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Analysts say boycott could have major effect on Israeli economy
Published Thursday 28/08/2014 (updated) 02/09/2014 16:11
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NABLUS (Ma'an) -- In the last two months, Palestinians across the West Bank have begun heeding calls to boycott Israeli goods in increasing numbers as popular campaigns have taken to the street to promote the campaign.

Economic analysts say the campaign could potentially have a major negative effect on the Israeli economy, and buoy the Palestinian economy as well.

According to the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics, the annual Palestinian consumption of Israeli exports around $3.5 billion, while Palestinian exports to Israel only amount to around $600 million.

Azmi Abd al-Rahman, the Director-General of Policy and Economic Studies and spokesman for the Palestinian Ministry of Economy, told Ma'an that "If applied well, the boycott could create between 70 to 100 thousand job opportunities in the Palestinian lands by providing billions of dollars annually," which were otherwise being siphoned off to Israel.

Abd al-Rahman suggested that these jobs could bring unemployment in the occupied Palestinian territories down by at least a third.

He warned, however, that Israel would set major obstacles in order to block the Palestinian boycott campaigns, despite the fact that Palestinian consumption does not surpass 6 percent of the total value of Israeli exports.

He said that some Israeli companies had even started to lower the prices of their products in the Palestinian market by as much as up to 20 percent in order to increase their attractiveness.

Despite this, he said, "some Israeli dairy companies are starting to suffer losses, forcing the Israeli authority to compensate them, thinking the losses are only temporary."

Abd al-Rahman said that one of the most important obstacles is Israeli control over crossings and borders, as the Israeli authorities control all movement of goods in and our and "even control the imports of raw material for the Palestinian industries from abroad."

Nafez Abu Baker, a Palestinian professor of economy, told Ma'an that "this is an economic war and it is no less important than a political war."

Abu Baker added that the many countries around the world are starting to boycott Israel, and it is most important for Palestinians to boycott Israel, despite the obstacles they face under Israeli military -- and economic -- control.
1 ) James / uk
29/08/2014 20:04
The reason people boycott israel is because the palestinian people can have their own land back and trade like free country. Only then the boycott will stop.

2 ) Mar / USA
29/08/2014 20:30
Who wants products made by sicko Israeli's? Made in sicko Israel? Only sicko's do.

3 ) Cornish Collin / UK
29/08/2014 23:11
Israels economy will go from strength to strength. Check it out in five years time. Israel's best investment is the education of their children to create. Not like their Arab neighbour, by sending them as a Mohammedan trainee suicide bomber, enrolled from the Hamas Military youth wing.

4 ) Nancy Nipples / Germany
29/08/2014 23:14
Are there any Israeli analysts that say a boycott could have a major effect on the Israeli economy. No, actually they do not.

5 ) Robert / US
30/08/2014 00:05
Sanctions, Boycotts , bring down the cowardly beast !!!

6 ) John Pilkington / UK
30/08/2014 10:57
Cornish Collin. I think you will find in five years time a new generation of determined freedom fighters in Gaza. Guess what? Created by the Israeli government by killing their parents.

7 ) Anonymous / South Africa
30/08/2014 12:25
“some Israeli companies had even started to lower the prices of their products in the Palestinian market by as much as up to 20 percent in order to increase their attractiveness.” these are ways to get people to buy their bloody products, I've seen the adverts dropping prices and having ridiculous sales but we will still #Boycott

8 ) Al / Uk
30/08/2014 19:01
After the senseless murdering of innocent men,women and children by Israel. I have decided to do my very small bit to stand with the Palestinian people. I am going to from today boycott Israeli products. I just don't understand how western governments ,including mine have notdone more to condemn Israel for their horrid actions. Did they not see the destruction caused by the wepons of mass destruction. I and many ordinary people did. Shame on you Israel!!Absolutely unforgivable . !!!

9 ) yahya abu ayyash / netherlands
31/08/2014 23:39
"If applied well, the boycott could create between 70 to 100 thousand job opportunities in the Palestinian lands by providing billions of dollars annually, WHAT ARE WE WAITING FOR IS ARE ONLY "PEACEFUL SOLUTION" and large independent of the occupier , u dont have too be a rocket scientist too applying directly??????????????

10 ) Melinn / Ireland
02/09/2014 10:42
@Cornish Collin - You should do a little 'academic' research before making such grandiose statements on education; the literacy rate in Palestine is 95%, compared to the regional average in other Middle East states of 77% (source: UNICEF). This is on a par with Israel. In 5 years time there will continue to be a highly educated population with ever-increasing international support of conscientious people advocating for a free Palestine.

11 ) ralph / switzeland
03/09/2014 18:08
As usually Israel is accused of killing innocent people. What about Hamas's responsibility using its own civilians as a human shield while hiding itself in tunnels.

12 ) John / USA
06/09/2014 23:38
Racist Israel must be boycotted, just as Apartheid South Africa was No civilized person should be buying the products of the genocidal Zionist regime. Israel has literally been getting away with murder - enough is enough.

13 ) Rose / USA
13/09/2014 07:54
@Ralph - you seem to forget how the Jews in the Warsaw ghetto had the SAME type of tunnels and used them for the SAME purpose. Educate yourself...you sound like an ignorant fool. Even now Israel has broken the cease fire agreement 3 times since it went into effect! Israel is basically BEGGING Hamas to retaliate so they can lie and start bombing again. Israel is controlling your mind and perception of everything. You are only fed their propaganda in mass media. Turn off your TV.
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