of its demands, according to the report.

Qais Abd al-Karim, member of the Palestinian negotiation team to be sent to Cairo, told Ma'an that any Israeli step that shows a lack of commitment to the ceasefire's terms would render the ceasefire null and void.

Abd al-Karim said the Palestinian delegation is awaiting the Egyptian invitation for negotiations and that it is committed to the terms of the ceasefire agreement.

Israel and Palestinian militant groups in the Gaza Strip ended over seven weeks of fighting last Tuesday with a long-term ceasefire agreement in which Israel agreed to ease its siege on the coastal enclave and expand the fishing zone off its coast. Further negotiations regarding many other key unresolved issues were to take place in Egypt a month later.

The Israeli assault on Gaza left over 2,100 Palestinians dead and some 11,000 injured, the vast majority of them civilians. Some 71 Israelis also died in the fighting, 66 of them soldiers.
1 ) Kev / US
02/09/2014 00:16
"Netanyahu told his cabinet in a closed session that he would not send as agreed a delegation to Egypt for further talks"... So, once again Israel is the first to fail to abide by an agreement. Is anyone truly surprised, given Israel's intransigence over the past 67 years?

2 ) Altamash / India
02/09/2014 00:20
The occupier zionist regime is a traditional&professional liar and deceiver.It never wants peace&prosperity of palestine people.World will teach it the lesson for the massacre of palestine people.

3 ) John / US
02/09/2014 00:40
It's time for US, EU and the rest of the international community to stop supporting this criminal state, and impose sanctions, just as they did with many other states that they considered criminal, even if often unjustly. Also, Netanyahu has to be trialed for war crimes, just as the nazis were after WW2. There's no difference between the current leadership of Israel and the nazis.

4 ) Julie / USA
02/09/2014 00:58
wait...WHAT???? Netanyahu announces with clear intent that he will VIOLATE the ceasefire agreement???? well, well, well...imagine that. LOL!!! he always violates them, there is not one single agreement w/Palestinians he has EVER fully honored. he's a war criminal and can NEVER be trusted. hopefully, the Palestinians will seek justice via the ICC.

5 ) inbound39 / New Zealand
02/09/2014 03:20
Israel proves once more it does not want peace and therefore proves also that any negotiation with Netanyahu and his government is pointless. Force is all it understands. If Palestinians want their State they must ignore Israel and do WHATEVER it takes.....ANYTHING as long as it costs Israel a lot. America and EU can deplore until they are blue in the face. Sanction Israel like Russia,Iran,North Korea et al.

6 ) joey / phil
02/09/2014 06:04
it shows that israel is not interested for peace, anyway let it repatriates its evil undoing in gaza or sue it for its war crimes

7 ) Bibi senses the RIFT INSIDE / HAMAS AND PLO
02/09/2014 07:35
(Abu Maazen called Mashaal a LIAR and more) So he lets them Simmer in their own broth Time now is on ISRAEL SIDE (the world is busy with ISIS and UKRAINE!)

8 ) Anwar / Qatar
02/09/2014 14:07
#7 According to Haaretz, discord was initiated by israel telling Abbas that Hamas were planing to overthrow him. Khalid Meshaal told Abbas he kenw nothing of it & accused Abbas of believing the Israeli side. Given Israel's track record so far of playing Abbas against Hamas, I'd believe Khalid Meshaal any day. Wake up Abbas!!

9 ) Nabeel / USA
02/09/2014 14:12
This does not surprise me in the least bit should it be true. The entire Israeli agenda is about continuing with illegal occupation and confiscation of Palestinian lands. Israel is an evil nation that must be brought into compliance with international law. Its beyond time for America to put its foot down on the Israeli transgressor.

10 ) Fifi / Luxembourg
02/09/2014 14:16
Palestinian delegation should continue as normal, get the invitation from Egypt & go to the talks. Bibi's acting like a sulky schoolboy whose been banned from the school footballl team. Let the world see you are committed to peace & its is Israel that is the defaulter. International communty should sanction Israel & Abbas should go to the ICC.

11 ) inbound39 / New Zealand
02/09/2014 14:53
Not all the World is busy with Isis. Hezbollah is not and neither is Iran. Israel would be foolish to think time is on its side. Time is about to run out for Israel if it keeps this attitude up. Saddam played a similar game. Look at what happened to him.

12 ) Just / Don't Do It
02/09/2014 15:01
There is no need to negotiate with Palestinian terrorists any more - ceasefire is established and Hamas stated that disarming of the terrorists is off the table, so Israel has nothing to achieve in Cairo. Let see now if Palestinians are stupid enough to restart the war - it would cost them another 1000 lifes, few extra billions USD and few blocks of high rise buildings. Plus Gaza reconstruction will never start.

13 ) jaybs / UK
02/09/2014 17:47
It is time Governments like USA, UK, & Europe told their people, who elected them, what is the hold Israel has over them? and get the message loud and clear from the majority it has to STOP! It is 2014 and no.longer can Israel continue to act the way they do. Too many countries are afraid of Israel as they will be wrongly accused of "anti ranitidine" All that drives Israel is pure greed.

14 ) ABE / USA
02/09/2014 22:48
This is just more proof that the "war" was won by ISRAEL. Nothing has changed for Hamas, except they have less rockets and no tunnels, way to go Palestinians keep letting those Hamas thugs kidnap your statehood.

15 ) inbound39 / New Zealand
03/09/2014 00:22
Don't buy the myth and Hasbara that Hamas have less rockets. Hamas manufacture their own missiles. Missiles increased in density toward the end of Protective Edge...not diminished. Neither did Israel get all the tunnels. Israel did not know and still does not know the extent of tunnels or size of Hamas Arsenal. All those airstrikes by Israel really had no effect on Rocketfire.

16 ) ian / australia
03/09/2014 01:59
If there was a poll for the most abrasive, obnoxious and loathsome world leader, I wonder who would win. (I don't really.)

17 ) George / UK
03/09/2014 20:35
It amazes me how much Israeli want to feel they won the war (according to media, comments etc). Excuse me, but what the f*** is wrong with you?! This is not a football game, we're talking about real people here. The Palestinians have again shown they want peace. They have respected ceasefires so far, while Israel has not. You can hardly find such a belligerent people as Israeli.
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