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Palestinians want ICJ probe on Gaza
Published Sunday 10/08/2014 (updated) 11/08/2014 16:23
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Palestinian Foreign Minister Riyad al-Malki delivers a press
conference in The Hague on Aug. 5, 2014
(ANP/AFP/File Martijn Beekman)
BOGOTA (AFP) -- Palestinian Foreign Minister Riyad al-Malki on Saturday said his government would soon try to haul Israelis before the International Criminal Court for war crimes.

"We will go to the ICJ, and put our signature on it. Very soon we will be a (sovereign) state. That is enough for the court to start an investigation," Malki, on a visit to Bogota, told AFP.

Israeli warplanes pummeled Gaza with 50 air strikes that killed eight Palestinians Saturday as militants slammed 25 rockets into Israel amid mounting calls for a fresh ceasefire.

The conflict has now killed at least 1,914 Palestinians, the vast majority civilians, and 67 people on the Israeli side, almost all soldiers, since July 8.

Malki, who attended to inauguration Thursday of Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos, said "before coming here, I was in the Hague.

"And I asked the ICJ to start an official investigation, to see if what Israel has done in the past 33 days reaches the level of war crimes," Malki told a briefing in Bogota.

The Palestinians in 2009 asked the ICC's prosecutor's office to investigate alleged war crimes and crimes against humanity committed by the Israeli military in Gaza in 2008-2009.

But so far there has been no probe as Palestine is not an ICC member state and its status as a country is uncertain in some international institutions.

Palestinians however in late November 2012 obtained non-member observer status at the United Nations, opening the door for an ICC investigation.

Britain, France, and Germany meanwhile Saturday urged Israel and Hamas to agree a truce at once.
1 ) Tommy Tank / UK
10/08/2014 13:13
During confrontations with Israel, Hamas and the other terrorist organizations in the Gaza Strip have adopted various tactics of using civilians as human shields. One of them is encouraging civilians to gather on roofs to prevent operatives and their houses from being attacked by the Israeli Air Force (IAF). Such a tactic is aimed at deterring Israel from attacking and was used by the terrorist organizations in Operation Cast Lead, and now again in Operation Protective Edge

2 ) Saucy Sandy / Norway
10/08/2014 13:16
It can be expected that Hamas and the other terrorist organizations will tactics to encourage Palestinian civilians to protect their terrorist operatives and infrastructures. It the use of civilians as human shields is likely to increase as the IDF expands the scope of Operation Protective Edge. The organization's objectives are to make it difficult for the IDF to operate and to exploit civilian casualties for political, propaganda and legal purposes when it when it ends.

3 ) tom hall / ireland
10/08/2014 13:41
Israel must stand before the bar of justice, not merely for the current on-going massacre, but the entire pattern and practice of colonisation, discrimination, oppression, mass dispossession, ethnic cleansing, torture, assassination and genocide. This is a racist state without a shred of legitimacy, and a menace to whatever prospects for peace remain in the region.

4 ) Please go to court / and throw all those
10/08/2014 14:08
Israeli bastard to life in PRISON!!!

5 ) Lynx / Palestine
10/08/2014 14:41
"Would soon" - "will" "plan to". One thing is for sure, the PA doesn't serve its people, and its security apparatus are Zionist lackeys. Abbas is a quizling. Hell will freeze over before he actually files any law suit at the Hague, and carries through til a verdict!! Mark my words. History will be witness.

6 ) Dahlia / Sweden
10/08/2014 14:57
Palestine should accede to the Rome Statute & go to the ICC NOW!!!!!!!!!! Sign the documents, don't be blackmailed by US/Israel/EU. Just sign & put your case forward. You have nothing to lose, only to gain. Do not put it off any longer, you have the same rights as everyone else, that is why the court exists. The ICC is there to try alleged war crimes & pass judgements, that is the function of courts.

7 ) AKeenReader / UK
10/08/2014 15:05
Palestinians should stop talking and start acting and only then will brutal Israeli's will listen.

8 ) Ramallah is an isolated island / Palestine
10/08/2014 15:11

10/08/2014 17:32

10 ) Mel / USA
10/08/2014 17:44
"Soon"?"very soon"?Malki mustn't think"soon",he needs to DO NOW,STAT! MILLIONS of Palestinians don't need politicians to file WAR CRIMES charges at ICC/ICJ. No need to wait,with 67 YRS evidence of Israel's CRIMES,cruel,unusual,indecent,degrading,WAR-crimes & PUNISHMENT by JEWS,upon non-Jews! Which is the real goal for Malki & ALL factions? Factional power(doggie-treats)UNDER OCCUPATION? Or a FREE,SOVEREIGN,CONTIGUOUS,NATIONAL PALESTINE? Resistance is your LEGAL RIGHT,vs. BRUTAL OCCUPATION!

11 ) Outlier / USA
10/08/2014 18:10
Palestinians want a lot of things, but Hamas precipitating this conflict will make many of those things harder to achieve. Isn't "unity" grand?

12 ) JV / Canada
10/08/2014 18:56
Less talk more action. The leader ship has said at least a dozen times that they were going to sign the Rome Statute and they never do. At this point they just look ridiculous. If they aren't doing it they should shut up because hollow threats undermine their credibility messages. And the second paragraph makes no sense at all. BTW does the foregn minister know the difference between the ICC and the ICJ? That would seem to be important for some one in his position.

13 ) Julie / USA
10/08/2014 21:44
And where is the US.......shamefully silent

14 ) Terry / Sweden
11/08/2014 19:42
This latest conflict with the surreal name "Operation Protective Edge" (Israelis like movie like names I presume) was entirely Israel's creation. The record is perfectly clear. Hamas never killed the missing Israeli teens and NuttyYahoo knew about this. What NuttyYahoo wanted was to derail the coalition government of the PA and Hamas. It was another Palestinian peace offensive (a term coined by Avner Yaniv) needed to be curtailed. Therefore, Israelis, in their own words, "mowed the lawn" in Gaza

15 ) inbound39 / New Zealand
12/08/2014 11:40
"Mowing the Lawn" will end up being viewed worse than the Lebonese Fiasco. Israel failed in its objective to halt the rocket fire and the costs are in the billions. Money that could have been spent on better things. All in all at some point the Israeli's are going to realise what a huge cash toilet the Occupation and illegal settlements are. Ending the Occupation and settlements and embracing the Arab Peace Initiative is the only sane and sound and fiscally prudent option for Israel.
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