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Meshaal: We are ready to coexist with Jews, but not 'occupiers'
Published Sunday 27/07/2014 (updated) 29/07/2014 00:04
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Hamas chief Khaled Meshaal holds a press conference in the Qatari
capital Doha on July 23, 2014 (Al-Watan Doha/AFP/File Karim Jaafar)
GAZA CITY (Ma'an) -- Israel resumed its bombardment of the Gaza Strip for the 20th day on Sunday afternoon, as Hamas leader Meshaal stressed that the group was ready to "coexist with the Jews" but would not tolerate "occupiers."

The Israeli assault on Gaza continued after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu refused to renew a ceasefire agreed to earlier in the day after he claimed Palestinian militants had violated earlier truces.

At least two Palestinians were killed and dozens injured in Israeli airstrikes and shelling from land and sea on Sunday evening, as the total Palestinian toll in the deadly assault hit 1,032 with more than 6,200 injured. Israeli forces have also killed 11 Palestinians in solidarity protests across the West Bank.

Of the total, 13 Palestinians were killed Sunday morning by Israeli forces during the ceasefire, while 117 bodies were recovered on Saturday as medics had access to large areas that had been off-limits during an agreed-upon humanitarian ceasefire that lasted 16 hours.

On Sunday afternoon, after the expiration of that ceasefire, Hamas announced that all militant groups would be respecting a 24-hour ceasefire beginning at 2 p.m.

But as Israeli airstrikes continued and officials announced their rejection, rocket fire continued from the Gaza Strip, injuring one Israeli civilian.

Meanwhile, the Israeli military's death toll in the conflict hit 43 overnight, while three civilians in Israeli have been killed as well.

'I'm ready to coexist with the Jews'

Hamas continued to insist that any lasting ceasefire must be based on an Israeli lifting of the blockade on Gaza, with leader Khaled Meshaal warning that Palestinians cannot coexist with their neighbors while their land is occupied in an interview broadcast on Sunday.

On Saturday, Meshaal was interviewed by US broadcaster PBS in the Qatari capital Doha while in Gaza the party was under assault from Israeli forces in renewed fighting.

A full version of the interview will be broadcast late on Monday, but excerpts were revealed on Sunday on CBS News' "Face the Nation."

Asked by veteran interviewer Charlie Rose whether he could foresee living beside Israelis in peace, Meshaal said only a future Palestinian state could decide whether to recognize Israel.

"We are not fanatics, we are not fundamentalists. We are not actually fighting the Jews because they are Jews per se. We do not fight any other races. We fight the occupiers," he said.

"I'm ready to coexist with the Jews, with the Christians and the Arabs and non-Arabs," he said. "However, I do not coexist with the occupiers."

Pressed on whether Palestinians could recognize the state of Israel as a Jewish state, Meshaal reiterated Hamas' position -- the group does not recognize Israel.

"When we have a Palestinian state then the Palestinian state will decide on its policies. You cannot actually ask me about the future. I answered you," he said.

"But Palestinian people can have their say when they have their own state without occupation."

Hamas declared a 24-hour ceasefire on Sunday, but fighting continued in Gaza and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said his forces would push on with attempts to destroy the group's tunnel network.

Cautious calm

On Sunday evening, Israeli airstrikes and shelling continued in Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip as well as in Jabaliya and parts of the eastern Gaza Strip, with the army saying in a statement around 8 p.m. that they had struck 40 "targets" since the end of the ceasefire.

In Khan Younis -- the site of heavy fighting in recent days -- a cautious calm prevailed, as Israeli airstrikes and shelling had not yet resumed to pre-ceasefire levels.

The calm, however, has repeatedly been interrupted by Israeli airstrikes.

Issam Abu Shab was killed and two others injured in a strike on a motorbike in Khan Younis on Sunday evening, Gaza Ministry of Health spokesman Ashraf al-Qidra said.

Ahmad Abu Sa'da died of injuries sustained in a strike on Khan Younis.

Mohammad Ahmad Siyam, 12, on Sunday died of wounds sustained in an Israeli attack on Gaza earlier.

Two Palestinians were also injured in naval and artillery shelling on Gaza on Sunday evening.

Israel launched Operation Protective Edge against the Gaza Strip in response to rocket fire from the area, which increased sharply after Israel launched a massive assault across the West Bank that it said was an attempt to "crush" Hamas.

That operation -- which began in June and ended in early July -- left nearly a dozen Palestinians dead, more than one hundred injured, and a thousand more in Israeli jails.

The Gaza Strip has been under Israeli siege since 2006 since Hamas was democratically elected into power by the Palestinian people, and has been subject to frequent bombardments.

A 2008-9 assault killed 1,400, while a 2012 killed nearly 200. The vast majority in both cases were civilians, and Gaza-based rights groups estimate around 80 percent of present casualties are non-combatants as well.

AFP contributed to this report.
1 ) Outlier / USA
27/07/2014 23:42
Then change the Hamas charter, recognize Israel's right to exist, declare a permanent ceasefire, retain only arms necessary for security, normalize border protocols, be welcoming of joint economic projects and see where it leads. Talk is cheap.

2 ) Cole / France
28/07/2014 00:11
Go Hamas! Do it call the occupiers out. If they want peace let see them squirm there way out of this one. They don't want peace because that's what they are invaders and we all know one day to Germany they will be a packing!

3 ) Mel / USA
28/07/2014 00:38
Bravo Meshaal.Not even USG can argue with that,without implying that British Royal colonial OCCUPATION was right & fighting a war of US resistance & INDEPENDENCE was WRONG! Not even Jews can disagree with Meshaal's words,else they condemn the JewishUndergroundResistance against Nazi OCCUPATION,ethnic/bigotted persecution & collective punishment similar essentially to the LAST 67yrs imposed on MILLIONS of Palestinians i.e. expulsion,torture,execution,detainment,human rights abuses & WAR CRIMES!

4 ) Charles / Scotland
28/07/2014 01:09
I pray for peace for all the peoples in Palestine, Israel, what Christians call the Holy Lands and for which others may have different names. I pray Jewish people who recognise the damage being done by the Zionists endangers their future, here and elsewhere, will prevail and bring this present Israeli government to its senses. Israel has spent 65 years fighting all it's neighbours! What a waste, the more they fight the more they generate resentment in the young people in all neighbouring state

5 ) avner / Israel
28/07/2014 01:25
Israel has pulled out of Gaza and destroyed all the settlements that were there. There is no occupation in Gaza. Arafat recognises a Jewish state in 1974‏: http://youtu.be/GqeFIbDhJ8w Yasser Arafat has already recognized Israel as the Jewish state but Hamas is too fanatic to co exist with israel and therefore wont recognize israel's right to exist. Now they pretend to be a peaceful organization while firing thousands of rockets in the past 13 years towards israeli civilian population.

6 ) Three Questions / No Deceptions
28/07/2014 02:01
The Blockade will end, when the resistance ends !! 1- Is Hamas ready to end the resistance, and never attack Israel again? And, I am sure that Israel would like a clarification as to what exactly Hamas is "ready to coexist with Jews, but not occupiers" means. 2- Is it possible that Hamas is ready to accept a permanent peace deal, instead of just a truce, until Hamas can become the "occupier", and 3- What is it that Hamas exactly considers to be occupied ??

7 ) Tibi / Tubas
28/07/2014 02:10
This is probably just a Hamas deception; however, IF HAMAS IS "READY TO COEXIST with Jews", * NOW IS A GOOD TIME FOR PEACE TALKS, which certainly would halt Israel's actions in Gaza, and Hamas should invite all the militant factions, the PLO, and the entire PA Unity government to participate in the talks too !!

8 ) @ Meshaal / Truth
28/07/2014 02:25
[1] Please define what Israel must do for the Islamic militants to stop considering Jews as the "occupiers", and [2] Try to understand that until Gaza accepts real peace, which is far different from all the previous truces, that Israel would view ending the Blockade as aiding your next war efforts, which it will not do ever !!

9 ) KnightFlash / US
28/07/2014 02:34
Heres the problem in a nutshell - Pressed on whether Palestinians could recognize the state of Israel as a Jewish state, Meshaal reiterated Hamas' position -- the group does not recognize Israel.

10 ) spb / usa
28/07/2014 03:27
i heard of road, race, mountain & fat (snow) bike. this looks like a fancy rubble bike

11 ) ABE / USA
28/07/2014 03:47
Wow! Sounds like Messhaal is coming around and starting to understand what being part of the world means. He is becoming a real Politician. He can say that he does not recognize the state of ISRAEL BUT if a Palestinian country does then he is OK! War is hell Meshaal and your people have paid a VERY HEAVY price for you to learn!! you are a "great" leader lol

12 ) Fritz / America
28/07/2014 05:18
Israel would be the fool to end the occupation with Hamas smuggling weapons and building tunnels, when their money should have been spent on helping the Gaza people instead. Israel should physically occupy the 1.8 mile area along the border with Gaza to prevent tunnels being dug into Israel.

13 ) Tibi / Tubas
28/07/2014 05:23
If Hamas is ready to coexist, then it should not take issue with Israel destroying Hamas attack tunnels, that could be used against Israeli civilians in the future, and should accept this is any truce agreement !!

14 ) Emmanuel Tierra / Palestine
28/07/2014 07:20
There can be no Peace without UNSC 242 Compliance: Absurd Netanyhu Sionists premise that any bi-lateral agreement could have of object the contravention of UN Charter & Laws of Armed Conflict. Israelis are in systemic breach of International Law Agreements of UNGA 273 Accession to UN Charter, 1949 Armistice Agreements that UNSC 242 address, (IV) I-973 Geneva Convention, Oslo DOP of UNSC 242 of foundation, & qualify for Principles of Nuremberg P-VI (c) Crimes Against Humanity

15 ) your brother / bani zeid
28/07/2014 08:01
Eid Mubarak to my brothers in gaza

16 ) khalil / USA
28/07/2014 08:16
Jews who follow the Torah are not Zionist like most Israelis. Zionisim has no right to Exisit

17 ) ian / australia
28/07/2014 09:48
Charlie Rose looked pretty glum throughout doing a gaudy act of exaggerated skepticism to show he wasn't going to be flim-flammed by a terrorist. Basically he looked an idiot. But Khaled Meshaal spelled it ALL out to a wide English-speaking audience and only the chronically brainwashed would fail to see that the Palestinians have valid grievances, that Hamas are not insane fundamentalists who "love death" but a rational resistance movement and that there is more to it than the Israeli version.

18 ) Art / EU
28/07/2014 10:32
Hamas is Israel's best chance for achieving long lasting peace. If they blow this up by destroying Hamas, it's extremely likely that in the next few years something much worse will be born there. "Destroy Hamas? Something worse would follow: Pentagon intel chief" http://www.reuters.com/article/2014/07/27/us-mideast-gaza-usa-hamas-idUSKBN0FW01F20140727

19 ) Perry / EU
28/07/2014 10:40
@avner, Gaza Strip is essentially an open prison, controlled mainly by Israel. Your cheap manipulations do not work anymore. Thanks to modern technology and all the communication channels available people can see the reality now and make their own opinions. And these newly born opinions are mostly not favorable to Israel. There are protests against Israel's aggression all over the world, including in Israel. I am glad to see there are still sane people there.

20 ) Art / EU
28/07/2014 10:45
@Tibi, what you are asking for is for Hamas, and Palestinians in general, to trust blindly Israel. Can you please check the history (even wikipedia will do) and see how Israel dealt with Palestinians in the last half a century? Unless you are truly biased, you will then understand why Hamas finds it hard to put their fate solely in Israel's hands.

21 ) Akhlaq Ahmad / UK
28/07/2014 11:39
Some of the comments from die hard Zionists want to forget history, reality and genocide committed in their name against Palestinians by focusing on Hamas as if it's the most powerful army in the world! Smoke and mirrors in this cruel Israeli genocidal game. When Hamas wasn't around Israel did the same thing to the Palestinians. Nothing changes except continued theft of Palestinian land. See West Bank as a "shining example" of what Israeli peace looks like for Abbas.

22 ) Mark Snova / Ireland
28/07/2014 11:52
Meshaal should be on the frontlines and not sit in Qatari luxury hotel belly full of fine food. He betryed Palestinians

23 ) Maisie / UK
28/07/2014 12:03
Hasbaraniks: Let us hope Hamas's resistance doesn't end up like that of the Warsaw Ghetto. Of course, those brave men, women and children were heroes. The world must be forced to look at the effects of this hideous and protracted occupation and consider that the ensuing resistance has been incredibly restrained, considering the decades of humiliation, torture and just plain tyranny they have been subjected to by Israel.

24 ) Nick / south africa
28/07/2014 12:17
Hamas still calls for the total destruction of Israel,and they wonder why Israel fights back.The PA have said they can live side by side.

25 ) Abdul Rashid / UK
28/07/2014 13:37
Zionist can not be trusted..UNO is just rubber stamp.

26 ) Jerry Miles / U.S.A.
28/07/2014 13:50
Charlie Rose (us too) need to ask what, in Meshaal's opinion, is Israel occupying? He has said before that Israel is occupying ALL of the land. He (and Hamas) recognize any of the international agreements leading up to the U.N. partition plan or any of the subsequent resolutions affirming Israel's right to exist. Also, Meshaal is being 100% disingenuous saying he would allow Jews and Christians to live in peace if the Islamists were in charge. Just look around the world today.

27 ) Abdullah / KSA
28/07/2014 14:45
Bravo Khalid Meshall for putting the truth out there & debunking the urban myths about Hamas. As Meshall said, Hamas is against those who occupied Palestinian land, which has nothing to do with the fact that the occupiers happen to be Jewish. All sides need to go forward & discuss their grieviences in a neutral setting, with the aim of bringing about peace & the two state solution (where it is agreed this is the best way forward). For sure the intention is there to make peace, but a step by step

28 ) Abdullah (2) / KSA
28/07/2014 14:46
approach is necessary to make this happen. Questions such as those posed by readers 6 & 8, would be better addressed to Hamas within the context of direct talks, because that way no promises will be broken. However, it is fairly obvious that Hamas wants Israel to move back to the pre 67 borders, stop controlling W.Bank/Gaza/Al Quds & basically allow for a self autonomous Palestinian State to come into being. With this comes peace, co existence (with Israel) & end of resistance.

29 ) Abdullah (3) / KSA
28/07/2014 14:49
Khlaid Meshall is clearly reaching out here & those parties with a vested interest would do well to finally reach out. This statement has been a long time coming, irrespective of what people think, positive things can come from direct, frank & honest dialogue between the parties. Only way forward now is to talk.

30 ) Hams Supporter / Ard Filasteen
28/07/2014 15:00
#17 - Thank you Ian for your comment. It is refreshing to find someone who can think for themselves, rather than listening to hasbara & statements put out by Western media, following the US infamous "War on Terror". Despite what is said, as you rightly point out, Hamas is a resistance movement with genuine grievances. Were we not followers of the religion of Islam, I wonder whether we would have got such bad press. Resistance against the Nazi's in WW2 was seen as heroic. So why demonise Hamas?

31 ) Rena / USA and Israel
28/07/2014 15:02
Both Hamas and the Palestinian Authority agree on one thing: That the Jews are occupying what we call Israel, and a Palestinian state should rule from the sea to the Jordan River. Well, guess what, Israel exists as a Jewish state and has minorities that are not Jewish. The Arabs had their chance in 1948 and refused an Arab state. Free Israel from the oppression of the Arab aggressions.

32 ) omar ajuuran / somalia
28/07/2014 15:07
Everyone knows that peace and coexistence with israel will never happen.Israel wants the land of Falastine and more.The big war has begun.No humanbeig can stop.

33 ) Khalid / Qatar
28/07/2014 15:09
What a lot of questions, comment & analysis, Meshall's speech has generated. Some people will have a bit of thinking to do, in order to come out the other side with a properly balanced view to present to the world...

34 ) myra / canada
28/07/2014 15:37
Hopefully Khaled meshaal's press conference will be one of many to voice to the international community his words and views of the life Palestinians live under this Israeli blockade of Gaza.

35 ) X / EU
28/07/2014 16:02
@Mark Snova, Meshaal should be on the front line, just like Netanyahu, right? Hypocrisy (yours) aside, you do understand the notion of exile, I hope.

36 ) Geoff Smith / UK
28/07/2014 16:31
"Then change the Hamas charter, recognize Israel's right to exist, declare a permanent ceasefire, retain only arms necessary for security, normalize border protocols, be welcoming of joint economic projects and see where it leads. Talk is cheap." If they were to do that, would Israel reciprocate? Yes, talk is cheap.

37 ) Geoff Smith / UK
28/07/2014 16:35
Jerry Miles "Also, Meshaal is being 100% disingenuous saying he would allow Jews and Christians to live in peace if the Islamists were in charge. Just look around the world today." Jerry does not seem to realise that before 1948 Palestinians were Muslim and Christian Arabs, and Palestinian Jews, and all had got on well for centuries.

38 ) Mel / USA
28/07/2014 16:47
#5:Avner:Don't be so ignorant. THINK! YES,Jews left from inside Gaza(strategy by Sharon 2 populate more WB, LOCK DOWN & surround Gaza).SO: all air-space=OCCUPIED(by IAF Drones,F16's,Apache's&weps).N.border=FENCED OFF(IOF checkpoints)W.border=OCCUPIED by INF Warships/Coast Guard(weps on civilians on boat&beach).E border=OCCUPIED by fence,snipers,tanks,colonies. S.border(Rafah)=CONTROLLED by Egypt/US/Israeli. Gaza's economy,jobs,health,food,water/utilities=CONTROLLED(or BOMBED)by Israel.HOLISTIC!

39 ) Nadeem / Scotland
28/07/2014 16:58
The isreali Zionist government started this regime, they started the siege they started this holocaust. And they press on. Isreal do NOT have a right inside GAZA. The Palestinian demands are more than reasonable. But Israel are perusing further and again not agreeing to anybody's terms including UN . Like it or not if Palestine is terrorist state, then by far like or not - so is isreal

40 ) Mel / USA
28/07/2014 17:13
#14:Emmanuel Tierra: Well said & totally on LEGAL/human rights,point!The OVERALL problem since 1930-40's,began with Judeo-Zionism disrupting/punishing,peaceful Palestinians for something they HADN'T DONE-EVER except,of course,be INHABITANTS of land Zionism aimed to colonize &claim for "Jews-only",aided &abetted by guilt-(or greed)ridden UKG/USG/Europe.ALL international laws stand WITH OCCUPIED Palestine.But Israel&USG DON'T respect such laws(imperialist).They just fear the title "anit-Semite".

41 ) Mel / USA
28/07/2014 17:31
Cont: a theme Zionist Israel has utilized & FED ON since WW2.The Nazi Holocaust was Zionism's GREATEST'get-out-of-jail-free'(cover)card to DO to non-Jews,as Nazism did TO Jews.But the biggest anti-Semitism,bigotry &hatred since WW2 is Zionism in occupied Palestine. Among Israel's people are some of the most anti-Semitic,racist,bigotted thugs claiming to be "Jews"aka roaming fascist'Brown Shirts'.Israeli Zionism=Absolutist Nazism,which is SUPPOSED to the nemesis of the West & humane society??

42 ) David / USA
28/07/2014 21:00
I see a need for some history here. The Muslim armies conquered 'Palestine' and it became part of the ummah. According to the Quran, once part of dar al-Islam, the land can never be lost. The Muslims are upset that little Israel beat them in '48, '56, '67, '73, etc., and reclaimed their ancestral land from dar al-Islam. Mohammad said to kick all the infidels out of the Arabian peninsula, nothing about other lands. Until Imams announce that Israel is no longer dar -al-Islam, jihad goes on.

43 ) David / USA
28/07/2014 21:06
"Peaceful Palestinians" don't launch rockets at their neighbors, don't send hit squads via tunnels to murder people in their homes. The 'Palestinians' have been thoroughly brainwashed by Hamas to throw their lives away. Hamas is a criminal terrorist organization that has put all of Gaza in harm's way. Rampaging Muslims attacked and murdered hundreds of Jews living in 'Palestine' prior to the state of Israel. Why? 'Occupation' has nothing to do with this war. It's jihad, plain and simple.

44 ) Tristian Aleron - 1 / Scotland
28/07/2014 23:42
So finally Khalid Meshal has been given the opportunity to put the record straight, after so many years of being under gag by biased media. For sure a lot can be read into what he has said; occupation, resistance, Israel & Palestine are all intrinsically linked. Being Jewish isn’t, that’s just a secondary feature of the occupying force. In effect Meshal is saying that he can co exist with virtually anyone, but not with those who Hamas see as being occupiers of Palestinian land (hence the

45 ) Tristan Aleron - 2 / Scotland
28/07/2014 23:43
resistance against Israel). By occupation, Meshaal means just that; those who occupy, control & subjugate people in their own lands. In truth, resistance can only stop when there is nothing to resist against, ie when Palestine as a free & fully functioning ‘Palestinian State’ comes into being (whatever that may mean in terms of land, borders & agreements). Hamas sees all of what exists now as Palestine (Gaza, W. Bank, Al Quds) & also what was taken/given to Israel before 1948 as being

46 ) Tristian Aleron - 3 / Scotland
28/07/2014 23:44
Palestinian land. However, my understanding is that if Israel goes back to the pre 1967 borders & Palestinians accept this (along with Al Quds) as a state, then the Palestinian State proper, can come into being, and peace comes. Whilst Hamas at this point does not & may not ever recognise Israel, if the afore mentioned Palestinian State recognises it, Hamas will not interfere. Hamas is interested in making lasting peace for the sake of Palestinians, but wants Israel to end its occupation of

47 ) M / USA
28/07/2014 23:44
This article inaccurately reflects the timeline for cessation of ceasefire. Hamas broke every ceasefire, not Israel.

48 ) Tristian Aleron - 4 / Scotland
28/07/2014 23:46
W.Bank, Al Quds & lift the blockade on Gaza, so that the Palestinians can be free & the Palestinian State can become autonomous & self sufficient. The afore mentioned Palestinian State would have control over its borders, sea & airports, trade, etc, thus functioning like any other qua normal state, but without any input or interference from Israel. For Israel to stop being seen as occupiers, they would have to withdraw & abide/agree to the conditions for a proper Palestinian State outlined

49 ) Tristian Aleron - 5 / Scotland
28/07/2014 23:47
[outlined] above. This would of course come through peace negotiations.

50 ) ian / australia
29/07/2014 02:50
#30 "Were we not followers of the religion of Islam, I wonder whether we would have got such bad press." I think your religion is irrelevant. Your misfortune is to have been "in the way" of the ruthless aspirations of Zionism with its essentially evil ideology and formidable political "reach". Had Seventh Day Adventists or Latter Day Saints occupied the land chosen by Zion for the Jewish State, THEY would have been slurred and demonised like Muslims have with Jewish think tanks like the

51 ) ian / australia
29/07/2014 02:51
(contd.) Project for the New American Century cajoling a moron POTUS into a Global War on Mormons.

52 ) freePalestine / canada
29/07/2014 05:22
Is this for real???? It is and always been israel who murdered and massacred and occupied Palestinians lands, their homes with illegal settlement colonizing and denying human rights of the people. Enough blaming hamas for Israel's war crimes for well over 65 years now. Israel never kept its word when it came to peace talks. You people disgust me finally the man talks about peace and coexistence and people are still so hateful. Stop the genocide in Palestine.

53 ) JE Farrow / North California
29/07/2014 10:14
There are decent people in both lands. They have been lied to & manipulated by factions on both. Only the decent people united can bring about a cure to this sickness and seemingly perpetual cycle of hatred. For the formation of a Socialist State of Israel-Palestine.

54 ) NFZA / Iran
29/07/2014 11:49
@David #42,43: None of these are the cases. There have been several cases where muslim people have been under control of other nations, but none of these happened. One example is bosnia in Yugoslavia until the end of 80's and Central Asia under control of USSR. The reason is the continued occupation and imposed restrictions on the original inhabitants of Palestine. Prior to state of Israel, rampages happened to protest illegal excessive immigration of European Jews sponsored by Britain.

55 ) Qasim / Egypt
29/07/2014 14:54
Bravo Khalid Meshaal, a leader who speaks the truth, despite this tragedy. Zionist terrorists massacred Palestinians, took their land, made them refugees, imprisoned them, killed them, turned the whole Western world against them, yet this man is willing to reach out for the sake of his people. Truly a person who follows the path of Islam, believes in the way of Allah & who has good intentions. May Allah reward him. May Allah open the hearts of those who need to listen to him, so they hear him!!!

56 ) Abdul / India
29/07/2014 14:57
Since1947 the cruel occupier israel has only caused miseries to the palestine people.They have forced the palestine people out of their own land.Now the same tactics is being applied to unoccupied land Gaza.The Occupier israel is regularly violating the UN&International law.Their policy is of massacre of palestine people.Their attitude is against humanity.In 67 years they have only caused oppression of palestine people&occupation of palestine land.Mr.Meshaal is right in saying that they can't co

57 ) Miriam / Usa
29/07/2014 15:13
I'm sure Mr Meshaal will do something about our refugees too, when the time comes. His speech was good news to the diaspora, barak Allah Mr Meshaal.

58 ) maj / uk
29/07/2014 17:37
I think the establishment of so called State of Israel will divided the power of world and WW III. And it's for certain that the power backing the Israel would have to pay price for war crime. How come elected and choosen Hamas as terrorist? All I know is killing of unarmed civilians women and children is the cowardly terrorist activities.

59 ) Outlier / USA
29/07/2014 17:45
36, Jeff, the fact is, no one knows. However, everyone now knows how Israel reacts to increasing missile attacks from Gaza and that approach is not working. My suggests should work better.

60 ) ian / australia
30/07/2014 02:31
Meshaal's position is quite subtle. Hamas, he says, will never recognise the LEGITIMACY of Israel. (And why should they? It's based on invasion and dispossession.) He will however accept it LEGALLY, in the sense that LAW and consensus accord it legally constituted sovereignty. He will also accept it as a POLITICAL reality, entrenched and immovable, on Palestinian soil. So, from river to sea, the land is eternally Palestine, though stolen (mostly) by Russians and Poles whose crime he ACCEPTS and

61 ) ian / australia
30/07/2014 02:31
(contd.) with whom he is willing to CO-EXIST...but only to the Green Line, by consensus, the border of Israel. BEYOND the border, including the border of Gaza, Israel is an intruding occupier to be resisted by ALL means and with whom Hamas refuses to co-exist or co-operate. It's an entirely rational and consistent position which Israel does NOT want to hear (least of all broadcast on PBS). It freaks them out because it undermines and exposes their hysterical narrative. I mean, just read #43.

62 ) ian / australia
30/07/2014 02:32
(contd.) It's has certainly unhinged David / USA, new hardman for Zion, reducing him to desperate nonsense like " 'Occupation' has nothing to do with this war. It's jihad, plain and simple." Really? Not according to Khaled Meshaal it's not who would surely know his own grievances and have no reason that I can see to lie about it.

63 ) ian / australia
30/07/2014 15:10
(contd.) with whom he is willing to CO-EXIST...but only to the Green Line, by consensus, the border of Israel. BEYOND the border, including the border of Gaza, Israel is an intruding occupier to be resisted by ALL means and with whom Hamas refuses to co-exist or co-operate. It's an entirely rational and consistent position which Israel does NOT want to hear (least of all broadcast on PBS). It freaks them out because it undermines and exposes their hysterical narrative. I mean, just read #43.

64 ) ian / australia
30/07/2014 15:11
(contd.) It's certainly unhinged David / USA, new hardman for Zion, reducing him to desperate nonsense like " 'Occupation' has nothing to do with this war. It's jihad, plain and simple." Really? Not according to Khaled Meshaal it's not who would surely know his own grievances and have no reason that I can think of to lie about them.

65 ) Seraphina Gabriel / Wales
30/07/2014 22:28
#60-62, I agree Ian, it is a very subtle & well thought out position to take. It also rather puts Bibi in check & gives Khalid Meshaal one of those coveted places in history (the ones reserved for the extraordinary thinkers & leaders), as well of course, a place on the moral high ground :)

66 ) Outlier / USA
30/07/2014 23:25
60-65, no higher ground at all. Simply talk, which is cheap, especially from Hamas.

67 ) Oz / ISRAEL
01/08/2014 00:53
You'll misinformed! Suddenly Hamas is willing to talk?! Yeah right! After they figure out that they can't defeat us! They can win only in the world public opinion that been misled by huge amount of disinformation about the real death toll, hiding the bodies of their jihadists! and publish false counts of civilians deaths! the alleged "freedom fighters" cowards made a dozens of murders against innocent civilians by horrifying terror attacks on busses, restaurants, nightclubs etc' like an animals.

68 ) Oz / ISRAEL
01/08/2014 01:37
In war like war. civilians pay the tragic consequences that theirs leaders did! Hamas top leaders hiding in bunkers or abroad just like Nasraala, while civilians and alleged "freedom fighters" facing the IDF strong hand! Sadly we cause for unnecessary deaths but with no intentions to do so! but the numbers is disfigured! Most of the dead are Hamas militants! Eventually they dig out from their holes! Then they need to face the homing missiles of our IAF that prepares for those dragged us to this!

69 ) ian / australia
01/08/2014 03:21
#59 "However, everyone now knows how Israel reacts to increasing missile attacks from Gaza..." Yes, everyone DOES know, Outlier. Like a cruel, vindictive, criminal entity inflicting sadistic, disproportionate punishment on a captive population, turning their home into an Auschwitz-like living hell to drive a new generation to more extreme forms of resistance. The mystery is that you think it's something to be proud of.

70 ) Outlier / USA
01/08/2014 23:21
69., Ian, it isn't from Hamas' lack of trying that Israel's loses are so low. Virtually unguided missiles (lots of them), a stout defense by Israel (i.e. Iron Dome) and a complete lack of shelters for Gaza citizens produced this bloody, destructive and disproportional result, a result I contend Hamas wanted. No pride here, but sadness that Gazans have been duped, used and sacrificed by their government.

71 ) Reality Check / The World
02/08/2014 04:03
What he means to say is Hamas is ready to accept co-exist with Jews so long as they renounce any claim to their land, live under Arab occupation, and pay the Jizya. Basically as long as the Jews bow down to them they can live together.

72 ) to all / canada
02/08/2014 04:19
To all you haters bashing Zionism like its Satanism. The Jews have had their historic land occupied many times over the last 2000 years, how you think a huge Mosque got build over their temple? You people think Palestinians are native to that land, they conquered it. The belief that the jews should have a homeland in the land of Israel isn't whats causing the chaos in the "Palestine", Its fanatical groups spreading "Islam", launching rockets and blowing themselves up thats doing it. Wake up!

73 ) @ Art-20 / \ Tibi/Tubas
02/08/2014 15:11
I am NOT "Asking For Trust", and I assure you that neither side will ever trust the other, and that the only way forward is with treaties, contracts, and guarantees, just like in any other major real estate business deal !!

74 ) @ Meshaal / \ Tibi/Tubas
02/08/2014 15:15
Israel has always been "ready to coexist with Palestinians, but Not" Terrorists, Rocket Launchers, Tunnel Diggers, Or War Criminals.

75 ) ian / australia
03/08/2014 06:22
#67 "...like an animals." The death toll, I'd remind you, Oz, is 1,600, mainly defenceless, captive civilians (including 200 children under 12) slaughtered in a blockaded enclave they cannot leave...to 63, mainly soldiers engaged in a violent invasion, so without besmirching animals, some of which are very nice, it's clear who the bigger, more savage killer is. Isn't it?

76 ) ian / australia
05/08/2014 00:55
#70 Very fancy, Outlier (see earlier discussion about whether deluded or evil better describes you) but the "disproportional result" IS the war crime. Let's say Hamas fired thousands of rockets, with lethal INTENT (which killed one person), failed to build bunkers because the concrete all went on tunnels and even WELCOMED civilian deaths as useful for PR, a massacre of 1,800 people, including 200 children under 12, is STILL a war crime because the threat to Israel, being infinitesimally SMALL,

77 ) ian / australia
05/08/2014 00:56
(contd.) doesn't warrant it. What Israel is inflicting on Gaza is terror, indiscriminate killing and collective punishment, justified, with breathtaking mendacity, as "self defense". So, Outlier, 1,800 Gazans are dead, not because they were "duped, used and sacrificed by their government" but because the evil regime you unconditionally support killed them, didn't need to, but killed them anyway.

78 ) the REAL Mark Snova / IRL
09/01/2015 13:05
PLEASE ignore any comments from 'Mark Snova' ... it is a troll, suing my googleplus id to pass on anti-Semite comments. I contribute, frequently on Russia Today forums and this is the trolls way of trying to dilute any contributions I make
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