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100 Palestinians killed in Israeli assault on Sunday alone
Published Sunday 20/07/2014 (updated) 21/07/2014 22:15
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GAZA CITY (Ma'an) -- Israeli forces killed at least 100 Palestinians on Sunday including 66 in a single neighborhood of Gaza City, bringing the 13-day death toll to 437.

The assault on Gaza -- which has also left 18 Israels dead -- is the largest and deadliest attack on the besieged coastal enclave since 2008. More than 200 Palestinians have died since the ground invasion began on Thursday.

On Sunday, 66 bodies were recovered from the Shujaiyya neighborhood in eastern Gaza City, in what medical authorities called a "massacre" and a level of violence not seen before in the ongoing conflict.

At least 500 Palestinians were injured in Israeli attacks on Wednesday, with the total surpassing 3,000 as Gazan hospitals struggled to cope with the surge and facing shortages of medical supplies, doctors, and hospital beds.

Hospitals were also facing continuous power cuts, as electricity has fallen by more than 70 percent as a result of Israeli shelling and the siege itself, which even prior to the assault had reduced electricity availability to eight-hour stints.

60 thousand Gazans fled their homes on Sunday alone amid the mass killing in the Shujaiyya neighborhood, adding to a total number of displaced that has now hit 135,000.

Sources familiar with the situation argued, however, that there is not a single place safe from Israeli attack in the besieged coastal enclave, as shelling from land and sea as well as air strikes have not left any region untouched.

Palestinian analysts expressed astonishment at Israel claims that 1.7 million Gaza residents had been warned to leave their homes, asking: "Where in the world can they go?"

Israel has kept its border with Gaza shut tight to the flight of refugees, while Egypt has also maintained the seven-year-old Israeli-led blockade of the Strip by keeping its border closed as well.

Earlier in the day, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that the operation would continue until quiet was restored in southern Israel.

Operation Protective Edge was launched 13 days ago in what Israel said was an attempt to stop rocket fire from the Gaza Strip, which had increased after Israel launched a massive operation in the West Bank that left 10 Palestinians dead, 130 injured, and more than 600 Hamas-affiliated individuals in prison.

The operation, named "Brother's Keeper," was launched in order to find three Israeli teenagers who disappeared in June from the Jewish settlement of Gush Etzion in the West Bank.

Israel blamed Hamas for the kidnapping without any evidence, a charge which the group denied.

Shelling and airstrikes resume Sunday afternoon

On Sunday afternoon, Israeli shelling fully resumed after a four-hour humanitarian ceasefire that it violated numerous times, and dozens more had been killed in the Gaza Strip as a result.

Rayan Taysir Abu Jami, 8, and an elderly woman named Fatima Mahmoud Abu Jami were killed and three injured in an air strike on Khan Younis on Sunday evening, according to Palestinian Ministry of Health spokesman in Gaza Ashraf al-Qidra.

Eight Palestinians were also killed in Israeli air strike on house in al-Ramal.

The dead were named by Al-Qidra as Samar Osama al-Hallaq,29, Kinan Akram al-Hallaq, 5, Hani Mohammad al-Hallaq,29, Suad Mohammad al-Hallaq, 62, Saji al-Hallaq, Ibrahim Khalil Omar, Ahmad Yassin, and an 8th person, who was unnamed.

A man and woman, meanwhile, were killed in a strike on the Atatra house in Beit Lahiya.

Medical sources said Ahmad Abu Tayim, 27, died of injuries sustained on an airstrike on al-Zana are of Khan Yunis.

Aya Abu Sultan, 15, was killed in a strike on her house northern Gaza Strip.

Another man was killed, while four were injured in another strike on Gaza City earlier in the afternoon.

Palestinian medical sources also said that a child identified as Suleiman Abu Jami was killed in an Israeli raid on Khan Younis in the south.

Five other people were injured in Beit Hanoun in the north.

In the central Gaza Strip, Israeli airstrikes in the afternoon killed four members of Abu Zayid family in al-Bureij refugee camp after destroying their home over their heads.

Medical sources also said Suleiman Abu Jami was killed in Bani Suheila in Khan Younis. Four others were injured in the same raid including one critically injured.

Al-Qidra said earlier that an elderly woman Najah Saad Addin Darraji, 65, and a 3-year-old boy Abdullah Yousif Darraji were killed in Rafah.

1 ) alla / israel
20/07/2014 22:36
soon you all be dead!

2 ) Rondo Mondo / Canada
20/07/2014 22:56
Janis Mackay Fryer for CTV News reports Hamas terrorists not only hiding behind women's skirts but actually wearing them.

3 ) paul / Canada
20/07/2014 23:10
Where is the world? Where is the condemnation of these crimes carried out by the State of Israel. There is a price on life it seems. Cheap Palestinian blood is spilled for the "security" of expensive Israeli blood even though this "security" is an illusion purely because the price is too high. The price only guarantees hatred and retribution at some level. Israeli state insanity is the driver of this hatred.

4 ) spb / us
21/07/2014 00:20
give it to hamas very effective on the pace to kill 500 palestinians. that might ease the economic pressure in gaza

5 ) fpm / USA
21/07/2014 02:00
I can't begin to imagine the hate that Israel has brought among itself....un-imaginable for years and years and years to come. It almost makes me feel sorry for them.

6 ) david / usa
21/07/2014 02:07
?? ????! ???

7 ) Tibi / Tubas
21/07/2014 02:32
It may already be too late at this stage, but unless Hamas asks for a truce now, this war will become like Syria's War - A Fight To The Death, with - 100,000 will be killed in Gaza (just like Syria), and - 1,000,000 will become refugees from Gaza (just like Syria) !!

8 ) Colin Wright / USA
21/07/2014 06:14
Hamas = Baby Killers. Israel choked off the import of cement to Gaza because it was being used for tunneling. Hamas then cried because, they claimed, Palestinians couldn't build houses and factories anymore. Since the ban, Hamas found millions of tons of contraband cement anyway and secretly built miles of tunnels. Not one inch of Tunnel City is for Palestinians fleeing war. Not one bomb shelter built. Hamas leaves it's own babies to die for anti-Israel propaganda.

9 ) Brian Cohen / Israel
21/07/2014 07:17
This is the goal of Hamas: "This is Jihad - victory or martyrdom". Those are the words of Hamas and this is what Hamas is bringing to the Palestinians. This is what the Palestinians voted in for themselves. This is their gift from Hamas. This will continue and more Palestinians will die miserable deaths as Hamas continues to seek martyrdom, because they will never be victorious against Israel. Martyrdom=useless death. That is what Hamas is giving to Palestine.

10 ) jason wills / U.K
21/07/2014 13:50
israel should be in court for war crimes,they are blatantly killing women and children and the world stays silent.down with israel.

11 ) Choose Wisely / Proposed Invitations
21/07/2014 14:31
- To Hamas, You are Invited to "End This War, And Begin Peace Talks", and
- To the PLO, You are Invited to "End The Stagnation, And Restart Peace Talks", and Your Only Alternatives Are

12 ) THOMASWADAMS / Australia
21/07/2014 15:46
We must all remember what the genesis of all the Palestinian problems is; they are a disenfranchised mutilated and savaged peoples in their own ancient homelands, they are subjected to these great injustices because corrupt politicians from Britain and France signed away their rights without bothering to consult them. Also let us not forget that Israel came into being as a result of horrendous terrorist activities perpetrated by Jewish Zionist terror gangs. The Palestinian peoples are innocents

13 ) Tibi / Tubas
21/07/2014 17:32
In Israel, [a] the urban infrastructure undamaged, [b] few are injured,
and [c] only 20 are dead, while
In Gaza, [a] the urban infrastructure is largely rubble, [b] 3,100 are injured, and [c] 510 are dead, in a war they so foolishly started again, so
** HAMAS & other militants will not surrender, & accept peace, then they
** SHOULD LEAVE GAZA, and continue the Resistance from elsewhere !!!

14 ) Tobias / USA
21/07/2014 20:18
HAMAS CHOSE this fight, Not Israel, and Israel is killing dozens of people, because THIS is WAR, and "many from the same families are killed", because when militant fighter sons go home, they are still legitimate targets.

15 ) Adam / pl
24/07/2014 00:29
Israel use F16, helicopters, artillery, tanks, battleships and hamas haven't got any tank and aircrafts. Israel can fight only with special forces and don't bombarding hospitals and houses and don't killing innocent peoples. But israel army want kill all palestinians. On video israeli sniper shooted palestinian civilian.

16 ) LDP / USA
24/07/2014 10:51
What you see going on here is pure unadulterated hate. These are the characteristics of the psychopathic mind. A mind evil and demented. This theft of land and resources by the Zionists date back to the day I was born in 1947. Zionism is no different than the KKK, neo nazis, or other extreme right wing hate groups. Israel is a racist state bent on driving the Palestinians from Palestine so they can have all the land. Note the psychopathic statements here. No compassion for all the children.
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