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Aqsa Brigades says Israel lying about number of soldier deaths
Published Thursday 14/08/2014 (updated) 16/08/2014 09:43
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A screenshot from the video. (MaanImages)
BETHLEHEM (Ma'an) -- The Fatah-affiliated al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigade on Thursday published a video accusing Israel of hiding the true death toll among its troops in Gaza, challenging Israel to "reveal the fate of an Israeli officer" it says the group killed.

In a message addressed to the Israeli people in Hebrew, an anonymous spokesman for the al-Aqsa Brigades said that the group "challenges Israel to reveal the fate of their engineering officer Sani Tomen Yaron, holder of military number 7599999."

The spokesman said that Yaron, whose name could also be "Yaron Snitman," had "fallen" in unspecified clashes after an ambush by al-Aqsa fighters in Beit Hanoun, but did not give details as to whether he had been captured or killed.

He accused Netanyahu of "lying" to the Israeli people, saying that the Israeli prime minister "hides the number of soldiers injured and killed in the battle."

The spokesman also went on to condemn the "crimes" committed by Netanyahu "against our children, women and elderly."

"Because he could not fight our men in the field, he destroyed houses over the heads of their residents," the spokesman added.

"You are not safe if our people do not live in freedom and independence," he said, adding: "We will resist until the end; killing for killing, shelling for shelling, and horror for horror."

An Israeli military spokeswoman, however, denied the reports, saying that she knew of the soldier and that "he is home and fine and everything is okay."

No soldier named "Sani Tomen Yaron" nor "Yaron Snitman" was listed among the casualty records that have been released by the Israeli military. Palestinians have previously accused Israel of downplaying the death toll among its soldiers.

The army says that 64 soldiers have been killed since the onset of the ground invasion of Gaza, while more than 1,000 have been injured.

Palestinian militant groups in Gaza in July claimed to have captured an Israeli soldier named Oron Shaul, which Israeli forces initially denied but later admitted had been killed in battle without his body being recovered.

In early August, Israeli forces accused Palestinian militants of captured an Israeli soldier during an ambush near Rafah, which the group denied. Israeli forces responded by bombarding Rafah, killing around 150.

Israel has in the past exchanged the bodies of dead Israeli soldiers for Palestinian and Lebanese prisoners held in Israeli jails, as well as the bodies of militants that were being held by Israel.

An Israel-Hezbollah exchange in 2008 traded the bodies of two Israeli soldiers for five Lebanese prisoners as well as the remains of nearly 200 Palestinian and Lebanese militants in Israeli custody.

At least 6,500 Palestinian prisoners are currently being held in Israeli prisons.
1 ) Rondo Mondo / Canada
14/08/2014 18:35
The guy talking in the video hides behind a mask and then accuses Israel of hiding facts. Does anyone see the irony?

2 ) jootoo / UK
14/08/2014 18:47
Every one of these Arab deaths and injuries are the legal fault of Hamas. Hamas has fired indiscriminate rockets and missiles from schools, hospitals, civilian homes and mosques, and Israel has documented photographic proof of that statement. Hence Israel’s preventive actions are entirely legal and Hamas should be classified as the terrorist villains in this piece, they are the war criminals. The truth and dynamics of this incursion will come to the courts, and Hamas will be found to be guilty.

3 ) David / USa
14/08/2014 18:48
Like anyone is going to trust what masked jihadist is going to say. He's just talking to the people of Gaza, as if they give a crap what this idiot has to say. After all, it was Hamas's actions that resulted in 1800 people being killed and thousands of buildings destroyed. I wonder what would happen if the masked men took off their masks and actually tried to make Gaza a better place to live? Could they do it? Or do they only know how to destroy?

4 ) Mel / USA
14/08/2014 18:56
all that moral people are supposed to be AGAINST!!! GREEDY elitist-USG-puppets/military despots(with UAE bank #'s)--how they FEEL re: biased"peace"?ordinary people--in Egypt,Jordan&Palestine,who're refugeed,oppressed,subjugated,in poverty,under threat ..Real peace...prosperity..."? A negative"peace"& selective"prosperity"! Ask TENS of MILLIONS of sake of a HANDFUL of EXTREMIST politicalSyrian -Armaggedonist-Dispensationalists-in USG/Lobby Egypt Lockshon Pudding

5 ) JoeFattal / USA
14/08/2014 19:10
But of course they lied. Even the numbers of civilian that were killed in Israel is more than Israel claims. I understand that the Iron-Dome intercept some of them, but maybe few fell in an empty area but some of them must have fell in the population areas and cause some casualties and or more damages that they have claimed. Over 3000 rockets were fired on Israel, no way in the world some of them didn't cause casualties and damages more than Israel claim.

6 ) Mel / USA
14/08/2014 19:26
Israel also hides how many of its COMPULSORY MILITARY-SERVICE boys are killed by friendly-fire(Fratricide)by their own trigger-happy Zionist zealot buddies looking to kill anyone/thing that MOVES-be it Palestinian civilians, children,elderly,disabled,ICU patients ,refugees in UN shelters,donkeys,chickens,goats or Zionist-occupation SOLDIERS! This is what Israeli Zionism,in Palestine,&Israel,does---TORTURES,MAIMS,KILLS! The "ISIS" of Israel.USG still funds 'ZionismInPalestine(ZIP)terrorists.

7 ) malcolm / usa
15/08/2014 12:45
the 2 classic lines being spouted by pro-israeli trolls are that; its all hamas' fault, and that worse things are happening elsewhere in the middle east. Both of these statements contain some truth, however neither excuse what israel is doing. Hamas are allowing themselves to be provoked into a conflict they cannot win, by an enemy who know they cannot win the argument. Elsewhere in the mid-east we see the fallout from decades of colonial re-formatting, 'countries' created in london or paris....

8 ) Andy / UK
15/08/2014 16:19
Jootoo: Netanyahu claimed to have unequivocal evidence Hamas had murdered the 3 students. It's now been admitted they didn't. If the Palestinians are so scared of being found guilty of war crimes, why is it that it's the Israelis who are avoiding going to the ICC? You need to stop using Regev's rhetoric to deny Israeli crimes, no one believes it any more. You've been found out. This was a slaughter too far for the criminal state of Israel.

9 ) Andy / UK
15/08/2014 16:29
David USA: The reality is very different to your perception. Israel were caught lying about events continually over the conflict. They even got Obama to condemn the capture of an Israeli that didn't happen. Israel kill almost 2000 (not 1800) at least 70% civilians. The resistance kills 68, at least 65 were enemy combatants. How can you say it was Hamas fault?Israel accused them of a triple murder and arrested 700 people and killing 10 in the West Bank.Your lies are wearing thin.

10 ) Mel / USA
15/08/2014 20:33
#1: "mask"??? Not that Israel ever "hides behind the mask" of USG & client state IMMUNITY &US taxes while committing the same WAR CRIMES as was imposed on Jews in WW2.of course? IRONY!
The same "mask" that allows psycho-Zio-Israel to drop 85,000 TONS of land-sea-air HEAVY weps on an enclaved CONCENTRATION CAMP filled with nearly 2 MILLION civilians(1/2 below 17yrs)who just happen to NOT be "Aryan Jewish"? IRONY!
I think we know what lays behind the"mask"of Zionism. It's a SWASTIKA!

11 ) Arnold / Canada
16/08/2014 01:39
So what exactly is this man behind the mask trying to say. Is he saying that there are kidnapped IDF or dead IDF bodies.

12 ) Dimitri / USA
16/08/2014 10:18
This was never about a military victory. Hamas is winning the propaganda war. And that will pressure Israel to make concessions, and to lift the blockade. If later on Israel refuses to rebuild the airport and seaport, another war will pressure them to do it.
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