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Israel warns displaced Gazans not to return home on threat of death
Published Saturday 26/07/2014 (updated) 27/07/2014 20:13
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GAZA CITY (Ma'an) -- The Israeli army on Saturday warned Palestinians who have fled their homes since the beginning of the ground assault not to return, stressing that the army would not hesitate to use force against them.

The warning came as thousands returned to see the area and remove their possessions from destroyed homes, amid a 12-hour humanitarian ceasefire set to expire at 8 p.m.

The Israeli army's Arabic-language spokesman Avichay Adraee said in a statement that those who stayed on in the neighborhood past the end of the ceasefire would be "putting their lives in danger," as the army is expected to resume a heavy assault that has taken nearly 1,000 Palestinian lives so far.

Many Gazans have been left with nowhere to go, as Israel has extended the security "buffer zone" into a total of 43 percent of Gaza's land area and all borders remain closed shut.

Total evacuation orders in effect across large swathes of northern, central, and southern Gaza, according to the UN's Palestine refugee agency UNRWA, and the Israeli army has made it clear that it would treat those civilians that stayed behind as combatants.

More than 100,000 have taken refuge in UN-designated shelters, a few of which have been bombed by Israeli forces in recent days despite the fact that their coordinates have been formally given to Israeli authorities.
1 ) Maureen / Australia
26/07/2014 19:28
Israel obviously have had a plan all along - more theft of Palestinian land!

2 ) JoeFattal / USA
26/07/2014 20:57
Is Israel have a problem finding the Rockets or having a problem finding a structure to bomb?. Or maybe having a problem that too many civilians are still around in Gaza. Israel must have a problem. And shame on them to have to deal with few thousands men and their rockets and still try to find a place to strike, still trying to find out where Hamas at and where their rockets are hidden. Gaza is not that wide, you can walk it in either direction.

3 ) David / USA
26/07/2014 21:40
And it all could have been avoided. That's the real tragedy.

4 ) Outlier / USA
27/07/2014 01:02
1., Maureen, Israel may have a plan, but re-inhabiting Gaza may or may not be in there. If it were, you likely would see settlers beginning to mass at the Gaza border.

5 ) myra / canada
27/07/2014 01:30
Israel instisting on bombing families homes, UN shelters and hospitals.what a devastation that has fallen on the innocent men women and children in Gaza.international community has blood on them for allowing Israel to commit such crimes.

6 ) carine / UK
27/07/2014 03:34
Ah Maureen, my thoughts exactly! But it's not only the land they're after, it's the gas under that land and the sea around Gaza, that's why no-one in the world is doing anything to help the poor Palestinians. Pure fricking greed!!

7 ) Mel / USA
27/07/2014 03:35
Unf*ckingbelievable! Israel's military-junta occupation warns(non-Jews)Palestinian REFUGEES not to return to A REFUGEE CAMP! Their REAL homes were taken in 1947-8-67-73 to the present.The Zionist State of Israel is ILLEGALLY living ON TOP of these brave Gazan people's ancestral homes in The OPT's(E/J,WB,Palestine).They were NEVER allowed to return there either!Gaza is a REFUGEE CAMP-cum-occupied concentration camp(land,sea,air&economy).Palestine is their HOME,&they WILL RETURN!

8 ) Jennie / NewZealand
27/07/2014 04:58
Is there any where in Gaza including hospitals that Israel has treated any one ,children included as non combatents. I cannot tell the difference. The Israeli Army seems in the grip of a grotesque blood lust. Do they think they will be safer in Israel now ??? I doubt it.

9 ) RealityCheck / TheWorld
27/07/2014 05:00
The real tragedy is that this invasion didn't occur sooner before Hamas had a chance to build up their tunnels and missiles and launch pads. Israel has knows this has been going on since they gave back Gaza but the world leaders like to appease their oil rich Arab bedfellows and deny Israel the right to stop these threats before they become a real threat. Too bad there's not a billion Jews around today that control most of the worlds oil supply, then global opinion might be slightly different.

10 ) Randi / NJ
27/07/2014 09:59
Mel? oslo works but? if this is really gonna be anything? the PA has to make things truly = for Hamas. Rami is a problem in that while the IDF knee jerks over and over. Holy.....and all that. where it ends? usually in someones coffee cup in geneva or Paris. if they would just cut the middle man and really listen to me.

11 ) mary / UK
27/07/2014 10:13
There are two ends to a tunnel. With satellite imagery and modern technology these tunnels could have been destroyed on the Israeli side where they came to the surface. If protecting their own citizens is the prime objective why did they not just do that? By destroying the tunnels on their own side soldiers would not have had to go into Gaza and the homes of the people in Gaza would not have had to be destroyed. Israel has created an unnecessary humanitarian disaster. The question is why?

12 ) Maureen / Australia
27/07/2014 15:32
#4 Outliar, for someone who has a lot to say in the way of defending Zionist Israel, you are painfully ignorant of the agenda that drives right-wing politics in Israel. Right-wing so called Zionist settlers have their bags packed and ready to move into Gaza once Israel has completed its razing of Palestinian culture in Gaza exactly as has been happening for the last 70 years in all of Palestine!

13 ) Shalom / Canada
27/07/2014 16:25
Now 44% of Gaza is occupied with the military buffer zone (to 'destroy tunnels'), IDF warns residents to remain huddled in the remaining bit. Probably easier to decimate when the time comes. (Al Jazeera showed injured civilian shot by sniper). International governments who supported this have blood on their hands & they along with Israel will reap the benefits of what they sowed if this isn't resolved soon. With extremism everywhere & instability in ME, potential for huge backlash & global war.

14 ) Michael Collins / Eire
27/07/2014 19:44
@11: mary, I think Maureen (12) has partially answered your question, interesting as it is. However I do believe there is also an even darker side, in that; by creating so much death & destruction (all paid for by US of course), one can create the illusion of being perpetually under threat. By continually being in the public eye as the victim, one can basically get away with murder. It probably has to do with the guilt, fear & insecurity, brought on by Zionism & the Nakba. Sick to say the least.
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