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Hamas declares victory, celebrations across Palestine
Published Tuesday 26/08/2014 (updated) 28/08/2014 17:39
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GAZA CITY (Ma'an) -- Immediately after the Gaza ceasefire went into effect Tuesday evening, Hamas urged Gazans to take to the streets and "celebrate victory and the fulfillment of the Palestinian people's demands."

In a news conference at Shifa Hospital in Gaza City, Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri said that "Israeli settlers who live around Gaza can go back to their homes after the ceasefire agreement went into effect."

He announced victory and congratulated the Palestinian people and the Arab nation for the victory which he said the Palestinian resistance achieved.

"The Hamas movement won't abandon the Palestinian people after the battle came to an end."

Gunmen fired gunshots into the air celebrating victory, and Palestinians took to the streets across the West Bank.
1 ) David / USA
26/08/2014 20:51
Another 'win' like this and Gaza would cease to exist. Now the people of Gaza can get Haniyeh and ilk and tar and feather them for the destruction they brought. 2,200 people killed and thousands injured, and thousands left homeless because Hamas was fighting the 'occupation' that never existed. The blockage was the direct result of hamas activities. Had Hamas acted like a governing body instead of a jihadist criminal gang, NONE OF THIS WOULD HAVE HAPPENED. Winner? Only idiots would think so.

2 ) Malone / Hfx
26/08/2014 20:54
Strange idea of victory...too funny

3 ) Brian Cohen / Israel
26/08/2014 21:00
Sick, demented jihadists like their sick, demented Hezbollah cousins in Lebanon who are helping to tear that country apart. 2000 dead, billions in damage, no achievements on any front and they are celebrating "victory". Hamas will of course re-arm, build more tunnels, and do what they can to kill and maim Israelis in the future. They will of course get more Gazans killed while the rest of them stay unemployed. That is their model for success - a welfare child state constanty at war.

4 ) Clay Housley / USA
26/08/2014 21:13
Palestinians have a warped sense of victory. They got their butts kicked ...and will again.

5 ) Rafael / USA
26/08/2014 21:14
Look at Gaza and only one versed self delusion can cheer.

6 ) Fritz / USA
26/08/2014 21:34
It appears that Israel gave in to Hamas on this one. What did Israel get in return except for a promise that the rockets will stop, which is unlikely. Hamas should celebrate their victory. They got much of what they wanted. Netanyahu is now a has been and will be toppled shortly.

7 ) Loganathan / India
26/08/2014 21:41
Victory of what?

8 ) ben Zalman / USA
26/08/2014 21:45
Hamas killed more Arabs "collaborators" than they did Israelis. Apparently more Gazans prefer to help Israel free them from the grips of Hamas than to sacrifice their families and themselves by the thousands just to kill a few Israelis who are willing to live in peace anyway. Hamas is Pathetic. Even the Gazans know it.

9 ) guy / usa
26/08/2014 22:12
be carefull. people can die from those falling buillets

10 ) Mandy / USA
26/08/2014 22:35
Only an Arab would celebrate the destruction, and the death of 2100 plus of their children, woman and men.

11 ) Nancy / France
26/08/2014 22:38
The residents of Gaza, pass around the Israeli made lollipops and the Israeli chocolate, and celebrate the Arabs killed, wounded and maimed.

12 ) Christopher / US
26/08/2014 22:46
They have an odd definition of "Victory" but they are entitled to have a workable country, which they would, if only they opted for peace and acceptance of the existence of Israel.

13 ) Rami / Palestine
26/08/2014 22:59
What victory? Over 2000 dead and 90% of Gaza destroyed. Where was Hamas victorious?

14 ) Terry / Sweden
26/08/2014 23:16
How can you claim victory when 2000 of your own people died? These guys are crazies.

15 ) Toby / Lapland
26/08/2014 23:17
If this is what victory looks like may I never be on the victorious side.

16 ) Outlier / USA
26/08/2014 23:39
A "victory" from which Gaza will be recovering from for year and as the result of which more than 2,000 people gave their lives needlessly.

17 ) mexica / mexico
26/08/2014 23:41
no more illegal settlements .

18 ) Tibi / Tubas
26/08/2014 23:49
Gaza would be better-off without the Hamas Government & Fighters, and Everyone should remind the senior Hamas leadership that * ISRAEL ALREADY HAD "OPEN GAZA CROSSINGS to allow the flow of humanitarian aid and construction material", both -1- BEFORE HAMAS PROVOKED THIS WAR, and that -2- ESSENTIALLY GAZA GOT NOTHING FROM HAMAS' WAR, * EXCEPT MORE DEATH AND DESTRUCTION, like in 2009 & 2012.

19 ) Tobias / USA
27/08/2014 00:04
Israel's one ceasefire demand is a demilitarization of Gaza, which the Palestinian delegation flatly refused, and in future talks Israel linked the lifting of the Gaza blockade and reconstructing with this demand, the disarmament of the terror groups, so either: -1- the Gaza Resistance Is Essentially Over, Or -2- Gaza Got Nothing From Hamas' War, except fishing rights (to gradually increase from 3 to 6 or possibly 12 kilometers) !!

20 ) some one / some where
27/08/2014 00:20
this fack victory is just what they get the fack leaders bring fack victory

21 ) Jack / Israel
27/08/2014 00:23
What are you celebrating? The two thousand dead? Or the destruction of the homes of thousands of families living on the street now?

22 ) MATT / USA
27/08/2014 02:04

23 ) Adil / Morocco
27/08/2014 02:18
Wish eternal peace for palestinian people but don't forget demanding justice for all the martyrs and victims.

24 ) Altamash / India
27/08/2014 03:47
Congratulation to the palestine people for getting their basic human rights.

25 ) David / USA
27/08/2014 05:47
To the Editors of Ma'an: Won't you finally speak up? Won't someone in Gaza be honest and say that 2,000 people died for nothing? That thousands of people are homeless for nothing? That thousands of people are injured for nothing? That Hamas has ruined Gaza for its warped jihadist ideology that has no place in the 21st century? Hamas won? Won what? To see who had the highest body count? Had Hamas any humanity, it would hang its head in shame for the destruction it caused. Nobody won, all lost

26 ) noraini HAF / Brunei
27/08/2014 06:15
May Allah bless Palestine...aamiin

27 ) Adel Salaam / USA
27/08/2014 08:11
Palestinians deserve to live with dignity and freedom. The evil Zionist occupation of Palestine must end for good. All respect to every mother, every father, and every elderly who shouted no to the occupation, and yes for Palestine. And yes, Palestinians are entitled to celebrate life

28 ) Brian Cohen / Israel
27/08/2014 10:12
With victories like this, Palestinians should be scared that Hamas might want another such "victory".

29 ) Nick / South Africa
27/08/2014 12:07
What does Hamas think a defeat is ?

30 ) Fareez / Malaysia
27/08/2014 12:15
To David: The palestine issues are not solely about humanity but consist three factors. That is humanity issues, religion issues and political issues. You must understand all these to understand the real meaning behind Hamas statement. I'll try to be simple as possible. 1)The Humanity issue- Thousand of palestinian civilian,women,children,elders were mercilessly killed, and citizen were refused their basic human rights to get treatments, educations, foods, electricity,etc. Read my next comments

31 ) John / UK
27/08/2014 12:30
This is why the Palestinians are in the situation they are in today, this is not a 'victory', it is a disaster for Gaza. Hamas thugs hide underground or in Qatar while Gaza is flattened and Gazans killed only to crawl out from their hiding places when Israel stop firing and these people think they have 'won'? Delusional.

32 ) Joe / EU
27/08/2014 12:34
No matter what's said in the previous comments, this is indeed a great victory. Consider for a moment the asymmetric nature of the conflict: Israel's military and intelligence services (both one of the best in the world) vs. Palestinians with mostly homemade weapons and tunnels. The fight was not won solely in the field, but also politically and in the media. However, the war is not over. Now the political side will need to win the next battles.

33 ) Fareez / Malaysia
27/08/2014 12:36
To David:Continue from the first comment. Humanity- the Israelian illegal immigrants build their ILLEGAL placement in palestinian legal lands. And the placement continue to expands till today,illegally. They also destroy the palestinian farms, their channelled their filth and dirty waste into the farm's waterways, and thus ruin their main food resources. The Zionist keep on abuse all these basic human rights. Continue on next comments.

34 ) Fareez / Malaysia
27/08/2014 12:57
To David:Continue from the previous comments. 3)Political- Some people always accused Palestines for not acknowledge Israel as a nation. The thing is, it was the Israel that don't want to acknowledge the existence of Palestine nation. They refused their rights to have a government, and a nation on their own land. This is proven by all the attacks that have been released until now, millions of palestinian were killed,a total discrimination, an act of a TOTAL ETHNIC CLEANSING!! A modern Holocoust!

35 ) Fareez / Malaysia
27/08/2014 13:07
To Joe Yeah! I know right? The political side is more about how US with their one sided supports towards Israel. Even when Israel have the hospitals,schools, houses, PBB building,children,women,elders,killed, bombed ,destroyed and ruined, the America government keep on saying that was an act of defend. No hard feeling to American citizen though, coz one of my close relative is also American :)

36 ) rick / usa
27/08/2014 14:32
Victory celebrations in Gaza streets. "Freedom fighters" shooting their guns in the air send 45 people to hospitals with one 19 year old young woman struck dead by falling bullets. Please explain this victory to me?

37 ) israhell / Malaysia
27/08/2014 18:18
Congrats to Hamas and Al-Qassam Brigade for turning down the real terrorist and made them obey Hamas rules. A massive achievement for the Palestinian revolution.

38 ) Miss / US
27/08/2014 19:27
None of you can make an valid comment or have reasonable opinions on the situation and the celebrations unless you lived through what the Palestinians have lived through. Something as simple as the opening of the border is only simple to us, sitting on the US side of the fence.

39 ) jonny k / azad kashmir
27/08/2014 20:08
What true example of david and goliath in todays era, regardless of millitary excellence against a landlocked nation with severe restrictions and conditions. Men of courage have and will prevail! A fact which you have witnessed yourself.

40 ) Clay Housley / USA
27/08/2014 21:31
Hamas rules? I guarantee you that Israel couldn't care less about what Hamas calls rules or what Hamas constitutes as a victory. Israel did what they did in the name of security. Open crossings are fine so long as things are peaceful/secure. More open blockades are fine so long as things are secure. In short, sufficient security has been achieved or Israel wouldn't have stopped the war.

41 ) Levi / USA
28/08/2014 20:33
Victory ?! Over what ?

42 ) Malone / Hfx
28/08/2014 21:58
Gaza is not occupied...Israel pulled out in 2005

43 ) faghri hartley / south africa
29/08/2014 18:13
Congrats to Hamas and Palestinians for being freed from the Zionists and Israel, its a time to celebrate freedom! And victory! May all those who died be granted Janah insha allah.AMEEN.
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