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7 Palestinians including baby girl killed in Israeli airstrikes
Published Sunday 24/08/2014 (updated) 25/08/2014 13:18
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Palestinians look at a house that was destroyed by an Israeli air strike in
Gaza City on Saturday (AFP Thomas Coex)
GAZA CITY (Ma'an) -- Seven Palestinians were killed in Israeli airstrikes on Sunday and dozens more wounded as Israeli bombardment on the Gaza Strip continued for the 48th day, while rockets fired from Lebanon and Syria into Israel threatened to escalate the conflict.

The airstrikes early Sunday on Gaza brought the total death total in Israel's massive assault to 2,111 with more than 10,500 injured, as the United Nations said that more than 460,000 Palestinians were still displaced and living in shelters across the densely packed coastal enclave.

Five Palestinians were killed and dozens others were injured around noon as airstrikes continued to pound Gaza after two were killed overnight.

An Israeli airstrike killed a teenage boy and a baby girl and injured five others in Sheikh Radwan neighborhood in Gaza City in the northern Gaza Strip.

Spokesman for the Palestinian Ministry of Health Ashraf al-Qidra confirmed that the bodies of 2-year-old Zeina Bilal Abu Taqiyya and 17-year-old Muhammad Wael al-Khudari were taken to al-Shifa hospital.

Medical sources said that Muhammad al-Luqa was killed and another was injured in an Israeli airstrike on a motorcycle near al-Atatra Square in Beit Lahiya.

At least one man was killed and 10 injured after an airstrike hit the home of the Tallini family in Deir al-Balah in the central Gaza Strip around noon.

Medical sources said more bodies are believed to be buried under the wreckage of the house and rescue teams are still working in the area.

An Israeli airstrike on a car in the vicinity of the Palestine Stadium in central Gaza, meanwhile, left the driver dead. A Ma'an reporter in Gaza quoted eyewitnesses as saying that a fire broke out in the car after it was hit directly by an Israeli missile. The driver was killed instantly and a number of bystanders were injured.

Shortly before that, rescue teams recovered a dead body of a man from the rubble of Tallini family home in Deir al-Balah in the central Gaza Strip.

Separately, an Israeli airstrike hit home of Nabhan family in the northern Gaza Strip injuring four.

Early Sunday, witnesses said that Israeli aircraft targeted a group of people near the Fayrouz Towers in northwestern Gaza City, killing two and injuring 10.

Palestinian Ministry of Health spokesman Ashraf al-Qidra identified the two casualties as Badr Hashim Abu Mnih and Yahya Abu al-Omareen, both in their twenties. They were taken to al-Shifa Hospital.

Israeli aircraft also struck the largest commercial center in the southern city of Rafah, completely leveling a building with dozens of shops, two weeks after an office in the same building was hit.

In western Gaza City, an Israeli airstrike hit the home of the al-Ghulayni family. No injuries were reported in the first strike, but a second strike that occurred soon after left six injured after it struck a crowd that gathered to survey the damage.

An Israeli airstrike also targeted a house in the al-Barka neighborhood of Deir al-Balah without warning, leaving a number injured, in addition to a home in the al-Maghazi refugee camp which was also destroyed. Another Palestinian was injured after an Israeli airstrike hit the Beit Lahiya sports club.

Israeli aircraft also launched dozens of air strikes on agricultural lands and open areas in different regions of the Gaza Strip.

Early Sunday, meanwhile, the Israeli military said five rockets from Syria hit the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights, causing no reported injuries.

The military said a few hours earlier that a rocket fired from Lebanon struck the Upper Galilee causing damage to a structure, with a security source telling AFP it hit a Druze village.

No group took responsibility for what appeared to be a show of support for Hamas, in an act similar to rocket launches from Lebanon last month.

There was no immediate Israeli response but a Lebanese security source said Israeli helicopters were seen over the border area.

The Israeli military said that more than 50 rockets were also fired from Gaza into Israel Sunday.

Abbas meets Sisi

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas continued meetings on Saturday in Cairo to push for a lasting truce with Israel.

"What interests us now is putting a stop to the bloodshed," he said after meeting Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi.

"As soon as a ceasefire goes into effect, the two sides can sit down and discuss their demands."

Abbas's meeting with Sisi came after he held two rounds of talks in Qatar on Thursday and Friday with exiled Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal, whose Islamist movement is the de facto ruler of Gaza.

Egypt's foreign ministry issued a statement calling on "concerned parties to accept a ceasefire of unlimited duration and to resume indirect negotiations in Cairo."

Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri told AFP that "any proposal offered to the movement will be discussed."

Indirect ceasefire negotiations between Israel and a Palestinian delegation have failed to make any progress despite weeks of diplomacy.

The Palestinian team has demanded consistently that any long-term truce include an end to an eight-year siege that has crippled Gaza's economy, in addition to the re-opening of a closed airport and seaport among other things.

The demands are consistent with the terms of the Oslo Accords signed between Israel and the Palestinians in the 1990s, but which Israel has failed to abide by amid its refusal to consider direct negotiations of any kind with Hamas, which it considers a terrorist group.

Israeli authorities have said that they would be willing to extend the ceasefire indefinitely but previously stressed that a long-term agreement should include the demilitarization of the Strip.

The Palestinian team has scoffed at this demand, saying that it was Palestinian fighters who prevented the full-scale infiltration and re-occupation of Gaza by Israeli forces in recent weeks.

AFP contributed to this report.
1 ) Arnold Eaton / Australia
24/08/2014 10:46
What is so wrong with the world today when we have to live with fear? What's going on in Israel and Palestinian and other parts of the world which is facing destruction war and death and our leaders are living a life without vision four piece of mankind throughout the world. Hatred is it curse to all mankind and it has a no commitment to life's awareness to teach our brothers and our sisters about honest love, about dignity and compassion to have a vision of the whole earth and make changes for

2 ) Dai / Wales
24/08/2014 13:12
While these Palestinian fighters are sitting in their homes drinking tea and shmoozing in their down time, with their wives and children, they will be killed. And their families will also die. Those Jews just will not lay down and die.

3 ) Attack Responses / Truth
24/08/2014 16:15
When West Bank Palestinians murdered 3 Israeli teenagers, Israel responded with a massive search and arrest program, and As long as Gaza Palestinians [1] dig attack tunnels threatening Israeli civilians, and [2] launch rocket attacks threatening Israeli cities: - Israel will respond with ground invasions, to eliminate tunnel threats, & - Israel will respond with airstrikes, like this one, even if it kills ("baby girl"), Human-Shields, along with a groups of fighters !!

4 ) More / Truth
24/08/2014 16:47
* HAMAS WANTS THIS DEATH AND DESTRUCTION FOR GAZA, or it would not have started this last escalation, just like 2009 & 2012, and it would end this escalation, by accepting a truce without any demands, * IN A FOOLISH BELIEF THAT WORLD SYMPATHY WILL HELP GAZA, even though it sees that Hamas restarted the conflict a third time !!

5 ) Tobias / USA
24/08/2014 17:44
* Gaza can have either a comprehensive peace, if Hamas chooses, or even a temporary truce, without conditions, if only Hamas chooses, but * Hamas Chooses Death And Destruction For All Of Gaza, in refusing a comprehensive peace, a temporary truce, or even Cairo talks !!

6 ) Mel / USA
24/08/2014 17:56
It's NOT OKAY for Absolutist,ideologically fanatical AQ to attack us on 9/11,7/7 etc?They & IS(Islamic State)are called"TERRORISTS" & we spend TRILLIONS HUNTING THEM DOWN(tho' still give their sponsors GCC/Saudi, weapons &petro-bucks) for the death of Americans &others?
Yet, D.C. allows Absolutist,ideologically fanatical ZS(ZionistState)to commit 6 wks & 67yrs of 9/11's on Palestine/Gaza?So,MISSILING Gaza"TOWERS" is Israel's 9/11 "gesture"to its USG patrons? AQ=BAD! But ZS=GOOD??

7 ) Paul / Kenya
24/08/2014 20:00
Solution = population transfer. All Palestinians transferred to West Bank, Israel concedes same territiory size as Gaza. Palestine becomes on area, one people ans Israel keeps Gaza. Peace to all...no more wars please.

8 ) The Only / Two Choices
25/08/2014 02:43
If HAMAS ASKS FOR peace, Israel will grant it, and If Hamas asks for WAR, Israel will grant it, but Gaza can not have peace from Israel, while Israel has attack tunnels, rockets, and war from Hamas, so Gaza has Two Choices: [1] Continue suffering from Israel's response attacks, or [2] Remove Hamas from power !!
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