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Kerry: Israeli PM has asked for US help on Gaza truce
Published Tuesday 29/07/2014 (updated) 30/07/2014 22:08
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An Israeli canon fires towards targets in the Gaza Strip from their
position along the border between Israel and the Hamas-controlled
Gaza Strip on July 29, 2014 (AFP David Buimovitch)
WASHINGTON (AFP) -- Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has asked for fresh US help in trying to broker a ceasefire in Gaza, top US diplomat John Kerry said Tuesday.

"Last night we talked, and the prime minister talked to me about an idea and a possibility of a ceasefire. He raised it with me, as he has consistently," Kerry said.

Netanyahu had said he "would embrace a ceasefire that permits Israel to protect itself against the tunnels and obviously not be disadvantaged for the great sacrifice they have made thus far."

The US secretary of state also dismissed a torrent of attacks in the Israeli press since his failed mediation attempt during a week-long Middle East trip last week.

"I've taken hits before in politics, I'm not worried about that. It's not about me -- this is about Israel and Israel's right to defend itself," Kerry insisted after meeting with Ukrainian Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin.

"I'm not going to worry about personal attacks."

Kerry stressed: "We are working very carefully with our Israeli friends in order to be able to find a way to reduce the civilian loss of life, to prevent this from spiraling downwards into a place from which ... both sides have difficulty finding a way forward."

Israel intensified its Gaza bombardment leaving scores dead Tuesday, the 22nd day of a devastating conflict, as Palestinian leaders said an offer of a day-long truce was on the table.

Kerry said if there was an agreement on serious negotiations about the wider issues both Israel and Hamas want to address, it would happen in Cairo, "it would be entirely without pre-conditions and it would not prejudice Israel's ability to defend itself."

"It is more appropriate to try to resolve the underlying issues at a negotiating table, than to continue a tit-for-tat of violence ... which will be much more difficult to recover from," Kerry said.
1 ) Mel / USA
29/07/2014 21:41
Oh my Lord! Are you kidding me? AFTER he's just slaughtered over 1,000 people(over 200 CHILDREN)&nearly a quarter million Gazan civilians are HOMELESS,without water,money,food,clothes etc,out of 1.8 MILLION TRAPPED civilians? Take a can of your wife's Heinz Beans Johnnie,&shove it up Bibi's fascist f*cal tract!
Pass me the Bibi-bucket Kerry,when you've finished with it, I think I'm going to puke!

2 ) esposito giovanni / italia
29/07/2014 21:46
Put the state of Palestine under international protection!

3 ) JoeFattal / USA
29/07/2014 22:41
Maybe Netanyahu need to ask the US for help on how to intercept the rockets that the Iron-Dome didn't intercept. Its the US money that finance that million dollar fiasco.

4 ) Sarah / The Netherlands
29/07/2014 23:43
Duhhh? They want a truce so they can destroy tunnels? Boy they are really afraid. As long as they can sit in a plane or a tank they feel safe, but fighting from man to man? They lose and pee in their pants.

5 ) fpm / USA
29/07/2014 23:53
All that means is Israel wants more $$$$$ in order to annihilate more Palestinians and grab more land. And you can take that "to the bank".

6 ) fpm / USA
30/07/2014 00:43
I've enjoyed all of your comments, I would love to see the Zionist go up against Russia or China but of course, they know they would be the one's being annihilated. As long as they can box you in, be the superior weapons holder, kill you from the land, air and sea and nuke you, you can depend on their aggression. Should the tables turn and they are the caged people, it will be with great pleasure to watch them cry and beg for their lives. They will never have the courage to take it. cry baby

7 ) Lez / New Zealand
30/07/2014 01:54
Kerry the Great pretender Couldnt negotiate himself out of a wet paper bag.He,s been dragging his feet in ukrn and Gaza The mans a Jerk, and comes across like a wet fart .America give this man the elbow We need a neuterel advisor say someone from Iceland???

8 ) Djavad / Azerbaijan
30/07/2014 12:54
Hey Mel are have nothing to do with your live,you are everywhere on this site.Don't you supposed to work or something?

9 ) Muhammad Hamid / india
30/07/2014 15:03
Israeli government is a terrorist government.Government doing genocide in Gaza

10 ) Mel / USA
30/07/2014 17:05
Kerry,you need to GET UNPEACE KEEPING FORCES IN TO HOLD MILITARIST JUNTA-ISRAEL BACK! You are also to blame for Israel's slaughter in Gaza,by NOT nailing Israel's arse to the SANCTIONS WALL.STOP THE CHECKS TO ISRAEL KERRY,&don't even wait until you've wiped Bibi's spit off your face!
He'll be spitting at you again and at all American's who won't be party to Israel's ethno-genocide in OCCUPIED Palestine&GAZA! MOVE in a UN force to PROTECT PALESTINE FROM ISRAEL's BRUTALITY & US HI-TEC WEPS!DO IT!

11 ) Paul / U.S.A.
30/07/2014 17:16
complete freedom for all Gazans,NO MORE "NEGOTIATIONS" Bibi Netanyahu has written his own history.Put it on the front page No more pampering No more military aid.No more murdering of women and children.Sever all ties with racist history.Free the U.S.A. from fascist propaganda.

12 ) JoeFattal / USA
30/07/2014 18:07
If I was a PA authority in the West Bank or Gaza I would ask the Russians for assistance. Sign a pact with them and let Putin handle the situation with the Palestinians against Israel. And let the Russians be the mediator in any negotiations. That would sure anger the Israelis and the US. The Russians are in Syria right now anyhow. So they are not to far away.

13 ) Maureen / Australia
30/07/2014 19:55
Kerry can't/won't do any thing to stop Zionist Israeli warmongering genocidal killers because the USA is under neocon Zionist occupation! When the Zionist puppet masters give command to the so called US government officials they jump to attetion! You don't believe it? Take a look at their handy work in Iraq today... "a cake walk" said the US Zio neocon! All for Israel - the White Paper written for Netanyahu, 1996!

14 ) Anna Karenina / Canada
31/07/2014 18:32
The Russians don't mess about, nor the Chinese, nor the Iranians. Maybe Abbas just knocks on the wrong doors.
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