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4 killed by airstrikes while burying relatives in Gaza cemetery
Published Thursday 21/08/2014 (updated) 22/08/2014 19:55
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GAZA CITY (Ma'an) -- Israeli forces killed four Palestinians in Gaza City on Thursday after targeting a cemetery in the Sheikh al-Radwan district, Gaza health official Ashraf al-Qidra said.

The bodies of Muhammad Talal Abu Nahl, Rami Abu Nahl, Haitham Tafesh and Abed Talal Shuweikh were taken to al-Shifa medicial center.

The victims were burying relatives who had been killed overnight by Israeli airstrikes.

The latest airstrikes bring the total death toll since midnight to 25 Palestinians.

Hamdan Hadayid, 42, succumbed to wounds he sustained in an airstrike that targeted a motorcycle in eastern Khan Younis.

Earlier, two Palestinians were killed and three injured in an Israeli airstrike targeting a car in the al-Nasr neighborhood west of Gaza City.

Before that, Israel killed three of Hamas' most prominent military commanders in airstrikes targeting a building in Rafah.

The al-Qassam Brigades said in a statement that Muhammad Abu Shammala, Raed al-Attar and Muhammad Barhoum were killed in the al-Sultan neighborhood of Rafah.

Five other civilians were killed in the attack and at least 40 injured.

In the al-Nuseirat refugee camp, Israel killed two men after targeting a motorcycle. They were identified as Jumaa Matar, 27, and Omar Abu Nada, 22.

In northern Gaza, Israeli shelling killed Surour Tambora and his son Hasan, 13, medical sources said.

An Israeli airstrike also killed five Palestinians, including three children, in Gaza City on Thursday, a medical official said.

Meanwhile, a body was recovered under rubble from the al-Dalou home, which was targeted by Israel on Tuesday.

1 ) Raymondo / Mozambique
21/08/2014 13:09
''Meanwhile, a body was recovered under rubble from the al-Dalou home, which was targeted by Israel on Tuesday''. Yea, but we want to know, whose body it is name, gender, age etc. The information Hamas is always so forthcoming with normally.

21/08/2014 13:27

3 ) Maria Boutros / USA
21/08/2014 14:04
This is so heartbreaking and so so saaaaaaaad :'(

4 ) Brian Cohen / Israel
21/08/2014 14:04
This is probably the same cemetery where PIJ was launching rockets at the same time.

5 ) muhamad / gaza
21/08/2014 14:17
stop the terror group of hamas that make our life on gaza so bad remove them we want peace

6 ) Marnie / Israel
21/08/2014 14:19
Just keep piling up that list for the war crimes investigation IDF! Killing civilians while burying their civilian dead. I keep thinking they won't go any lower, but they continue to reach new depths of cruelty and depravity. What would the response be if that were to happen to israelis? Nuclear? Way beyond ashamed here.

7 ) linda / australia
21/08/2014 14:45
does it matter who it was. Israeli Prime Minister has to kill Hamas because they want peace. He doesn't he wants complete control and control of gas fields. The man is an idiot if he thinks people are stupid enough not to se through him

8 ) Sam / USA
21/08/2014 14:54
Funerals, hospitals, children, women - it obvious the Israeli's pride themselves with acts of rotten cowardice. Zionism IS terrorism.

9 ) Legal Eagle / Australia
21/08/2014 15:00
The Ministry of Health is the agency that releases the identity of the dead, not Hamas -and unlike some, they prefer to confirm the actual details, rather than spread rumours.

10 ) Charlie A / Sweden/Gaza
21/08/2014 15:00
Dear Raymondo. When you see some of the bodys here in Gaza, as I have, you can?t even tell what gender it is. It happends that it can take some time to figure out who it is.

11 ) Benji / Nigeria
21/08/2014 15:03
@1 You mean was it Mohammed Al Deif. According to reports it wasn't, it was his daughter, another dead child to add to the list of over 500 children killed by Israel using US weapons. I guess all those children must have been a security risk to Israel or maybe they are just collateral damage.

12 ) TAKIP / South Africa
21/08/2014 15:09
Ya Allah, why target a cemetary and a motorcycle:( O Allah make it possible for another 72hr Truce, everything lies in your hands!

13 ) Mel / USA
21/08/2014 18:15
Zionist Israel is a wild pig,we all know that. Israel never has/had intentions to HALT ILLEGAL air/land/sea-strikes on refugee camp Gaza occupied by Israeli CONSTANT military attack/intimidation. Israel has to"pause"to let USG,EU,UKG off the legal hook,as if to give civil "negotiating".But Israel ONLY means to kill,kill,kill & USG to ignore,ignore,ignore as Israel BLOWS men,women,children intoTINY PIECES of burnt flesh for NOT being Jewish!
This is D.C.again!Israel does ONLY what D.C. ALLOWS!

14 ) Mel / USA
21/08/2014 19:20
Again, Israel doesn't care WHO/WHAT its hits in Gaza,be it an actual target or anyone/thing else within the immediate facinity inside Gaza.In Zionist psycho,narcissistic mindset,any "fish" within the "barrel"of enclaved Gaza is a target; be they in utero,toddling,walking,crawling,or already in the GRAVE!
Just for being Palestinian Muslim or Christian,is the TARGET!And that's why the majority of the world HATES Zionist-led Israel. Deja Vu WW2. Zionism just switched a Swastika,for a blue star!

15 ) faye biggs / South Africa
21/08/2014 20:49
The zionist are so depraved they even attacking the dead and there followers are so depraved they actually enjoy it...

16 ) Stan Squires / Canada
21/08/2014 20:56
I wanted to say that the majority of people in the world supports Gaza in their fight against the uncivilized,savage,barbaric Israeli gov.Shame on the govs. of Canada,USA and the EU for supporting the aggressor,israel. There can be no peace until the demands of the people of Gaza are met.The western govs.are complicit in the death and destruction in Gaza and are also responsible for there been no peace agreement because of its support for Israel.

17 ) Brian Cohen / Israel
21/08/2014 21:13
This was the cemetery where PIJ and/or Hamas were launching rockets from. Documented by themselves on their twitter feeds too. Of course it was targeted because they were firing rockets. Of course they were firing rockets because they wanted the civilians as cover. That's how they work.

18 ) Brian Cohen / Israel
21/08/2014 21:17
The AmeronaziMEL is at it AGAIN;trying to hide in his OCCUPIEDsettlement on STOLENnative American lands. Mel has to get his "breath" because his Ameronazi military-industrialCOMPLEX that brutalizes minorities including the blacks who he enslaved for 3 generations before they were freed; Ameronazi Mel invaded Chileand Guatemala and Grenada as a warm up to IRaq andAFGHAISTAN because those Ameronazi/jackboot/fascists are trying to take over the world and make itCrusaderland all over again. Only Mel

19 ) JoeFattal / USA
21/08/2014 22:10
Israel is making a hell of a good reputation for them. Attacking a funeral. Reminds me of a movie from the "GodFather" where a mother war burying her son, and they were fired upon by some of the Mafia in the area. They fire at them so their relative can't come back later on at them for revenge. That's Israel for you. The Jewish Mafia, or prefebrally the "Mafia ten Commandemnts".

20 ) Tasneem / South Africa
22/08/2014 14:47
@ Muhammad From Gaza - My heart goes out to you, only an animal can kill innocent children, old people and mothers, May Allah grant you strength and put Sabr in your hearts, you are indeed very brave people. oh Allah shower your wrath on the oppressors!!!

21 ) Mel / USA
22/08/2014 15:46
#18:Brain: Yawnnnnnnnnnn! Don't you have some Lego bricks to play with?Or a bong-pipe to smoke? What a waste of a cerebral cavity! Another Zionist Black Hole! Borrrrrrrring!

22 ) Tom / Ireland
22/08/2014 16:50
Hi Brian. Israel has stated repeatedly that it seeks to minimize civilian casualties. Just wondering, what do you think of the use of artillery fire against targets in a heavily populated area? Do you think it's use is appropriate?

23 ) Mel / USA
22/08/2014 18:59
#18:Brain: Why don't you put your Lego away & go volunteer to tend the graves of FIVE HUNDRED DEAD GAZAN CHILDREN,since July,all killed by F16/Drone guided"precision"missiles or brand-spanking-new Israeli"Morty's? Or you could go try &match up the body parts of 2,000 dead civilians in Gaza? Do something useful.You'll grow as a man,at least,if not a human.Do to others(Brian)as you'd have them do to you.

24 ) Kathleen Bates / USA
23/08/2014 03:27
Their crime was being gentile. Old, sick, disabled, young they are dead because of the accident of being born.

25 ) The Ministry of Health / in Gaza
24/08/2014 08:04
must be careful to report correctly, or else Hamas might suspect them of being collaborators.
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