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Kerry: Any Gaza truce must lead to Hamas disarmament
Published Monday 28/07/2014 (updated) 29/07/2014 14:34
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US Secretary of State John Kerry delivers remarks while releasing the
2013 Annual Report on International Religious Freedom July 28, 2014,
at the US State Department in Washington, DC (AFP Paul J. Richards)
WASHINGTON (AFP) -- US Secretary of State John Kerry Monday said international efforts to agree a truce between Israel and the Palestinians in Gaza must lead to the disarmament of Hamas.

Kerry, who arrived back in Washington late Sunday after a week-long mission in the Middle East to try to stop the fighting, told reporters he was continuing to work "toward establishing an unconditional humanitarian ceasefire."

Such a truce "could honor Eid which begins now and that will stop the fighting, allow desperately needed food and medicine and other supplies into Gaza and enable Israel to address the threat which we fully understand and which is real, the threat posed by tunnel attacks."

"We believe the momentum generated by a humanitarian ceasefire is the best way to be able to begin to negotiate and find out if you can put in place a sustainable ceasefire on that addresses all of the concerns," the top US diplomat insisted.

But he added: "We also believe that any process to resolve the crisis in Gaza in a lasting and meaningful way must lead to the disarmament of Hamas and all terrorist groups."

"Regrettably, there were misunderstandings about 12 hours versus 24 hours" which blighted his efforts last week to extend a short 12-hour ceasefire, Kerry said.

"So we are trying to work hard to see if these issues can be clarified in a way that allows Israel and the Palestinian Authority and factions, the other countries involved, working through the Egyptian initiative, to be able to find a way to silence the weapons long enough to be able to begin to negotiate."

The conflict now in its third week has killed more than 1,000 Palestinians.

The Israeli army on Monday sent messages to thousands of Palestinians living near Gaza City to flee, after a mortar shell killed at least four people in Israel.
1 ) Tobias / USA
28/07/2014 20:40
Finally, Something Useful From the USA, where "any Gaza truce,
Without a Hamas disarmament" Certainly Leads Back To War !!

2 ) Uncle Sufa / USA
28/07/2014 20:46
In Gaza City, reports of a huge explosion at Hamas’ command and control headquarters located in a bunker near the Shifa hospital. The entire block at the heart of the city is wreathed in black smoke. in Gaza 10 fatalities and 50 people injured. The IDF does not confirm an attack on the hospital compound. Reports that Hamas attempted to launch one of its Iranian Fajr-5 missiles at Tel Aviv. It went off early in the hospital compound & caused an explosion in an ammo store.

3 ) David / USA
28/07/2014 20:51
Correction: Hamas must be totally and completely disarmed and all tunnels identified and destroyed BEFORE any truce is agreed to. Anything less is an invitation for failure. Yeah, Kerry 'forgot' to mention the disarming of Hamas part. Bibi will do well to ignore him.

4 ) Rondo Mondo / Canada
28/07/2014 20:52
Maan News should hold one of their polls on the question of whether John Kerry is the idiot of the year or the century. He is so incompetent that he is dangerous to all.

5 ) JoeFattal / USA
28/07/2014 21:11
You can't demand Hamas to disarmed themselves while they are still occupied, and even if they are not occupy. If Hamas who is Israel is concerned about for their security, if you demand Hamas to disarm themselves, than you should ask Israel to disarm themselves. And beside for a country to claim their sovereignty on their land they must be able to defend it. If Israel or the US wants Hamas to disarm itself, than they don't want a Palestinian State.

6 ) Maureen / Australia
28/07/2014 21:11
"... disarmament of all terrorist groups." What about ISRAEL and its glut of USA WMD, continued occupation, apartheid, oppression, settlements on stolen Palestinian land, collective punishment, extra judicial killings, unjustified imprisonment, theft, double standards, ethnic cleansing/massacres carried out by Israel the STATE TERRORIST, Mr Kerry?

7 ) AKeenReader / UK
28/07/2014 21:30
Only if Israel disarms itself as well. Israel wants all arab countries to disarm so that it can bully them. Not a fat chance Bibi or for that matter US.

8 ) GI Joe / USA
28/07/2014 21:47
How about disarming Israel Mr Kerry, or would the US arms trade suffer, putting Americans out of work? Better still, just give Israel bigger bombs & let them flatten Gaza once & for all, then you won't have to disarm anybody.

9 ) Mel / USA
28/07/2014 22:05
F*CK YOU KERRY! Go & "disarm" Zionism. Israel is the DISPROPORTIONATE HI-TECH MILITARY OCCUPIER/COLLECTIVE PUNISHER. You should know,you GAVE Israel the WEAPONS,being used right now on 1.8 MILLION CIVILIANS,just because they are NOT Jewish!?!? Traitor to our US Constitution &Bill of Rights &Freedoms while Israel has NONE!
You like killing BABIES 'Weanie-Beanie'Kerry! So screw you,asking a rightful resistance of an OCCUPIED people to disarm! Or should the WW2 Jewish resistance have done that 2?

10 ) Lina al-Bitar / Palestine
28/07/2014 22:08
did we miss something? has Israel been disarmed?

11 ) Brian Cohen / Israel
28/07/2014 22:24
Good to hear that Kerry has backtracked and realized his mistake. He was about to lose America's remaining friends in the region as nobody wants Hamas in power except for Iran and the crazy, but filthy-rich Qataris who are financing Hamas anti-American jihad.

12 ) Fankoosh / Sweden
28/07/2014 23:14
Its very easy! A demiliterised palestinian state as agreed on in the westbank, Gaza and e-jerusalem will solve all problems between israel palestine and the religious conflicts and shifts of politics in Europe...

13 ) John / XX
28/07/2014 23:29
In other words, Kerry's efforts amounted to nothing. Absolutely nothing. What a shame. He went there, talked a bit, Israel shown him the middle finger and then he went back to US. The only way this endless conflict will stop is by cutting the military funding of Israel from US tax dollars (which I believe currently amounts to $8.5mil per day). As soon as they are left on their own, they will have to consider the option of living in peace with their neighbors. And Hamas is by far their best hope.

14 ) Mel / USA
29/07/2014 00:54
BTW Kerry-Bibi? Do you want CHILDREN in Gaza to'disarm' themselves of their EID celebration clothes(if any)?Because Israeli missiles seem to be HONING IN on children TRYING to play & act normal(under persecution).Do Gaza's children needs to"celebrate"this EID wearing WHITE BURIAL SHROUDS,bloodied by Made-in USA bombs,"courtesy" of your Zionist-occupation/siege bully-thugs!
Maybe a D.C. Eid message Johnnie? "OK kids,disarm your holiday clothes.White shrouds only.Happy Eid!"?

15 ) Mel / USA
29/07/2014 01:02
OH MR KERRY! And here we have more!! Israel has JUST NOW BOMBED THE UNRWA Bahrain School at Tel Al Hawwa!! Women & children IN SHELTER,but blown to pieces & buried under RUBBLE-all OKAYED BY D.C!!!
Take your"disarm" crap & go help PICK UP THE BLASTED PIECES OF CHILDREN'S BODIES,DISARMED(LITERALLY)&DISLEGGED by your beloved Zion!! Must have been hiding "Hamas rockets" in their DIAPERS,what??

16 ) Mel / USA
29/07/2014 01:16
p.s. Kerry? Will you ask Bibi if he will allow Gaza to bury-with the dead children- the Bahrain school playground SWINGS on which the CHILDREN were just playing WHEN THEY WERE MISSILED? Or are the playground swings "terrorist" materials too? Or maybe the DEAD CHILDREN at the UNRWA school,were terrorist tunnel builders too? The Jewish kids in the Warsaw ghetto tunnels? Were they "terrorists" too,Israel?

17 ) betz55 / USA
29/07/2014 03:03
Really Kerry. Stop being an AIPAC wh*re. We give Israel 10 million a day and THEY are the one who are using disappropriate force. The Palestinian people in the West Bank and Gaza have the right to defend themselves. Stop bending over for the Israelis and being their parrot. The occupied have every right to defend themselves. The day is coming when the lawn will be mowed of the illegal settler squats in the West Bank. Grow a pair and a spine and stop being a tool and a fool for AIPAC and Israel.

18 ) Javid / India
29/07/2014 03:10
disarmment of HAMAS means absoluteness of Israel...and acoording to Putin "absoluteness of one party means inabsoluteness of everything else" So disarm both or world should make hamas as strong as Israel which is other alternative for lasting peace.

19 ) Carl / USA
29/07/2014 03:49
What he should've said was "Any Gaza truce must lead to Palestinian sovereignty." As long as the Israelis insist on denying Palestinian sovereignty, there will be no peace.

20 ) Lynx / Palestine
29/07/2014 05:30
Disarm Hamas?? LMAO...go home redneck!

21 ) Outlier / USA
29/07/2014 05:48
5., Joe, the Israeli occupation ended years ago and recent events show the restrictive borders to be fully justified. You need a better rationale.

22 ) Maisie / UK
29/07/2014 09:02
@5)JoeFattal well said. This is Kerry/US at its mealy-mouthed,grovelling-to-Israel best.During all of this,not one mention of Israel's arsenal,Dimona or the state-of-the art weaponry paid for by the US. When I last looked, Israel, with its nightly invasions of Palestinian homes and brutal occupation was the terrorist.Not only that, it has continued its corrosive influence on US middle east policy. But I forget, it is the Only Democracy in The Middle East.

23 ) Bemused / New Zealand
29/07/2014 10:30
If Israel obeyed obeyed international law, and ceased its ILLEGAL OCCUPATION and lifted its ILLEGAL SIEGE OF GAZA there would be no need for the Palestinian resistance to be armed. The solution is in israel's hands - STOP BREAKING INTERNATIONAL LAW.

24 ) ahmed / pakistan
29/07/2014 13:39
disarmament of Hamas and all terrorist groups.".....by terrorist group you mean Israel also

25 ) shell / shock
29/07/2014 15:53
What do you expect from a thug who is a member of skull & bones

26 ) Terry / Latvia
29/07/2014 16:13
I thought Kerry would address Israel's illegally acquired nuclear arsenal that "peace dove" Shimon Peres wanted to pass on to Apartheid South Africa. Oh, how wrong I was. PS. Israeli military strategist Martin Creveld who recently ran out of a debate on Russia Today, telling his opponents to "shut up" has stated on record that Israel will use their nuclear weapons on the rest of the world if the "jewish state" is threatened. A very sensible man, indeed. Or?

27 ) Bosniac / Bosnia&Herzegovina
29/07/2014 18:56
Like they disarmed Srebrenica what ended in slaughter of more than 8000 disarmed Muslims.

28 ) wadwad / jk
29/07/2014 19:57
Israel largest terrorist of the world must be disarmed first ?

29 ) elsa / USA
30/07/2014 10:20
13- $ 3 billions/year given to the criminals, a raise of $432 millions last week, and Bibi-dearest asked the USA this week for another $ 225 millions! On top of this, listen & read their comments on their papers, comments, get to confirm that it is the US money and wmd only that they want! You don't imagine that they have gratitude? They bleed the USA mercilessly...manipulative exploiters, tyrannical, and when we notice we are anti-Semitic. Israel is a vampire with a broken record as a shield

30 ) elsa / US
30/07/2014 11:54
Man! Israelis have talent to create words to qualify all the others: terrorists, anti-Semitic, deportation, extermination...but a holocaust is only theirs. They are pseudo- paranoiac. speech memory and so quick at playing the blame game. . In fact they create their own fears because it is Pathetic enough that no American politician has ever stated that Palestinians are not terrorists, but an oppressed and humiliated people who wish to get their country back.
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