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Israeli shelling of Shujaiyya market kills 17 despite ceasefire
Published Wednesday 30/07/2014 (updated) 01/08/2014 13:45
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(MaanImages/Ministry of Health)
BETHLEHEM (Ma'an) -- Despite a four-hour humanitarian ceasefire that began at 3:00 p.m., Israeli forces on Wednesday afternoon shelled a market in Shujaiyya as well as number of homes across the Gaza Strip, killing at least 35.

Gaza Ministry of Health spokesman Ashraf al-Qidra said around 6 p.m. that an Israeli airstrike had hit Shujaiyya market, killing at least 17, including a journalist, and injuring 200, including many seriously.

The Red Cross confirmed the numbers, saying many of the injured would need to be amputated.

Thick black smoke billowed over the site in the war-torn Shujaiyya neighborhood as at least five ambulances raced to the scene where bodies lay strewn on the ground, an AFP correspondent said.

A bloodied, limp lifeless body lay in a pool of petrol and mud, his head crushed, one of at least 17 dead.

It was supposed to have been a rare pause for Gaza's battered population of 1.8 million to go out in safety to stock up on goods, and for medics to evacuate the dead and wounded.

Instead, there was further bloody mayhem with more than 30 people killed across Gaza in the first three hours alone, sending the death toll from 23 days of unrelenting Israeli attacks soaring above 1,300.

A Ma'an reporter on the scene said that Israeli artillery had fired several shells at civilians in the market, adding that ambulances and civilian vehicles were still transporting the wounded and the killed to al-Shifa Hospital.

The Ministry of Health in Gaza said that the dead including a journalist and two paramedics, as well as a member of the civil defense crews.

Sources named the journalist as Rami Ryan, a photographer for the Palestinian Network for Journalism and Media.

Bodies were still being pulled from the rubble, with medics estimating that dozens had been killed and injured.

The victims of the Shujaiyya attack were named as: Mohammad Mazen Moussa Fouda, Ahmad Abd al-Karim Hannoun, Sa'di Sa'di Faraj, Hussein Said Karira, Hamdi Sa'di Abu Roz, Abd al-Karim Hussein al-Silik, Ahed Ziyad al-Ghirbali , Abd al-Aziz Ibrahim al-Biltaji, Lina Alaa al-Silik, Abd al-Aziz Mohammad al-Silik, Abd al-Halim Mohammad al-Silik, Mutaz Bassam Deeb, Mahmoud Mohammad Rajab, Muath Khalid Tayih, Malak Jalal al-Silik, Umnia Mohammad al-Silik, and Layan Nael al-Silik.

That attack brought the toll since the ceasefire began to at least 35.

The new deaths included Asim Ahmad Baraka, 25, who died of wounds sustained in Khan Younis shelling.

Imad Ali Asfour died of injuries sustained in shelling on eastern Khan Younis.

Four were killed in shelling on a home in al-Qarara in Khan Younis. The dead were identified as Suheib Salama, Abdullah Fayyad, Ibrahim al-Astal and a fourth unidentified man.

Strikes were also reported in Juhr al-Dik, al-Bureij, Deir al-Balah, and many other districts across Gaza.

One airstrike hit the al-Basha building in Gaza, which houses a number of press offices.

Earlier, five were killed including Muhammad Wissam Dardona, Hussam al-Najjas, Hussam Muhammad al-Najjar, Shaaban Abdulaziz al-Jamal and Alaa Judi Khader.

The Israeli military said, meanwhile, that during the unilaterally-declared ceasefire Hamas had fired 26 rockets into Israel. No damage or injuries were reported.

The violations of the ceasefire brought the day's total Palestinian deaths to 105, as the total Palestinian death toll in the 23-day offensive hit 1,327 with more than 7,000 injured.

Yoav Mordechai, Israel's coordinator of government activities in the Palestinian Territories, said earlier that Israeli forces would stop attacks for four hours starting at 3 p.m.

Mordechai said Israeli forces would only target areas where rockets were being fired at Israel.

An Israeli army statement added that the "humanitarian window will not apply to the areas in which (army) soldiers are currently operating."

"Residents must not return to areas that have previously been asked to evacuate," the statement said, adding the the army would respond to all fire from Palestinian militants throughout the limited ceasefire.

It was not immediately clear whether Palestinian factions would respect the limited, brief truce.

Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri said that Israel imposed the ceasefire only for "media consumption."

Abu Zuhri said the truce was "worthless" given that it excluded parts of the Gaza Strip where Israeli forces were operating.

The deadliest Israeli attack on Wednesday was a shelling on a UN-designated shelter in Jabaliya refugee camp which left at least 16 dead.

Chris Gunness, the spokesman for the UN's Palestinian refugee agency, condemned the attack in a statement made on Twitter.

"UNRWA condemns in the strongest possible terms this serious violation of international law by Israeli forces," Gunness said.

"Precise location of Jabalia Elementary Girls School #Gaza & that it housed 3,000 displaced was communicated to Israeli army 17 times," he said in another tweet.
1 ) AKeenReader / UK
30/07/2014 15:36
It's not humanitarian ceasefire but just to give a trouble free destruction of tunnels and solidify their forces in Gaza. DON'T TRUST THESE BASTA*RDS

2 ) Humphrey Sunnington-Brydon / UK
30/07/2014 16:19
Plenty of time for the people of the land of Israel, to donate humanitarian aid and re-supply: blood, medical supplies, water, fuel, fresh food, blankets and mattresses through the Erez Crossing into Gaza. To help the Palestinian hostages, and for the truck drivers to return. Israel Chai. You will see there will be newsreel footage of markets, with fresh food having miraculously delivered, and being sold in Gaza.

3 ) jos? van dijk / nederland
30/07/2014 17:27
I just started to ask around on facebook which country can be a place to have a war criminal court. I was thinking of SouthAfrica, Indonesia or Chili. This was just a start. Better ofcourse Palestinians do this themselves, but we are in a hurry, aren't we?

4 ) Mel / USA
30/07/2014 18:20
You are nothing Israel!
You ZIONIST brutality &cruelty NEGATES your Israeli existance,without ANY INTERFERENCE from anyone else.
You are your own WORST enemy AND WE WANT NOTHING TO DO WITH YOU,until you DIVEST from extremist Zionism.Know your OWN enemies before you punish others for YOUR CRIMES!

5 ) bb / us
30/07/2014 18:36
Do not let up, they will surrender very soon. Hamas is in confusion. Soon all will be safe, and Hamas disarmed.

6 ) Larry / Israel
30/07/2014 18:38
As an American working and living at this time in Israel, I find it difficult to believe that the Israelis actually shelled a market in Shujaiyya for no purpose other than killing people. The Israelis are target conscious, meaning that they want to kill terrorists but they kill them where ever they are whether hiding in a mosque, a school or a civilian building. I have also observed that it is the Israelis who want to avoid civilian deaths as Hamas uses it to promote its sick scheme of terror.

7 ) kafantaris / USA
30/07/2014 19:05
"It's a hell of a pinpoint operation!"

8 ) Tyrone Barrett / England
30/07/2014 19:08
I'm gutted this is happening and no one seems to care. Israel is getting away with this. This is a crime against humans. This needs to stop now.

9 ) Jim Hyder / USA
30/07/2014 19:47
I cannot stop. I cannot stop calling senators and Congress, twittering all about Gaza and the murderous Zionist attacks on hospitals, schools, play grounds, zoo,and even graveyards. I will not stop trying to stop these Zionazis.

10 ) Israel told Obama to go / F**K himself
30/07/2014 20:14
the war to destroy HAMAS is going on prepare for many more dead

11 ) Mel / USA
30/07/2014 20:19
Obama! WeThe People have to dump this crock of extremist Zionist sh*t that has usurped &abused the name "Israel".This is NOT THE ISRAEL you or any of us aspire to.That Zionist "dream"has been defecated on by Israel's Jabotinsky Zio-Nazi whackjobs from Bibi,Lieberman,Livni,Sharon,Meir,Ben Gurion &right down to lower levels of Bennett,Yishai,Rotem,Goldstein,Kahane etc.They are NOT of an Israel we want!! ISRAEL.http://www.democracynow.org/2014/7/30/henry_siegman_leading_voice_of_us?autostart=true

12 ) Tyrone Barrett / England
30/07/2014 20:22
England put Israel in Israel with the signing of the Balfour in 1917, this is what this shit is about.Someone needs to be put on trial for the inhume crulty that is happening in Gaza. Why is the world letting this happen. Shame on use all for not standing up for the rights of human beings. Jews must be careful it wasn't long ago that use where nearly whiped of the face of this earth. People never forget. You will never have peace,no matter how far you take this war.

13 ) Jay / USA
30/07/2014 20:44
Mel you see an insane lunatic. Mana distorts the truth on every study they write. They never mention the fact that Hamas uses the market to fire at Israel. They never mention that Hamas uses the UN school to fire sat Israel. They never me the fact that Hamas hides under civilian houses and buildings. You see a fool Mel.

14 ) Tibi / Tubas
30/07/2014 20:54
that keep using the people as Human-Shields.

15 ) Maureen / Australia
30/07/2014 21:06
#12 Tyronne Barrett "Why." The Zioneocons migrated to the US from the former Soviet Union and now occupies the USA. Another answer is the WMD industry. Just follow the Revisionist Zionist agenda/their own scripts and so called holy books and your question will be answered. BTW Revisionist Zionists (the mob in power in USrael) are not real Jews!

16 ) Maisie / UK
30/07/2014 21:13
Let's wait for Marie Harf or Jen Psaki speaking for the US State Department to declare something to the effect that we ought not be too quick to jump to conclusions about who is responsible for this carnage. They are Goebellettes and, were they not so busy obfuscating on behalf of POTUS, could be doing PR for the devil - for Gaza has turned into Hell and the wrong people are in that Hell.

17 ) mike.israel / israel
30/07/2014 21:29
How many dead in syria today? can somebody tell me or are you too busy counting your own bodies.?

18 ) Michael / Iraly
30/07/2014 21:37
If it takes ten citizens to be killed for every one Hamas solider taken out, this is a calculation that the majority of Arab Governments will accept. They too want Hamas gone. As you can plainly see there is hardly any protest in Arab governments and the reason for this quietness is that they too want Hamas gone.

19 ) Boil / Romania
30/07/2014 22:07
@12 Do you mean ''wiped'' of the face of the earth? Because if you do that is exactly what is demanded by the Hamas Charter. So Israel will and have done everything to protect their citizens, the Christian, Druze, Moslems, Jewish and Bedouin citizens.

20 ) Arnold / Canada
30/07/2014 22:20
Have you noticed how plump the women are and how strapping fit the men are. And the cute little children How is that possible. I have been reading for years that the Gazans are starving to death. Treated worse than the Nazis treated the Jews in the Warsaw Ghetto. Is it possible the media has been lying to me all these years?

21 ) @mike / hell
31/07/2014 00:19
#17,mike why don't you thugs stop killing there too.. as israel and the us divide Iraq while all this is going on

22 ) Colin Wright / USA
31/07/2014 00:26
'Israeli shelling of Shujaiyya market kills 17 despite ceasefire.' Despite? Ahem. Ceasefires are only binding on Israel's opponents -- never on Israel herself. That's always been the case. This is a fundamental precept of Zionism. Get with the program, guys.

23 ) Colin Wright / USA
31/07/2014 00:28
To Arnold #20: 'Treated worse than the Nazis treated the Jews in the Warsaw Ghetto. Is it possible the media has been lying to me all these years?' So that's what you've been reduced to? Claiming the Zionists aren't as bad as the Nazis -- yet, anyway. That's your defense?

24 ) Judith / Canada
31/07/2014 01:35
Arnold your comment is uneducated. Gaza is a huge prison but the Palestinians do produce a lot of their own food. Nobody said they were starving but many children from poorer families are greatly malnourished. Aren't the poorer people in Canada and USA often obese? The pro Israeli commentators could show a humane side they might gain more support. These comments are just petty and sickening.

25 ) Abdul / India
31/07/2014 02:07
The cruel israel can never leave in peace with anyone.It has occupied palestine land.It has forced palestine people out of their own land.The cruel israel is doing massacre of innocent palestine women&children.It has fought with all its neighbouring countries.It has also occupied the land of Lebanon.It keeps violating UN&International law.After doing massacre it blatantly lie to the world.It practices aperthehd against palestine people.Can anybody coexist with this cruel occupier israel?Never.Th

26 ) carine / UK
31/07/2014 02:11
FFS why is this lunatic army getting away with the slaughter of innocent civilians - and don't tell me Hamas is firing from the vicinity and using civilians as human shields - that propaganda excuse has passed it's sell-by date! It's time the Nutter Yahoo and his cohorts are made to face the consequences of their sick actions - in the Hague. We're quick enough to bring other war criminals to book, why not them?

27 ) John / Canada
31/07/2014 03:03
How come no one is talking about palestinian starving to death in Yarmouk refugee camp in Syria? http://www.presstv.ir/detail/2014/07/27/373031/residents-at-damascus-yarmouk-camp-in-dire-need-of-aid/ Why since 1957 the Arab league not permitting Palestinians to get their citizenship, right to buy land or equal right in any muslim countries. Even after 5years of living in that country.

28 ) paul / Norway
31/07/2014 16:31
Hamas guy walks into a park with 40 civilians. 41 people dont walk out.

29 ) it is war, / you know
31/07/2014 17:35
and israel is bombing all rocket sites!

31/07/2014 18:31
If we want to do something in order to change the world, we must remove our MONEY from the banks without reinjecting it in the economy

31/07/2014 18:32
If we want to do something in order to change the world, we must remove our MONEY from the banks without reinjecting it in the economy.

32 ) Mohammed Ameen / South Africa
31/07/2014 23:10
Lets not forget,this is not about Hamas,this is about Israel needing the energy reserves in the Gaza Marine. Murdering Zionists Cowards!!!

33 ) David / USA
05/08/2014 23:15
Hamas didn't care how many gazans would be killed since dead babies 'help' their cause (only in their warped world.) Israel had every right to turn Gaza to dust as it was attacked. Hamas could have stopped at any time and everything would have stopped- BUT THEY DIDN'T. Hamas are war criminals, not Israel. The anti-Semitic blowhards here need to wake up. Maan must get off giving a forum to these pinheads.
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