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Israel says soldier captured, confusion over responsibility
Published Friday 01/08/2014 (updated) 02/08/2014 19:12
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GAZA CITY (Ma'an) -- The Israeli military on Friday said that an Israeli soldier had been captured earlier in the day, confirming hours of speculation amid intense clashes and shelling near Rafah.

An Israeli military spokeswoman told Ma'an that she could confirm a "suspected abduction" of an Israeli soldier in the area, while a Hamas political leader took responsibility for attacking the soldiers but not for capturing any.

The military said in a statement that at around 9:30 a.m., "an attack was executed against (Israeli) forces operating to decommission a tunnel."

"Initial indication suggests that an (Israeli) soldier has been abducted by terrorists during the incident."

The military named the captured soldier as Hadar Goldin, 23. It said that two other soldiers were killed in the attack.

Hamas confirmed that their forces had carried out the attack, but denied any connection to the capture itself and strongly contested the chronology of events put forward by Israel.

Senior Hamas leader Osama Hamdan said Friday that Israel is "claiming" that a soldier is missing to "cover up its crimes."

Hamdan said in a statement to France 24 channel that "Israel claims that a soldier was captured to hide their crimes and to divert the public opinion to speak of the captured soldier instead."

"We do not have any information about a captured soldier," he added, highlighting that no soldier was captured by any Palestinian faction.

His statements of denial come after an earlier al-Qassam statement which claimed responsibility for an operation targeting Israeli soldiers.

The Hamas-affiliated al-Qassam Brigades said earlier that the attack had occurred before the ceasefire began, explaining: "There had not been any Israeli soldiers in eastern Rafah for the past 20 days. But as soon as the ceasefire was announced, Israeli movement in the area began at around 2:00 a.m. (They moved) 2.5 kilometers into eastern Rafah."

"In response to that, our fighters clashed with Israeli soldiers in Rafah at 7:00 a.m., killing and injuring many."

"Israel is committing crimes against our people," the statement continued. "The latest are the random shelling and airstrikes at people in eastern Rafah, violating the ceasefire, and disregarding the international efforts put into this deal," al-Qassam said in a statement.

"It is the occupation which violated the ceasefire. The Palestinian resistance acted based on ... the right to self defense (and) to stop the massacres of our people," spokesman Fawzi Barhum said in a statement.

The operation reportedly began after a Palestinian blew himself up near an Israeli military post east of Rafah, causing a large number of soldiers to move to the area to defend the post.

Following the explosion, fighters emerged from tunnels nearby and captured an Israeli soldier.

In response to the attack, Israeli forces launched a massive artillery attack on eastern Rafah, with at least 35 dead and more than 200 injured so far.

The Israeli army, security services, and the Shin Bet intelligence agency were currently said to be searching for the captured soldier, as intense shelling continued to rain down on Rafah.

The capture is the second such incident since Israel launched its massive assault on the Gaza Strip 24 days ago. On July 20, Hamas militants said that they had captured Oron Shaul.

Although the Israeli military initially denied the reports, they later confirmed that Oron Shaul had been killed but his body had not been recovered, suggesting that Hamas had the soldier's body.

In the past, Israel has agreed to release Palestinian prisoners kept in Israeli jails in exchange for kidnapped Israeli soldiers, and Hamas has called for soldiers to be captured with this aim.

Currently, more than 6,000 Palestinians are being held in Israeli jails, hundreds of which are being held under administrative detention without charge or trial for indefinite periods of time.

The last time Hamas captured an Israeli soldier was Gilad Shalit in 2006. He detained for six years in the Gaza Strip following the capture, which occurred at the Israel-Gaza Strip border.

Shalit was eventually released as part of a deal in 2011 in exchange for more than 1,000 Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jail.

In June and July, Israel re-arrested dozens of those former prisoners in violation of the deal as part of Operation Brother's Keeper, which targeted Hamas members across the West Bank.

Correction: An earlier version of the story said the al-Qassam Brigades took responsibility for the kidnapping. In fact, an earlier al-Qassam Brigades statement said the group claimed responsibility for the "operation" against Israeli soldiers but did not specifically take responsibility for the capture of a soldier as initially reported.
1 ) todd / canada
01/08/2014 13:58
Hamas seems to think that Israel will fall for that trick again. Seems the only thing the kidnappings are good for is to cause israel a stronger military response. World opinion usually goes AGAINST the kidnappers, and people sympathise with the abducted.

2 ) Karma / Universe
01/08/2014 14:09
Well if Israel hadn't insisted in continuing military operations during the supposed ceasefire ie working on tunnels so that they could get to trash even more of Gaza, their soldier wouldn't have been kidnapped.

3 ) palestine / palestine
01/08/2014 14:56
todd, israel kidnapped over 7000 palestinians, what about them???? and hamas was only responding to israel's crimes,,, israel committed 2 masscres and targeted 2 families early this morning. israel breaks the ceasfire and when palestinians respond they are blamed.. you can take your "world opinion" and stick it where no sun shines.

4 ) JoeFattal / USA
01/08/2014 15:00
It looks Israel underestimated Hamas capabilities.

5 ) Ben Alofs / UK/Netherlands
01/08/2014 15:05
1. Todd. Israel lashes out in response to Hamas resistance fighters capturing an Israeli soldier and earlier killing 5 Israeli soldiers in a mortar attack. Savage Israeli shelling and bombing kills loads of Palestinian civilians. The world is aware of that and of the thousands of Palestinian abductees held in prison by Israel, many of them without charge. When the playing field becomes level it appears that Palestinian fighters are more than a match for Israeli soldiers.

6 ) gazaoui / france
01/08/2014 15:11
Long lives the heroes of palestinian resistance It is unbelevable what they are able to do with so few ! Israel is a coward brutal outlaw state People around the worl are hundred of millions suporting palestinian rights

7 ) Brian Cohen / Israel
01/08/2014 15:11
Karma - why don't you move to Syria or Iraq or Gaza or Sudan and join the Islamofascists you love so much. They will take your karma and cut its head off, of course, since karma has nothing to do with their brand of Islam.

8 ) Mark / UK
01/08/2014 15:14
Let's get something straight here. The soldier was in fact captured on land he was invading and currently occupying. To suggest he was 'kidnapped' is a complete falsification of the truth.

9 ) JewishHeart / Israel
01/08/2014 15:19
Hamas used the ceasefire to kidnap a soldier. An oppurtune moment, a treat of Hudabiya. During wartime, you can't believe a word Hamas says because they practice a wartime practice called al-taqqiya. Its a wartime practice where Islam allows you to lie during war. So I believe Israel over Hamas because Hamas are Muslims that practice al-taqqiya during war.

10 ) DrRee / Earth
01/08/2014 15:56
Stop using the word "kidnapped", he was not kidnapped. He was illegally present on Palestinian territory, not abducted from his house. He came to them, they 'captured' him.

11 ) Mel / USA
01/08/2014 15:57
Israeli Govt doesn't care re:its soldiers,dead or alive,so far.Zionism ONLY has one end in mind.Plan Dalet aka(in 1940's)as the"Final Solution"."Transfer"non-Jews to ethno-apartheid camps,or IMMEDIATE DEATH,to widen Zion (Jewish-Ghetto instilled mentality for GENERATIONS-with good reason)called"Israel".But,no matter what Zionism does,for "Erez(Jews-only)Zion,it will FAIL.That's a MATH,HUMAN GIVEN.Israel MURDERS non-Jews=HATRED AMONG BILLIONS=end of aparthied Israel,no matter what borders it has!

12 ) Joe / US
01/08/2014 15:59
Kidnapping is of course not a usual act of war or legal act of war; but like it or not what we have is not a war between two sides, but colonial settlers dispossessing and killing on the one side, and resistance on the other. What ever we think, regardless of terroristic tactics, religion and extremism (on both sides) - this is the reality we need to confront. And best we can do in the US is to ask out tax dollars not be channeled towards colonial settlers. Of course Israel is not bad for arms$

13 ) javid / India kashmir
01/08/2014 16:04
Contenue military operation cant be called as seaze fire....military operation is bound to meet resistance.

14 ) Newsreader / -
01/08/2014 16:04
According to reports on Twitter, Hamas struck big this time. The soldier is a British Israeli and cousin/relative of Moshe Yaalon, the Israeli Defense Minister. Geneva Conventions apply, so that makes him a soldier taken Prisoner of War in Palestine.

15 ) Zulu / South Africa
01/08/2014 16:16
Hamas is celebrating the kidnapping of one Soldier and the remains of another. They have had hundreds of their fighters surrender and arrested by the Israelis, why is this not been published. Could it be that the news is deliberately been skewed by the press. Do not make the mistake of pushing the Hebrews too far, those people are God's chosen and they have survived against countless enemies in the past, whose empires were far greater than anything that has come from Islam.

16 ) Donna / US
01/08/2014 16:17
These are soldiers not civilians. Israel kills civilians Hamas target soldiers! Hamas are moral Israel is barbaric!

17 ) Nieves / US
01/08/2014 16:27
Israel has been kidnapping Palestinians for a very long time. They call it "an arrest". there are thousands of Palestinians being held as hostages in Israeli prisons. Many with no charge and many are of them are children. Didn't they beat up an American teenager and took him (kidnapped) on tape?

18 ) random / United States
01/08/2014 16:43
Inna ma'al mu'minoon. Hey Todd, They are just defending themselves. Enjoying the ceasefire, minding our own business. Then the zionists start shelling the blessed people of Rafa during the ceasefire. So, its pure self defense. 1 thing is for sure... I'd rather be captured by Hamas than be an Israeli prisoner. Those heartless Israeli's shoot kids, I wonder what they'd do to prisoners. BTW, Shilat looked very healthy to me when he was released.

19 ) Adnan / UK
01/08/2014 16:48
Shame on you people who have dont care about the Hundreds of Palestinians illegally held captive by Israel, shows how humane israel supporters are

20 ) guy / usa
01/08/2014 16:49
from the UN press The United Nations said it was informed by Israel of "a serious incident this morning after the start of the humanitarian ceasefire at 8:00 am (0500 GMT), involving a tunnel behind IDF (army) lines in the Rafah area."

21 ) bruce / america
01/08/2014 16:53
seems the Israeli trolls are out in force, why not get off the land you invaded over 60 years ago? how about you pick on someone more your size, like Iran, oh, but you wont do that, as all of Israel will be erased from the map

22 ) Arnold / Canada
01/08/2014 17:03
If the Israeli soldier has indeed been catured by Hamas or any other military group then this IDF is a POW. This is not the same as Gilad Shalit who was captured/kidnapped during a quiet no combattant period of time. Therefore this IDF is to be treated with human dignity and the Red Cross is mandated to see that he is alive and is being treated fairly.

23 ) Irie / earth
01/08/2014 17:29
I have noticed some people referring to Israelis as God's people? Is this how God people handle their business? I beg to differ, this mess in Gaza is nothing but the devils work..greed selfshness power and control..

24 ) Rafael / USA
01/08/2014 17:30
First Hamas officials announced they succeeded in "Unique Operation" which suicide bomber killed two Israeli soldiers and captured a third. Now they realize this is not playing well in world opinion they are trying to backtrack. The Palestinians who cheered this, should think about the cause and affect. Kill 3 teenagers and look what the affect was a war that is devastating Gaza. The very predictable outcome of not honoring the ceasefire this way will be the turning of Gaza into Sodom & Gemora.

25 ) Ann / Malaysia
01/08/2014 17:34
Israel is a terrorist state. Hamas are resistance fighters against barbaric Israel army, with no morality & cowards by killing children, women, elderly & the sick in hospital. What morality Israel has when school, hospital, mosque, UN shelters were bombarded?

26 ) Reporter / Israel
01/08/2014 17:47
Hamas took Millions of dollars to build dozens of terror tunnels instead develop and ensure the welfare of Gaza residents with this money. Hamas choose Death for Gazan people by firing from hospitals, schools and privet homes, beating and killing citizens who tried to run for their life, just to show another picture of dead children after they forced them to stay in the war zone. Do not be a pawn in the hands of Hamas, Think why Egypt and Saudi Arabia are silently backing up Israel's act.

27 ) Liam / UK
01/08/2014 17:55
People, he was kidnapped during a CEASEFIRE. Two Israeli soldiers were killed during a CEASEFIRE. Even if Hamas didn't understand the message, they are guilty and 100% responsible for the ensuing fighting.

28 ) Liam / UK
01/08/2014 17:57
Donna, seriously. Please stop the madness. All of those Hamas rockets being shot into Israel are being shot towards Israeli soldiers, right?

29 ) Avigdor Lieberman / Tel Aviv
01/08/2014 18:10
palestinian muslim and christian arabs live under a jewish martial law. would americans like to live under chinese martial law? it was white christian men that killed jews in germany , so why are arabs and muslims being blamed and forced to pay the price? why not give UK to the jews, or is it that they want to defy god by returning to the holy land that they were expelled from for thousands of years. americans dont care because they live as an occupier of the true native american indians

30 ) @ Arnold-22 / USA
01/08/2014 18:36
Hamas has always conducted war, in total disregard for the rules war
(both targeting civilians & using civilians as human-shields), so there is
No Expectation this soldier will be treated with humanely, or
to allowed any Red Cross visits, and
Though there may be "confusion over responsibility" for his capture,
There Should be confusion over the Response, where
Raphia Should become A Complete Waste-Land, as Israel searches for him, with civilians warned about risks of staying !!!

31 ) Tom / US
01/08/2014 18:39
@ 22 does Israel treat civilians fairly argue boy? No it kills them indiscriminately. This is a active occupying soldier!

32 ) Carlos / usa
01/08/2014 19:15
the israeli soldier captured should be treated like Palestinians captured. They are executed by israel. However Hamas has so much more morals than israel. Read about israel treatment of innocent family whose son was burned to death. The US citizen beaten by israeli police is the cousin of the israeli Palestinian citizen who was murdered by israeli terrorist. I find it hard to differentiate between israeli police and terrorists. http://mondoweiss.net/author/maxblumenthal.

33 ) Maureen / Australia
01/08/2014 20:09
#14 "Cousin of Yaaon." False flag?

34 ) Citizen / Earth
01/08/2014 20:30
No matter how many reasonable people keep repeating "PoW", the Western leaders and media will keep saying "kidnapped Israeli" and will shed crocodile tears for his fate. Forget about the 1500 dead Palestinians, ONE Israeli PoW is far more important than any number of killed innocent Palestinians.

35 ) Shay / USA
01/08/2014 22:12
All of you that support Hamas on this board are part of the problem leading to the killing of innocent people in Gaza. There is no need to support Israel if your sympathies are with the people of Gaza. However, if you support the stupidity and ridiculousness of Hamas, then you are part of the problem causing more innocent people in Gaza to die.

36 ) some one / some wher
02/08/2014 00:16
gazaoui / france then what are you doing in ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF FRANCE?

37 ) abu moe / usa
02/08/2014 00:46
Two for now hope they get more and their mom will cry as the arab mom do.

38 ) AKeenReader / UK
02/08/2014 00:49
Israeli's are very quick in providing aerial photography of their targets when it suits them. So in order to avoid confusion they should provide aerial evidence considering they have plenty of drones or other surveylance planes in the air with proper timing as to when the actual fighting with militants took place in Rafah. It will prove once and for all who is telling the truth. They won't.

39 ) jennie / NewZealand
02/08/2014 01:36
It appears only Palestinians can be grabbed off the street for no other reason than an Israeli soldier feels like it. They do this in defense of course, where as if an Israeli soldier is captured while trying to kill Palestinians this becomes abduction.

40 ) virgile / USA
02/08/2014 01:49
The kidnapping of an Israeli soldier invading Gaza is totally justified and long overdue.

41 ) Nidal / USA
02/08/2014 01:51
@ Arnold. If in fact he was kidnapped, which Hamas denies, it is in Hamas is best interest to keep him alive. For some reason, people think the last soldier Hamas claimed captured is dead just because IDF says so. IDF confirmed his death only to get the family off their back. More lies from IDF and Israel. They cant keep up with the lies. The world is starting to see the truth.

42 ) Lez / New Zealand
02/08/2014 02:32
If this captured person is British then he must be a mercenary therefore he does not come under the usual rules It will be very interesting to see how this pans out?

43 ) Arnold / Canada
02/08/2014 02:33
This soldier is a POW. That means he is to be treated humanely and to be visited by the Red Cross.

44 ) Antonio d / Palestinian uk
02/08/2014 03:40
These seems like more propaganda by the Israelis once again. Their solution to this would be, hey let's kill more children. I don't personally wish death upon any human being. However,the intentions of the IDF soldier, completely outweighs Hamas' desires of a liberal 2 state solutions. No suppression. No control. So, I say, so be the Israelis soldiers destiny. God bless Palestine.

45 ) james bell / NZ
02/08/2014 06:54
Can't the world just let Hamas get on with killing all the Jews now rather than later

46 ) Carol Scheller / Switzerland
02/08/2014 10:28
Nothing is clear here.

47 ) Rette / USA
02/08/2014 10:28
Israel sends twitter & paper notices to warn civilians that they are going to attack their homes, schools, hospitals where Hamas is storing weapons or shooting rockets from. Hamas discourages civilians from leaving, encourages them to risk dying for their crazy cause. Hamas has spent millions building tunnels to attack Israeli civilians through these tunnels, rather than use those millions to lift their people out of poverty. The Palestinians are being used by the rest of the Arab nations.

48 ) N.Griffin / England
02/08/2014 13:09
@42: Actually Lez, its only jihadist terrorists (Muslims) that are not allowed to join foreign armies. Britain is very quick to arrest and imprison them. As for other dual nationals, like British/Israeli's, my understanding is that the British government doesn't have a problem with it. After all, our government stands behind Israel, why would it mind if our British nationals fight for them.

49 ) Maureen / Australia
02/08/2014 15:01
#43 Arnold "Treated humanely." If he is a POW, are you afraid he may be treated as the Zionists treat Palestinian people?

50 ) Kim / Everywhere
02/08/2014 15:37
How can the expressions "kidnapping" or "abduction" be used to describe capturing the enemy? Did the allies "abduct" thousands of German soldiers during WW2. Maybe the Germans knew they were going to be sent to "abduction" camps and they loved the originality of that?

51 ) urbigotshere / usa
09/08/2014 17:54
You guys bitch these kids,children really were illegally on foreign land. I agree, but does that give them the right to kill them. Both sides target civilians, you wear blinfs, pick and choose your bigotry. And 2000 people is not genocide. You can't even recognize a real genocide, like ISIL/ISIS/IS who have killed about that amount a day. u can't deny that they are proudly documenting these atrocities. If there was no iron done, how many civillians from israel would die? Not targeting them
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