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Child killed as Israel resumes airstrikes across Gaza
Published Friday 08/08/2014 (updated) 09/08/2014 22:15
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An emergency worker carries a child wounded in an Israeli air
strike on the Sheikh Radwan area of Gaza City, as he arrives
at the city's Al-Shifa hospital, on August 8, 2014
(AFP/Mohammed Abed)
BETHLEHEM (Ma'an) -- Israeli warplanes struck multiple targets across the Gaza Strip on Friday after a 72-hour ceasefire agreement ended at 8 a.m, killing a child and injuring 15 Palestinians.

Gaza health ministry spokesman Ashraf al-Qidra said Ibrahim Zuheir al-Dawawseh, 10, was killed and five others injured in an Israeli strike on a mosque in the Sheikh al-Radwan neighborhood of Gaza City.

Six others were injured across Gaza as Israeli airstrikes targeted Gaza City, northern Gaza, Rafah, and Jabaliya.

There were also reports of shelling in northern Gaza by Israeli naval forces.

Israeli army officials confirmed that the military was renewing airstrikes on Gaza after rocket fire by fighters in the besieged enclave.

Earlier, a ceasefire agreement ended after Palestinian factions said Israel was refusing their demands.

A Palestinian official said Hamas and Islamic Jihad had agreed a ceasefire but then there was an alteration in wording of an agreement regarding the Israeli blockade on Gaza.

A senior Palestinian official accused Israel of procrastinating, warning it could lead to a resumption of the fighting when the deadline runs out.

Shortly after the ceasefire broke down, militants in Gaza fired at least 18 rockets at southern Israel, with Islamic Jihad, the Popular Resistance Committee, and Fatah's al-Asifah military wing claiming responsibility.

Four weeks of bloodshed between Israel and Hamas killed 1,890 Palestinians, and 67 people on the Israeli side, almost all soldiers.

UN figures indicate that 73 percent of the Palestinian victims -- or 1,354 people -- were civilians. Of that number, at least 429 were children.
1 ) iqbal hossain / Bangladesh
08/08/2014 12:53
Why Israel not giving Palestine rights ? Everyone have to alive freedom their own country. Israel are doing wrong. ...

2 ) Maureen / Australia
08/08/2014 12:54
Real soldiers would just go and confront the individuals who fire the rockets. Not bomb children!

3 ) Israel RESUMES / ????????
08/08/2014 12:54
HAMAS BROKE THE CEASE FIRE!!!! Are you a news organization or just simple liars?

4 ) zameena zameen / USA
08/08/2014 13:52
I am sick isreal. How about you. Still need more blood. Are you not an illegal occupier? So back and let peace reign

5 ) Clear as a Winter's Day / Canada
08/08/2014 14:23
Hamas was not prepared to extend the ceasefire and terrorists began to shoot rockets into Israel at 8.00 a.m. this morning, just as Hamas had promised yesterday. If Gazans desire peace, they will disarm the terrorists and apologize for the crimes committed in their names.

6 ) Sarah / The Netherlands
08/08/2014 14:40
@3 Only zionists lie, remember that. Read a little more than only the front page, the rockets where mentioned.

7 ) David / USA
08/08/2014 14:57
Ma'an is just a mouthpiece for Hamas, whether on purpose or by intimidation. Too bad, the people of Gaza could have used some ACCURATE reporting, such as Hamas launching over 30 rockets at Israel this morning which broke the ceasefire. This proves beyond any doubt that Hamas will destroy Gaza in its futile Islamic quest to rid Israel from 'dar al-Islam.' (As if dar al-Islam is so wonderful: just look at Gaza, Iraq, Lebanon, Libya, Syria, etc.)

8 ) jj.hoque / uk
08/08/2014 15:47
Try living under occupation and apartheid..... you David! !!!!

9 ) Michelle / USA
08/08/2014 15:54
Did you not read the whole article David? Israel was warned that if they did not agree to lifting the blockade then fighting would resume. If I "lived" in Gaza I would not want to just go back to the way things were either. Notice I put the word live in quotes...that's because the way gazans "live" is not really life. Living under siege and occupation is not life. Hamas is simply asking for the basic human rights of the Palestinians, why won't Israel give them that?

10 ) Virginia / UK
08/08/2014 16:00
Hamas Terrorists???? What about the terror IDF is spreading among civilians in Gaza? Those people are locked in a cage with no exit from any side...I dare you go and live like that Clear as a winter's day...

11 ) Maureen / Australia
08/08/2014 16:00
In #7 David Several journalists have been killed in Gaza by Israel. One was, Mohammed Omer, recipient of the Marther Gelhorn Prize. Please read, Electronic Interfada 26.6.2008. I first read of that fine young journalist @ Haretz at the time of his return from receiving his award and the inhumane way he was treated by Israeli security... truth in reporting scares Israel. An ambulance transporting Omer was targeted by Israel during Israel's so called "Protective Edge" carnage.

12 ) someone / everywhere
08/08/2014 16:04
I am crying for the suffering of Jews throughout history. All the movies about Nazi Germany. All the news about stolen art. All the interviews with holocaust survivors. All the holocaust museums. All the mandatory reading, like the diary of ann frank, in school. Yes I am crying for these people because they are insuring that they will not have a days peace and are doomed to suffer yet more tragedies. Too bad they decided to steal the land of others and try to make it for Jews only

13 ) Levi / USA
08/08/2014 16:05
Instead of "Child killed as Israel resumes airstrikes across Gaza" why don't you put "Hamas broke ceasefire; Israel resumes airstrikes across Gaza"?

14 ) Bemused / New Zealand
08/08/2014 16:15
@7) - the ceasefire ENDED at 8am, THEN rockets were fired. They were fired because Israel did not agree to the LEGITIMATE demands of all Palestinians (not just Hamas) and the majority of the citizens of the world - that Israel lift the ILLEGAL SIEGE of Gaza. They could also, of course, have legitimately demanded that the Zionists cease their ILLEGAL OCCUPATION of Palestinian territory....

15 ) Yassin Ahmed / Sudan
08/08/2014 16:17
@7 David/USA - Its not Dar al Islam that is the problem, it is Western countries such as yours, that create these problems in the first place. Where are the Hilary C & Friends of Syria brigade right now? Just about to bomb Iraq, I believe. Who went into Iraq & Afghanistan to free the people from oppression & liberate them with democracy? Who veto's every move the Palestinians make, upholds the Israeli blockade of Gaza & funds & arms Israel's killing spree? & all with help from 'Friends of USA'!!

08/08/2014 16:18
Israel left Gaza in 2005, for two years trade flowed freely and there was peace. 3000 green houses were there that Israel had built. 2007 when Hamas brutally took over they destroyed everything that had been built by Israel, and began their terrorist acts and started firing rockets. Over 10,000 in 7 years, depressed the people and people wonder why there is such a conflict. I fill sorry of the people of Gaza, But with Hamas there can be no peace. With Fatah there can be.

17 ) Ugo / USA
08/08/2014 16:42
@6 Sarah. Blanket statements like "only Zionists lie" are idiotic. Yes, the article did point out that the hostilities did resume with shelling from Gaza into Israel, but, you did have to read pretty far into the article to get that. It almost mentioned it as an incidental. I really hope it ends here with this tragic death and it doesn't represent a new round of violence.

18 ) Bernie / usa
08/08/2014 17:09
Because Hamas militants fire rockets from areas surrounded by civilians , schools _hospitals each will suffer when Israel retaliates to the area by which the rockets were fired.The only way out of this situation is for the moderate Palestine help Israel get rid of Hama's. .

19 ) MD / Australia
08/08/2014 17:11
Amazing how liars lie than they believe their own lies! The whole world knows how nasty & sly the Zionists aroud the world. It's not enough that Israel took the Palestinian's land & kicked these people outside their own country, they even have no shame & have the courage to call them terrorists! Anyone that confront the Zionists is considered a terrorist! Israel stealing a full coutry, killing kids,women, reporters, medical team members, distorting schools, hospitals... is not terrorism!!??

20 ) George Parker-Bowles / England
08/08/2014 17:11
Finding and destroying underground structures is a daunting challenge, which is why Hamas has sunk its resources for fighting Israel, deep below the surface. The war room in particular is a whole town complex, which runs under the surface buildings at the center of Gaza City, including the Shifa Hospital. This labyrinth accommodates top Hamas military personnel, the local social elite made up of Hamas bigwigs, affluent Gazans, foreign citizens and professionals like doctors or engineers.

21 ) Mel / USA
08/08/2014 17:58
#7:David/USA: Oh David,kid,you are going to get SUCH a shock when you step out in the REAL world,from under your Zionist-troll bridge. This isn't Planet Zion.I really don't think you even REALIZE how foolish &Flat-Earth-ish you sound,with your robo-Zio-mantra of "Hamas"! Zionism is isolating you from the WORLD too,as well as Israel.You'd better go for some de-briefing as to what the REAL WORLD THINKS B4 you also go down with the Zionist YESHIVA ship.

22 ) John Smith / Canada
08/08/2014 17:59
as i read history from many sources, Israel Has occupied the Palestinian lands. the Palestinian has all the rights to defend themselves till they get their freedom and lands. Resistance in all ways is right for every occupied people, also as i was so curious about discussions of this issue, israel wants to keep blockade, be rational, they are people have the rights to live freely and in dignity, i visited west bank , they do all sorts of peaceful resistance, but always get their life harder.

23 ) Lynda Gallivan / Ireland
08/08/2014 18:00
Lift the blockade. Every human being should have right to freedom, unless they're in jail. Israel is this a jail?

24 ) mwalimu / ukfree
08/08/2014 18:21
Free the Gaza ghetto

25 ) shahnawaz khanday / Kashmir
08/08/2014 18:21
Earlier I used to believe one can live with this ugly tumour Israhell around but now, having seen over the years what this cancer means to the Palestinians and to the world, I am convinced that this tumour has to be rooted out at any cost. The earlier the better!

26 ) Donna Jeffrey / Canada
08/08/2014 20:36
Israeli soldiers shot at least 40 Palestinian demonstrators Friday morning (no news of how many dead). So, if you honestly believe that Israel can be allowed to continue their thirst for blood on the Palestinian people without any retaliation, you are sadly mistaken !!! If Israel has "the right to defend themselves", then WHY DOESN'T GAZA ?!!! Israel is just evil, plain & simple.

27 ) Arnold / Canada
08/08/2014 23:14
I have to laugh. Seems whether it is Maureen in Australia or Mel in the USA Virginia in the uk and all your other simpletons...... GAZA WAS OCCUPIED. In 2005 every settler was tossed out. Gazans had that chance to build their society. Immediately they destroyed whatever Israeli structures were left and began to fire rockets now from Gaza into Israel. Rather than building homes, schools, hospitals they built smuggling tunnels which angered the Egyptians. Thus the closing of the Rafah border.

28 ) Darren / Australia
09/08/2014 03:25
Stolen land blockades bombing children civilians schools hospitals billions in funding from the USA .how are Palestinians supposed to reply to Israel with anything but hate and contempt?

29 ) Faadiel Gamildien / Australia
09/08/2014 03:56
I don't understand why news sites don't report the terms of each side? From what I hear from other sources, Israel refuse to remove The blockade which basically will not improve the current situation of the Palestinians, Israel does not want Palestinians to have any sort of control of themselves, the ability to thrive. So why should Palestinians agree to be good prison inmates when their quality of life does not improve. Israel occupied Palestine not the other way around yet they are second clas

30 ) ida fioretti / usa
09/08/2014 04:44
Both governments are to blame and they obscure the obvious with religion, racism and total disregard for humanity. The real issues are about resources, power and control....the rest are used as lame excuses people react emotionally too. Israel needs to quit expanding its borders. Hamas need to quit ranting about doing the same thing. You don't target the United Nations or accept the horrendous slaughter of children. The US needs to quit allowing our Congress to be bought.

31 ) Rabiah / Uk
09/08/2014 07:39
Gaza social media reported over 12 hours ago that Israel pulled its negotiators out of Cairo and Netanyahu ordered the Israeli military to resume bombings. The Israeli gunboats moved back into position and the first reported attack hit an unoccupied field around the same time. The first fatalities were reported 10 hours ago in Beit Hanoun, where Israelis bombed a mosque, killing a 10 year old child and wounding 10 people. Plz pray for Palestinians. Brave ppl of this world

32 ) Mex [fr] / Tex
09/08/2014 10:31
Who of you would open your doors to let in someone who has declared to they are going to kill each one in your house? Why would the State of Israel open its border crossings to allow in terrorists who have declared they are going to kill each and every citizen living in the State of Israel? Why aren't you pressuring Egypt to open its borders for the terrorists to freely travel to and fro through their country? Get real.

33 ) David / UK
09/08/2014 11:42
Both sides are doing wrong, of course; it is obvious to the whole world that Israel is doing the biggest wrong. Jews are dissociating themselves from Israel. The world is sicked by the actions Israel is taking to "defend" themselves. When that boy lost 18 of his family, the war should have stopped, that was a pivotal moment. ALL peoples of the world should do ALL they can to prevent anymore bloodshed. But unfortunately around the place are human beings with their own pathetic view points.

34 ) Maureen / Australia
09/08/2014 13:16
#27 Arnold Remember this, "he who laughs last, laughs best." Carry on with all the hasbara propaganda you like, the fact is, Hamas was constructing health and education facilities. It was such infrastructure and social programs that looked too permanent for Israel! There was also the beginnings of democracy re political elections - Hamas won the election. USrael stirred trouble between Palestinian factions. Be truthful laughing man, you and USrael do not want Palestinian right to autonomy.

35 ) steven / australia
09/08/2014 13:45
Only one side is right and one wrong, Israel is the oppressor, the Palestinians are the oppressed. Their land has been occupied, houses, stolen, their people repressed, massacred, displaced and dispossessed, and they are fighting back for their just, human, national, civil, political rights. Their resistance is righteous. No Palestinian or Pal. organisation could ever do anything as bad as has been done to them by the Zionists of Israel.
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