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Haniyeh: Hamas will not accept less than end to blockade
Published Friday 22/08/2014 (updated) 24/08/2014 10:35
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GAZA CITY (Ma'an) -- Gaza Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh on Friday said that the Palestinians would not accept anything less than an end to Israel's blockade of Gaza, as Israeli forces continued to attack the besieged enclave.

Haniyeh accused Israel of using negotiations as a cover for their crimes and said it must accept the "fair demands" made by the Palestinian delegation, adding that Hamas would not accept anything less than an end to Israel's assault and the seven-year blockade.

Palestinians have demanded in indirect negotiations in Cairo that Israel end its eight-year blockade of the Gaza Strip, which has crippled the tiny coastal enclave's economy and led to widespread suffering, as well as re-open an airport and seaport, among other demands.

Haniyeh urged Egypt to hold Israel responsible for crimes committed against Palestinian civilians in Gaza, adding that Israel is responsible for the collapse of the indirect ceasefire talks in Cairo.

Haniyeh also paid condolences to the three Hamas military commanders killed by Israel on Thursday, adding: "History proves that Hamas only becomes stronger and tougher than Israel expects when they kill our leaders."

Senior Hamas official Mushir al-Masri said Friday that a return to indirect ceasefire negotiations is conditional on Israel accepting Palestinians demands.

He said that Israel should accept what was discussed in indirect talks or prepare for a "long war."

Israel has not responded to Palestinian truce offers, but has instead insisted that Palestinian militant groups in Gaza disarm.

Palestinian groups have refused this demand, pointing out that it was Palestinian military strength that repelled the Israeli assault and invasion that has so far left 2,090 Palestinians dead, more than 10,500 injured, and at least 100,000 homeless.
1 ) Outlier / USA
22/08/2014 18:25
Maybe he should live in Gaza for a while before committing Gazans to continued misery.

2 ) Mel / USA
22/08/2014 18:32
Nothing will cover up Israel's war crimes or evade pending prosectution of same,ongoing.It's all evidential,documented,filmed&testimented.Just like the Nazi holocaust,Rwanda,S/Africa,Armenia,America etc.Jews must decide whether they just want to passively follow Nazi Zionism into an INHUMANE,CRIMINAL legacy for Israel,or REJOIN the world of rule of law,peace&MUTUAL RESPECT.If any should understand that need,it should be all Jews.Palestine isn't Zionism's "Jew"to persecute/murder,with impunity!

3 ) David / USA
22/08/2014 19:06
Haniyeh will mouth off until everyone in Gaza is dead. he doesn't care about anyone. That's a leader? All he has to say is "Stand Down. No rocket launches, no mortar firing, no sniping. No activity against Israel." In a matter of minutes, Israeli retaliation will cease. But Haniyeh will not say those words, because it will mean he and Hamas have no future, will have no way to steal millions of dollars a year from the people of Gaza. The people of Gaza must throw Hamas into the sea.

4 ) Peter / UK
22/08/2014 20:29
2,090 Palestinians dead. Well they do have a long way to catch up with their Syrian neighbour. With at least 191,369 people have been killed in Syria’s conflict. And that documented figure is probably still an underestimate

5 ) Paulo / Spain
22/08/2014 20:32
End to the blockade no problemo. Just stop firing rockets and missiles at Israel's musicians, scientists and artists. Mankind needs them for the befit of the worlds future generations.

6 ) josh / Brazil
22/08/2014 20:38
Islamic Jihad leader Khaled al-Batsh complains that Israel is trying to break the Palestinians' will. That is precisely what Israel should be doing. Hamas and Islamic Jihad are, by their own decision, at war with Israel. And in war, the primary objective must always be to shatter your opponent's will to fight.

7 ) Horni / Swiss
22/08/2014 20:43
So many fail to see that in its truce demands, Hamas is not looking to achieve freedom or greater prosperity for the people of Gaza. It's not that Hamas does not care about its civilian population. It does - and its care is defined by the utility of its people as weapons of war against Israel.

8 ) Arnold / Canada
22/08/2014 21:01
If I was Haniyeh or Meshal I would hide away in shame for the rest of my life for the way I abused my people. Especially over the moths of July and August 2014.

9 ) Stanley Kubrick / Space
22/08/2014 21:07
ismail Haniyeh can wish for the moon. He will not get it. If we are lucky he will get the same treatment as Deif and the three commanders from Rafaf got.

10 ) JoeFattal / USA
22/08/2014 23:46
I already figure out what Israel is doing. An Israeli was asked a question by a correspondent and said that Hamas has about 3000 rocket left. The way I see it is Israel making Hamas running out of their rockets even with the chance that they might hit and inflict casualties. They don't want to go in Gaza and take them out for fear that will have many casualties, so they let the rockets fly over, some are intercepted and some inflict some damages or casualties. What a cowardly way to wage a

11 ) JoeFattal / USA
22/08/2014 23:53
cont...war and put their own citizens at risk. And they talking about Hamas using civilians as human shields. As soon as that man said Hamas has about 3000 rockets left and after 30 days they still couldn't take Hamas out I knew what Israel is up to. Hit civilian targets, let Hamas ran out of their rockets, and have the Irond Dome intercept few of them.

12 ) Maureen / Australia
23/08/2014 00:48
So, Netanyahu/ISrael insists Hamas disarm... how many many children has Israel killed? Why did Netanyahu say IS/ISIS/ISIL should be supported? Forked tongue, double speak Israel should also be made to disarm and move off Palestinian land!

13 ) Tobias / USA
23/08/2014 02:32
Israel will not accept insecurity from an end the blockade, and "Hamas will not accept less than an end the blockade", so * THE PEOPLE OF GAZA WILL LIVE FOREVER WAR, with brief ceasefire violent flare-up periods in between !!

14 ) ABE / USA
23/08/2014 02:39
ISRAEL has-accepted a long war. So just play on Hamas! You will NEVER get your own country through violence. Sorry!

15 ) Outlier / USA
23/08/2014 04:38
Hamas started this fight and Hamas prolonged this fight. If Hamas is expecting Israel to provide anything but token easing of border restrictions without receiving significant concessions - like an immediate change in Hamas' charter and/or major disarmament - it is delusional. Hamas may think it cannot lose, but Gazans already know the terrible losses from this largely unnecessary Hamas adventure.

16 ) Loga / India
23/08/2014 04:48
We are in Gaza. Israel killing women & children. Hamas killing teenage Palestinians. Who can liberate Palestine?. Discipline is vital core for an organization. Palestinians don't have that. Israelis buying Palestinian land & drove them out, Then Palestinian killing their own generation.......Hamas created a huge Mess and it is IN. we can only feel sorry.

17 ) Juliette / New Zealand
23/08/2014 12:39
@ 1 Aniyeh lives in Gaza @ 3 to 9 they do care about their people, however it appears that for people like you Palestinians should just accept to be eject from their lands, live under blockade, have their children killed, wounded and jailed without reacting. It is just ridiculous

18 ) Mel / USA
23/08/2014 17:38
#14:Abe/USA: Abe-babe!"You...NEVER get...country through violence"?LOL! How do U think politico-ideo-parasite Zionism got Israel in Palestine?Thru' the lottery?Zionism was gifted land,in pluralistic Palestine,via the"violent"Nazi Holocaust! Zionism/Israel then took Palestine thru'USG-patroned"violence",occupation,bombing,war crimes(ongoing).Israeli Zionism is psychopathic"violence".But,Palestine won't passively walk to extermination!Its"violence"is reactive,legit.defense! Palestine stays SUMUD!

19 ) Christabel / France
23/08/2014 19:21
#3 Talk about pot calling kettle black. What about Bibi & the latest low trick, tweeting pictures of a beheading & saying Hamas is ISIS. All Bibi has to do is get his delegation turn up in Cairo, commit lifting the siege & stay out of Palestine. Looks like Meretz aren't too keen on Bibi either. I like the things they post on Facebook about him. I guess not all Israel's are BB fans.

20 ) MAK / USA
23/08/2014 19:51
Hamas is the occupying power in Gaza. Not Israel . It made a hostile overthrow of the government,invoked a war with a vastly superior power,used cement for tunnels instead of schools,killed it's citizens who dare speak out,and alienated those in control of the only ways in or out That is not self determination. The ones who determine is terrorists. All humans want food,clothing and shelter. The blockade is on both sides one Jew the other Arab neither will allow terrorists to control trade

21 ) Outlier / USA
23/08/2014 20:42
17., I acknowledge when I am wrong and I am wrong in this case - Haniyeh does live in Gaza, on a half-acre of beachfront.

22 ) Rena / Israel and USA
23/08/2014 20:43
Hamas knows that Israel cannot accept any terms that allow Gaza to import weapons-making goods, so that means that Hamas is not interested in peace. There is no blockade, only monitoring by Israel. Normal goods and utilities are imported into Gaza.The problem is that the people of Gaza are limited in leaving their small country to travel or emigrate freely. Maybe if they had a peaceful government they wouldn't have all the limitations.

23 ) @ Joe-10 / USA too
23/08/2014 20:56
You are either blind or out of your mind, and for your information, the entire world agrees that "a cowardly (& criminal) way to wage war" is: -1- for Islamic fighters to hide behind Gaza civilians, while -2- targeting the civilians of Israel !!

24 ) Khalid / Qatar
24/08/2014 19:30
#22 Rena listen to your self, living in two countries with some of the most sophisticated weaponry on the planet. Will the US or Israel give up its military forces or weapons, of course not, that's the way it controls people. Look at Ferguson USA, a police force with military hardware. It is Israel & US that don't want peace, because their actions justifies the war on terror & arms trade. The resistance is committed to making peace, but not by being a doormat, 67 years of occupation is enough!!
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