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Poll: Majority of Gazans support peace, oppose disarmament
Published Sunday 24/08/2014 (updated) 26/08/2014 12:27
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Palestinian families seek shelter after evacuating their homes near
the border in Gaza City on July 13, 2014. (AFP/Mahmud Hams)
BETHLEHEM (Ma'an) -- An overwhelming majority of Gaza residents support a long-term truce with Israel and oppose the disarmament of the Palestinian resistance, a poll released on Saturday showed.

The poll, which surveyed 1,000 Palestinians in Gaza from Aug. 14-19 and was conducted by the Palestinian Center for Public Opinion, also found that a vast majority opposed the Islamic State militant group in Iraq and Syria, which Israeli leaders have claimed maintains support in Gaza.

More than 90 percent of Gazans surveyed thought that resistance was either "well prepared" or "somewhat prepared" for the Israeli assault, and more than 93 percent opposed the disarmament of Palestinian militant groups, which Israel has said is a condition of any long-term truce.

At the same time, despite an Israeli assault that has killed more than 2,100 Palestinians -- overwhelmingly civilians -- in the last six weeks, nearly 88 percent of those surveyed also supported a long-term truce, and another 10 percent supported an unspecified "medium-term" truce.

80 percent rated US President Barack Obama's stance on the conflict, which has been decidedly pro-Israel, as "negative," while 65 percent said they were "very" or "fairly" content with Egypt's role as a mediator in indirect talks between Israel and the Palestinians.

More than 80 percent, meanwhile, were in favor of International Criminal Court intervention against Israel for prosecution for war crimes committed during the offensive.

The poll also surveyed opinions in Gaza regarding the Syria-based Wahhabi militant group Islamic State, previously known as the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, which Israeli leaders have repeatedly referenced in their offensive against Hamas.

More than 85 percent of Gazans surveyed, however, said they oppose the group.
1 ) Dimi / Germany
24/08/2014 20:49
The results of poll are astonishing me. It is hard to understand to be for peace but on the other hand Hamas should remain armed giving the possibility to continue firing rockets.

2 ) JoeFattal / USA
24/08/2014 20:55
If with a disarmament Israel can guarantee to Hamas the lifting of the siege in few months well maybe Hamas can agree to disarm. But even if Hamas agree Israel will find something else to object their proposal. You can't trust Israel. Israel is like a used car dealer, when he tells you the car runs, take it for a drive test anyhow.

3 ) Brian Cohen / Israel
24/08/2014 21:21
The problem is the 15% of Gazans who are Islamofascists who don't support a ceasefire and want jihad and "victory or martyrdom". Hamas and PIJ don't care how many Gazans die. And as for the poll and ISIS, well, we see the pictures of Hamas hauling "accused" people out into the street, sticking bags on their heads and then shooting them dead in front of hundreds of people including kids. I don't see any difference between Hamas and ISIS. Jihad is jihad, death is death. Hamas glories in death.

4 ) Outlier / USA
24/08/2014 21:53
Sadly, they cannot and will not have both unless they recognize Israel's right to exist, and eliminate Hamas and the al-Qassam Brigade from their midst.

5 ) Helen / USA
25/08/2014 00:34
Where are all posters siding with Hamas? I hope this is proof enough for them to realize that Hamas must be gone for ever. Only when a disarmed Gaza and school curriculum reformed to ban hate, peace and prosperity will come to the Arabs population.

6 ) The Only / Two Choices
25/08/2014 02:45
If HAMAS ASKS FOR peace, Israel will grant it, and If Hamas asks for WAR, Israel will grant it, but Gaza can not have peace from Israel, while Hamas prepares attack tunnels, rockets, and war against Israel, so Gaza has Two Choices: [1] Continue suffering from Israel's response attacks, or [2] Remove Hamas from power !!

7 ) Julie / USA
25/08/2014 06:26
"It is hard to understand to be for peace but on the other hand Hamas should remain armed giving the possibility to continue firing rockets." And Israel should be for peace but should "remain armed giving the possibility to continue to drop" 2,000 ib bombs on an unarmed population, that has no formal army and that can't escape to safety because the democracy dropping the bombs controls the borders and closed them all..... Do you ever listen to yourselves?

8 ) Jeff / USA
25/08/2014 21:10
Oh Mr. Brian Cohen, funny that you try to compare Hamas to ISIS. How about all the massacres that Israel and the fanatical Zionists have carried out since before 1948?? Menachem Begin and his Irgun cronies...Sabra and Shatila. Many many others. Hamas and groups like it resulted from the desperation forced on them by Israel. What is Israel's excuse for starting these kinds of horrible actions in the first place? It was not in response to anything, other than Zionist ideology to steal land!

9 ) Jeff / USA
25/08/2014 21:17
You Israeli supporters are such hypocrites in your beliefs & statements. On the one hand you say that Palestinians have to give up all weapons and arms and not have the ability to defend themselves (even though they are the ones that are being horribly oppressed), then on the other hand you repeat and repeat and repeat that Israel has a right to defend itself at any and all costs. You people have twisted minds. I feel bad that this is the indoctrination you all have been subjected to growing up.

10 ) Giacomo / USA
26/08/2014 00:51
Really? In the territory wherein dozens were dragged from their homes just last week and executed in the street without trial for 'collaboration', these poor people subjugated by their own leaders, just coincidentally side with their leader's position? Really?

11 ) Clarity / Truth
27/08/2014 01:01
Gazans need to be made to understand, that ARMED Islamic MILITANTS, adjacent to the Jewish state ARE INCOMPATIBLE WITH PEACE, and that supporting peace means supporting militants' disarmament, since clearly the armed militants have a history of provoking the wars (2006, 2009, 2012, 2014, etc.), with their mortars, rockets, & attack tunnels, and with their disarmament the cycle of war would not be restarted !!

12 ) @ Jeff-9 / USA too
27/08/2014 01:16
Clearly, Both (& all) peoples have a right to defend themselves; however, the Jew and Arab needs to do so are clearly quite different, where -1- Every Jewish village in the West Bank both needs and has a security fence, to deter Arab murderers, while No Arab villages need such fences. -2- Every Gaza war (2006, 2009, 2012, & 2014) was initiated by Arab militant War Crimes of targeting Jewish villages, so essentially * Jews disarmed would be slaughtered, while * Arabs disarmed would not.

13 ) ian / australia
27/08/2014 01:18
#4 "Sadly, they cannot and will not have both unless they recognize Israel's right to exist, and eliminate Hamas...from their midst." Wasn't that what Hamas agreed to by endorsing the unity government and its platform of recognition and renunciation of violence and resigning as defacto government of Gaza? Or what Khaled Meshaal has stated as his official offer...BEFORE the sniper killings at Ofer which led to the revenge killings of the yeshiva students which led to the "burnt offering" of

14 ) ian / australia
27/08/2014 01:19
(contd.) Muhammad Abu Khdeir may his soul rest in perfect peace (and the savage beating of his American cousin) and the deadly rampage throught the West Bank to "bring back our boys" (known all along to be dead) which led to rocket fire from Gaza which led to the present massacre. If Israel wanted recognition, an end to violent resistance and Hamas out of power why wasn't it ACCEPTED when it was OFFERED?

15 ) ian / australia
27/08/2014 01:23
When Israel is being especially despicable and the brand is taking a beating an army of hasbarists arises to "explain". Like Helen / USA (#5) who is clearly a guy in Tel Aviv repeating scripted boilerplate with a veneer of concern for "Arabs population" (sic) and their "peace and prosperity" and even repeating the old Newt Gingrich (or was it Mitt?) canard about the hate-filled Palestinian school books ("...if there are 13 Jews and nine Jews are killed, how many Jews are left?" etc.)

16 ) [email protected] / USA
27/08/2014 09:57
Either news gets reported funny in Bethlehem or Gaza residents have selective memory. I recall that the conflict either started with the triple kidnapping of teens and/or rocket/mortar fire from Gaza which required an Israeli response. Where is the Israeli initial aggression? Maintaining a blockade while supplying everything Gaza needs by truck. The only reason for the blockade is to prevent armament/ Disarmament would be smartest way to achieve normalcy.

17 ) No Nukes or WMD's / Israel
27/08/2014 14:22
When the US removes its billion dollar stockpile of weapons from Israel, all nukes are removed from Israel, there is an arms embargo on Israel, the US stops aiding & abetting Israel's military capabilities and of course pink pigs fly over Tel Aviv, then Gaza can be demilitarized. Otherwise, NO. Want peace, agree to the Arab Peace Initiative (67 borders, etc) & send Bibi to a home for old donkeys.
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