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Iran leader urges Palestinians to bring fight to West Bank
Published Thursday 24/07/2014 (updated) 24/07/2014 22:49
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A picture released by the official website of the Iranian supreme leader
Ayatollah Ali Khamenei shows him waving after delivering a speech in
a suburb of Tehran on June 4, 2014
(Iranian Supreme Leader's Website/AFP/File)
TEHRAN (AFP) -- Iran's supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei urged Palestinians Wednesday to keep fighting Israel and to extend the conflict from Gaza to the occupied West Bank.

"The only way to deal with this savage regime is to continue resistance and armed struggle and extend it to the West Bank," the official IRNA news agency quoted Khamenei as saying.

Iran, which does not recognize Israel, is a supporter of the Palestinian Islamist groups Hamas and Islamic Jihad that have been at the forefront of the fighting in Gaza.

Israel has killed more than 700 Palestinians in the assault on Gaza, the vast majority of whom were civilians, while Palestinian militants have killed 34 Israelis, 32 of whom were soldiers.

The West Bank and Gaza Strip have been under Israeli military occupation since 1967.

Ma'an staff contributed to this report.
1 ) Rami / Palestine
24/07/2014 10:51
The Iranian leader is chock full of great ideas, isn't he? Hey guys, bring your war to the West Bank. I mean there were already several hundred of your murdered in Gaza, what's a few hundred more in the West Bank? OK. Mr. Supreme Leader. Suppose we do start a conflict in the West Bank. What shall we do it with? Is Iran going to sit on its ass and watch from afar? It was your idea. If you want to help us, then help us otherwise shut the hell up.

2 ) Don gar gaan / US
24/07/2014 14:04
Rami your sitting like caged animals in the West Bank as it is. As they say better to die standing than on your knees and that is exactly what the West Bank is, impotent and on it's knees you lot have settled for being pushed around by Israel. Shame on you for having a hissy fit for a suggestion to stand up for your rights and future!

3 ) Halli / Denmark
24/07/2014 14:57
Lol Rami you idiot. The West Bank is long forgotton for being puppets look at Gaza then you will see Palestine and the spirit of Palestinians.

4 ) Terence / NY
24/07/2014 14:59
Rami don't do anything sit there and Israel will tell you what do ok good little boy come let us pat you on the head.

5 ) Jay / USA
24/07/2014 15:48
Hey Don gar gaan: they don't make them any dummer than you! All they have are stones in the West Bank. No weapons. They would go down faster than ant under my shoe.

6 ) JoeFattal / USA
24/07/2014 16:12
Iran made a good point as Rami / Palestine made another. It is hard to see the casualties in Gaza especially among children and encourage another one in the West Bank. But than the Palestinians going to have to fight for their freedom, nobody going to handed to them on a silver platter. I would rather say another front is needed against Israel, such as Hezbollah in Lebanon. The Iron-Dome cannot turn around, Israel will have to move some of them on the Lebanese border.

7 ) fa / Indonesia
24/07/2014 17:02
No freedom without unity.. freedom or syuhada...that is way. Zionist 's strategy is "de vide at ampera ", eat it PALESTINE NEVER EVERE FREEDOM...

8 ) Don gar Gaan / US
24/07/2014 17:49
Hey Jay boy it's suits Zionists like you to keep the West Bank down so you can carry on killing them in a daily bases and steal their land as your doing. Not every one is as stupid as you and yes even the Palestinians in the West Bank who have because accustomed to the occupation will are up and smell the coffee one day brute!

9 ) jesus / china
24/07/2014 18:21
Hamas and fatah brigade ..together fight zionist israel for freedom

10 ) Bill / U.S.A.
24/07/2014 18:36
"The only way to deal with this regime is to continue resistance & armed struggle & extend it to the West Bank," This very well maybe true, but to what end? Should they all fight until everything they have is gone & everyone they love is dead? Or should everyone fight until the other side is moved by their heart. love of life & obedience to Gods command to love their neighbor as themselves? Where and how does it end? God is Alpha Omega, the great "I am"! Ask yourselves to be lead by his spirit!

11 ) conan / qatar
24/07/2014 18:39
Fatah are you ready to batle? Freedom or syuada...

12 ) Outlier / USA
24/07/2014 19:11
Khamenei should be very careful with his comments, lest Israel bring the fight to his bedroom. Unlike Gaza, there will be no build-up and no warning - just a huge explosion and one less evil man in the world.

13 ) Yara / US
24/07/2014 20:04
It's not Ramis fault they are institutionalised in the West Bank that's why he is reacting so negatively

14 ) Abdul / India
24/07/2014 22:45
We strongly condemn the occupation of palestine land by israel&the genocide of innocent palestine people

15 ) Arnold / Canada
24/07/2014 23:06
Mass arrests by the IDF and a one way ticket into Gaza. That will be the result if Palestinians in the West Bank try that.

16 ) Ibrahim / USA
24/07/2014 23:25
@Rami. Fake profiler Rami. There is no doubt that you are a psychopath. But even those of your dark persuasion try to present themselves as being respectable. So, I have a recommendation for you: You would have an ounce of credibility and self respect if you stopped spreading lies and showing the most inhumane responses to a human disaster.

17 ) Shami / Bangladesh
24/07/2014 23:27
Rami you are real idiot.when all Muslim country sitting and watching then which country talking world wide for your country?which country sending food and aid for your country?which country supporting your country for everything?which country said that All arab should help Palestinian?when Egypt closed border then which country saying to open it for food and aid?only Iran.i'm not Iranian but we seeing it.u ungrateful and u proved it. Please All Mighty Allah save Innocent Palestinian peoples

18 ) Xenia / UK
25/07/2014 04:13
Rami your words are an embarrassment to the Palestinians struggle.

19 ) Goldie / FR
25/07/2014 04:14
Fatah is ready for another Israeli hand out to remain silent. Their tongues have been brought! Shame on them.

20 ) Colin Wright / USA
25/07/2014 12:07
To Terence #4: 'Rami don't do anything sit there and Israel will tell you what do ok good little boy come let us pat you on the head.' No fear there. These are Zionists we're talking about. If the Palestinians in the West Bank are good, Israel might come and spit on their heads.

21 ) Colin Wright / USA
25/07/2014 12:09
To Bill #10: 'This very well maybe true, but to what end? Should they all fight until everything they have is gone & everyone they love is dead?' Not at all. The Palestinians should only fight until the Zionist state has been destroyed. The fight's about two-thirds won -- but there's still quite a ways to go.

22 ) Colin Wright / USA
25/07/2014 12:10
To Outlier #12: 'Unlike Gaza, there will be no build-up and no warning - just a huge explosion and one less evil man in the world.' What a great idea, Outlier! This should prove a much quicker way for Israel to end it all than continuing on her current path. Why slowly poison yourself when electrocution is an option?

23 ) Levi / USA
25/07/2014 14:50
@1) Hey Rami, why don't you use books in schools instead of rockets for a change?
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