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Report: White House in dark over arms supplies to Israel
Published Thursday 14/08/2014 (updated) 16/08/2014 14:29
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An Israeli soldier sits next to an anti-missile radar in the north of
Israel on Aug. 29, 2013 (AFP/File Menahem Kahana)
WASHINGTON (AFP) -- Israel secured supplies of ammunition from the Pentagon last month without the approval of the White House or the State Department, the Wall Street Journal reported Thursday.

Since officials there were caught off guard as they tried to restrain Israel's campaign in Gaza, the administration of President Barack Obama has tightened controls on arms shipments to Israel, the newspaper said, quoting US and Israeli officials.

But the case illustrated that the White House and the State Department have little influence over the government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the paper said, quoting officials from both countries.

The Journal said that US officials, rather than play their traditional role as mediators, have now been reduced to bystanders as Israeli forces and Hamas battle it out.

On Wednesday, the paper said, Obama and Netanyahu had a particularly tense phone call.

Netanyahu has "pushed the administration aside" but wants America to give Israel security assurances in exchange for agreeing to a long-term deal with Hamas, the Journal said, quoting US officials.

Israel and militants in Gaza were holding their fire Thursday after a new truce got off to a shaky start, with night-time Palestinian rocket fire followed by Israeli airstrikes.
1 ) JoeFattal / USA
14/08/2014 16:14
That was surprise few weeks back when I found out that Israel was ressuplying with weapons that the US has given to Israel to fight Hamas few thousand militants in Gaza, and inflict so many civilian casualties. It does put the US in a bad spot of suplying Israel with weapons and having Kerry negotiate a ceasefire. A double standard at its best. Even France wants to reavaluate their decision to sell weapons to Israel. When Israel is reassure from the US to be ressuply with weapons they will

2 ) JoeFattal / USA
14/08/2014 16:26
cont...use most of their weapons on Gaza. And that's exactly what I said that Israel depends on Hamas to recieve from the US assurance for their security, military stockpiles and financial aids. Hamas is not a threat for Israel security. Hamas rockets was not a big threat either for Israel airports, Bloomberg went to Israel challenging the flights cancellation because of his investment in Israel not because of Hamas rockets. Its all about money in Israel. And as I said as long as Israel is

3 ) suleman rashid / ul
14/08/2014 17:03
first i like to say this is not a war killing kid's innocent people how can you say this is war?? i beg of USA only you can stop this if this was happening anywere else the world would take notice it breaks my heart to see kids getting murdered plz help these people i beg of you take them out of this madness plz

4 ) Sarmstrong / Germany
14/08/2014 17:22
The Government of the United States is sworn to protect , defend, and serve the best interests . . . of Israel. They've done much better at this that taking care of matters in the U.S.A.

5 ) Colin Wright / USA
14/08/2014 17:55
In some cultures, Israel's actions would be considered theft. But hey -- it's our favorite little Nazi parasitic organism...I'm sure it'll be cool. Certainly we won't dare to complain.

6 ) Eric / US
14/08/2014 18:13
All Hamas has to do is stop firing rockets and smuggling weapons into Gaza. Why dont they? All of their demands would be met if they did so.

7 ) Michael Rivero / USA
14/08/2014 18:36
So, basically, Israel has been stealing from the American people, as those weapons are paid for by US taxpayer dollars, the US government didn't catch them in the theft, and will likely not do anything about it anyway.

8 ) Alabama Mothman / USA
14/08/2014 18:47
Now they are openly stealing from the US. We are fighting the wrong enemies

9 ) David / USA
14/08/2014 18:57
Suleman, it IS happening all over the Muslim world- Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Nigeria, etc. Muslim factions are slaughtering each other so massively that what's happening in Gaza is just a blip. And the Muslim world HASN'T taken notice. You never said a word when Assad killed 170,000 of his own people to save his skin, or when ISIS slaughters entire villages. But hold the horses if Israel protects itself. Hypocrite.

10 ) arnie / usa
15/08/2014 12:33
I wish 'Hamas' would stop firing rockets (apart from the fact that they don't represent a genuine military threat), because that would allow them to concentrate on the argument. Israel does not want to have this argument, because they know they will lose it. That is why they keep provoking Hamas, they know they can easily win any conflict, but what they are most scared of is peaceful protest and diplomacy.

11 ) Abdul / India
15/08/2014 12:45
@David #9 Please spear me the hasbara...world has seen and heard enough of this crap and now nobody cares anymore of what the criminal israeli population as well as government says. Whatever you try to do to divert the attention of the audience but the WORLD KNOWS WHAT ISRAEL IS DOING TODAY. The time has come and your end is near....Just wait and watch.

12 ) Farid / Malaysia
15/08/2014 17:43
How come the supposedly great "protectors" of human rights, the Americans, supply the the murderous Zionist entity with weapons to murder & maim more than 12,000 Gazans in just over one month??? Does the American tax payer has any iota of conscience??? And they're talking about disarming Gaza so that the people living on that tiny strip can become easy cannon fodder for the Zionists....

13 ) Robert / US
16/08/2014 00:08
In the dark ?. Its simple, your breaking the law (lehey law& arms export act) a Treasonous Act .

14 ) inbound39 / New Zealand.
16/08/2014 03:53
Rockets are a symptom of the cause and the cause is Israels continued Illegal Occupation and its unlawful acquisition of Palestinian Territory and the subjugation of Palestinians. You want Hamas rockets to end? Then end the Occupation and land theft. Self Defense is a pseudonym Israel uses for imposing the Occupation on those Palestinians that dare to rise up. Dehumanize them by calling them terrorists and animals. Israel is sick.

15 ) Maria Sanchez / Argentina
17/08/2014 15:12
Saw a fascinating insight into American life yesterday; many millions of impoverished American children have no access to nutritional food in the summer months because schools are closed. This means they can't eat or have access to hot & well balanced meals. The US government sends $3 billion in military aid each year to Israel, enabling it to kill children in Gaza. Does the US have something against impoverished children?
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