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10 Palestinians killed as Israel bombs Gaza playground
Published Monday 28/07/2014 (updated) 29/07/2014 17:47
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GAZA CITY (Ma'an) -- Israeli forces on Monday bombed a park near the beach in Gaza City killing at least 10 Palestinians including eight children on the first day of the Eid al-Fitr holiday, medics said.

The strike on the park in al-Shati refugee camp -- which reports suggested was a drone strike -- hit the playground, killing 10 people, mostly children as they played with their families while wearing holiday clothes they had been given to celebrate the end of the holy Muslim month of Ramadan.

Eyewitnesses said that 40 were also injured in the strike, which some were calling an "Eid massacre."

Spokesman for the Interior Ministry in Gaza Iyad al-Buzm said that explosives experts from the Gaza police had examined "the targeted places and the remnants of shells there" as well as the wounds on the bodies, determining them to be inflicted by an Israeli strike.

The Israeli army, however, said that the deaths were a result of "failed rocket attacks" launched by Palestinian militants.

Government Coordinator in the Territories Yoav Mordechai told Ma'an, however, that the rockets were launched by Palestinian militant group Islamic Jihad.

Bezm denied the charges, saying: "The narrative of the Israeli authorities that these are rockets belonging to the Palestinian resistance are false allegations and a failed attempt to avoid responsibility for these crimes for fear of scandal and legal prosecution."

Director of reception at al-Shifa Hospital Ayman al-Sahbani said that a total of 10 bodies had arrived at the hospital as a result of the strike.

Another strike around the same time hit the outpatient clinic of al-Shifa Hospital, which is the main hospital in the besieged coastal enclave, but no casualties were reported.

Thousands of Palestinians have taken refuge in the al-Shifa Hospital, as 130,000 have fled their homes as Israeli authorities declared more than 43 percent of the Gaza Strip off-limits to civilians and destroyed more than 2,000 homes in recent weeks.

Israeli shelling killed two Palestinians in Jabaliya earlier on Monday amid a relative lull in fighting compared to previous days.

Another Palestinian, meanwhile, succumbed to his wounds, while seven bodies were recovered in Khuzaa in the eastern Gaza Strip as medical teams took advantage of the calm to retrieve bodies from the rubble of the heavily bombarded neighborhood.

The attacks came a day after Palestinian militants announced a 24-hour ceasefire beginning Sunday at 2 p.m. Israel refused to officially accept the ceasefire, but officials said they would restrain attacks to "retaliation" to Palestinian attacks.

Several rockets were fired on Monday into Israel.

Monday's attacks brought the total Palestinian death toll to 1,055, with more than 6,200 injured.

The Israeli army says at least 43 Israeli soldiers have been killed in clashes with Palestinian militants in the same time, while three civilians have died in rocket attacks on Israel.
1 ) Ana Ashamed / Spain
28/07/2014 17:54

2 ) PALASTIN / uk
28/07/2014 18:12
Baby killer israili r. Cowards y don't they challenge some other countrie who is capable of fighting with them?

3 ) Mel / USA
28/07/2014 18:32
You are such cowards Israel.You're brutal Zionism will only end up burying YOU,Israel,as you try to bury other humans JUST FOR NOT BEING JEWISH! Israel has lost it completely.It's in self-destruct mode as any psychopath/narcissist/mass murderer/terrorist ends!
You are NULL &VOID Israel!
Make your choice Israel. Zionism or HUMANITY!
Ne'er ther twain can exist together in Israel!

4 ) Mikefaa / USA
28/07/2014 18:33
It seems just as likely that the explosion was caused be a failed Hamas missile. You should do some investigation before jumping to your conclusion.

5 ) Antonio / Uk/ palestine
28/07/2014 18:58
Another mass brutality by the murdering zionists. Well done. You deserve a pat in the back for murdering kids. You disgust me, utterly. I hope one day you feel the pain that these. Other and fathers have felt for the losses of their sons/ daughters.

6 ) Frau Farbissina / Netherlands
28/07/2014 18:58
And not a word about the strong indications that these were misfired Palestinian rockets...

7 ) Josh / Canada
28/07/2014 18:59
It was proven that this was the result of Hamas misfiring from within the outpatient clinic, resulting in their own rockets harming Palestinian civilians. Do some research. Free Palestinians .. FROM HAMAS!!

8 ) Olah / UK
28/07/2014 19:02
The IDF was very clear - it was a Hamas Fajr long range rocket that failed to launch properly. 100kg of explosives in one of those warheads. Hamas are the child killers!

9 ) Kerry / USA
28/07/2014 19:07
Mikefaa/USA: BULLSH*T! Israel has proven time & time again that they are DELIBERATELY targeting CHILDREN and any facility where civilians gather (hospitals, schools, etc.). This is becoming SO TYPICAL of those God-Da*n Zionist NAZI'S. Da*n them to H*LL.

10 ) Daniel / Sweden
28/07/2014 19:15
Is there anyone else then IDF blaming it on Hamas. The only reports I have read from people on spot is that it was a drone strike.

11 ) JoeFattal / USA
28/07/2014 19:16
Israel always fought a dirty war against the Palestinians. Either they are not capable of winning or they don't want to win it. I believe they are not capable of winning a ground warfare that Hamas is giving them in Gaza. So they attack civilian target instead using their airforce because of their frustration and their failure to dismember Hamas from their weapons, and ceiling all the tunnels that Hamas build on the ground. Its a cowardly way to try to win a battle.

12 ) David / USA
28/07/2014 19:17
Only you Jew-hating morons would accuse Israel of being responsible for this. Had Hamas not continued to fire rockets at Israel, Israel would have nothing to respond to. The real question is what kind of parents would let their kids play outside in a WAR ZONE? And most likely, this was a Hamas mortar that didn't make it into Israel. But Maan doesn't care, it makes a good headline. Rest in peace, kids. Your gov't and parents are war criminals/

13 ) Maria Sanchez / Argentina
28/07/2014 19:18
How sad, kids playing in Eid after having suffered so much, get blown to pieces. Even more sickening is the blame game. However it happened, these children with over 1000 other Palestinians are dead. Most (if not all) killed with high tech, bought & paid for US weapons, fired by IDF, then they call Hamas & the other factions terrorists. Words fail me ;(

14 ) Mary / Ireland
28/07/2014 19:18
Mikefaa - The Hamas rockets are unguided - what's the chance of them hitting so many schools and hospitals. The IDF can hit precise targets, plus they are out for Palestinian blood which is palpable from reading any of their blogs and watching the racist behavior. The IDF also is spewing out propaganda which goes against all eyewitness accounts. Truly inhumane people- Psychopaths.

15 ) Houria / USA
28/07/2014 19:21
There should be no doubt in any rational mind that Israel is the HUGEST TERRORIST there is. IDF is comprised of psychos and rabid animals! I have no doubt in my mind that Israel is absolutely self-destructing!

16 ) John / EU
28/07/2014 19:24
Mikefaa, it is a possibility. But it's not like Israel hasn't killed children (4 children playing on the beach, remember? and many other during bombings) or attacked hospitals and schools already, during the current siege on Gaza Strip.

17 ) MJC / USA
28/07/2014 19:27
I have to wonder if Palestinian rocket attacks into Israel -- we are told there have been over 1,000 in the last three weeks -- why have they resulted in only 3 Israeli civilian deaths? These rockets are apparently not very effective. Either way, the scorecard of deaths is horrific: over 1,000 dead and 6,000 wounded in Gaza; 3 dead in Israel (were these the three kidnapped and executed school-boys?) and 40 dead soldiers after they invaded Gaza. Israel should feel shame.

18 ) Joe Fox / US
28/07/2014 19:36
Why would Hamas fire a rocket to the beach? Israel is the other way? Are they so stupid they don't know east from west, north from south? Of course NOT! These are Israeli missiles, not Hamas.

19 ) Leah connor / Northern Ireland
28/07/2014 19:45
I think it seems very unlikely to have been caused by a failed Hamas rocket given the fact that the Israelis have bombed homes, hospitals and beaches with impunity. Why wouldn't they strike a park? The Israeli machine is tearing Gaza to pieces and you'd be blind not to see it. Free Palestine!!

20 ) ron / israel
28/07/2014 19:46
Al-shifa was attcked. such a shame, right? before you jump to conclusions - it was hitted by mistake (probably) when one of Hamas' rockets missed its original target. before you claim thats an israeli lie. of course you won't here about that, because "Camera crews are prevented from filming the area of impact at Shifa Hospital". and lets be honest.. when the israeli army attack by mistake innocent pepole, Hamas open its arms for camera crews from all around the world. sad, but true.

21 ) Carol / USA
28/07/2014 19:55
If Hamas would stop trying to invade Israel this conflict would stop. If Hamas didn't hide behind women and children this wouldn't happen.

22 ) Nic Banana / Scotland
28/07/2014 19:59
Failed Hamas missile my arse. They are bombing schools & hospitals. it's genocide. Israel politicians have been calling for the extermination of Palestinian children.

23 ) Mel / USA
28/07/2014 20:01
It's time for all global media to STOP hazing/air-brushing the photo's of blown up children & crushed/amputated(by F16 Israel missiles)limbs & heads of 1.8 MILLION civilians in Gaza(or Ukraine). Don't woory about viewers "sensibilities" whn US citizens are PAYING for the graphic images of USG-sponsored mass-murder,attempted-ethnic genocide by Zionist Israel on Palestinians from in the womb to in the grave even! Israel's Zionist brutality is GRAPHIC TRUTH of Judeo-Nazism! WAR-CRIMINAL COWARDS!

24 ) Mo Haroon / UK
28/07/2014 20:04
@mikefaa ...and what of the bombs that killed the children on the beach, the bombing of hospitals and the bombing of many many other civilian areas? Let's give the Israeli terrorists the benefit of the doubt and say they were innocent of this incident. How would you justify all of the others?

25 ) amir / usa
28/07/2014 20:13
Hama's are such cowards...fighting behind innocent palestian's that what nothing to do with this war. They misfire a rocket and blow up a hospital and kill there own children. What was the rockets doing there in the first place? Quit being cowards hamas if you want to fight don't do it behind innocent blood! Allah is watching you!

26 ) Antons Arzse / Austria
28/07/2014 20:13
The Fajr-5, an Iranian-made rocket in Hamas' arsenal, has a range that threatens more than 3.5 million Israelis and has now been fired by Hamas on it's own people. You can bitch and shout, but at least realise that the tactic that Hamas comes up with causes no surprises. The militants and officers need to get out of their bunkers, and look what destruction has been done. While Israeli Arabs drink coffee and shmooze in cafes buy food and gifts and prepare for Eid el Fitr.

27 ) Colin Wright / USA
28/07/2014 20:34
To Mikefaa #4, Frau Farbissina #6: '..the strong indications that these were misfired Palestinian rockets...' There's no such indication at all, actually. Israel has just suddenly started making these claims. It happened with the refugees at the school, it happened with the hospital -- now it's happened with the playground. Don't you -- and Israel -- realize that you only manage to make Israel's crimes more repellant when you lie about them in this fashion?

28 ) idan / isreal
28/07/2014 20:44
every arab and muslim here knows what muslim extremists are capable of. stop lying!!! IDF just posted aerial photo's showing the rocket launch from the hospital, and its failure over shifa hospital. google it.

29 ) Myslimah / Nigeria
28/07/2014 20:49
I won't be surprise if IDF later change their story by saying those children were not there. IDF days are number as well, surely every soul on this earth will taste death.

30 ) Wurzel / UK
28/07/2014 20:52
Israel are child killers, the IDF are killers, Netanyahu is a fascist. Israel = An Apartheid state Israel have committed mass murder and are war criminals

31 ) william mcdonagh / talmudistan usa
28/07/2014 21:09
usa equals palestine both are zionist occupied my condolences to the families the whole world is outraged its bad enough to kill children in a park or on a beach but to lie about is a far worse crime the world will not stand for this either will the resistance down with zionist war criminals

32 ) GUH / USA
28/07/2014 21:11
Do you remember the last time a single Hamas rocket killed ten people and wounded 40 others? You're right, neither can I!

33 ) Sheri / South Africa
28/07/2014 21:35
what is expected of these patents.....forgiveness? How about extreme anger and hatred. This is beyond savage

34 ) Sarah / UK
28/07/2014 21:56
Oh look - the Israeli govt paid students are online uttering their nonsense in a desperate ploy to infiltrate social media and trying to place doubt amongst those finding out the TRUTH about Israel.-That it is a murderous Zionist cult and DIRECTLY responsible for EVERY DEATH in both Palestine AND Israel -you stupid blind followers are just another example of brainwashed Israelis.

35 ) Fossen / Norway
28/07/2014 22:02
Both reporters and others say this was failed Hamas rockets. It is not the first time. Hundreds of the rockets they have sent towards Israel has fallen short and into own population. It is simply sad how they treat their own.

36 ) Johna / USA
28/07/2014 22:04
It's the mark of Hasbara Central when the IOF's dupes flock/inundate the comments with their mindless repetitive squawking and bleating the parrot phrases feed to them by the fascist organization, a scene from Orwell's Animal Farm. 'Weasle Words' --Intended to deceive by confusion-- Lies. SQUAWK ! "--JUST AS LIKELY" -- "THE STRONG INDICATIONS" --"IT WAS PROVEN" --SQUAWK!-- "THE IOF WAS VERY CLEAR--" IT WAS HAMAS'S ROCKET ! SQUAWK! BLEAT !

37 ) Mark / USA
28/07/2014 22:07
BULLSH*T is right. Stupid Hammas rocket won't even kill 2 people. We're talking about 10 people that are spread around in about 700sqf radius. This must be Air-strike bombing.

38 ) amy / USA
28/07/2014 22:19
Israel always lies to get out of things. Israel is the terrorist. Just like they struck the kids on the beach . But that incident had a hundred eyewitnesses . Why would hamas be firing rockets by the kids playing? They are professional military. They already launched over 1000 missiles without any mistakes. Israel is the terrorist.

39 ) Michael / Italy
28/07/2014 22:19
Arabls blow them selves up all the time and kill children. Arabs really can not take the upper hand. I wonder how many children were killed in Syria and Iraq in the past month.

40 ) Todd / Madrid
28/07/2014 22:21
Reuters is confirming it was a Hamas missile gone wrong. Good job Hamas.

41 ) Moshe / Israel
28/07/2014 22:21
When Palestinian child is killed since IDF attacks missile launch from populated Palestinian area the IDF is investigating how it can do more to prevent such painful event in the future. When Hamas manages to kill Israeli child it is a pure celebration for them. Be sure that if IDF target was to kill civilian this war was over in 2 days. We are not willing to die just to make you happy... Free Gaza from Hamas!!!

42 ) Ben / Australia
28/07/2014 22:51
Israel have shown themselves to be low life tyrants. There people take pleasure in women and kids dying. Any other country would face sanctions but israel kill children with immunity.

43 ) Shula / USA
28/07/2014 22:52
Kerry / USA and Mel / USA -You are free (if not intelligent people). Find yourself another hobby other then Jew hating. To everyone else: Hamas has killed 25 of its own people during cease fire as Israeli on suspicion of being Israeli collaborators. More then 160 children perished during construction of the tunnels and yet, I don't see a public outcry. Yeah, google it! Why? What is this new style of not valuing human life? Why is blood is only worth something if it was spilled by jews.

44 ) Shane / Canada
28/07/2014 23:19
Some of the Pro-Israeli arguments here are laughable..."the IDF was very clear it was a Hamas Fajr long range rocket"...the IDF...well we all know that's a fair and balanced source don't we? "..."And not a word about the strong indications that these were misfired Palestinian rockets..."...flat out lies...the following quote is directly from the article..."The Israeli army, however, said that the deaths were a result of "failed rocket attacks" launched by Palestinian militants."...laughable.

45 ) Shane / Canada
28/07/2014 23:29
Josh...do YOUR research...Israel has ZERO right by treaty or legitimate conquest to much of the land they occupy...if I set up shop in your back yard and claimed it as my own would be of the opinion that I'm in the right and there's no good reason for you to retaliate...the death toll tells the story dude...1005 to 46. Israel bombed a UN school because without knowing for certain yet if rockets were there but knowing full well kids were. That's enough for me. Israel has NO credibility.

46 ) Freepalestine / USA
28/07/2014 23:35
Outraged! Why is the world keeping silent!!! My heart is aching for these kids and their families!! Such cowards!!!

47 ) Bruce / USrael
28/07/2014 23:35
If "telegenic" bodies aid Palestine, why does Bibi abet his "enemy" so treasonously?

48 ) Mikefaa / USA
28/07/2014 23:40
I realize that most of you feel great outrage. But, once again, it is important to discover the truth. I suggest you keep in mind plausible alternative explanations. http://www.timesofisrael.com/the-terrorist-misfire-that-deepened-the-conflict/

49 ) Sabrina / USA
29/07/2014 00:00
This was not from Hamas! There are live reporters there that have witnessed it saying it was a drone! If your source is IDF then you need re-think where you're getting information from. Yeah, the war criminal! Of course they are going to defend themselves!

50 ) Amjad / Planet Earth
29/07/2014 00:09
There is an upper judge above your heads human who will take the rights of every kid who was mascaraed , Israel never had a human side and never will , they are covered by media who manipulate your mind people , WAKE UPPP WAKE UPPPPP before you realize you are an Allie to the devil himself !!!!

51 ) Sheena Hasham / United Kingdom
29/07/2014 00:25
It was a drone from israel that did this not hamas . How can they keep blaming them. Because israel is feeling threatened now its losing money and we know jews love money more then any thing israel second command is a woman who so evil she has gobe on tv saying that to get rid of Palestine u havecto kill there women first and then there snakes . Yes she called them snakes . So israel has been doing just that they do not see the people of gaza as human . Hitler had said he saw jews as vermins .

52 ) Nadia / U.S.A
29/07/2014 00:28
Mikefaa, Shut up you know Israel is making excuses for what they did so the international comunity wont blame them as usual.

53 ) Jihan / Bethlehem
29/07/2014 00:44
Zionist terrorist the world gets sick of all your bloody deeds Israel. Apparently, Israel is afraid of children and Arabs are afraid of Israel consequently Gazans are victorious Inshala.

54 ) Andrew / USA
29/07/2014 01:05
I think it is pretty clear that israel wouldnt fire on a hospital and a refugee camp. Its all part of Hamas' media campaign to show the dead children and women that THEY CAUSED in order to convince international media that they are the victims here. There is a very clear way to end this conflict. As soon as Hamas lays down their weapons there will be quiet. If israel lays down its weapons, there would be no more Israel. They have every reason to defend themselves from terrorists.

55 ) Steve / USA
29/07/2014 01:08
Think about this. There would be the same amount of casualties on either side if Israel did not have the Iron Dome Defense system. Hamas blindly fires rockets towards Israeli cities. Israel spends its resources on self defense, Hamas spends their resources on terror tunnels and rockets. Keep in mind also, Israel has provided electricity to the Gaza Strip forever. Dont you think if they were as barbaric as everyone said, they would just cut the electric off?? THINK PEOPLE

56 ) SONIA Akhtar / united kingdom
29/07/2014 02:09
Its not fair innocent kids getting killed by the israelis. Palestines becoming homeless. How would theisraelis feel if their kids were getting killed ANd they were becoming homeless. I believe that what comes around goes around so stop making Palestinians people suffer.

57 ) Bill / USA
29/07/2014 02:29
So let me see if I understand all this. Hamas decides to launch rockets at a country with a modern military. That modern military responds with very destructive fire power. Because Hamas locates some missile firing areas in close proximity to houses, schools, and hospitals, this firepower causes much collateral damage and many civilian casualties. Why launch the rockets in the first place? After over a thousand deaths, what have they gained? The Palestinians deserve better leadership.

58 ) Ronda / USA
29/07/2014 03:12
Are u stupid David from USA , every where in Gaza is a war zone. I hope u feel the same pain these fathers and mothers r feeling .

59 ) Leila / USA
29/07/2014 03:22
Neither have the moral high ground. Hamas was only elected out of Palestinian desperation in their fight against Israel's apartheid culture and military control over Gaza's borders, effectively putting them under siege. However, Hamas has clearly stated they do not recognize Isreal, do not want to compromise for peace. They routinely use human shields by their own admission and then use them as PR against Israel. If Hamas were merely removed, Israel's subjugation of Arabs would continue.

60 ) declan kelly / Ireland
29/07/2014 04:44
Hitler seemed to be gentler than this warmonger. Ironic really. What saddens me most is the ignorance..especially in the US ...thank you Fox News...about the reality on the ground. It's no video game.....it's real and children are being blown to pieces. Hamas rockets are low tech and completely blocked. One nutter advocating complete extermination. Next..the suggestion may be to nuke the place.The real problem is that Israel needs to respect...completely...Palestinian culture/religion.

61 ) Stand up for Palestine / Canada
29/07/2014 05:48
i can't imagine the pain the parents of these children are feeling. So much death, so much destruction and so much grief - my heart breaks seeing the children and the desperate parents fleeing the sadistic madness of the Israeli deadly bombardments - this is genocide.

62 ) sonia / india
29/07/2014 07:12
No humanity,stop this innocent killings ,peace be on earth.

63 ) Boil / Romania
29/07/2014 09:14
At around 4:30 p.m. Gaza time, Hamas thought to give Israel a nasty surprise by sending one of its heavy Iranian Fajr-5 missiles (range 75 km) smashing into Tel Aviv. Instead of taking to the air, the missile plummeted to the ground in the nearby Shifa Hospital compound and exploded.

64 ) S. / Hu
29/07/2014 09:41
What Hitler did to the Jewish, Netanyah is doing now to the Palestinian people. Stop killing innocent people.

65 ) How can you all be so blind??? / Switzerland
29/07/2014 10:56
Keep supporting Hamas violence and keep the body count by thousands. Fools.

66 ) Ishmael / East Asia
29/07/2014 11:11
I'm not pro-Hamas. But it's obvious that those people defending IDF 's actions here are trying too hard to influence the world's opinion. Your tag lines are so predictable after all these years. The harder you try, the more obvious are the lies. Shame on you! Gone are the days people depend on traditional medias, which is dominated by Israel. The time has changed!

67 ) Kamranmubashir / Pakistan
29/07/2014 14:10
Israel want their land by killing .

68 ) DDl / S. KOREA
29/07/2014 14:11
Where is the UN ? This is just going too far and I strongly believe that UN should step in and prevent further massacre by stationing the troops in Gaza/Israel border.

69 ) Chloe / UK
29/07/2014 15:22
When Israel tries to suggest this was a failed Hamas missile, not theirs, it doesn't take much intelligence to answer 'how convenient'. Blaming the other side is child's play and you're a fool if you believe it.

70 ) RSM / ASIA
29/07/2014 16:03
Gaza strike Istrael of course istrael fight back, Gaza call it massacre when they got casualties, but its them who bombing istrael first... When someone punch you will you kiss him?? of course you punch him back!

71 ) Mel / USA
29/07/2014 16:07
#43:Shula:Watch your mouth dude! Even the way YOU say "Jew hating",shows you have no respect for Judaism or any faith.Some of my oldest &dearest friends are of the Jewish faith,culture &heritage.And I would put any of them FAR ABOVE you pro-Israeli Zionist morons &trolls. Don't ever defend Zionist Israel,as though it were the voice,intellect,compassion &courage of the Jewish people.Zionist Israel is a war criminal,shoe-dirt,TRAITOR to the Judaism, the AQ/ISIS of Judaism. Zionism=Nazism=hatred!

72 ) Outlier / USA
29/07/2014 17:50
Considering the already recognized nearly non-existent guidance on Hamas rockets, it is entirely possible this was a Hamas rocket misfire. Hamas will - for obvious reasons - spin it as an Israeli strike, but we do not know.

73 ) Milly / Israel
29/07/2014 19:41
Hamas has been launching thousands of rockets into our cities,into our civilian population for years now. thank good and America for the "Iron dome" and for the bomb shelters we have to have in every house built in Israel since the 80's- that is the reason you don't see civilian casualties by the hundreds in Israel. Unfortunately an tragically the Hamas has done nothing to protect the civilian population, on the contrary, the are launching their missiles from amongst the population centers...

74 ) Milly / Israel
29/07/2014 19:51
Had they had any interest for their civilians, they would have used their enormous budget to build schools,houses and hospitals instead of buying missiles and building terror tunnels targeting the civilian population in Israel

75 ) Barry / USA #1
29/07/2014 20:38
You bunch of pathetic Jihadist loving liberals! Palestine is the one that STARTED the attacks!!!!! They wanted a cease fire. Israel complied. Then, your Hamastinians started the rocket attacks again!!! You bunch of palestinians sympathizers are the lowest form of life on earth! Hamastine started it! Israel is defending herself!

76 ) Barry / USA
29/07/2014 20:39
Palestine started it! So quit blaming Israel for simply defending themselves! Hamas shoots rockets from schools and hospitals as human shields. So get your facts straight.

77 ) Barry / USA
29/07/2014 20:53
Let's see.... Hamas wants to kill Israelis for their Jihad. Israel wants to kill palestinians for no reason at all. Who should I believe? The liberals? Or facts? You liberals do know that Muslims want to kill all non Muslims, right? Does the Torah says thou shall not kill? Sure does.

78 ) Maureen / Australia
29/07/2014 21:28
Why did Hitler hate the Jews, I wonder? What other Zionist atrocities caused collective Jewish suffering?

79 ) Repeat / USA
29/07/2014 22:00
I have to wonder if Palestinian rocket attacks into Israel -- we are told there have been over 1,000 in the last three weeks -- why have they resulted in only 3 Israeli civilian deaths? These rockets are apparently not very effective. Either way, the scorecard of deaths is horrific: over 1,000 dead and 6,000 wounded in Gaza; 3 dead in Israel (were these the three kidnapped and executed school-boys?) and 40 dead soldiers after they invaded Gaza. Israel should feel shame.

80 ) Repeat / USA
29/07/2014 22:02
63 ) Boil / Romania29/07/2014 09:14 At around 4:30 p.m. Gaza time, Hamas thought to give Israel a nasty surprise by sending one of its heavy Iranian Fajr-5 missiles (range 75 km) smashing into Tel Aviv. Instead of taking to the air, the missile plummeted to the ground in the nearby Shifa Hospital compound and exploded.

81 ) Amjad / Planet Earth
29/07/2014 22:13
UN and all the similar world peace makers are made just for the security of certain countries and to make the big names interfere when ever they want , they created money system so it's not an issue for them to get people massacred then ,,, poor Palestinians we will donate them some money from USAID , UN or else , well tell me if you wake up in the morning finiding gangsters called hagana killing your children and giving your home to them only cause an English general felt like being generous !!

82 ) Amjad / Planet Earth
29/07/2014 22:16
those hagana Gangsters kept killing killing and mascaraing Palestinians since 1916 till now , in addition stripping what is left from Palestine into systematic settlements that cover the tip of mountains as if they are preparing for a war since then , all international opinion is with them , they own the banks , the money , the weapon companies and and and ,,,, who would look and feel sympathy for the owners of the land ,,, shame on humanity that you speak by it's name !!! truth shall prevail

83 ) Darren / Australia
29/07/2014 22:34
This news and images make me sick in the stomach!! When are we going to wake up and stop all this killing. For what ever reasons there are, religious, political, no matter who is right and who is wrong, stop killing innocent children who have the right to live!! FIGHT FOR THE YOUNG with peace!!!

84 ) Nermin Mujagic / Denmark
29/07/2014 23:20
Israel stop killing people and stealing land.

85 ) Soraya / UK
30/07/2014 02:42
How can this not be stopped by force it angers me to see this happening and nothing done to stop it many of us wish helplessly that this shouldn't be happening it is surreal to believe that something so wrong is happening like this or even being let to happen! and to all responsible that have play any part deserve hell of the most vilest kind I pray for karma on each and everyone. What is happening is a complete wipe out of a population of humans that deserve to existing in peace and live.

86 ) Robert in zio controlled USA / Zio USA
30/07/2014 03:14
Even UNRWA doctors say that Israel is targeting their hospitals and schools. Would Ma'an News please reveal the Jewish Satanic Talmudic teachings that makes Jews think they can can get away with this?

87 ) Robert in Zio controlled USA / Zio USA
30/07/2014 03:26
Here's a direct quote from Rabbi Manis Friedman, a highly respected rabbi of the Israeli terror regime... "The only way to fight a moral war is the Jewish way: "Destroy their holy sites. Kill men, women and children (and cattle)." This is why we stand with the Palestinians.

88 ) Oz / Israel
30/07/2014 06:12
That's false!!! There's an EVIDENCE of that explosion made by rocket that misfired by HAMAS! Even the pro-palestinian UN accepted that EVIDENCE they've got from satellite pictures and approved it! There's mistakes that caused for unnecessary deaths unfortunately and unintended. But this event was by the hand of HAMAS!!

89 ) Alan / USA
30/07/2014 08:04
The only question in my mind is are the Israelis insane or are they evil?

90 ) YHS / India
30/07/2014 08:30
Be ready for Jihad.... currently we are just sharing the photos.... Boycott all Israel product and every time we pray do curse on them.... we need to be like A. Hitler (he killed 95% Jews but this time we need to wipe all of them. We should wipe out Israel from map as Iran demanded.... May Allah give Heaven for all those who are sacrificing their life for their land (Palestine)

91 ) Ishmael / East Asia
30/07/2014 15:03
@ Barry, you said .."Hamas wants to kill Israelis for their Jihad".?Where you get that from? I'm not pro-Hamas yet it's obvious you got it all wrong. You guys are just trying too hard to brainwash the world via your control of the traditional media. BUT, things are changing real fast. Just go and Google "Palestine solidarity goes mainstream in UK as 100,000 march in London"

92 ) Ayesha South Africa / South Africa
30/07/2014 23:45
U keep covering up for isreal.The tora says u shall not kill,yet you kill.u claim to believe in god but u bomb up mosques which does not belong 2u or us but god.you bomb and kill children.U are the most disguisting creatures to ever walk the earth.you say britian gave u the land but it was never there's to give.U keep defending yourselfs yet u strike again and believe yor own lies.Remember that we have better then all your wepons and bombs.We have God.God does not sleep!Yor day is near.

93 ) Cal / UK
30/07/2014 23:53
Hamas have been firing rockets into Israel for a very long time now without mis-firing into its own population... This massacre of children on the Muslim Eid holiday was by the IDF .... very deliberate and calculate to punish Palestinians for celebrating Eid. Israeli and its military have no morals. Can these truly be a chosen people of G_d..? Surely not. Barbaric in the extreme by all accounts and in comparison with other lunatic murderous fanatics see in this worlds history.Israel ranks high

94 ) Rehla / Uk
31/07/2014 01:57
It's a joke how many idiots on here are Commenting and siding with the Murders Zionist You guys needs to take the blind fold off and stop chating Crap about how Hamas is using children as a shield Your all using the same line all the time shut the hell up! Because it's not your child being killed you don't care Get your heads outa your own ass and see the reality of what's Happening to the poor gaza people, It's not Hamas Irael if after it's Palestine Land!! greedy fuckers

95 ) Susan / Canada
31/07/2014 06:06
Actually, it was a Hamas Bomb that misfired. It was aimed at Israeli children...but I guess that is O.K. right? None of you will complain about that...

96 ) thomas lee / singapore
31/07/2014 11:02
Right now pointing finger over whose right,whose dthe tyrant will not bring an end to the war,the immediate issue at hand is to look at root of the problem,palestinians or hamas militants go to war basically because of land,territorrial,race and religion issues but the crux of the problem lies with not enough of economic activity to provide the palestinians a decent livelihood.Rich wealthy arab nations should help poorer nation in middle east to bring about good economic investment aCtivity.

97 ) Noor / UK
31/07/2014 19:07
JEWS are the biggest losers and will rot in hell inshallah.

98 ) shazia / UK
31/07/2014 19:11
In gods name israel will get bombed so they can have a taste of theire own stinking blood.

99 ) Spinoza / Canaada
01/08/2014 02:10
Italian Journalist Tweets his observation, now that he is safely home: gabrielebarbati @gabrielebarbati ? Jul 29 Out of #Gaza far from #Hamas retaliation: misfired rocket killed children yday in Shati. Witness: militants rushed and cleared debris ReplyReplied to 0 times RetweetedRetweeted 3,464 times3.5K FavoriteFavorited 1,036 times1K More

100 ) Spinoza / Canada
01/08/2014 02:13
A news report that most agencies have chosen to ignore. Hamas has executed in plain view, 20 young people of the dozens that were protesting for peace. If people who read this cannot connect the dots, it is because they choose not to. Here: http://www.breitbart.com/Big-Peace/2014/07/29/Report-Hamas-Killed-20-Palestinian-Anti-War-Protestors-in-Gaza

101 ) G. Leibniz / Germany
01/08/2014 14:01
Have just read the report kindly provided by #100: Spinoza. The fact that this Fox affiliated newsite reported what had been broadcast on Israeli Channel 10, causes me to question its content, particularly as no other similar reports seem to have emerged from dedicated journalists on the ground in Gaza. I try to keep an open mind, although I do know that collaboration isn't viewed well, & that some 'developed' nations also had a habit of executing people refusing to fight in their glorious wars.

102 ) David / USA
01/08/2014 22:22
Boy, does Maan attract a vocal crowd. Mostly Jew-haters, and vocal ones at that! What's amazing is that NONE of these writers who said such nasty things about Israel have posted A SINGLE WORD about the Muslim on Muslim deaths in Syria and Irag! Not a peep! That's probably 200,000 dead Muslims and not a stinking word. I guess only Jews need a good chewing-out, is that it? What does that say about those posters? Just anti-Semitic hypocrites who really don't give a crap about these dead Gazans.

103 ) Tibi / Tubas
03/08/2014 16:07
- Hamas will choose martyrdom for all of Gaza, before choosing peace, or even a ceasefire, in which they get nothing, but what they had, and - Israel will never give Hamas anything, for provoking another war, so ** THERE CAN BE NO MORE CEASEFIRES **, and now - The People of Gaza should go to Egypt if they want to live !!

104 ) Robert / US
12/08/2014 02:54
#102 David -shove it it with that stupid shit will ya, fool.jews should be responsible for their actions , no .. hint , your not special.
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