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Gaza housing towers destroyed by Israeli airstrikes
Published Tuesday 26/08/2014 (updated) 06/09/2014 11:58
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Palestinians look up at the remains of an Italian apartment block
that was destroyed by an Israeli air strike overnight in Gaza City
on August 26, 2014.(AFP/Mahmud Hams)
GAZA CITY (Ma'an) -- Israeli airstrikes destroyed two residential housing towers in Gaza City on Tuesday as two Palestinians were killed in overnight airstrikes.

Muhammad Muin Abu Ajwa and Hasan Omar al-Sawwaf were killed in airstrikes targeting central Gaza City.

Another strike on the Nasser neighborhood hit a 16-storey mixed-use complex known as "Little Italy", causing its complete collapse, witnesses said.

Witnesses said that F16s fired at least six rockets at the tower block, in which there were 60 apartments and a commercial complex including dozens of shops, completely destroying it.

They said residents had fled the building after the Israeli army sent them pre-recorded warning messages.

"The army told them to leave immediately and they all ran out into the street to find shelter," one told AFP.

Shortly afterwards, warplanes fired on the 14-storey al-Basha building in the western Rimal neighborhood, causing massive damage and wounding another 15 people, witnesses and medics said.

Part of the building was used by Sawt Al-Shaab radio, or "Voice of the People", run by the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine.

The Israeli army confirmed carrying out 15 air strikes since midnight, among them buildings serving as Hamas "command and control centers."

On Saturday, an Israeli airstrike leveled a 12-story apartment building in the heart of Gaza City, wounding at least 18 people, 10 of them children, and leaving dozens of Palestinian families homeless.

AFP contributed to this report
1 ) Brian Cohen / Israel
26/08/2014 12:43
Interesting that Maan confirms that the IDF does indeed warn Gazans. Also interesting that there is no record at all of Hamas warning Israeli civilians that they are about to attack. In fact, Hamas prides itself on attacking civilians and is known the world-over for blowing up buses and restaurants and a killing thousand Israeli civilians. It's time to send Hamas leaders to the ICC for their crimes.

2 ) AKeenReader / UK
26/08/2014 13:42
This is collective punishment which should be noted by UNHRC members should take note in their investigations.

3 ) Adeyemi Mutiu O. / Nigeria
26/08/2014 14:00
It's so awful, can't they just stop this mess. It will b better if they can reconcile and stop killing innocent. War should belong to the tragic past in hostory. It should find no place on humanity's agenda for the future.

4 ) XRay / Canada
26/08/2014 15:35
@2 You over think the situation. You should realize Hamas had an office used by the Hamas -run interior ministry in the Zourab Building. And within the 13 story building, Hamas ran an operational centre on the buildings' 4th story.

5 ) JoeFattal / USA
26/08/2014 16:20
Israel is making damages with their airstrikes so they wont enter Gaza city and fight Hamas. One US genaral said that airstikes in Iraq against IS is not enough to accomplish the mission, you have to put boots on the ground. When Israel decide to enter Gaza city and fight Hamas face to face and win than they might have something to say. But until then they making a hell of a mess in a region which is already in a mess that might spread.

6 ) Mansur / Brasil
26/08/2014 16:27
Vergonha para sionistas. c?es raivosos que merecem s? o sofrimento e a desgra?a. n?o s?o seres humanos nem filhos do Deus verdadeiro. qualquer porcaria de livro que diga o contrario esta errado.

7 ) Tibi / Tubas
26/08/2014 16:37
HAMAS prefers war on Israel, to peace for Gaza, and thus Hamas IS RESPONSIBLE FOR ALL OF GAZA'S DEATH & DESTRUCTION.

8 ) Noah Goldberg / USA
26/08/2014 16:46
As a Jew, I am appalled at the behavior of the IDF. More than 80% of the people they attacked and killed in Gaza are civilians. About 500 children have been killed by the Israeli army. Now Israel is destroying the homes and lively hood of innocent civilians. I am ashamed of the Israeli government. Israel has committed crimes against humanity.

9 ) @ Reader-2 & Adeyeni-3 / USA
26/08/2014 16:49
If there is a fair UNHRC investigations, it will reveal - 1,000s of HAMAS WAR CRIME attacks on Israel cities, & 1,000s of HAMAS WAR CRIME use of human-shields, and - Only 100s of Israel responses to Hamas attacks, that targeted only militants (which is not a crimes), and also that Gaza civilians were largely killed or injured because Hamas used them as human-shields !!! Yes, it IS "so awful", and Yes Hamas "Can stop this mess", but that requires the unacceptable - Peace With Israel.

10 ) Jeff / USA
26/08/2014 17:39
#1...so sending some pre-recorded message to a few people justifies leveling entire buildings and neighborhoods and turning hundreds and thousands of people into homeless refugees? What kind of sick, twisted thought process is that, Mr. Cohen. If Israel stopped all the aggression...and yes, Israel is the aggressor, always has been, the real self-defense acts from Hamas and any other oppressed people would eventually stop as well. Right now, they have no reason to, however.

11 ) Zionist Cholo / Peru
26/08/2014 18:12
Interesting how they knew that the heroic IDF will destroy it! The IDF respects human life, civilian life even the one of the Palestinians, a oppose to the Hamas and all the other low lives

12 ) Outlier / USA
26/08/2014 18:14
I find it sad that Hamas courted disaster for Gaza by ramping up missile and mortar fire against Israel, and when the disaster it courted finally arrived, everyone is suddenly surprised and horrified.

13 ) Mel / USA
26/08/2014 20:28
This collective punishment & economic terrorism by Israel(AGAIN)on Gaza has nada to do with missing/dead Israeli settlers.It's all just routine"mowing the lawn"(ethnic cleansing&destruction).Israel just enjoys flattening Gaza each time it STANDS UP! Killing&torturing non-Jews &trying to stop Palestinian demographics threatening Israel's"Jewish"birth/aliya stats(which will always fail).MAKE PEACE Jews in Palestine &Israel.Zionism is KILLING both states.Global Jews must rein Zionism IN!

14 ) Matthew Goldberg / UK
26/08/2014 21:04
Message to Brian Cohen, it's interesting that over 2000 Palestinians have been killed since the start of this. Nearly all women and children, but hardly any of the illegal Israelis killed. It's disturbing that you make a comment like that, if the US didn't supply these weapons, I don't think IDF would have the bottle to go into Gaza on foot. Remember Brian, you are illegal in a country which should not be in.

15 ) some one / some where
27/08/2014 00:26

16 ) David / USA
27/08/2014 01:26
I agree with Adeyemi. If Islam would just decide to live in peace with its neighbors, the world would be a much safer place. ISIS slaughters Muslims it does like, crucifies Christians it doesn't like, and generally kills anyone who disagrees with anything they have to say. Hamas sends rockets and mortars into Israel, kidnaps, murders, and dismembers teenagers, and then turns around and murders Gazans that don't agree with what THEY have to say! Islam is psycho! Can anyone prove otherwise?

17 ) Marivel Guzman / United States
27/08/2014 04:26
@Brian Cohen, the facts that Israel warn the civilians that their home it is going to be destroy by an Israel missile does not constitute legality on the act. International Law, specially Humanitarian International Law, War protocols and the IV Geneva Convention, specifically prohibit the destruction of civilians infrastructure, and the destruction of any resources that are mean to survive in times of war. This is indeed a War Crime practice and collective punishment of the population.

18 ) Todd / Canada
27/08/2014 05:57
In other news, ther are 20 story buildings in an impoverished enclave? Seems a bit rich living to be considerd "refugees".
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