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Israeli delegation open to easing Gaza blockade
Published Tuesday 12/08/2014 (updated) 13/08/2014 12:59
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Part of the Palestinian negotiating team pictured in Cairo
BETHLEHEM (Ma'an) -- A nine-hour session of indirect negotiations between the Palestinian and Israeli delegations in Cairo on Monday ended with a partial draft agreement on easing the blockade on Gaza, sources close to the talks told Ma'an.

Negotiations for a lasting end to hostilities in the Gaza Strip are to resume at noon on Tuesday, the sources said.

Meanwhile, some of the terms of the draft agreement were reported by Israeli media. According to Channel 2, Palestinian factions, the Egyptian mediators, and the Israeli delegation have agreed on six terms so far:

1. Allowing Gaza fishermen to fish 12 nautical miles from shore.
2. Increasing the daily number of trucks importing goods to Gaza to 250.
3. Increasing the monthly number of permits granted to Gazans to pass through Erez crossing to 500.
4. Allowing money to be transferred from the West Bank to Gaza via the Palestinian Authority.
5. Opening the Rafah crossing with Egypt.
6. Freeing prisoners who were rearrested after being released in the Gilad Shalit exchange.

Additionally, the Israeli news site Ynet said that Israel had agreed to allow construction materials to enter Gaza "under close supervision."

Ynet also quoted an anonymous Israeli political source as saying Israel would not allow the construction of a seaport unless Hamas and other factions in Gaza agreed to demilitarize.

In order to reach a lasting end to hostilities in Gaza, Palestinians have demanded Israel end its eight-year siege on the Strip, release dozens of prisoners whom Israel has re-arrested that were released in 2011 as part of the Shalit deal, re-open a seaport and airport in Gaza, and create a safe passage between the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.

Israeli demands have centered around the demilitarization of Gaza factions and a return to "quiet" for Israel's civilians -- meaning a halt to rocket fire.

Israel's offensive on Gaza has left nearly 2,000 Palestinians dead, the vast majority of them civilians, in addition to 67 people on the Israeli side, most of them soldiers.

1 ) AKeenReader / UK
12/08/2014 11:42
Do not the Israeli's. As previous experiences have confirmed that they do not abide by ANY agreements or UN Resolutions. Easing is not enough, it should be a complete uplifting. They are not gods who should decide what comes in and what does out. Tell them to get stuffed. Israelis will only learn with a kick on their backsides.

2 ) AKeenReader / UK
12/08/2014 11:44
I wouldn't be surprised if Palestinian telephone calls and discussions are being monitored by Israeli /Egypt spy agency.

3 ) Carol Scheller / Switzerland
12/08/2014 12:37
"easing", "easing" ... ! So much disinformation has been given out over the last years about there being no siege at all. Now, the Israelis would agree to "easing" the siege as they promised after the murders of members of the Freedom Flotilla to Gaza in 2010. Their promise remained empty. There must be a total, not a partial, lifting of the blockade on Gaza overseen by an authority which can impose sanctions when necessary.

4 ) khadija hasan / UK
12/08/2014 15:32
This is not an easing of the blockade. Considering the catastrophe that israel has brought on Gaza in the past month alone, this 'easing' will not even bring them back to the 2012 ceasefire agreement that israel broke within days. Until there is free movement of goods and people there is no ease. These are crumbs from mouldy bread. ICC is the only way to go now. Send israel and its sponsors to the Hague

5 ) farhat / australia
12/08/2014 15:38
I have no words at all to describe the israel government...

6 ) Richard Acker / U.S.
12/08/2014 15:42
They can negotiate forever,but without Abbas directly involved,and all the Hamas factions agreeing to a meaningful form of demiliterization,it appears nothing is going to happen for peace.

7 ) Mel / USA
12/08/2014 16:01
Am I missing something here?Israel doesn't get to "allow" anything. It's mandated under INTERNATIONAL LAWS to lift the 7yr-long siege=WAR CRIME(collective punishment) TOTALLY!
Not to mention ENDING Israel's illegal occupation of,& EXPANSION into,Palestine,67yrs late.The Pal delegation acts as if the Israeli occupation is a doing them a FAVOR! Palestine is due TOTAL FREEDOM from Israel's BRUTALITY/OPPRESSION.That's non-negotiable i.e. it's a LEGAL RIGHT UNDER INTERNATIONAL LAWS.No CRUMBS!

8 ) Mel / USA
12/08/2014 16:15
Cont:every negotiation clause is SHORT-SHRIFT,showing that Israeli occupiers MAINTAIN control over MILLIONS OF Palestinians. All items listed,short-change all occupied Palestinians &will be REVERSED by Israel,to return to status quo,if not WORSE. U think Israel will give its Likud Charter plan(occupy all from Med.Sea to Jordan River)?NO! Don't take stale CRUMBS when 1/2 the FRESH LOAF is yours,Palestine,UNDER INTRNTIONAL LAWS/CONVENTIONS!Pick your goal;UNITED FREEDOM or no Palestine at all?

9 ) Dedi Simchi / Israel
12/08/2014 16:30
I'm sad to say that all of this could have been achieved without the bloody war. My heart goes out to everyone who has lost their loved ones in this senseless war that really got us nowhere. Lets bring back the days when Gazans could freely work in Israel and Israelis could enjoy Gaza for what it really is - the best beach city in the region. I hope my people will understand that the only garantee for thier security is the prosperity is Palestinians. PEACE!

10 ) JoeFattal / USA
12/08/2014 16:46
Gaza is the key for a two state solution, not settlements. If Gaza is not completly free of movement and the siege is filted not eased there will not be a Palestinian State. Israel doesn't recognize a Palestinian State than Gaza will remain as is or with a little improvement in their movements.

11 ) feng / liu
12/08/2014 16:58
Israel is a national terrorist country. But those people control US and Israel. They can benefit from the conflict. In 30 years, US will lose its global power and Israel will perish again.

12 ) Ilan Tiarez / United Kingdom
12/08/2014 17:27
It is essential that any agreement will ensure that Israel is totally responsible for the funding of the re-construction of the infrastructure and homes. It has also to compensate for the families they murdered.

13 ) David / USA
12/08/2014 23:03
It seems that Gazans now want what they threw away when they had it. After Israel evacuated all Israeli civilians and military from Gaza in 2005, gaza was left with a thriving horticultural enterprise, no blockade, and Israel's willingness to accept Gaza as a peaceful neighbor. Rather than accept Israel as a peaceful neighbor, Gaza attacked and tried to destroy Israel. All Gazans have suffered because their leaders were unwilling to live peacefully next to Israel.

14 ) Outlier / USA
13/08/2014 00:03
12., Israel won't be funding any of it. It did not start this conflict, Hamas did. It did not prolong this conflict, Hamas did. Hence, Hamas is responsible and should fund ALL of the recovery.

15 ) joey / phil
13/08/2014 03:10
israel, the terror state must be tried for its war crime

16 ) raju / porrtugal
13/08/2014 03:18
Israel lied before

17 ) Shamsuddeen / Nigeria
14/08/2014 13:19
If Israel want live in peace and quite it must Free Palestine.

18 ) To Mel / USA
14/08/2014 19:15
Are youmissing a point here? yes,the point you are missing isthat Hamasisin no condition to makedemands you want. Like Richard Aker posted: They can negotiate forever,but without Abbas directly involved,and all the Hamas factions agreeing to a totaldemiliterization,it appears nothing is going to happen for peace.Egypt,JordanS.Arabia knowthatAbumazen is theman instead ofhamstans.

19 ) shirley / australia
16/08/2014 05:08
full lifting sea port and airport regional immediatley no depernding on isreal and egypt both complicit in war crime blockade gaza can not afford to trust either again gaza must have acess independant the state of palestine 194 of the un can join sea and air convention get on with it abbass and must these negiators demand very least regional airport to startthen sea port built runway easy to build these negoiators must not put this on backburner
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