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Israel extends detention of Palestinian for Facebook posts
Published Saturday 30/08/2014 (updated) 31/08/2014 19:43
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HEBRON (Ma'an) -- An Israeli court on Friday extended the detention of a Palestinian activist who was detained for political activities on Facebook for a week, a Ma'an reporter said on Saturday.

An Israeli court in Petah Tikva extended the detention of Suhaib Zahida, 31, until Sept. 4, after he was arrested on Thursday for creating a page on Facebook called "the Intifada of Hebron" in addition to leading a campaign for the boycott of Israeli products.

Zahida had previously participated in several nonviolent campaigns opposing the Israeli occupation and was an active member of groups working to oppose the recruitment of Palestinian citizens of Israel to the Israeli military.

Palestinians inside Israel have been previously detained for short periods of time and questioned regarding their political activities on Facebook, but such arrests rarely occur in the West Bank.

In October, Israeli authorities arrested Palestinian citizen of Israel Razi al-Nabulsi, 23, for a week as a result of Facebook posts they argued constituted "incitement."
1 ) Jeff / USA
30/08/2014 16:07
Judeo-Nazi fascism at its best! What are you doing, Israel? You contine to stoop into lower and lower depths of indecent, inhumane and illegal activity.

2 ) Maureen / Australia
30/08/2014 16:43
Israel, 'the only democracy in the Middle East.' LOL! Boycott Israel!

3 ) Ed / USA
30/08/2014 18:43
This is a democracy? No, a shamocrcy!

4 ) Maisie / UK
30/08/2014 21:38
More examples for other middle east states to follow in order to learn the way to become like The Only Democracy in The Middle East. It does appear that the significant increase in arrests in the West Bank may be due in part to jobs for the boys who are, for now, surplus to requirements in Gaza. Israel continues to get away with murder.

5 ) Lez / New Zealand
30/08/2014 22:16
Democracy at work .Shame on the Palestine occupiers

6 ) Breezy van Niekerk / United Kingdom
30/08/2014 22:36
This outrageous. I hope this young activist sees freedom very soon. I suggest that the whole world boycott Israeli products. Long live resistance.

7 ) fathima / South Africa
30/08/2014 22:45
Thank God I am South African and I never have to ever be afraid of this happening to me in my country .....Its a darn shame in Israel that people do not have the freedom of expression its disgusting

8 ) Prue / UK
30/08/2014 22:53
So it's illegal to have another view to the "democratic" government of Israel? This shows a very defensive and weak position

9 ) Ejaz / UK
31/08/2014 01:06
Israhell was never democratic,it was build on innocent palestinian blood and zionist lies. All Israhell is good at us lying,the truth always hurts them. One day they will all fall into the zionist hole they are digging for themselves, boycott ALL Israhell's products and the one thing they hate losing is money

10 ) Dennis / Ireland
31/08/2014 01:24
Israel seemed to have learned a lot from their tormentors in the SS and now almost exceed their masters in their murders

11 ) May / Australia
31/08/2014 01:26
Israel going what is does best inprisoning Palestinian ppl..under false pretences. The world sees through your lies Israel #boycottisrael #icc4israel

12 ) Sara Mareike / Schweiz
31/08/2014 01:51
what an act of democracy!

13 ) g / usa
31/08/2014 02:13
Lock him up forever

14 ) Deborah Zaki / USA
31/08/2014 02:44
There is no democracy in Israel just an APARTHEID government and entitled feeling citizens. After seeing the latest slaughter of the Palestine citizens and the horrific settlement system think they are entitled to on Palestinian land I hate Israel and the fact our USA politicians are purchased by them! A bunch of war criminals practicing hate crimes daily. FREE PALESTINE and let Palestinians be free from illegal Israeli settlements in Palestine and illegal Israel security forces in Palestine.

15 ) merci / philippines
31/08/2014 04:16
and this is "the only democracy" in the ME that USA supports heart & soul! what a shame...boycott israel heart & soul

16 ) Peter / Canada
31/08/2014 06:00
They call facebook posts 'incitement'. I wonder what they call their ongoing arrest and torture of Palestinian youth...... or the murder of over 2000 Palestinians....or of one child every 4 days over the last 15 years...... or statements of MK's encouraging violence against Palestinians after 3 Israeli settlers were killed.... Soothing encouragement?

17 ) Liam / US
31/08/2014 06:47
I dunno, he deserved it. I mean, if someone threatened to attack you, maybe even kill you and your family, wouldn't you report them to the authorities? We do have laws against this type of incitement, and even if Israel is an aggressor, she must still protect her citizens (as evil as they may be). This guy was lucky, though; if he did the equivalent in Palestine, he would be tied up by a rope to the back of a motorcycle, dragged around town for public display, and then publicly executed.

18 ) Randi / NJ
31/08/2014 08:19
I have to add...no kidding? there is no limit to this intolerance whatever form the persescution takes it's still incessant.

19 ) mihaly / hungary
31/08/2014 08:23
Isn't calling for an intifada in hebron a form of incitement?

20 ) Jim / USA
31/08/2014 09:09
Israel is a nation that believes it has right to kill, bomb schools, and target hospitals. #ICC. Palestine will be free. #BDS

21 ) suharto / indonesia
31/08/2014 09:53
MY dear friends who love peace boycott Israel,the insane state.

22 ) Tk / British
31/08/2014 10:46
The way Israel is behaving is exactly the same as when far right was ruling Iran. Fundamentalism emerges in any religion and Israel is becoming a fundementalist Jewish state. This is tragic

23 ) Svein Storetvedt / Norway
31/08/2014 18:06
Israel is a etnocracy trying to look like an democracy. Arabs dont fit in the Zionist state ideology. Israel is per definition a apartheid state. It makes it more embarrassing that they even try to deny it. What a laugh. When luck is done for Israel the downhill will be steep!

24 ) Zaffar / Singapore
02/09/2014 09:01
The world sees nothing, as Palestinians are butchered by a zionist regime.I realised in this war, the lives of palestinians mean nothing.Israel continued its strikes particularly taking out innocent victims.Had Israel been an African or Asian Nation, the perpetraitors would have been brought to justice by now.Shame on you America and all other states including mine for letting it carry on.Shame on Hamas for allowing this massacre for their political goals.
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