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Watch: Qassam fighters infiltrate Israel, kill soldier
Published Tuesday 29/07/2014 (updated) 01/08/2014 16:14
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Screenshot taken from video aired on Hamas' al-Aqsa channel, which
purports to show fighters from the al-Qassam Brigades infiltrating
Israel through a tunnel and killing an Israeli soldier.
BETHLEHEM (Ma'an) -- A video aired on the Hamas-affiliated al-Aqsa TV station late Tuesday purports to show fighters from its military wing infiltrating Israel and killing a soldier.

The video, which has not been verified by Ma'an, shows several al-Qassam Brigades fighters climb out through a tunnel and enter an Israeli military base before engaging in a firefight with soldiers.

The footage then shows the militants killing a soldier, and later shows a masked fighter holding an Israeli assault rifle presumably taken during the raid.

The group said 10 soldiers were killed in the attack on the Nahal Oz military base on Monday, while the Israeli military had confirmed at least five of its soldiers were killed.

Faces of the Hamas fighters are covered with black dots throughout the video and their voices are covered by a bleep noise, but the sound of what seems to be a soldier screaming is later heard underneath the bleeps.

Before the video was aired, al-Qassam Brigades' commander Muhammad Deif made a televised statement on al-Aqsa TV.

"We have deliberately targeted Israeli military targets while our enemy targets civilians and children," Deif said.

"We will not accept any middle-ground solution," Deif said. "There will not be a ceasefire without the stopping of the offensive and a lifting of the siege."

Directly after the airing of the video, rocket sirens were heard in the greater Tel Aviv area.

The Israeli army has confirmed the deaths of 53 soldiers during its ground offensive on Gaza.

Two Israeli civilians have been killed in rocket attacks on Israel, in addition to one Thai migrant worker.

Some 1,210 Palestinians have been killed during the Israeli offensive, with rights groups estimating that around 80 percent of those dead have been civilians.
1 ) david / usa`
29/07/2014 23:35
this is a disproportionate response . 4 hamas fighters against 1 Israeli soldier.

2 ) Sarah / The Netherlands
29/07/2014 23:49
I don't like to look how people are getting killed, but I feel respect for Hamas they are killing only terrorist "soldiers". "Israel" only kill children, women and elderly. Shame on you! Stay strong Gaza, there are so many people standing with you, "Israelis" are losing more and more! G-d bless you, please stay safe (I don't know how but you know what I mean) I wish I could do more, it feels helpless to see you all suffer.

3 ) christian palestinian / usa
30/07/2014 00:21
God bless these courageous freedom fighters! The whole world hopes they are victorious!

4 ) To Mr David / Malaysia
30/07/2014 00:31
Do u think israel air force against civilians is disproportionate ? by the way that israel base at least have 4 soldiers , they all died, that one you mentioned they try to kidnap him. Dont pity the army who killed 1210 civilians in 3 weeks.

5 ) Jos? Ramos Delgado / SPAIN - UE
30/07/2014 00:37
... more rockets over fake Israel, more attacks and more Islamic Jihad around the world. Allah akbar.

6 ) Mike / Finland
30/07/2014 00:38
As sad it is to watch people dying, I had to push myself to see it, in order to not cut myself from the suffering of Palestinians. Really the whole reputation and morality of Western jurisprudence and everything is also on display here as to how decrepit it is; and how hollowed out; and how it really represents nothing. It’s sad not only for the Palestinian people who are dying, but the morality... any claim to any morality by Western governments is also dying in Gaza as we speak.

7 ) Arnold / Canada
30/07/2014 00:39
Strange to have a lone soldier there. What bothers me is what did they do to the body after they killed the soldier.

8 ) American citizen / Usa
30/07/2014 00:49
Good to see the courageous Palestinian people defending themselves!

9 ) some one / some where
30/07/2014 00:58
Sarah / The Netherlands be happy Netherlands will be islamic republic and you must be subject to women circumcision and you feel lot better with your ugly .......

10 ) Shame on you / Norway
30/07/2014 01:02
Sara! Shame on you! Israel is dealing with a terror organization, who fired rockets to all over the country, in order to kill innocent people! Hamas take all the money that they get from America, from qatrar to build to tunnels. Instead of using the money for the people! To build schools, and hospitals they invest the money in order to kill Jews! You have absolutely no idea what are you talking about! They use poor Palestinian kids as a human shield.

11 ) Michael / Italy
30/07/2014 01:07
Now we know why so many gaza citizens are die-ing --- Hamas is fighting in holes in the ground and forcing the people to be ABOVE GROUND, while they get to be protected.

12 ) Baldwin / UK
30/07/2014 01:07
Israeli soldiers die, defending their civilians Gaza civilians die. human shields for Hamas those who see no difference are blind or glorify murderers. Girt wilders warns rightly Europe will pay for its crassness

13 ) Israeli citizen / Israel
30/07/2014 01:08
Some 1,210 Palestinians have been killed during the Israeli offensive Remember that if you don't' we will remind you

14 ) Robert in zio controlled USA / zio usa
30/07/2014 01:13
"this is a disproportionate response". Thanks David for the chutzpah, as you know the Palestinians have been on the receiving end of disproportionate responses for decades. Our thanks to the brave Resistance brigade troops. Palestine now and forever!

15 ) Outlier / USA
30/07/2014 01:16
That Qassam fighters would distribute a video showing someone being killed speaks volumes about them and about Palestinian society as a whole. It isn't a positive commentary.

16 ) David / USA
30/07/2014 01:17
Have to admit, the Hamas raid was well planned and executed. I'd like to ask the IDF "What the hell was going on? Don't your soldiers know how to post guards and lookouts?" How could Hamas get INSIDE the post? It's unbelievable! On the other hand, all of Hamas's rockets are 'aimed' at civilian population areas, so their boast "We only go after soldiers while they attack our children" is a crock of horse manure. Sarah, you really are a tool!

17 ) Julien / Belgium
30/07/2014 01:22
It's to unreal. It seem honestly it's a footage, or something like that of the israeli psychological war. Look at the video, a group of fighter approch the tower on open ground, in day time in front of a israeli tower. Anybody haver ever seen this kind of tower? Nobody seem to saw them. And 4 man with rifles use to lose precious minutes to kill 1 single soldier? It's an insult for the courage and the sense of honnor of the Hamas fighters. I prefer to use the term of Palestinian fighters.

18 ) Rosa / US
30/07/2014 01:29
@ 2 Sara superbly said!

19 ) JoeFattal / USA
30/07/2014 01:40
That's a guerrilla warfare that Israeli ground forces has not the experience to engage the Palestinians in combat. And Gaza is an urban guerrilla warfare region, and that's where you find weapons and all sort of amunition, not because Hamas or any other militants hide behind the civilians or using them as a human shield as Israel claim. If Israel wants to beat Hamas they need to look at that video and learn from it and go inside Gaza and fight Hamas on their own ground. That if they can.

20 ) Robert / US
30/07/2014 02:00
FREEDOM !!!!!! FOR ALL !!!!

21 ) Leainaa / Uk
30/07/2014 02:11
4 against 1 soldier doesn't seem fair? What about the innocent unarmed civilians who fight against fully trained soldiers who have weapons with them, is that fair, NO!!!. Atleast Hamas are targeting idf not innocent women or children! Al-Qassam are brave and are freedom fighters targeting idf not civilians! Where as idf have killed 1000 people and roughly more than 80% being civilians and half being women and children. Mr puppet(Obama) needs to stop funding the idf and support the truth.

22 ) re. David / USA
30/07/2014 02:21
fuck you, Israel is backed and funded and supported by US , of course its disproportionate

23 ) jason / usa
30/07/2014 02:32
poor sarah doesn't understand that there are civilians in tel aviv as well. The four month old baby beduin girl injured by ball bearing rocket wasn't a soldier. Rahat doesn't have soldiers.

24 ) Moe / Palestine /usa
30/07/2014 02:55
May Allah stand with them for the first time the Zionist are feeling the pressure long live Palestine it's our land and we will get it back and all Zionist will go back to there holes were ever they came from

25 ) Danae Rojas / Chile
30/07/2014 03:17
I feel so proud of the brave palestinian soldiers. They are fighting against a coward monster. Incredible, now David is Palestinian and Goliath is Israeli. May the Lord give you the strength to resist.

26 ) US / taxpayer
30/07/2014 03:28
The Freedom Fighter's should have made the terrorist israeli swallow gasoline then doused him then set him ablaze , like the terrorists illegal settlers did to the innocent Palestinian child. To Hell with israel !!!

27 ) Sham / UK
30/07/2014 03:59
Good serves them right. The death squad facing death. Disproportionate? Like the bombs over Gaza aren't? The more dead soldiers (terrorists ) the better

28 ) Mari / USA
30/07/2014 05:06
I never imagined I could celebrate watching someone die but I make an exception in the case of Israeli soldiers. They slaughter women and children without mercy; one Israeli soldier dead could be one child saved. Viva Palestina.

29 ) Joseph / Usa
30/07/2014 05:17
When will Hamas stop placing their women and children as human shields and endangering all the citizens of Gaza for no productive purpose??

30 ) XXX / usa
30/07/2014 05:26
Stay strong Gaza, be safe.

31 ) G / SA
30/07/2014 05:34
@david an appropriate response is of course fighter jets and bombs in civilian areas against defenseless woman and children. Or 3 dead on one side .....equal 1000 dead on the other side

32 ) Gene Hernandez / USA
30/07/2014 05:36
This is great

33 ) sanam / kashmir
30/07/2014 05:36
killing a isreali terrirst solider is the best option but I would b haapy if isreali civilians get kild in same way as isreals kill innocnts in gaza....hamas com on pentrate in iareali markets and kiil issrieli indiscrmntlly.. killl every one who comes in your way

34 ) Oz / ISRAEL
30/07/2014 05:45
It's shame seeing how people comments on conflict that most of them don't really know nothing about! It's even more sadly seeing it from Western people that believe in democracy and freedom! If one of you was under Hamas control you won't have the freedom of speech! You'll misinformed by pro-palestinians! We dealing with an radical Islamic organization with horrible agenda and slowly spreading around the middle-east! Soon spreading hatred across other civilized countries! U R NEXT! BE INFORMED!

35 ) shithead 2,, change ur name. / rasvo
30/07/2014 05:51

36 ) Palestinian / USA
30/07/2014 05:57
God bless all Palestinian resistance fighters!

37 ) Ammar / Pakistan
30/07/2014 06:56
If you look closely there are not just 4 Hamas fighters nor just one casualty on part of IDF. The first one was killed at the gate where a multiple IDF soldiers were engaged and later on killed inside the base. Well a daring act that can only be carried out people with strong belief and affirms that Hamas is only targeting military personnel in Israel unlike the unjust killing done by IDF occupation forces.

38 ) Vlad / Russia
30/07/2014 07:09
It's nothing, Israel shows 150 Hamas fighters on their knees with dirty underwear crying for mercy, you can check it on Google and besides if Israel will catch them, most of them will work for Israel security against their Hamas brothers.Watch The Green Prince movie. Numbers of traitors on the Palestinian side is simply huge.

39 ) Jay / USA
30/07/2014 07:16
It was actually 10 soldiers who got killed.

40 ) Adam / India
30/07/2014 07:31
Hamas follows Islamic rules and regulations which shows respect in fighting but Israel military is a real child killer thus why the children’s across the global stand today to oppose the killings.

41 ) Anonymous / Palestine
30/07/2014 07:34
If you want to talk about disproportion, talk about the attack on gaza where 1200 have been killed.. These soldiers that enter the army should be prepared for death/injury.. Also, there were ten soldiers in that base (all were killed by Hamas), so disproportion isn't present..

42 ) terrorist Usa / usa
30/07/2014 09:23
4 Fighters againt 1 ? what about 4th power full military power , four force i.e air force , army , navy and Mu-sad with latest and state of the art equipment and weapons against women and children s with out homes , hospitals , food and electricity ?

43 ) omid / free
30/07/2014 10:40
For the first time Hamas Attacks IDF post and they've come out with protestations that they are attacking military targets and the Zionist enemy attacks children and civilians, but what they forgot to tell us that they continue to shoot as cowards among the homes of fellow Palestinians and continue to shoot mostly civilians Zionists on purpose to hurt their children and women. It is cowardly and despicable.

44 ) christopher nkunika / Malawi
30/07/2014 11:48
Hamas will pay the price.Its disgusting to hear Ayatollah statement about arming palestinians,you guy you are such an idiot.dont he know Israel?i suppose after Hamas Iran is next.the war is at your door step beware.

45 ) nor / malaysia
30/07/2014 11:48
justice always the victor

46 ) James / GB
30/07/2014 13:53
Hamas tries to kill civilians all the time, they killed some 400 and wounded many more in civilian public transportation suicide bombing, and in this clash they fire missiles directly at cities. The difference is that Hanna's fails, that's all. And that Israel considers civilian casualties as failure, whereas in gaza they had parties after Israeli children were murdered in their sleep.

47 ) Shai / Israel
30/07/2014 14:10
Sarah: Are you for real? Hamas has been firing thousands of rockets at civilian areas. They are successful in killing IDF soldiers only now after the IDF has invaded Gaza. Palestinians in Gaza are dying by the thousands and you have respect for Hamas? What have they achieved besides bringing only more suffering to their own people? Has the siege been lifted? Has life been made easier for Gaza? I wish the IDF would cease all aggressions in Gaza, but Hamas deserve no respect from any humanist.

48 ) Avishay Lax / israel
30/07/2014 14:40
first of all Hamas dont kill only "terrorist soldiers". he shuts missles on israel for years and tries to killed us all. g-d help us to stay alive. B', there are no thing as "terrorist IDF soldiers. we only protect ourself, and the Hamas is hiding in hospitals and schools, we have no choise. I suggust you sarah to return to hour famili, to your nation, to israel.you are one of us.

49 ) Risal / Indonesia
30/07/2014 14:59
Allahu Akbar 3x...!! HAMAS/Alqassam is true soldier n gentle man. Killed enemy not child n women

50 ) Omar / USA
30/07/2014 15:57
David-USA Haha you wanna talk about disproportionate response. How about the below scenario. 3 Israeli kids get murdered (Nobody till this day takes blame for doing it and Israel responds by murdering over 1000 people (mostly women and children)

51 ) Eskil / Norway
30/07/2014 16:08
Really, Sarah from The Netherlands? You feel respect after watching a video where a large group of terrorists from Hamas (yes, even palestine/gaza inhabitants thinks Hamas is that) infiltrates Israeli ground with a illegal tunnel funded by money they should have used building bomb shelters and hospitals. Furthermore you can hear Israeli solides (probably young) screaming while they are being killed in close range? You really gives foreigners a bad impression of your beautiful county.

52 ) Wan Yacob / Malaysia
30/07/2014 16:51
Allah Akbar, Allah Akbar, Allah Akbar !!! I am with you you in prayer - pray for your success ... soon and Israel will be doomed. Yes and with Allah's will,i pray that it will be sooner than 2022 as what Brother Bassam Nihad Jarrar ( Ramallah) anticipated 9 wrote) in his Book -mIsraeli Empire Will Collapse in 2022.

53 ) Hosni / Philippines
30/07/2014 16:55
Go hamas! You are the resistance of the palestinian people, Make sure you kilo them twice these zionist child killers.

54 ) afyagud / nusantara
30/07/2014 17:09
I m like the soldiers palestina.very good and the best comando

55 ) Aric / Israel
30/07/2014 17:17
Gaza people have from first Hams day ONLY not democratic system Yesterday when some protest against Hamas in North Gaza all of the were shooted by Hamas For all years and you can come to see it by yourself from Shipholl to TLV missiles and shooting are over our cities See from where all these missles are shooting(Masque/hospital/houses See why all Arabs countries are against Hamas except of Turkey and Katar See real reaction of all Arabs around what they are thinking abot Hamas

56 ) Anis / Pakistan
30/07/2014 17:56
Allahu Akbar 3x...!! HAMAS/Alqassam is true soldier n gentle man. Killed enemy not child n women. I m like the soldiers palestina.very good and the best comando

57 ) Nir / Israel
30/07/2014 18:05
Hi Sara I wold be happy to see you live under rocket attack from your burn. Then A suicide terrorist kill your uncle when you are 16 year old . The Israel army respect any citizen In gaza. Before israel attack they give to citizen know that. And Hamas doesn't give to citizen to go. Hamas want them die. Please Sara stay in the Netherlands , keep smoke drugs,And keep getting bored of life, how can you live like that in Israel when everybody around hate you because I'm Jewish. Sara hav a good day

58 ) I won't take a glimpse at you / World
30/07/2014 18:09
Oz wrote "We dealing with an radical Islamic organization with horrible agenda and slowly spreading around the middle-east! Soon spreading hatred across other civilized countries! U R NEXT! BE INFORMED!" Oz, it is not Hamas that we have to beware of, its the people like you that we have to beware of, read the history of how jews settled in Palestine....

59 ) Tom / USA
30/07/2014 18:27
Freedom by any means necessary. Israelis ought to clue up and read about Vietnam. Israeli butchery will have no permanent effect on the struggle for Palestinian rights. It just engenders hate, and that's not such a good thing for Israelis.

60 ) Tom / USA
30/07/2014 18:40
Israeli soldiers are so outclassed when they have to face an ARMED enemy face to face. They are big tough guys when they are beating and killing unarmed civilians, but when the meet a real soldier they turn into whiny little b....s.

61 ) Nir / Israel
30/07/2014 18:41
Sara before I speak with you about history. Tell me Sara did you scare to go out and some one kidnapping and Murdered you or your Close relatives. Did you know that Hamas want kidnapping and murder any one (children's,women,men)everything they don't care. Israel citizen scare go out because any second they can be dead. You need to understand something Israel citizen, we not hate Gaza citizen, Israel hate Hamas. All what they know it's how to kill.....

62 ) David / USA
30/07/2014 18:52
Omar, I'm glad you brought up the 'three students' murdered by Hamas. Isn't amazing how fast Israel arrested the killers of the Arab boy? Isn't it just as amazing how the PA hasn't been able to find the 3 boys' killers in MONTHS? You know why? because Jews don't applaud and respect and HIDE child killers LIKE MUSLIMS DO. Jews will turn in their own brother or father for killing a stranger. Muslims protect their assassins and glorify them. That's the difference between savages and civilized.

63 ) adam crusack / malaysia
30/07/2014 20:09
Israel start the kill, grab the land. Palestinian fight back. Israel terrorist, Palestine warriors. End of story

64 ) Robert / US
30/07/2014 22:01
#16 David,your not to be believed ,israel has been caught in so many lies its sick , even to steal US military secrets and sell them to china, then theres jonathan pollard... go away filth.idf is a sickcrazy organization, they cant fight for shit, coward child killers.

65 ) hassan / kenya
30/07/2014 22:17
GOD make HAMAS MORE STRONGER. KILLING INNOCENT CHILDREN, WOMEN,AND OLD USING TANKS JET FIGHTERS, helicopters, shelling UN Facilities. It is a shame shame on isreal, you can kill people but you cant kill the will...

66 ) John / Los Angeles / USA
31/07/2014 01:34
What is the appropriate response to having hundreds of rockets shot at major civilian population centers? I'm confused. And how is this freedom fighting taking aim at civilians in Israel? Im all for a palestinian homeland and soverignty. But is this really the best way? I live in the U.S.A. and wonder what our response would be to rocket attacks on Los Angeles, San Francisco, Boston, and New York? Does anybody believe it would be a balanced response?

67 ) Tom / Israel
31/07/2014 03:12
Tom (US), it was a successful ambush on relatively new soldiers (all 3-4 months in the army, still training). Without the element of surprise though, IDF soldiers usually beat Hamas terrorists. We just don't publish snuff films.

68 ) Morris / Canada
31/07/2014 04:18
Hamas are not freedom fighters they are cowards hiding behind women & children. They are not a governing body that seeks to better its people. How many of Hams leaders have lined their pockets with the dollars provided for aid? Why is it that in Gaza little of the millions poured in has gone to helping the people of Gaza? They are a blood thirsty group bent on the destruction of Israel and have said they will accept nothing less.

69 ) Oz / Israel
31/07/2014 05:53
#58-I know the history of my people more than you think! You on the other hand seems to not accurately. We take back what is ours! Way back from history pages! That's it! It's their problem for building MOSQUE on our TEMPLE and on our REMAINS! guess what we're back! You can continue crying about it. you can resists or what ever. The fact is we're not going anywhere! Deal with it! Or continue fighting till the end of humanity! We're willing to die for OUR land! We're not afraid from no one! -->

70 ) Risal / Indonesia
31/07/2014 06:05
All people's moslem in INDONESIA support Palestine. We all always pray for Hamas/Alqassam/Jihad Islam/Saraya Alquds for all Palestinians strike Tel Aviv.

71 ) jam / england
31/07/2014 06:18
How can u call people brave if all they do is run into there enemies land, shoot people who are standing on a army base doing guard duty to PROTECT the base and then scurry back like rabbits. Its clear that they have not come in an attempt to take "back" land which is supposedly theirs but to destroy as many innocent lives as they can and is life really that cheap to them that they put 1200 innocent kids on the firing line for a piece of land.

72 ) Jean / France
31/07/2014 11:14
Hamas are real fighters and i m proud of them. Israeli call them terrorist, but they are the terrorist. It s so funny to see that they are complaining that hamas send over them rocket while the are striking heavy and forbidden bombs on gaza. Plus the war crime, the colonisation the every day persecution. All israeli are fooled by the propaganda and the majority of them are racist, how can a human being caution what israeli army is doing. you have to be blind with no humanity.

73 ) Oz / ISRAEL
31/07/2014 12:58
The ignorance about things you say are overwhelming! If it wasn't be sad it be funny! FIGHT TERROR WITH TERROR! That's what you'd like us to say?! So be it! All of the support comments from Indonesians and others just show the truth about your kind of people! it's not worth an effort try to conduct a serious debate! All of you take a sec and look at the mirror.. Deep down inside you know that you're wrong! But we don't really care about what you think?!?! Seeing ya'll in the next round! ISRAEL!

74 ) paul / canada
31/07/2014 13:15
And when it comes time for punishment (evil) second. (We sent others) to disfigure the face-face (Children of Israel), and to enter the mosque as they entered it the first time, and to destroy it out what they are good at. "(Surat. Al Israa '7).

75 ) Hari / Bali Indonesia
31/07/2014 13:24
My all sisters and brother all around the world, as a human being we must rise our hands and pray for Gaza! If Hamas didn't do nothing people in Gaza will killed slowly because of israel's blockade, but Hamas send over them rocket, it will kill people in Gaza sooner, no make longer suffering in Gaza. We are all Indonesian people always stand by you PALESTINE!!

76 ) Dan / Israel
31/07/2014 14:49
Jean, I have a feeling that you don't know Israelis. We fight for our lives, it's not racism.

77 ) ferdi / indonesia
31/07/2014 18:35
israel is looser

78 ) Mike / USA
31/07/2014 20:26
Dan - you guys need some serious therapy. You and your ilk are a sick bunch. Defending yourself? Are you serious?????? Frankly, you all look like the most pathetic, weak, disgusting creatures on earth! All you have are weapons - no honor, no respect and certainly no guts.

79 ) Oz / ISRAEL
01/08/2014 08:32
Mike-and What you are? KKK? converted to Islam? immigrant? easy to manipulate? Either way it doesn't matter! US recognize Hamas and others like them as terror organizations! You and ones like you are small minority that represents nothing in the US. For now.. most of the American PPL and GOV support IL! For all the good reasons! We have GC2GC alliance! most of us shares the same perspective on life! You and your bunch is no more of few weeds and bad seeds that CAN'T stain the US flag! TC!

80 ) Dan / Israel
01/08/2014 12:12
As said above, Israeli commando does not publish snuff videos. Our brave soldiers go into empty buildings wired with bombs in order to destroy them, and die there. If we let Hamas keep armoring, many of us will die, so yes we are saving our lives. You don't live here, easy for you to judge us.

81 ) Brian Lyttle / Newzealand
01/08/2014 14:51
One dead IDF soldier , means one Palestinian child saved.israiel is trying to win this war through propaganda, ie . Hamas terrorists kidnap soldier. What about the 500 Palestinians kidnapped by the Zionist state. It's ok for israel to destroy your homes kill your children , bulldoze down your house, but yet hamas fire "fire crackers where israel attacks the palestinians with the reaction of throw stones at me I brake your arms and legs. Assassination on hamas without trial,. Need I say anymore.

82 ) john kindle / uk
02/08/2014 03:35
At least the Hamas freedom fighters aren't killing children and are killing Israeli soldiers in hand to hand combat, unlike Israeli soldiers.

83 ) Jeremy / Earth
02/08/2014 19:14
This is SO obviously fake, but I'm not suprised no one here can see that. Obviously you don't read hebrew, or have never seen an IDF base. The writing on the tower is not Hebrew, its just scribble made to look like Hebrew. The flag flying is also not an authentic flag, the decrepit, open and unlocked gate.. No lookout in the tower, although the IDF is on high alert for tunnel inflitrations.. Even the terrain isn't right.. Nice propaganda effort though Hamas! Good use of public funds!

84 ) zack / Nigeria
02/08/2014 20:45
Sooner or later the evil in Israelian heart will be punished by god and had been written since 1400 years ago. Just wait and see what will be the next happen before end of the world.trust me

85 ) Jasen Milliband / UK
03/08/2014 08:38
@ Jeremy : boy you feel like some one alien to this world atleast your analysis proves that. It seems your ignorance of the world media and the current news regarding the conflict is confused with your pride in IDF. Boy no one is invincible and no body is unbeatable. That is what happened to USA in Vietnam and is now again happening in Afghanistan. Hamas did infiltrate the base behind enemy lines and they did manage to inflict a blow to IDF, this is universal fact.

86 ) Joseph / USA
03/08/2014 08:44
i'm sort of amazed at the fierce resistance put up by Hamas against IDF in this war. Boy o boy! i mean its kind of amazing that with so much disproportion and with so huge spending on military and with all that tech-scientific edge that Israel enjoys it has not been able to clear a 25 mile strip and is lingering along the border for more than 3 weeks, it bewildering and hell its super resistance with simple weapons!!!

87 ) lisa / Romani
09/08/2014 18:35
I cried watching the helpless children in Gaza

88 ) Farid / Malaysia
17/08/2014 18:17
Oh Yeah! The "brave IDF soldier" who hides behind the Merkava tank that killed & maimed 12000 civilians. The Zionist entity admits 64 of its invaders were killed. Any layman knows who is brave & who is a coward by comparing those figures. Only sick & twisted Zionists can't differentiate.

89 ) sylvia / uk
20/08/2014 18:56
Are you a "brave" soldier then Oz or do you just like the sound of your own voice?
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