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Abbas announces Israel-Gaza ceasefire
Published Tuesday 26/08/2014 (updated) 28/08/2014 10:27
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BETHLEHEM (Ma'an) -- President Mahmoud Abbas on Tuesday announced a long-term ceasefire agreement between Israel and Palestinian factions in the Gaza Strip.

In a short televised address, Abbas said the agreement would go into effect at 7 p.m.

"We confirm complete appreciation to the Egyptian efforts which started long ago seeking to satisfy all sides. Qatar also played a role in that. We also would like to mention that (US Secretary of State John) Kerry was also in touch with us for the same purpose and so we thank all those who played roles," Abbas said.

"We discussed several necessary things with Hamas leaders in Qatar in order to enable the national consensus government to do its job," he continued."

"During these 50 days or more, we exerted every effort to provide our people with the supplies they needed. Some supplies were from us and others from our friends. But still this isn't enough. ... People in Gaza need a lot more. Quick support is needed to try and heal the wound which was inflicted on Gaza.

"The question is now 'What's next?' Gaza suffered three wars and are we expecting another one? We will consult friends and the international community, and we can't continue with 'cloudy negotiations,'" he said.

For his part, deputy chief of Hamas' politburo Mousa Abu Marzouq wrote on his Twitter account that "talks have ended. We have reached understandings crowning our people's steadfastness and our resistance's triumph. We are awaiting a statement setting the zero point and end to the aggression."

A well-placed Palestinian source confirmed that Gaza border crossings would be open in tandem with an extended ceasefire.

The source explained that Egypt would issue a statement calling for a comprehensive and mutual ceasefire together with opening Gaza's crossings for the entry of construction material.

The Gaza fishing zone will also be increased.

In addition, the source said, Israel has pledged to stop targeted assassinations against Palestinian resistance activists and faction leaders.

The source, who spoke on condition of anonymity, added that a round of negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians would start in Cairo a month later to discuss unresolved issues.

Palestinian factions, including Hamas and Islamic Jihad, have accepted the newly reached ceasefire agreement which Israel also accepted, the source highlighted.

Spokesman of the military wing of the Popular Resistance Committees Abu Mujahid also told Ma'an that a permanent ceasefire agreement would go into effect this evening.

He said the agreement would be based on the 2012 truce and would include opening Gaza crossing points permanently.

He said opening crossings would mean an end to the Gaza siege, reconstruction of the enclave, removing the "no-go zone" and enlarging the Gaza fishing zone.

Israel's Channel 10 TV quoted Israeli officials as saying they agreed to a ceasefire and that Prime Minister Netanyahu had notified all security cabinet members about the agreement.
1 ) Reader / Canada
26/08/2014 19:13
Hamas won!

2 ) very big victory for HAMAS / THEY DICTATE
26/08/2014 20:06
when there is fire THEY DICTATE when there is ceasefire ISRAEL HAS NO SAY!!!!

3 ) Tibi / Tubas
26/08/2014 20:26
The answer (YES) to "the question of what's next?" is obviously the same, as that following the previous wars of 2009 and 2012, since: -1- Nothing has changed, where -2- Hamas has Not Accepted Peace (& Never Will), and -3- Hamas is already planning & preparing for the next war, so * Gaza (under Hamas) Should Be Expecting Another War with Israel, and probably in just another year or two, regardless of consultions with the international community, and continuing with cloudy negotiations.

4 ) jootoo / UK
26/08/2014 20:28
Now we can watch the fight between Hamas and Fatah. And then the fight for power over the Gaza Strip and Judea and Samaria will begin. Are there any new Mohammedan Jihad fighters waiting in the wings, lets look in another year or two.

5 ) Tanias Titz / Germany
26/08/2014 20:32
If there is a truce and an extended cease-fire, these Arab terrorists will soon be at each others throats, for the spoils of war. And the re-building money that will come flooding in. Mel?USA, please give generously to these Arabs. They need to buy more properties in the UAE.

6 ) J Cale / Canada
26/08/2014 20:50
The drones MUST STOP NOW. The seaport & airport must commence IMMEDIATELY. The illegal settlements must be vacated FORTHWITH. The war crimes, crimes against humanity must be EXPEDITED. IDF SOLDIERS MUST BE PENALIZED & INCARCERATED. REPARATIONS FOR DESTRUCTION OF CIVILIAN INFRASTRUCTURE TODAY!

7 ) Sulayman Ibrahim / USA
26/08/2014 21:03
You need to add that Israel is to provide building materials to rebuild what they destroyed and a no contact clause to provide and secure the safety of the Palestine people from unwarranted attacks and harassment from the illegal Zion Jew settlers that are illegally occupying their land.

8 ) Clay Housley / USA
26/08/2014 21:23
...Israel has mowed the lawn. They will do so again once the grass has grown back. Stay tuned.

9 ) Anju / CH
26/08/2014 21:27
Reconstruction of Gaza must begin quickly before the coming winter, it is very good when the border crossings are open but we must NOT FORGET THE BDS the thousands by israel destroyed houses and the amounts of cement and other construction matrialien which is needed for, PLEASE BOYCOTT THE MASS MURDERER ISRAEL .

10 ) Mina / South Africa
26/08/2014 21:37
What about the peoples homes and properties that was taken and what about the illegal settlers that are ocupping the Palestinians land.? Is it going to be given back.? Or are the people of Palestinian prisoners in their own land.?

11 ) Lez / New Zealand
26/08/2014 23:00
Great news, so happy for the Palestinian people Lets hope they can build on this and start a new era for themselves Always pray for PEACE

12 ) huma lacey / UK
26/08/2014 23:11
And what about the isreali soldiers in West bank and Gaza arresting and terrorising the Palastinians? And what about the blocks and security not allowing the palastinians to move around freely? Its a farce. Isreal need to move out of Palastinian land. What about the illegal settlements?

13 ) Tibi / Tubas
26/08/2014 23:50
Gaza would be better-off without the Hamas Government & Fighters, and Abbas and other world leaders should remind the Hamas leadership that * ISRAEL ALREADY HAD "OPEN GAZA CROSSINGS to allow the flow of humanitarian aid and construction material", both -1- BEFORE HAMAS PROVOKED THIS WAR, and that -2- ESSENTIALLY GAZA GOT NOTHING FROM HAMAS' WAR, * EXCEPT MORE DEATH AND DESTRUCTION, like in 2009 & 2012.

14 ) Umm Syamil / Malaysia
27/08/2014 07:54

15 ) Yusuf / Nigeria
27/08/2014 17:19
Why don't israel think that the history must to remind the same.
so they should consider arab plestine as their bratherine,to stop killing them.

16 ) Boil / Romania
27/08/2014 18:33
@1 You surely do not believe your own comment, do you?

17 ) R Cummings / UK
31/08/2014 07:42
13) is wrong to claim that Hamas provoked the war. Following the killing of the 3 Jewish teenagers, Netanyahu and gang needed to be seen to be doing something decisive for home consumption. The easy PR solution was to bomb Gaza from the air, knowing Hamas would fight back with 'rocket' fire and so give Israel a chance to strut the stage. The teenagers were actually killed by a rogue clan in Hebron loosely aligned with Hamas, not by Hamas itself, but these Zionists don't let truth get in the way.
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