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Mashaal: No one can disarm Palestinian resistance
Published Wednesday 23/07/2014 (updated) 24/07/2014 20:59
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BETHLEHEM (Ma'an) -- Khaled Mashaal, head of Hamas' political bureau, said Wednesday that Palestinian militant groups in Gaza refused to disarm.

"No can disarm the resistance," Mashaal said in a televised speech from Doha.

Twenty-eight foreign ministers of EU member states had on Tuesday called on Hamas' al-Qassam Brigades and other militant groups to disarm.

Mashaal's speech came as the death toll from Israel's latest assault on Gaza neared 700 on the 16th day of the offensive. Over 4,000 Palestinians have been wounded and some 140,000 have been displaced due to the Israeli attacks.

"We cannot accept any proposal that does not include the lifting of the siege on Gazans," Meshaal said.

"How many Israeli soldiers is Israel willing to see dead before the siege is lifted?"

Some 31 Israeli soldiers have been killed by Palestinian militants since the army began a mass ground invasion on July 17, according to army figures.

The leader bemoaned the severe number of Palestinian casualties and the breakdown of the humanitarian situation in Gaza since the start of the offensive.

"Everything in Gaza is collapsing," Mashaal said. "No water, no electricity, no medicine, no fuel, no food."

He urged UN chief Ban Ki-Moon to visit Gaza to witness the effects of the onslaught firsthand.

Israel says it launched "Operation Protective Edge" in response to increased rocket fire on southern Israel in June and early July.

Militant groups in Gaza say they launched the rockets in response to Israel's military search campaign to find three missing Israeli teenagers, a campaign that left at least six Palestinians dead, dozens injured, and hundreds arrested.

The Gaza Strip has been under a severe economic blockade imposed by Israel since 2006.

The blockade has severely limited the imports and exports of the Gaza Strip and has led to frequent humanitarian crises and hardship for Gazans.
1 ) Two / Truths
23/07/2014 23:03
It is true, that "No one can disarm the Palestinian resistance" and that no one can prevent the Palestinian resistance from re-arming, and More Importantly, No one can prevent Israel from punishing Gaza, due to the "Palestinian resistance" and the War Crime way that it fights !!

2 ) Mike Gianni / USA
23/07/2014 23:24
Looks like Mashaal and his leadership safe and living rich,are prepared to fight to the last gazan ,

3 ) JoeFattal / USA
23/07/2014 23:31
After 16 days of intense offense by Israel, they still have not control the whole area, rockets are still flying overhead, and Hamas is still giving Israeli soldiers a very well trained battle counteroffense. It is hard for Hamas leader to deny his men and the Palestinian civilian in Gaza and everywhere a victory which includes at least the lift of the Gaza siege that cripple that city for years.

4 ) shirley / australia
24/07/2014 00:33
isreal started this violence clear timeline was admitted by haratz isreal clearly stated it was going after hamas with no proof over settlers why is un not condemming isreal it started attacking another state state 194 of the united nations this is clear breach of un iand why is isreal and egypt allowed clear war crime blockade of gaza where is un pals arent militants or terrorists every country people have a right to defend themselves by any means possible pals everyone stop the lasbels

5 ) Rondo Mondo / Canada
24/07/2014 00:58
Israel will relax the blockade if Hamas and the other terrorist factions agree to disarm. Once they disarm, the blockade will disappear.

6 ) Mike Gianni / USA
24/07/2014 01:01
Joe....do you really think that Israel will lift the blockade so Hamas can rearm with even better rockets from Iran.?...if so I have a bridge to sell you

7 ) Emily / USA
24/07/2014 01:04
How many Gaza civilians is Hamas willing to see dead before they stop attacking Israel's civilians?

8 ) @ Khaled Mashaal / SAVE GAZA
24/07/2014 01:16
-1- In 1982, Israel drove the PLO out of Lebanon, so almost certainly Israel can kill or drive Hamas out of Gaza too, but the cost to Gaza - would be worse than the 1948 Nakba, and - is worse than bad today also, due to the "arms of the resistance", so -2- FOR GAZA'S SAKE, THE RESISTANCE SHOULD DISARM ITSELF, unless it intends to make tens of 1,000s of Gaza's civilians into martyrs !!

9 ) @ Joe-3 / Actually & Certainly
24/07/2014 01:32
* Actually - Hamas' "trained battle counter-offensive" involves putting Schools, Hospitals, and Women & Children, in the line of fire, and Hamas is doing "very well" at getting them Destroyed or Killed, and * Certainly - Israel will Never agree to "lift the Gaza siege" or blockage, while the resistance of Hamas and other militants persists, since they would Certainly use ships to import tunneling machinery, and both far more weapons, and far more sophisticated weapons too !!

10 ) Pro-Pall / USA
24/07/2014 01:49
Khaled Mashaal urged UN chief Ban Ki-Moon to visit Gaza to witness the effects of war. How about Himself going there, pickup AK-47 and fight along others. Of Corse, he will not do it because he is a BIG FAT WIMP! Let his people die instead. Israel will never be defeat!

11 ) Robert / US
24/07/2014 03:10
#2 Mike the question to you, why is israel killing innocent people ?

12 ) ian / australia
24/07/2014 06:39
Meshaal should keep repeating the ten conditions for a ten year truce (an end to bombing; withdrawal from the "no-go-zone"; release of "Brothers Keeper" detainees; end the blockade; open the crossings; Rafah administered internationally; UN monitored international sea and airports; Israeli planes banned from Gazan airspace; freedom to pray at al-Aqsa and that Israel "abstain from any intervention in Palestinian internal affairs including political arrangements and the reconciliation

13 ) ian / australia
24/07/2014 06:42
(contd.) agreement..."). They are the kind of utterly reasonable demands any state would expect of a decent neighbour. They also explode the propaganda myth that Hamas' primary goal is the destruction of Israel, being clearly conceived to achieve peaceful co-existence. And implicit, is the understanding that if the conditions are met, the rockets will stop...and resume ONLY when provoked, Palestine, like every other state on earth, having the right to defend itself. And what, in Yahweh's name,

14 ) ian / australia
24/07/2014 06:43
(contd.) (Meshaal should be asking) is unreasonable about that?

15 ) Oliver / Kenya
24/07/2014 07:02
Hamas should know that IDF best in world.should not be defeat by gunfire. But by peace and diploma.so tell hamas to stop fighting and learn from south-africa(mandela) and win the battle

16 ) Augustus Sharon / Chile
24/07/2014 08:45
Wrong, Hamas has been disarmed, bet high and lost the game. I hope for your honor to publish this comment.

17 ) Hilary Stookey / USA
24/07/2014 09:49
The image is familiar: Remember World War ll prisoner-of-war camps? The imprisoned in those also dug tunnels under the fence to get out. //Israel has yet to prove Hamas operatives carried out that kidnapping of 3 Israeli teenagers. Hamas has denied ordering it. Rogue operatives can do awful stuff as Americans know. Our own soldiers have left camp to massacre local villagers. But that country did not arrest innocent American soldiers back at base camp, like IDF's mass arrests of Hamas members.

18 ) MBK / South
24/07/2014 10:46

Contrary to your statement: Hamas leadership is part of the struggle. Mashaal after almost dying by cowardly zionist assasins whom the USA worship, has been very active in the struggle. Its absolutely incredible that seemingly educated people the world over continue to fall for zioninst propoganda and always use the same excuse "we didnt know".
Same for Iraq, Libya, Syria, Vietnam. All lies but you people do not want to listen. You continue to trust your lying leadership.
Hospitals are bombe

19 ) Outlier / USA
24/07/2014 16:46
His is again being ridiculous. ANYONE can disarm Palestinian resistance - all they need offer is money.

20 ) Brian Cohen / tel aviv
24/07/2014 19:00
Using american funded and manufatured weapons on a civilian population Israeli zionist state killed all the Palestinians. Hamas is our brothers

21 ) ABE / USA
24/07/2014 19:28
Here is how a mutual cease fire could happen All on the same day. The fighting stops and the Palestinians both Gaza and the Westbank mutually agree to recognition of the state of ISRAEL. Then with International help the borders can be opened.

22 ) David / USA
25/07/2014 00:01
You need to understand a few things. 1) Israel is not occupying Gaza, not a single IDF soldier was stationed there. 2) The blockade exists because Hamas was caught, many times, bringing in heavy weapons. 3) Egypt wants nothing to do with Hamas, an offshoot of the MB. 4) For a DECADE, Hamas has launched rockets into Israel and sending terrorist raiding parties. 5) Hamas received hundreds of millions of dollars in donor funds and tax receipts and spent it on weapons. ALL carnage is due to Hamas.

23 ) Augustus Sharon / Chile
28/07/2014 10:18
Iran and Qatar have filled the pockets of Hamas. Hamas offered to the Palestinians by the Iranian money. This is a war between Iran and Israel, the Palestinians have been used by Hamas. I hope for your honor to publish this comment.
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