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Hamas says it has captured Israeli soldier in Gaza
Published Sunday 20/07/2014 (updated) 28/07/2014 10:42
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GAZA CITY (Ma'an) -- The Hamas-affiliated al-Qassam Brigades said on Sunday night that it had captured an Israeli soldier, the first since the release of Gilad Shalit in 2011.

Al-Qassam Brigades said during a speech by spokesman Abu Ubaida aired live on Ma'an News that the captured soldier is named Shaul Aron and his military number is 6092065.

"The fact that they did not announce (the loss of the soldier) shows that they were trying to hide their losses," the spokesman said in the speech, noting Israel's lack of response.

The spokesman also warned Israel against taking any steps toward "any kind of foolishness," saying that it was better for them to respond to the rights of the Palestinian people but instead Israel insisted on arrogance.

An Israeli military spokeswoman could not confirm news of the capture.

The claim comes hours after the Israeli military said that Palestinian militants had killed 18 Israeli soldiers since the ground invasion.

News of the kidnapping sparked celebration across Palestinian cities, with gunshots and fireworks heard in Gaza City, Bethlehem, and elsewhere.

Many greeted the news on a day in which more than 100 Palestinians were killed in the most intense bombardment of the Gaza Strip since 2009, including 66 in the neighborhood of Shujaiyya alone.

In the past, Israel has agreed to release Palestinian prisoners kept in Israeli jails in exchange for kidnapped Israeli soldiers, and Hamas has called for soldiers to be captured with this aim.

Currently, more than 6,000 Palestinians are being held in Israeli jails, hundreds of which are being held under administrative detention without charge or trial for indefinite periods of time.

The last time Hamas captured an Israeli soldier was Gilad Shalit in 2006. He detained for six years in the Gaza Strip following the capture, which occurred at the Israel-Gaza Strip border.

Shalit was eventually released as part of a deal in 2011 in exchange for more than 1,000 Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jail.

In June and July, Israel re-arrested dozens of those former prisoners in violation of the deal as part of Operation Brother's Keeper, which targeted Hamas members across the West Bank.
1 ) Now its time to / talk!!!
20/07/2014 23:08
Will Bibi continue bombing & destroying tunnels?

2 ) Alaa / Egypt
20/07/2014 23:25
He was not "kidnapped" he was "captured." He was in Gaza'n territory. He was in a military operation. He was not kidnapped from his home. He was captured on Palestinian land where he was killing innocent people.

3 ) Hammam / Canada
20/07/2014 23:39
Captured, not kidnapped, guys.

4 ) Joe Kelsall / UK
21/07/2014 00:07
I presume that the Zionists are expecting him to be treated in accordance with the Geneva Convention; I hope they do.

5 ) Eran Levi / Israel
21/07/2014 00:14
I'm sorry to ruin your party and everything, but the soldier mentioned is among yesterday's casualties list, there are mourning posts all over his facebook page. Hamas must be getting desperate if it is already spreading lies of this sort.

6 ) Rondo Mondo / Canada
21/07/2014 01:36
Palestinians should remember that in the wake of the kidnapping of Shalit, more Palestinians were killed than Israel released in the prisoner exchange. This count does not include the Palestinians killed in 2008-9 or 2012. Obviously Hamas does not value the lives of Palestinians.

7 ) Salim / Canada
21/07/2014 02:16
If there is any truth to this story, a story that is unconfirmed at this point, then it would be expected for the terrorists to adhere to the Geneva Conventions and allow visits by the Red Cross . Then, if no safe visits by family are provided, Israel should respond accordingly with equal treatment for members of that terrorist group captured by Israel.

8 ) Siubhan / United States
21/07/2014 02:24
If Hamas Al-Quassum knows what is good for them and the people in Palestine. They will refrain from harming "Shaul Aron" in any form or any fashion. 2 Chronicles 20:29 - When all the surrounding kingdoms heard that the LORD himself had fought against the enemies of Israel, the fear of God came over them.

9 ) dan / holland
21/07/2014 06:50
sad that Hamas needs lies

10 ) beth / usa
21/07/2014 07:09
Looks like this news is incorrect

11 ) EQ / Jordan
21/07/2014 07:50
It's not called "kidnapping" when a soldier is captured on the battlefield during an invasion.

12 ) JewishHeart / Israel
21/07/2014 07:52
UN says these reports are false, yet I saw tons of pictures of the naive Palestinian community passing out sweets and sending fireworks. You guys are so naieve and believe anything Hamas will tell you. You just wasted sweet and fireworks... The world will now see how dumb you are and how you jump at believing in conspiracy theories. No kidnapped http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/07/20/israel-soldier_n_5604387.html Stupid and Naieve People Pics https://www.facebook.com/SHEHABNEWS

13 ) Truth speaker / England
21/07/2014 10:16
It's a shame you are continuing the spread misinformation on the internet. The so-called kidnaped soldier, Shaul Oron, is one of th pe 13 soldiers killed yesterday. Unconfirmed reports about the kidnapping of the body are to be confirmed, but the boy is certainly not alive.

21/07/2014 10:43

15 ) A German in Bethlehem / OPT
21/07/2014 11:04
The fireworks that I witnessed in Bethlehem were due to tawjihi (High School graduation) celebrations.

16 ) niveen / Jerusalem, Palestine
21/07/2014 11:20
captured , arrested. but not kidnapped.

17 ) Levi / USA
21/07/2014 15:26
Prove it.

18 ) Sal / USA
21/07/2014 20:46
There is a similar name on the causality list but slightly different. I don't think these are lies.

19 ) sammy / Philippines
21/07/2014 20:54
When israel will stop its oppressive policies..

20 ) Isaac / Israel
21/07/2014 20:58
Doesn't matter, he will be going to hell anyway. I'm ashamed to be an Israeli and ashamed to be a jew. My country is committing a genocide on the Palestinians and believe me EVERYONE KNOWS IT, all Israelis know it very well but unfortunately my people are more like devils and Israel is a satanic state. Prophet Moses will be so ashamed of us right now and Hitler would be impressed.

21 ) joseph / canada
21/07/2014 21:02
Kill these bloody mass murderers ... Hitler history will not forgive u for sparing these devils

22 ) F_? stupid Arabs! / Israel
21/07/2014 21:08
Israel kick you in the past, kicking you now and will kicking you in the future. All your moms will fuck up before you will kidnap any Israeli! God bless Jewish Israel forever! ????? ????! ??? ?? ???????!

23 ) Rafael / USA
21/07/2014 21:48
More lies and propaganda. No solider was captured or kidnapped except for dozens of Hamas terrorists. That is besides for the couple hundred terrorists killed. Those are the facts.

24 ) Arnold / Canada
21/07/2014 22:18
Kidnapped or captured does not matter. The soldier will be a prisoner of war. When Shalit was kidnapped there was no war going on so the focus was to get him back ASAP. As this is during a war he is to be treated as a POW. To be traded in a prisoner exchange at the end of hostilities. Nothing more nothing less.

25 ) Tatiana / Slovakia
22/07/2014 02:13
Captured on territory he was attacking not kidnapped .. Language matters... who the hell does your foreign media reporting????

26 ) Dims / Schweiz
22/07/2014 08:16
What is happening there is not a war, it's not a fight it's a GENOCIDE. There are no arguments to justify such a crime. It's a same, that people which unfortunatelly experienced first hand what a Genocide looks like, do exactly the same to the poor people of Palestine.

27 ) Glenda G / Mexico
22/07/2014 09:37
"When all the surrounding kingdoms heard that the LORD himself had fought against the enemies of Israel, the fear of God came over them." What arrogance. So God is on the side of the Israelis? What claptrap. Arrogant murderers!!
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