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Renewed Israeli bombardment kills 5 in Gaza
Published Saturday 09/08/2014 (updated) 10/08/2014 12:57
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GAZA CITY (Ma'an) -- Israeli airstrikes on the Gaza Strip early Saturday left at five Palestinians dead and dozens injured, as a series of strikes overnight hit homes, mosques, and a sports club on the second day after the end of a 72-hour ceasefire.

The strikes, which come on the 33rd day of a massive Israeli assault that has left more than 1,900 Palestinians dead and more than 9,837 injured, come as negotiations between Palestinian and Israeli delegations stalled, despite reports Friday that both sides were close to an agreement.

Egypt, which is mediating between Israelis and Palestinians, insisted negotiations were making progress and urged a new truce but Israel recalled its delegation and warned it would not negotiate under fire.

The head of the Palestinian delegation in Cairo said they were committed to achieving a truce.

"We told the Egyptians (mediators) we are sitting here to achieve a final agreement that restores the rights" of Palestinians, Azzam al-Ahmed told reporters.

Hamas and the Islamic Jihad group had rejected another 72-hour truce, accusing Israel of stalling.

"There had been an agreement on the vast majority of matters that are important to the Palestinian people, but some limited points remained undecided, a matter that should have led to an acceptance to renew the ceasefire," the Egyptian foreign ministry said.

Hamas and Palestine Liberation Organization officials have insisted that Israel end its eight-year siege on the Gaza Strip, release dozens of prisoners whom Israel has re-arrested that were released in 2011 as part of the Shalit exchange, the re-opening of a seaport and airport in Gaza, and the creation of a safe passage between the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.

Despite withdrawing all its troops from Gaza by the time the truce began on Tuesday, Israel has retained forces along the border, ready to respond to any resumption of fighting.

A British, French and German proposal to rebuild Gaza aims to strengthen the hand of Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas and his Palestinian Authority while clamping down on Hamas and other Gaza militants to ensure Israel's security.

Displaced Palestinians gather to receive food aid at a UN school turned shelter, in Gaza
City, on Aug. 8, 2014 (AFP Roberto Schmidt)

Strikes continue overnight

Israel pounded the Gaza Strip again overnight, hitting a mosque as well as a number of homes a day after Israeli airstrikes killed five Gazans, including three children.

The Israeli military confirmed in a statement that the military had struck 33 targets overnight, including "terror activity sites, command and control centers, and weapon storage facilities."

The strike on the mosque brought the number of mosques destroyed in the assault to 63 completely destroyed and more than 150 damaged, in addition to two churches that have sustained damage.

The strikes have also damaged more than 32,000 homes, in addition to displacing around 485,000 people, or around one-third of Gaza's population.

Gaza medical sources said two Palestinian men were killed in on an airstrike on a motorcycle in al-Maghazi in the central Gaza Strip.

Three men were also killed and a number injured in an airstrike on al-Nuseirat Mosque, while another man seriously injured on Saturday morning by an Israeli airstrike on a field east of Khan Younis.

Another Israeli airstrike destroyed the building of al-Maghazi Sports Club in al-Maghazi refugee camp in the central Gaza Strip.

Shortly before that, Israeli warplanes fired two missiles at a house belonging to the Abu Taha family in Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip, destroying it completely.

In the Nuseirat refugee camp in the central Gaza Strip, Israeli airstrikes hit Izz Addin al-Qassam and Shuhadaa mosques.

Hasan al-Banna mosque in the Zaytoun neighborhood of Gaza City in the north was damaged as well as al-Alami mosque in the city. Several homes sustained damages in the attacks.

A residential house belonging to Hammasi family was destroyed Saturday morning in Sabra neighborhood in Gaza City as well as the house of the Ulayyan family in Beit Lahiya in the northern Gaza Strip.

Israeli airstrikes also hit a number of open areas in the Shujaiyya neighborhood in eastern Gaza City.

Smoke and fire billow following an Israeli air strike in Rafah early on
Aug. 9, 2014 (AFP Said Khatib)

AFP contributed to this report.
1 ) Paulo / Spain
09/08/2014 12:25
Military use of Mosques by Hamas is not an exception. Hamas and other terrorist organizations systematically use many mosques in the Gaza Strip for military and political purposes. Mosques in the Gaza Strip are used not only for worship but also for diverse military and political purposes, such as recruiting operatives for terrorist activity, storing weapons, meeting places for terrorist operatives, points of departure for terrorist attacks, training sites, and places for firing rockets.

2 ) Crepe Suzette / France
09/08/2014 12:28
Military use of mosques is rooted in the perception of senior Sunni and Shiite clerics, including Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi, Hamas’s main religious role model, that the use of mosques for military purposes as part of jihad (holy war) is legitimate. This perception is based on Islamic tradition (hadith) that states that the Prophet Muhammad himself used a mosque for military and political purposes, in addition to the classic function of the mosque as house of worship for the faithful.

3 ) jacksi / ISRAEL
09/08/2014 14:21
On the day the Arabs will lay down their arms there will be peace, but on the day Israel lays down their arms it will be the end of their exist

4 ) jorge / brazil
09/08/2014 15:49
Hamas is ready to detroy its own people just to keep itself on power. The withdraw of the israeli army from the strip to secure places left hamas in a bad position. Hardly you?ll find scores of israeli death. It seems that israel by the way is avoiding harming civilians of gaza. So what?s the goal of restart hostilities? The blockade won?t be lifted by israel unless hamas accept disarm the strip. And the support of hamas is decreasing with the blockade. But new civilan victims weaken hamas too.

5 ) Al-Mukhtar / France
09/08/2014 16:24
It is inconceivable that Maan publish these nauseating comments ... This policy of lying before these Zionist insanities and lies makes us doubt the sincerity of this agency, which seems rather ride for the occupant...

6 ) JoeFattal / USA
09/08/2014 16:57
@3) jacksi ? ISREAL So what you say is if Hamas lay down their arms, so Israel will have to lay down theirs also, Israel than will cease to exist. That's what I was trying to say, if Hamas is out, Israel will cease to exist as is, in another words without their occupy territories, and without their settlements. Back to the 67 lines. Peace will be in the region, a two state solution will be in reach, and it will be all over.

7 ) 1 / 2
09/08/2014 17:18
Hamas is a political group with a militia wing. They are resistance fighter, very different than terrorist. IL never wants peace, just ask members of govt calling for making gaza a concentration camp, bombing more women because they make babies, or calling pals snakes to be exterminated. Settlers killing ppl, destroying farms and other property, vandalizing cars, mosques,etc. with impunity. THAT'S terrorism. No one is after il that's il's delusion propaganda.

09/08/2014 18:34
19. "A Jew is permitted to rape, cheat and perjure himself; but he must take care that he is not found out, so that Israel may not suffer." - Schulchan Aruch, Jore Dia. 20. "A Jew may rob a goy-that is, he may cheat him in a bill, if unlikely to be perceived by him." - Schulchan Aruch, Choszen Hamiszpat 348. 21. "If a goy (non-jew) wants a Jew to stand witness against a Jew in a court of law, and if the Jew could give fair evidence, he is forbidden to do it; but if a Jew wants a Jew to be a wi

9 ) Maureen / Australia
09/08/2014 18:47
#3 On the day when Zionists stop the double standards, theft, apartheid, blockade, occupation, elitism, then there will be peace.

10 ) Robert / US
09/08/2014 22:11
#3 do they have a right to live in their ancestral lands ? kahzars aren't semetic you know that right ?.

11 ) Concerned Human / Germany
09/08/2014 23:50
#8 - Please tell me that what you are quoting, along with the addition of peado & necrophilia quotes (available on the web), are just the product of sick minds, professing to be able to interpret religious law.

12 ) myra / canada
10/08/2014 00:38
It is hard to grasp what has happened in Gaza. Such total destruction and so so many lost lives.Israel's attacks on Gaza is beyond OVER KILL and so shocking.for this the Israeli government will be held accountable one way or another.

13 ) Mk / USA
10/08/2014 00:58
Israel is a country. Palestine is a region. Israel wants Hamas to lay down arms. Hamas led by a Jordanian in Doha luxury hotel wants to eliminate Israel first and Jews next. Israel doesn't want to eliminate Gaza. Just the terrorist threat. War is uncontrollable it brought us Pearl Harbor,carpet bombing and Nagasaki and Hiroshima Israel won't surrender it's existence to Hamas. How many have to die on both sides until those safe in hotels in Doha and safe in Gaza accept that.

14 ) jootoo / UK
10/08/2014 09:33
@10 Are you aware that 850,000 Jewish people were created by Islamic countries? And made refugees, they fled their homes and schools in Muslim countries, these Jewish refugees were absorbed by the Jewish state, educated, clothed, received food and health care? That absorption has never happened to the Arabs who left their homes in Palestine, by the 57 Islamic countries throughout the world.

15 ) Qassam / USA
10/08/2014 09:54
I'm beginning to think that Israel made up this rocket attack, as a pretext to invade Gaza. But our brave resistance fighters send them running back. They will pay for the homes and mosques and hospitals they destroyed. Watch out, zionists! Rosh Hashanah is coming soon and you will pay!

16 ) gabi / australia
10/08/2014 11:21
Israsel told us tht hamas broke th cease-fire when i captured one of the IDF. So Israel bombed again and killed a lot of kids. Then Israel tells us that the soldier actually died in battle, which means either before the cease-fire started, or after Israel started bombing again. And then we hear about the Hannibal protocol - the IDF killed their own (so much for the world's "most moral army") but will still maintain that Hamas did not abide by the cease-fire!!! Ruthless, murdering hypocrites.
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