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Gaza factions: Israel won't dare invade again
Published Monday 25/08/2014 (updated) 27/08/2014 21:55
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GAZA CITY (Ma’an) – The Israeli army won’t dare to enter Gaza another time after the Palestinian resistance “rubbed the nose of their so-called elite brigades in the dirt in Gaza,” the Popular Resistance Committees said Monday.

In a statement, the group added that “the enemy’s leaders should ask their soldiers about what they suffered in Gaza when their folly led them to stage a ground invasion into Gaza.”

The statement said that the group’s military wing, the Salah al-Din Brigades, is entirely prepared to fight on the ground if the Israeli forces decide to invade the coastal enclave.

Similarly, the al-Mujahidin Brigades, another military group operative in the Gaza Strip, described Israeli threats to “renew the ground battle in Gaza as valueless.”

The group added in a statement that the Palestinian resistance would defend the Palestinian people and drive back the “Zionist aggression,” and concluded by saying that things have changed.
1 ) Jahangeer / kashmir
25/08/2014 20:32
Inshaallah victory will be ours. And Hamas by the Grace of wiibe victories. Ameen. Ya ALLAH HELP MUSLIMS AMEEN

2 ) Outlier / USA
25/08/2014 20:37
Bravado is all very good, but not much use against a well trained fighting force. The Popular Resistance needs a reality check and may well get one.

3 ) Brian Cohen / Israel
25/08/2014 20:53
This is the kind of mindset that gets innocent Gazans killed. These Islamofascist fools are ready to kill another 1000 unarmed Gazans to go along with th 1000 or more combatants already "martyred". Of course Israel will go back in if Hamas and the terrorist groups under its jurisdiction continue to violate international law (yes, shooting rockets and mortars at civilians is against intl law and is a war crime). In fact if they force us to go in again the results will be even worse for than now.

4 ) Richard Guzinga / FL-US
25/08/2014 21:21
Seriously? Taunting the IDF to deliver them a bigger beating? If they are so tough, why are they crying to the UN, EU, anyone who'll listen about the "crisis, tragedy, holocaust, genocide, blah blah blah." Stop hiding behind the civilians, in schools, mosques, hospitals and engage them directly? I think these groups are serious frauds.

5 ) Sherry Bobbins / USA
25/08/2014 21:27
I do hope these Islamic Jihad terrorists die slowly in the heat of the sun, and in great discomfort without medical care. Much like they have placed the residents of Gaza.

6 ) avi / tel aviv
25/08/2014 21:37
why to lose life of israeli when we cat hit the terror from airplane and without injured or dead we belleive in life

7 ) nyc / usa
25/08/2014 22:42

8 ) Yaacov benyamin ha-kohen / zion
25/08/2014 23:38
Enjoy your journey to paradise, but know that the virgins are working overtime

9 ) gadi / uruguay
26/08/2014 01:21
Better ask the 900 plus dead palestinian fighters about the ground invasion. Or,if you can find them, ask the military leaders but you will have to look for them very hard for they are hiding underground while women and children are in the open.The common people in Gaza, those without shelter, they are the he suffering innocent while the leaders are either in hiding or living as kings in Qatar.

10 ) Teguh Setiawan / Indonesia
26/08/2014 11:29
Remember Vietnam.

11 ) JoeFattal / USA
26/08/2014 16:31
@8) At least they believe that virgins awaits them in paradise. Its better than nothing, right. What you expect when you die to find in paradise.

12 ) @ the Muslim Brigades / Idiots or Liars
26/08/2014 16:56
Nothing has changed, so if forced into an increased self-defense again, * ISRAEL WILL DEFINITELY DARE to invade Gaza again, * AND ISRAEL'S RESTRAINT WILL BE EVEN LESS THEN NOW, just as the present Israe invasion showed less than 2009 & 2012.

13 ) @ Sherry-5 & Teguh-10 / USA
26/08/2014 17:10
-5- I do hope the residents of Gaza either leave or stop supporting these Islamic Jihad terrorists so that no one needs to die slowly in the heat of the sun, and -10- Gaza is Not "Vietnam" (large & hidden in jungles), so (as Avi-6 writes) Israel "can hit the terrorists from airplane and without risking injured or dead Israeli soldiers, and the Gaza injured and dead, will remain the responsibility of the PALESTINIAN FIGHTERS USING GAZA CIVILIANS AS HUMAN-SHIELDS.

26/08/2014 18:52
The Palestine freedom fighters are right!!! Israel ran back after the Mujahidin beat their elite commandos and captured one of them. Now they are in control of the ground. What is left is the fight in the air and water. As long as they are ready to learn and have the bravery to implement their ideas, they will progress towards getting upper hand, insha Allah.

15 ) Dixie Normous / USA
26/08/2014 21:35
Israhells ground invasion failed and failed miserably, regardless of what you "others" think. Using F16's to blow up innocent people is a cowards way of fighting. If Palestinians had the same weaponry available, Israel would perish overnight. For what the Palestinians had available, which is nothing short of big fireworks, they stood their ground. To those that complain that Hamas was hiding, where are your leaders during war?! Definitely not on the battlefield, typical two sided zionists...

16 ) ChristianDH / USA
27/08/2014 02:36
Palestinians know simple math. 60 IDF and 1000 Hamas deaths is no victory. Why is Hamas rejoicing over the death they have caused against their own militants and the innocent Palestinian peoples? Turn away from their hatred and choose life instead. (2 Peter 2:1-3)

17 ) Secreta / K
27/08/2014 05:22
The statements made by Isreali shills are just so humorous. "We believe in life, we combat terrorism". They consider believing in life and combating terrorism to be killing children, and attacking people protecting themselves against thieves stealing their land. I often wonder if these delusional individuals really believe the ridiculous lies they've made up themselves. Either way, have fun believing them, because you won't be laughing in hell.

18 ) inbound39 / New Zealand
27/08/2014 09:43
The Women and Children were in safe zones like UN Buildings that Israel targeted deliberately. As for Palestinians crying to the UN....LEGITIMATE OPTION......If Israel has nothing to hide or done nothing wrong why is it running around with its Mother USA trying to pressure the ICC and UN not to investigate Israeli actions.....who is crying? IDF had no answer to Palestinian tactics and stayed on the periphery and lost more men than in Lebanon.

19 ) AVO / tel aviv
27/08/2014 17:37
#6 you believe in life for yourself only, Palestinians are not included!

20 ) William / USA
27/08/2014 18:13
Seems like those who made the announcement were in hiding all this time, and those applauding it here on Maan haven't been paying attention. If the smashing of Hamas/IJ and their terrorist infrastructure is a victory - so be it. I wish them many more. Israeli technology took many of their would-be victories from them, like the Trophy system that made anti-tank weapons virtually worthless...despite the bravado of Hamas to the contrary.
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