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Hamas claims to have killed 8 Israeli soldiers in Gaza attack
Published Thursday 24/07/2014 (updated) 25/07/2014 14:29
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GAZA CITY (Ma'an) -- The Hamas-affiliated al-Qassam Brigades said on Thursday that they had killed eight Israeli soldiers in northeastern Gaza City in what was potentially the deadliest attack on the military since the ground invasion began last week.

Al-Qassam Brigades said that they infiltrated into the eastern part of al-Tuffah neighborhood earlier on Thursday and launched an attack on Israeli soldiers deployed there.

The group claimed to have destroyed an armored personnel carrier with an RPG 29, a rocket-propelled grenade.

An Israeli military spokeswoman said she did not have any information on the incident.

The Brigades also declared that their fighters clashed with Israeli soldiers in two areas in northern Beit Hanoun.

On Sunday, Hamas fighters killed seven Israeli soldiers in a similar attack on an armored personnel carrier.

Over the weekend, Hamas announced the capture of Israeli soldier Oron Shaul, who had been previously confirmed as dead by the Israeli military.

The military later retracted that confirmation, seemingly corroborating Hamas' statement.

Palestinian resistance groups have engaged the Israeli military in intense clashes across the Gaza Strip since the beginning of the ground invasion last week, with the military admitting 32 dead and hundreds of wounded.

1 ) Uncle Sufa / USA
24/07/2014 15:37
While talking tough, Hamas is keen on a “humanitarian” ceasefire – not out of sudden concern for Gaza’s civilians but in desperation for an answer to the Chariot-4 tank’s Armored Shield Protection-Active Trophy missile defense system, the Windbreaker. The Russian Kornet-E and the Concord guided missiles which Hamas has fired against them don’t leave a scratch. Hamas fears that the IDF’s 401st armored brigade’s tanks, the ones fitted with this armor, will spearhead Israel’s decisive assault.

2 ) JoeFattal / USA
24/07/2014 15:46
Oh I believe it. Hamas fighters surprise everyone so far. Some credit their sucess on the ground against Israel to their training either with Iran as they said through the computer or from Hezbollah. They have succeeded to inflict more Israeli soldier casualties until now than both prior wars even the one with Hebollah put alltogether. And another story is circulationg, is that 50 or more reservists Israeli soldiers refuse to serve as the IDF is engaging in an appressive attack in Gaza.

3 ) Boil / Romania
24/07/2014 15:49
It's odd that the Hamas military and political wings, ensconced in their respective bunkers far beneath the surface and the streets of Gaza. Are unable and cannot provide shelter, food, medical supplies, water, electricity, air raid shelter, sirens or fuel for her Arabs.

4 ) Levi / USA
24/07/2014 15:58
So maybe they did. So what? Why don't they tell us about 150 of them that surrendered to IDF or the more than 150 that were killed? What's to brag about here? Hamas/Qassam & Co. are losing with each passing hour and soon their bragging time will end with them...

5 ) Tommy Tank / UK
24/07/2014 16:00
note that finding and destroying underground structures is a daunting challenge, which is why Hamas has sunk its resources for fighting Israel deep below the surface. The war room in particular is a whole town complex, which runs under the surface buildings at the center of Gaza City, including the Shifa Hospital. This labyrinth accommodates top Hamas military personnel, the local social elite made up of Hamas bigwigs, affluent Gazans, foreign citizens and professionals like doctors or engineers

24/07/2014 17:15

7 ) Hamas is going to crush / soon
24/07/2014 17:43
they did not expect a long war with Israel and now their resources are simply depeleted No water, no food, no fuel and less and less rocket launchers they still have thousands of rockets--but they are dying

8 ) Arnold / Canada
24/07/2014 19:04
There must be a gag order on this report of Hamas killing 8 soldiers today July 24 2014 because it does not appear in any other news site including Lebanon Daily Star or al-Jazeera. I will continue to monitor for confirmation.

9 ) Jonny / UK
24/07/2014 19:10
"150 of them that surrendered to IDF" - 150 were arrested in Gaza to be interrogated, reports that they were arrested in their homes & did not put up resistance. half already released. Well done the IDF for arresting civilians (and not just killing them).

10 ) Dan / Syria
24/07/2014 19:17
What's wrong with you guys? Most of the picture that was publushed saying Israel killed the Gazan children, it was from syria not from Gaza. why you lied to the international communities? I think your new war with Israel took the whole attention that Should have been paied to the Syrian children who are dying for no reason. you guys want war not peace. Egypt does not have any problem with Israel. Jordan does not have any problem with Israel. I think you Guys want war not peace.

11 ) Eddie / USA
24/07/2014 19:33
You Zionists are a piece of work. I see that you still live in your own fantasy world where you believe your army is invincible. This fiction has been exploited and placed on the world stage for everyone to see. All the technology the US has provided you cannot remove the cowardice from your hearts. Your Chariot-4 tank army has been sliced like butter as witnessed by the numerous youtube videos Mr Sufa. The occupation will end whether by resistance or reproduction!

12 ) Sean / USA
24/07/2014 20:15
Brave IDF with air force and tanks. Take the advantages away and see how tough they are then.

13 ) Hussein Bin Agil / kenya
24/07/2014 23:17
Israel is da looser and soon Hamas will declare victory.

14 ) waqas / pakistan
25/07/2014 00:29
gorilla war in Afghanistan defeated USSR and USA as well. Hamas has the support of local people and the most advanced gorilla war with rockets missiles anti tank missile and drones its a game of hide and seek and it is impossible for Israel to extend it as Hamas at last both have to come on table and no long term peace is possible until Hamas has breathing space .friend can be changed but neighbors cant be changed.

15 ) Ahsan / Pakistan
25/07/2014 00:59
First of all Palestines are not foolish to attack Israel with rockets bcz they don't have weapons to fight nor army. It'd just a drama of Israel and USA to capture a country of innocents. U tell me can 6 six month year old baby can fire? Hamas just doing right thing. They r defending country with their limited resources. May God protect innocent Palestine children

16 ) @ Eddie #11 / USA
25/07/2014 04:58
First off, I've never heard any Israeli or pro Israeli claim their army is invincible. Second off, what videos are you talking about? All Israeli tanks have the Active Trophy System which shoots a projectile at the RPG and the warhead blows up before it hits the tank. Stop lying about Israel

17 ) Ismail / Belgium
25/07/2014 05:12
If Anne Frank wrote her diary today, wouldn`t she be Palestinian? Would she then really be fighting for the IDF occupying army? What kind of inverted ethical life would it take to support such a statement?

18 ) Richie /new york.. / usa
25/07/2014 10:09
Yes I agree that the Palestineans are being slaughtered 1 kid every hour from UN reports...yes IDF is breaking homes and bones ...shelters ...no where to hide but one thing they haven't broken with all the wars waged on the palestians is their will and struggle for FREEDOM. ..live free or die trying...

19 ) Florence N / UK
25/07/2014 12:24
#2 Amazing what video links can achieve. I guess a person can receive training in virtually anything these days using a computer. As to the heart warming story of the reservists refusing to fight for the IDF, they should be given international recognition as hero's. However, I believe that won't happen, mainly because the IDF is also hoping for a Nobel prize for its operation in Gaza.

20 ) Rachamim Dwek / Israel
25/07/2014 14:45
Eddie: I reckon 240 confirmed dead militants versus 29 IDF casualties, and on HAMAS' home turk makes your comnent seem ridiculous. As for US technology? Israel is the # 3 arms exporter on the planet. Try actually researching instesd of guessing. As for Youtube? Yeah, you definitely seem the type to educate yourself on Youtube. Not a single Merkava- or ANY tank- has even become immobile, let alone destroyed. A single M113 APC took an RPG round that burned the soldiers inside. So HAMAS got lucky.

21 ) mexica / mexico
25/07/2014 22:39
#12. hamas is the brave here. with the limited resources they keep up the fight. take the war planes war ships and tanks. and the support of usa and they will cry and run like chickens . they are good killing children and women only. if they face iran they will pee.

22 ) hero / Indonesia
26/07/2014 23:39
99% mankind in the world pray for your freedom , but only Pals who try for it , only 3 words " FREEDOM or SHUHADA"

23 ) be gone / devil
28/07/2014 02:29
Israel is a dirty little filthy bitch, that lies, cheats, kills.. it will not survive and rightfully so.
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