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Israeli forces shoot, kill 12-year-old Palestinian boy near Hebron
Published Sunday 10/08/2014 (updated) 12/08/2014 09:53
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HEBRON (Ma'an) -- A 12-year old Palestinian boy was shot dead by Israeli soldiers while playing in front of his home in al-Fawwar refugee camp south of Hebron in the southern West Bank early Sunday, medics told Ma'an.

Palestinian medical sources at Hebron's al-Ahli Hospital told Ma'an that Khalil Muhammad Ahmad al-Anati arrived at the hospital after being shot in the back.

They said that the gunshot entered through the victim's lower abdomen and exited through his groin.

Doctors tried their best to resuscitate the boy and stop severe bleeding, but they announced his death shortly after he arrived in the emergency room.

Locals told Ma'an that shortly before the boy was killed an Israeli military force escorted Israeli engineers into a neighborhood known as Nabat al-Haffara for unknown reasons.

"We don't know what they (the Israelis) were doing," Yussef al-Anati told AFP, crying, his shirt soaked in blood after carrying his nephew to hospital.

"Khalil was playing in front of the house, then we heard gunfire. The kid was screaming and fell down," he said. "He was shot in the back and the bullet exited through his stomach."

A few young men hurled stones at the soldiers in response to the military incursion, and the soldiers subsequently opened fire at the boys, locals said.

A bullet hit al-Anati while he was standing in front of his home.

He was evacuated to the hospital in a private car.

AFP gave a conflicting report of his age, quoting medics as saying he was 11.

Al-Fawwar is located south of Hebron near an Israeli military checkpoint that divides a number of local Palestinian communities close to the local illegal Israeli settlement of Haggay.

At least 17 Palestinians have been killed across the West Bank in the last month, amid widespread public anger and growing protests over an Israeli assault on Gaza that has killed more than 1,915 Palestinians in the last four weeks.

An Israeli military spokeswoman did not return calls seeking comment.
1 ) Why is the boy in the / middle of violent
10/08/2014 12:36
demonstration? please protect your children you NOBLE ARABS!

2 ) Sarah / The Netherlands
10/08/2014 12:54
The West Bank needs rockets to protect it's people. What was it "Israel" said? No weapons no attacks? No Hamas, no wars? BS

3 ) Gerrard / Belgium
10/08/2014 13:10
Please do not throw stones at armed soldiers, and tell your cousin and uncle in Gaza, not to fire rockets at an armed sovereign state. In both cases they are known to retaliate with violence.

4 ) Carol Scheller / Switzerland
10/08/2014 13:48
No comment ?! A refugee child, 12 years of age, shot in the back by an Israeli soldier! How long will this be endured ?

5 ) Sam / USA
10/08/2014 14:54
Rest in peace dear child. As for IDF - there is a place called h e l l - and they have their fires waiting for you.

6 ) Kathy P / USA
10/08/2014 15:06
So the killing of unarmed children continue unabated.. By heavily armed soldiers.. Shot in the back and his innards blasted out through his front.. What a horrible and obscene society...

7 ) GK / Kenya
10/08/2014 15:07
The boy was shot perhaps or maybe he was making a rocket to be fired at Israel. I find this line also funny.....'......local illegal Israeli settlement of Haggay' ILLEGAL?? HOW??

8 ) Saburah / Misri
10/08/2014 16:11
Khalil Muhammad Ahmad al-Anati, was shot in the back by the IDF and subsequently died, because he was a Palestinian living in the occupied W.Bank. There is no other reason or explanation for it, was this child carrying a gun, or explosives? No, so that means he wasn't an enemy combatant, he was a civilian standing outside his house. One more martyr, one more war crime!!! Palestine, go to the ICC NOW!!!

9 ) Mel / USA
10/08/2014 17:09
Condolences to family al Anati!Sounds like snipers(trajectory)?IOF& RAVSHATZ "settlers"(many in IOF now)are such COWARDS,back-stabbers,back-shooters.EXECUTING POW Palestinian men,women,children carrying WHITE FLAGS,or with hands tight behind backs&blind-folded(POW's).Civilians in contentration camp-Gaza & POW camp WB executed POINT-BLANK(back of head)or snipered by psychotic Israeli boys &girls(dropping Drones).SUMUD sane Palestine.You'll prevail coz Israel is INSANE, & nobody WANTS TO TOUCH IT!

10 ) Steve` / USA
10/08/2014 17:18
Lord in your Mercy.

11 ) continue your sham / PALLYWOOD
10/08/2014 17:26
show more women and children that are being hurt compare this with what Syria, ISIS , YEMEN, Libya are doing!!

12 ) Maureen / Australia
10/08/2014 22:09
The beast caled, Zionism, claims the life of another Palestinian child.

13 ) Tom / USA
10/08/2014 23:08
Another child sacrificed on the alter of zionism. As long as this has been happening, it must never get boring. Maybe this is the IDF equivalent of bar mitzva - your not a man until you have murdered a Palestinian child.

14 ) Pete Hodge / United Kingdom
11/08/2014 12:53
I am a Christian. I am opposed to Islam. But what Israel is doing on the west bank and in Gaza is an absolute disgrace. These people do not deserve to be considered a civilised people. To shoot unarmed children in the back makes them no better than ISIS in Iraq. Time to give Israel a taste of their own medicine.

15 ) Warlord Obama / USA
11/08/2014 20:01
Pallywood, you can't compare the Israeli-Palestinian situation to the Syrian civil war or religiously motivated tribal conflicts in the Africa's. Neither of those factions have been keeping a group of 1.8 million people detained in what is arguably a Nazi era ghetto, all the while claiming they take humanitarian measures to avoid killing civilians.

16 ) spb / us
11/08/2014 20:38
lately these demonstration involve firing on israelis travelers and security forces. before it was rocks than fire bombs. seeing this violent escalates palestinians parents should not allow thier kids to attend any demonstration, or be with them & pull them home when violence breaks up.

17 ) andrei / usa
11/08/2014 21:58
Using a shotgun to kill a fly, in this case a bystander. And we are pissed about downed passenger plane over russia? ..they are throwing rox, cant solders use rubber bullets and tear gas. Live rounds instead. Wtf? In which civilized country do u ever see police using live rounds against the demonstrators and protestors.

12/08/2014 03:32
#1 jew will you stop killing innocent people, time will catch up to you, and all hell will break out , watch.

19 ) shozib/italy / italy
12/08/2014 10:12
No comment

20 ) JayGoldenBeach / USA
13/08/2014 11:10
It is neither heroic nor honourable nor even reasonable for a soldier wearing full ballistic protection gear to shoot a child for tossing rocks. The shooter must be sub-human.

21 ) Morris Marshall / Palestine
13/08/2014 15:54
"It is neither heroic nor honourable nor even reasonable for a soldier wearing full ballistic protection gear to shoot a child for tossing rocks. The shooter must be sub-human" _ Jay Golden Beach

22 ) Farid / Malaysia
17/08/2014 11:06
The murderous Zionists' thirst for Palestinian blood is mind boggling. How sick & obscene this murderous Zionist society is when they sadistically cheer & dance when their so called "defense" force intentionally kill innocent women & children in Gaza. 489 children murdered by the so called Zionist "defense" force according to UN statistics.

23 ) Farid / Malaysia
17/08/2014 11:18
The civil wars in Syria, the turmoil in Egypt & Iraq and across the Arab world are all linked to the creation of the illegal Zionist entity called "Israel" in 1948. This is what the US, UK & France who were former colonial powers in their lands want. Propping up of dictators in these countries so that their interests & that of the Zionist entity can be safeguarded.
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