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Israel approves Jewish yeshiva in heart of East Jerusalem
Published Thursday 28/08/2014 (updated) 29/08/2014 23:09
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BETHLEHEM (Ma'an) -- Israel's Jerusalem municipality has approved plans to build a Jewish religious school in the heart of occupied East Jerusalem, Palestinian activists and Israeli media said.

The Ohr Somayach yeshiva will occupy a nine-story building in the middle of the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood, Haaretz reported.

The plan was reportedly approved six months ago by Jerusalem's Municipal Planning and Building Committee and given the go ahead on Wednesday.

A Ma'an reporter said the building will occupy 1,900 square meters and have three underground floors.

The religious school will be located between the al-Hayat Medical Center and the Nasif gas station.

Activist and Sheikh Jarrah resident Salih Diab told Ma'an that the building of a Jewish religious school, and the implementation of evacuation orders against Palestinian residents, will turn Sheikh Jarrah into a "Jewish neighborhood."

The land was reportedly confiscated in the 1980s under Israel's Absentee Property Law of 1950, which had been used as a tool to annex Palestinian land.

A 2013 report prepared by the Civic Coalition for Palestinian Rights in Jerusalem said that the law has been used extensively in Jerusalem to confiscate property and land owned by West Bank Palestinians, who were technically considered "absentee" after Israel unilaterally annexed East Jerusalem.

In March, Jewish settlers began moving into a property in the commercial heart of occupied East Jerusalem after radical settler group Ateret Cohanim bought part of a building from Israel's Bezeq telecoms company.

Located on the corner of Salah al-Din and Sultan Suleiman in the busy center of East Jerusalem just outside the Old City walls, the property is currently being converted into a Jewish seminary.

Ateret Cohanim actively works to settle as many Jews as possible in densely populated Palestinian areas in and around the Old City.

East Jerusalem was militarily occupied by Israel in 1967, and was later annexed in a move considered illegal by the international community.

Around 200,000 Jewish settlers currently live in a Jewish-only settlements that have been built between and around Palestinian neighborhoods in East Jerusalem, part of the 550,000 Jewish settlers that have moved into the occupied Palestinian territories.
1 ) David / USA
28/08/2014 17:30
Let's get a few facts straight: In the 1948 war, Jordan captured east Jerusalem- and the Arabs evicted or killed all the Jews that had lived there for decades (if not centuries.) They destroyed every synagogue and cemetery. Strangely, the Arabs never complained that Jordan was now occupying them! In the '67 war, Israel kicked Jordan out. Israel didn't destroy mosques or cemeteries. East Jerusalem is part of Israel and a school belongs wherever it's needed. Stop whining already!

2 ) JoeFattal / USA
28/08/2014 17:30
How come Israel became so religious after the 6 days war?. They haven't claim any religious site or even discuss it before 1967. Now that they occupying some territories after the war including Jerusalem, they turned religious so suddenly. I guess one way to keep what they occupy is to use religion as a mean to keep what they have. They using the Bible for their political gains as IS is using the Koran to intimidate, control and occupy territories. The difference isn't that much.

3 ) David / USA
28/08/2014 17:40
East Jerusalem IS 'occupied'- by Arabs - brought in by Jordan after they captured the area from Israel in 1948. And now that the tables are turned- and Jews have returned to the land they were EXPELLED from by Jordan, the 'occupying' Arabs are getting nervous. Too bad no Arab leader ever said, "Let's live in peace with our brothers and help each other to make this land prosper." But I guess that doesn't agree with verses in the Quran about dhimmis and jizya, does it?

4 ) Israel & Russia / \ Palestine & Ukraine
28/08/2014 17:41
Despite all Palestinians efforts, both internal (terror) or abroad (complaints at the UN), Two Realities will remain: [1] East Jerusalem is (& shall remain) a part of Israel, despite international opinions, both: regardless of Hamas terrorism or war crimes, and PLO pursuing diplomatic efforts too, and thus [2] Israel can approve construction of Jewish yeshiva or anything else in East Jerusalem, just like Hamas or the PLO can approve construction of a mosque in either Gaza City or Ramallah.

5 ) Clay Housley / USA
28/08/2014 17:54
Muslim's did put the Dome of the Rock on top of the temple, so I guess putting a yeshiva on Palestinian land is okay too.

6 ) Cornish Bazzer / UK
28/08/2014 19:18
Quite right too, the Jewish people need to study and become scholars, doctors, artists and scientists, for the good of mankind world wide.

7 ) mexica / mexico
28/08/2014 19:59
just demolish it. israel keeping it agresive policy of building in stolen land.

8 ) Tracey / Canada
28/08/2014 22:41
the Ottoman Empire put the Dome of the Rock on the Temple - which was out of order then just as it is out of order now to keep putting Zionist schools or farms or homes on Palestinian/West Bank/Gaza property - if any of them bothered to read their religious texts they would know that a) they are all of Abraham's family regardless of which brother they descend from and that the Torah says that you do not correct a wrong with a wrong as does the Qu'ran as does the Bible

9 ) Yosi / Israel
28/08/2014 23:59
David from USA, you twist the facts completely. Yes a few Jews were expelled from East Jerusalem. Many more Palestinians were expelled from West Jerusalem (Talbiye, Katamon, Dir Yasin, Ein Karem and more). Jews are allowed to settle everywhere in East Jerusalem. No Palestinian is allowed to go back to his home in West Jerusalem, not to mention elsewhere in Israel. This is Hotentotic justice. You also mentioned that Israel did not destroy mosques and cemetries? You are kidding.

10 ) Outlier / USA
29/08/2014 00:26
Palestinians should face reality; East Jerusalem will NEVER become theirs in a peace settlement and will NEVER become their capital. When they conclude they want a Palestinian state more than they want East Jerusalem, the negotiations will go more quickly.

11 ) Stop / Apartheid
29/08/2014 03:11
Enough of this Apartheid policy pushed by the Palestinian media and politicos. Enough of this complaining about Jews moving into this or that area!!! What's this Apartheid nonsense of Jews should not be allowed to buy or rent in some neighbourhoods that are, according to the PA meant to be purely Arab. Stop that Apartheid already!

12 ) ian / australia (1)
29/08/2014 09:38
#1 "Let's get a few facts straight:" Yes, let's. Only in your Zionist bubble, David, is the occupation of Palestine "disputed". The US position is that "settlements are illegal under international law". The ICJ opinion since 1988 is that beyond the armistice line, Israel is occupying Palestinian land. (Also the wall, being WHOLLY in Palestine, is illegal and should be torn down.) UN Res 242 calls for "withdrawal of Israel armed forces from territories occupied in the recent conflict" (after a

13 ) ian / australia (2)
29/08/2014 09:39
(contd,) preamble about the inadmissibility of territory acquired by war). And universally, the annexation of East Jerusalem is considered illegal. Even by BFF US, Res 478 (unanimous) declaring Israeli claims to sovereignty over EJ "null and void" and "must be rescinded". So, David, only at Jewish youth camp (or in those big circles in the Kotel plaza) where you clearly got your training in history, is there anything "disputed" about Israel's criminal presence beyond the '67 line (including a

14 ) ian / australia (3)
29/08/2014 09:39
(contd.) religious school in Sultan Suleiman Street.)

15 ) ian / australia
29/08/2014 09:45
#6 "Quite right too, the Jewish people need to study and become scholars, doctors, artists and scientists, for the good of mankind world wide." Maybe so, 'Cornish Bazzer', but what's proposed for the Salah a-Din Street building isn't a medical school or research institute, it's a yeshiva, so the only thing it will produce ("for the good of mankind") is religious crackpots.

16 ) Cornish Collin / England
29/08/2014 16:54
'' religious crackpots''. Maybe your opinion, I reasonably hold your opinion in very low esteem, and from a Cornish man that is being polite. I will stick with the appellation of scholars.

17 ) david / usa
29/08/2014 17:57
#1. #2 now blames jordan for the holocaust. Lol. Zionists are funny . Pay attention to the they speak, same excuses. And they play the bible

18 ) ian / australia (1)
31/08/2014 01:36
#16 "I will stick with the appellation of scholars." You mean like Yitzchak Ginsburgh (“Jewish blood is not the same as Arab blood. He who is not a Jew and throws stones or threatens Jews comes under the biblical injunction 'you should kill him first.' ") or Yitzhak Shapira ("There is a reason to kill babies even if they have not transgressed the seven Noahide Laws because of the future danger they may present, since it is assumed that they will grow up to be evil like their parents.") Are they

19 ) ian / australia (2)
31/08/2014 01:41
(contd.) the deep thinking products of the yeshivas you would esteem with the appellation "scholars"?

20 ) ian / australia
31/08/2014 01:44
#5 "Muslim's did put the Dome of the Rock on top of the temple, so I guess putting a yeshiva on Palestinian land is okay too." Or to paraphrase: because Muslims built a shrine 1,400 years ago where Herod's temple had been destroyed 600 years before, Israel can ignore international law and annex the territory of a sovereign neighbour and build a yeshiva in the heart of its capitol. Doesn't sound quite so persuasive when you spell it out, does it, Clay?

21 ) illyrian / albania
02/09/2014 12:53
SHAME ON ISRAEL , they don't want peace but WAR Israel = big problem in earth
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