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PA slams Hamas executions of alleged collaborators
Published Saturday 23/08/2014 (updated) 24/08/2014 11:07
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Suspected collaborators before being executed by Hamas authorities
in Gaza on Friday (MaanImages).
RAMALLAH (Ma'an) -- The Palestinian Authority on Saturday blasted Hamas officials for executing more than 20 alleged collaborators with Israel on Thursday and Friday, stressing the lack of judicial oversight and transparency.

Secretary-General of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas' office al-Tayyib Abd al-Rahim said that the executions had been conducted illegally outside of the Palestinian court system and could thus not be considered to have gone through fair process.

"The executions were done in cold blood and according to Hamas law, which is: who is not with Hamas is against it," he added.

Abd al-Rahim called the killings "random executions of those who Hamas called collaborators," adding that some of those killed had been detained for more than three years before their recent executions.

Abd al-Rahim also accused Hamas of having punished political dissidents within Gaza previously during the recent Israeli assault, claiming that the group "shot at the feet" of "many of those" who called upon the movement to accept a ceasefire and had placed "many" others under house arrest.

"It is enough for our great people in the Gaza Strip that they suffer from the Israeli siege and offensive," Abd al-Rahim added.

He also said that the executions are "rejected and condemned" by the Palestinian people, adding that they were reminiscent of the summary executions carried out by Wahhabi militant groups in other parts of the Middle East.

Under Palestinian law, collaboration with Israel is punishable by death. All death sentences, however, require President Mahmoud Abbas' approval before being carried out, and Abbas issued a moratorium on death sentences in 2005.

Until the formation of a unity government in April, however, Hamas carried out executions under its own authority because it did not recognize Abbas as president, arguing that his term expired in 2009.

Abd al-Rahim called Hamas' actions "provocative" in light of the national reconciliation agreement, saying that they show that Hamas acts as an "authority" unto itself and "is not sincere in reconciliation and its commitments towards the unity government" of the Palestinian Authority.

He added that Hamas had suggested that "these executions were done legitimately and claimed that all Gaza factions were aware of them executions when they were not."

Abd al-Rahim called upon legal and human rights institutions in Palestine "and especially in the Gaza Strip" to condemn these acts that "offend" the Palestinian people and to oppose them in order to "preserve social and national unity."
1 ) cubby / USA
23/08/2014 14:22
The rule of law those who work with the Israeli must be placed on public display and used a example. The Israelis take pride in their informants where are they now to protect them. They sold their soals to the devils let them burn in hell.

2 ) Dimi / Germany
23/08/2014 16:25
It is not enough to slam Hamas executions.If the PA is intending to reach a democratic status it must bring all such cases to a democratic court and must arrest and punish all Hamas men who acted behind closed doors. It may be difficult to accept and understand it but this is how a democratic state works.

3 ) Thayer / France
23/08/2014 17:39
Collaboration is punishable by death under Palestinian law & yes, Abbas' term of office expired years ago. In case officials in Ramallah & W Bank living, working & co operating with Israel hadn't noticed, Gaza is being systematically choked of any life under a crippling siege & blasted to bits by Israel's arsenal of illegal weapons. Maybe those opposed to the executions should move their family to Gaza, preferably on the bits that get bombed the most, then think about collaboration & provocation

4 ) Mk / USA
23/08/2014 17:48
Even the PA criticizes the executions. Do you really think all were guilty? Hamas is supposed to have Abbas sign off on the executions. They didn't. Hamas is a terrorist organization. I doubt the alleged collabors received a fair trial

5 ) Peter / EU
23/08/2014 18:28
I disagree with the death penalty and the lack of transparency, and I am afraid innocent people might have been killed. However, they are at war. They lost 3 leaders and the family of the 4th most likely because of traitors. Traitors who work for the enemy who killed 2100 of their own people, out of which over 1/4 children. They had to send a clear message, both to their own people as well as to the enemy: treason is not acceptable.

6 ) Mel / USA
23/08/2014 19:41
Actually,that's rather embarrassing for PA to make such statement. I'd assume it "slammed"under duress from patrons Israel/USG? For Israeli-occupation-pliant PA,to slam Israeli-occupation-resistant Hamas,is ironic seeing as PA(SF)has collaborated with Zionist Israel's military occupation/Jews-only colonial expansion,since it was 'baked'by Israel to munch on,during the Oslo(Pal ghetto crumbs for Zionist Gateau)scam. PA is rather like France's Vichy admin.in '42 occupied France!"Round-up ready"!

7 ) Robert / UK
23/08/2014 20:44
Cubby, you really are ignorant if you believe that most of these people who were killed really are collaborators. All they are doing is trying to scare others into not being collaborators by picking up any non-hamas supporters and killing them in public

8 ) canibalism / switzerland
23/08/2014 22:16
Only cowards kill helpless tied people who can't fight back. Not to mention killing their own people. Its Hamas. What's new?

9 ) JoeFattal / USA
23/08/2014 23:56
Its a war zone and Hamas is at war with Israel. So any informant that works for Israel is subject to be executed. And if the PA follows the situation on the ground in Gaza they can tell that some Israeli strikes are suspiscious in nature as the strike that level a hi-rise. The information that Israel had that some Hamas were on the 6 floor of the building. No way in the world they would have found out unless someone told Israel their wherabouts. They deserve to be executed for treason.

10 ) Alena / Russia
24/08/2014 02:58
horrible, they are just like ISIS. cubby - the problem is that they were executed without charge or trial and in such a barbaric way.

11 ) David / USA
24/08/2014 03:35
Israel has few (if any) informants. What they have is great electronic eavesdropping ability. Hamas is slaughtering anyone it believes is questioning its right to rule. Just like Hitler murdered anyone even remotely connected to the attack on his life. Hamas is losing its grip- the world sees it as a criminal psychopath organization, nothing more. Very soon the people of Gaza will rise up and kill every member of Hamas, and then peace will be at hand.

12 ) Mor / USA
24/08/2014 05:48
Abd Al rahim and the Palestinian authority don't make any sense. Abbas and the closest people to him with all collaborators should stand trial because of their collaborations with the Zionists who are committing Nazi crimes against our people in Palestine. The Palestinian authority, the PLO, and all Palestinian institutions under their authority are infested with spies for Israel. How many Palestinian spies did the Palestinian authority bring to justice since it came to office?

13 ) MOR / USA
24/08/2014 06:06
Hamas knows what's good for Palestine and the Palestinians. Hamas knows the nature of the Zionists and their expansionist goals in the Middle East. Hamas knows that the Zionists don't believe in negotiations and always negotiate from a strong military position and want to impose their will and control the Palestinian people, to kill us, make us refugees, and steel our land. Abbas, the Palestinian authority, the PLO are collaborating with the Zionists not Hamas. Zionists must be met by force.

14 ) Lucid 1 / Canada
24/08/2014 06:42
The PLO hasn't been shy in the past, but are now trying to establish a two state solution which ia being undermind by Hamas, refusing to settle the dispute and continuing a war that just costs them more of their country and their peoples lives. The people of Palestine desrve both their country and the freedom a two state solution, the rest of the world knows Bibi will never let it happen. So he should be forced through the international courts. Wake up people of Palestine. As for cubby, flog off

15 ) Abu Raya / Palestine
24/08/2014 07:49
If Hamas stopped firing rockets into Israel there would be no informants and no need for informants. The informants are doing a greater service to the people of Gaza than to the people of Israel, in order to rid them of the sick, jihadi-shahidi Hamas leadership.

16 ) Chimo / USA
24/08/2014 09:27
Wrong dude, they were singled out with no proof whatsoever so that your heroes in Hamas can keep the population fearful of them. Hamas is no better than ISIS and they need to be destroyed

17 ) Richard K. / Canada
24/08/2014 10:29
I't wasn't too many years ago Hamas threw hundreds of Fatah's off of high roof tops.

18 ) Altamash / India
24/08/2014 10:35
More than 2100 palestine people have been martyred.The collaborators are also responsible for this massacre .Should they have been awarded with medal for collaborating with israel for the massacre of palestine people.Hamas has done rightly.PA should help Hamas in their figgt against injustice.

19 ) asem / palestine
24/08/2014 11:20
Execution of collaborators is legal. Hamas should capture all suspects an bring them to justice. The PA is trying to find any excuse to criticize Hamas.

20 ) penis in maan editors ear / lol
24/08/2014 17:02
maan.site.allows only.pro abbas.only comments and pro zionist comments left unchecked

21 ) JoeUSA / USA
24/08/2014 20:14
This is a war at every level. During wars , one does not have the luxury to debate the morality and the legality of rights of collaborators. I oppose capital punishment under normal circumstances. We are experiencing extraordinary circumstances to say the least. Extraordinary circumstances , call for swift and decisive action , as ugly as it may appear to those sitting in ivory towers.

22 ) MOR / USA
24/08/2014 21:17
ABU Raya, your logic is screwed up and I hope that you are not informant helping the Zionists against our people of Palestine. What the resistance needs in Gaza and hoping in the West Bank soon is more effective and accurate weapons of all kinds. Always remember that freedom is not given but taken by force. Look at the history of the world and how colonial powers were defeated at the hands of the revolutionaries and how peoples of the Western colonies were freed. Power gets you what you want.

23 ) MOR / USA
24/08/2014 21:41
MK/USA. # 4. Hamas is not a terrorist organization. Hamas is the real representative of the Palestinians and the best defender of their historical and lawful rights in Palestine. Abbas and his cronies don't represent us and they are obstacles on the path to liberate Palestine. USA, Zionists, Western colonial powers are the worst of terrorists. Those mentioned above groups want to rule the world , kill its inhabitants, destroy their properties, steal their lands, and exploit their resources.

24 ) George / UK
25/08/2014 00:57
JoeFattal Hamas like ISIS, executed their own people without trial. That's called terrorism not democracy, like Hamas pretends to be. In UK we call in crimes of 1st degree. Hope ICC make them pay for their heinous crimes. Stupid to think Israel bases its intelligence on pour rumors. Israel has high technology that you and I never heard of. These innocents lives were spared just to put fear and get "forced" support from residents of Gaza. Why aren't you in Gaza?

25 ) Praise be / to Allaah
25/08/2014 04:13
I am the imam Abu Ali al-Mecca, and I issue a fatwa for all Muslim Ummah: the most correct jihad is to be tolerant of your muslim brothers, and not kill them. You must also not kill the jews and the christians, for they are Ahlul Kitab (People of the Scripture). Instead call them to islam. And Allaah knows best.

26 ) Abbas is a / collaborator
25/08/2014 04:20
and should be executed. That's why Hamas was planning to topple Abbas and take over the West Bank. Too bad the zionists learned of this plan, obviously also from collaborators.

27 ) Jack / Usa
25/08/2014 06:21
Is it possible that someone who inform on Hamas is not betraying the Palistiniam people? Do the victims who are suffering in Gaza have a right to blame Hamas for bringing Death to Gaza by taking action with authorization of the unity Goverment now in power. Does a poor Gazan who watches Hamas shoot a rocket from his back yard, which will inevitably invite death, have a right to defend themselves? Do Gazans have a right to believe that Gaza life would better without Hamas & their weapons?

28 ) Julie / USA
25/08/2014 06:31
Only cowards kill helpless tied people who can't fight back. Were you referring to executions in the United States? They inject helpless tied people who can't fight back......

29 ) Sam / USA
25/08/2014 20:44
The same people who criticize Israel for jailing Arabs are cheering Hamas for shooting them in public! But we've always known that Hamas cares less for the rights of the Palestinian people than Israel does.

30 ) Julie / USA
26/08/2014 14:22
we've always known that Hamas cares less for the rights of the Palestinian people than Israel does. I'd hate to see what happens to the Palestinian people if Israel didn't care for their rights....are you serious?

31 ) The people / executed
27/08/2014 09:31
were not necessarily collaborators. They might have been dissenters. Hamas staged public execution in order to send a clear message to Gazans: don't you dare revolt against us!
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