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Watch: Israeli airstrike levels 12-story building in Gaza City
Published Sunday 24/08/2014 (updated) 26/08/2014 10:12
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A Palestinian boy cries in panic as other members of his family discuss
what to do after they ran out of their house in a hurry on Saturday in
Gaza City (AFP Roberto Schmidt)
GAZA CITY (Ma'an) -- An Israeli airstrike on Saturday evening leveled a 12-story apartment building in the heart of Gaza City, wounding at least 18 people, 10 of them children, and leaving dozens of Palestinian families homeless.

Residents in the 12-story Zafer 4 building were called by the Israeli military 10 minutes before the attack and told to evacuate, sparking a stampede as dozens of people ran down to the street, neighbors said.

Two missiles then slammed into the complex, reducing it to a pile of dusty rubble and sparking panic in the area as the tower collapsed on top of itself amid a massive cloud of smoke and debris, witnesses said.

An Israeli army spokeswoman told AFP a Hamas military operations room had been located in the building.

Veiled women wept as they stumbled down the street, cradling young children.

"They called some residents and said 'evacuate, the tower will be shelled'. We escaped to my neighbor and in minutes they destroyed it," said Sanaa Joda, who lived in the building.

A video from Shehab News Agency that could not be verified appeared to show the destruction of the building from a number of angles.

Dozens of families were said to live in the building, adding to the 460,000 people already displaced by the war in Gaza -- more than a quarter of the enclave's 1.8 million population.

The United Nations estimated on Friday that around 103,000 people have been left homeless in the besieged coastal enclave, as around 17,000 homes have been completely destroyed or severely damaged.

AFP contributed to this report.
1 ) Peter / UK
24/08/2014 11:36
Where is the missile or rocket!!!! lol that was a controlled explosion from inside the building!! This planet is fucked the UK USA ISRAEL are all corrupt!!!!

2 ) Paul / UK
24/08/2014 12:42
One command and control center less hits the dust. That will no longer be used as an asset for the Hamas’ military wing al-Qassam Brigades and other renegade radical Islamic Jihadist terrorist organisations, the al-Quds Brigades military wing of the Popular Resistance Committees and the al-Nasser Salah al-Din Brigades. Kol hakavod

3 ) Charlie / USA
24/08/2014 15:37
Lol the zionists are so desperate to break the will of the people but can't. The only thing they are crumbling is the facade of their fake democratic state.

4 ) Attack Responses / Truth
24/08/2014 16:19
When West Bank Palestinians murdered 3 Israeli teenagers, Israel responded with a massive search and arrest program, and As long as Gaza PALESTINIANS [1] dig ATTACK tunnels threatening Israeli civilians, AND [2] launch rocket attacks threatening Israeli cities: - Israel will respond with ground invasions, to eliminate tunnel threats, & - ISRAEL WILL RESPOND with airstrikes, like this one, even if it kills ("baby girl"), Human-Shields, along with a groups of fighters !!

5 ) Jeff / USA
24/08/2014 16:22
Someone needs to do this same kind of thing to the Israelis...show them how horrific and senseless this type of act is. Israelis would feel very differently if the shoe was on the other foot and they were the ones being occupied, oppressed and murdered. Right wing Zionists in the government must go!

6 ) melkamell / malaysia
24/08/2014 16:28
Shameful...as nation of the chosen one.. ! brutal ..bombing !!! No moral as human being...!!

7 ) Mel / USA
24/08/2014 17:11
Mr POTUS?Pray do explain the LOGIC of aiding Israel in(essentially)commiting another US-sponsored Hiroshima/Nagasaki,on Gaza?In terms of explosives,Israel's dropped MORE tonnage(in 6wks)on Gaza-in its variation of the NUKE theme(DIME-miniature fissile weps,flechettes &cancer-inducing explosives(as forensics prove).USA stole many of NAZISM'S nuke-wep scientists to create our hell on Jap families(in rice-paper homes).Now (still) D.C. lets ZIONISM create hell on Gaza & attacking TOWERS,like 9/11!?

8 ) Mel / USA
24/08/2014 17:22
Cont: For me,Israel,you're DONE! You're nullified.persona non grata.When u sent that"knock on roof"drone mike 5 mins B4 the next 2 missiles & brought Israel's 9/11 to blockaded,collectively punished CIVILIAN Gaza-you officially PUT YOURSELF(Israeli's &pro-Zionists)on the GLOBAL TERRORIST WATCH LIST!Israel is officially a self-declared TERRORIST 4 our war on terror!Just a bastard rogue-nuclear savage,rabid(insane)animal.TOTAL EMBARGO!! Zionism/USG just proved its support,for AQ,by mimicking 9/11!

9 ) Ellen / Netherlands
24/08/2014 17:31
Chickens come home to roost

10 ) LOL the building collapsed / from the explosio
24/08/2014 17:52

11 ) Every Public building / (apt house, public structure)
24/08/2014 18:33
that harbors rockets, boombs, launchers--- will be leveled Think about it

12 ) Mel / USA
24/08/2014 19:12
For God's sake Obama!Look at Gaza/Palestine?Lukansk,Donetsk,Iraq,Syria etc.These are MIRROR-IMAGES of D.C.'s direct/indirect colonial barbarism,in favoring military coups,occupation,techno-pups,despots &butchers on USG "democracy"bankroll! RU totally insane D.C.?Look at all the INNOCENT civilians,in all these regions!BLOWN TO BITS by D.C.'s control-proxies! And D.C. think ALL this won't blow back in USA's face,again,near or distant future? You're putting a death sentence on OUR kids heads TOO!!

13 ) marnie / israel
24/08/2014 19:50
I can't think of a punishment for israel that would be severe enough for what they have done over this horrible summer.

14 ) Michael / Italy
24/08/2014 22:23
This is AMAZING how good Israel has their soldiers trained. I have never seen such precise bombing, and the actual building was taken down but other buildings were not harmed. I am SURE Russia and Iran want to purchase this technology from Israel ASAP. You must admit, it is pretty amazing.

15 ) Fritz / USA
25/08/2014 02:15
Israel warned the residents of this apartment a half hour prior to destroying it. Hamas would never do that. The IDF was precise in its targeting of this building. It is too bad that Hamas chose to use it for terrorist activity causing the other residents to suffer the consequences. It is truly sad that Gazans are losing their lives unnecessarily due to Hamas sending rockets into Israel. This is a no win situation for the people of Gaza.

16 ) The Only / Two Choices
25/08/2014 02:44
If HAMAS ASKS FOR peace, Israel will grant it, and If Hamas asks for WAR, Israel will grant it, but Gaza can not have peace from Israel, while Israel has attack tunnels, rockets, and war from Hamas, so Gaza has Two Choices: [1] Continue suffering from Israel's response attacks, or [2] Remove Hamas from power !!

17 ) gabi / australia
25/08/2014 03:10
Israel, again, uses the excuse that Hamas operatives use a room in the building - so demolishes the lot. After warning residents. Does that strike anyone as bizarre? ie that Israel warns occupants of a Hamas operations room to evacuate or get killed? Or did the warning warn everyone but the occupants of that room? Why the need to target the whole building? Israel, you have lost the high moral ground (if ever you had it) by your totally ruthless, inhumane, illegal and immoral actions.

18 ) Esther Levy / Usa
25/08/2014 14:40
#5 "Right wing Zionists in the government must go!" - The US government certainly has a lot of influence in the world, maybe they could arrange for some new leadership in Israel. They might also be able to persuade Bibi & friends to migrate to a small country somewhere in Eastern Europe or Asia (where their ancestors came from) & live out their days in reflection.

19 ) Jeff / USA
25/08/2014 21:25
#17 gabi/australia, Israel never had any moral ground. This whole situation is a continuation of the absurd right-wing Zionist movement started before 1900 to push out (or kill) the indigenous population already living in Palestine. To pretend that "Israelis" had some kind of God-given birth right to that land is just preposterous. And if that were the case, why did Israel "import" Jews from all over the world just to increase population and then deny many of them any Democratic rights?

20 ) Jeff / USA
25/08/2014 21:29
#18 Esther...unfortunately, the Zionists have such a stranglehold on the US political system with the various Jewish lobbies that it will be difficult to get the US to wise up and actually do the right thing. It certainly is necessary, but politicians aren't in the business of saying No to people that are giving them millions of dollars for campaigns. That's how Israel even came into existence in the first place...was all due to bad political decisions by Truman, his predecessors & successors.
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