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Israeli 'massacre' in Gaza City kills at least 66
Published Sunday 20/07/2014 (updated) 21/07/2014 10:20
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GAZA CITY (Ma'an) -- On the 13th day of the ongoing military offensive against the Gaza Strip, residents say invading Israeli forces committed "a new massacre" in the Shujaiyya neighborhood of Gaza City.

At least 66 people have been killed and hundreds have been injured in the eastern neighborhood, medics said Sunday.

The death toll is expected to rise as more bodies are uncovered, while the day's total across the Gaza Strip has surpassed 90 bringing the 13-day total death toll to more than 410, with at least 3,000 injured.

Medical sources said more than seven Palestinians were killed in other areas across the coastal enclave.

Spokesman for the Palestinian Ministry of Health Ashraf al-Qidra said rescue teams evacuated 50 dead bodies from destroyed houses including 17 children, 14 women and four elderly people. More than 200 injured people were taken to al-Shifa Hospital.

Medical sources identified some of the victims in Shujaiyya as Ahmad Ishaq Ramlawi, Marwah Suleiman al-Sirsawi, Raed Mansour Nayfah, Osama Ribhi Ayyad and Ahid Mousa al-Sirsik.

Among the victims was photojournalist Khalid Hamid and paramedic Fuad Jabir.

Dozens of victims in Shujaiyya haven't been identified.

Palestinian medical sources in al-Shifa Hospital told Ma'an that the hospital was unable to cope with the large numbers of residents who fled their homes in Shujaiyya "under fire" to the hospital for shelter. They highlighted that Sunday's death toll hit 20 since midnight.

Palestinian Ministry of Health spokesman Ashraf al-Qidra said that among Shujaiyya's victims were family members of senior Hamas leader Khalil al-Hayya. He identified them as Osamah Khalil al-Hayya, his wife Halah, and his sons Khalil and Umamah.

Al-Qidra highlighted that the last few hours were the "fiercest" against Palestinian houses. Residents, he said, have been appealing for help since midnight saying that large numbers of people have been killed or injured in the houses as shells continued to hit them from all directions.

Al-Qidra highlighted that Israeli forces denied ambulances access to attacked houses to evacuate victims despite the uninterrupted efforts to coordinate through the International Committee of the Red Cross.

"The Israeli occupation forces told the Red Cross Committee that Shujaiyya was a closed zone because of military operations," the medical official explained.

As a result, added al-Qidra, Palestinian ambulance teams decided to take the risk and access victims despite the Israeli military orders.

Among the victims in Shujaiyya, according to al-Qidra, were teenage girl 14-year-old Hiba Hamid Sheikh Khalil and 38-year-old Muhammad Ali Jundiyya.

Three unidentified bodies were also received at al-Shifa Hospital Sunday morning.

Earlier, the body of 52-year-old Tawfiq Marshoud was evacuated.

In Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip, medical sources said three Palestinians were killed Sunday morning. Al-Qidra identified them as 23-year-old Hamid Abu Fuju, 26-year-old Ahmad Zanoun and 21-year-old Suhayb Abu Qurah.

In addition, an Israeli airstrike on house of the Muammar family killed three brothers. Medical sources said Anas Yousif Muammar died of his wounds shortly after his brothers Muhamamd, 30, and Hamzah, 21, were killed in al-Juneina neighborhood of Rafah. Ten others were injured in the attack.

Also in Rafah, al-Qidra said 56-year-old Husni Mahmoud al-Absi was killed by an Israeli raid which injured five others.

Fahmi Abdul-Aziz Abu al-Said, 29, was also killed Sunday in the central Gaza Strip.

1 ) Brian Cohen / Israel
20/07/2014 10:04
Horrible pictures caused by Hamas policy of shooting rockets at Israeli civilians. Under international law Israel is allowed to defend itself from these attacks, but it has become totally clear that Hamas is using Gazans as human shields, hiding rockets in schools, launching rockets from beside schools and hospitals, and doing everything to endanger Gazans and increase civilian casualites - why? To make "martyrs". That is Hamas official policy. Have to remove Hamas to save Gaza.

2 ) Uncle Sufa / USA
20/07/2014 10:49
Yes! Free, Free Palestine! Not from Israel, but from their own people, from those they have elected as their leaders. Free them from the savagery of being forced by said elected officials to live under deplorable conditions due to their elected leaders being too busy building bombs, their terrorist infrastructure and engaging in a relentless campaign of hate against Israel. Shouldn't they have been concentrating their efforts on building a society with a progressive economy.

3 ) Tomas / Germany
20/07/2014 11:24
What is Hamas doing military and political wings doing to alleviate their Palestinian peoples suffering in the Gaza Strip. In case you are wondering why Israel would target a civilian neighborhood, remember, that’s where Hamas hides its weapons and rocket launchers. Does Hamas give their own people, much less Israeli civilians, the same courtesy of advance warning? No! Why? It’s because the Palestinians purposely target Israeli civilians and their actions are purely OFFENSIVE

4 ) Benjamin / USA
20/07/2014 11:59
Hamas said that Israel would be destroyed by Hamas if there was a ground invasion. What happened to Hamas' glorious army?

5 ) LOL israel is attacking ROCKET / Rocket launchers, TUNNELS
20/07/2014 12:08
Ammunition anyone who dies--dies because of HAMAS!!!!

6 ) Brian Cohen / Israel
20/07/2014 12:17
Unfortunately, there are too many known incidents of Palestinians claiming "massacre". The only way to stop further death and destruction is for Hamas to respect international law and the calls from the international community to enter into peace talks with Israel. However, everybody knows that Hamas wants war, not peace. Their own website says that their goal is "Jihad - victory or martyrdom". Any fools sees they can't defeat Israel, so clearly their goal is to kill as many Palestinian martyrs.

7 ) Uncle Sufa / USA
20/07/2014 12:55
Public opinion polls always show Israel on the underside. This is because the media intentionally sabotages the truth. They choose to favor the Palestinians. They willfully withhold facts and they willfully paint a false picture. When television reports show crying Palestinians searching through rubble and under slabs of concrete for their children and other loved ones, all that is reported is that the scene on the screen is due to an Israeli rocket attack.

8 ) Brian Cohen / Israel
20/07/2014 13:16
According to the Izz al-Din al-Qassam website, this was a Hamas ambush that drew the Israelis into a firefight in a heavily populated area. This is Hamas strategy and policy to create as many "martyrs" as they can. Their motto is "It is a Jihad, victory or martyrdom". Hamas wants to kill as many Gazans as they can to get the headlines and get Iran to give them more money and more rockets. They need to rebuild their mansions and pay the mortgages on their fancy apartments in Qatar.

9 ) Shona / Canada
20/07/2014 13:19
Free Gaza from the savagery of being forced by said elected officials to live under deplorable conditions due to their elected leaders being too busy building bombs, their terrorist infrastructure and engaging in a relentless campaign of hate against Israel. Shouldn't they have been concentrating their efforts on building a society with a progressive economy, quality medical facilities an uncorrupt, honest and dependable police force, emergency medical services and functional fire departments?

10 ) Maureen / Australia
20/07/2014 16:18
When is enough innocent blood enough for Netanyahu and his ghouls? So much damage has been done to Judaism that will never be errazed!

11 ) Hylton Fernandes / Quebec, Canada
20/07/2014 16:57
How can the world remain silent while Israel massacres innocent women and children. The Zionists have no moral compass when it comes to Palestinian lives, yet they continue to remind the world of the Holocaust! As far as most people are concerned, the Zionists use this as an excuse to do their evil work. Long live the Palestinian people and damn the Zionists.

12 ) Jay / USA
20/07/2014 17:09
Blame Hamas. It's all their fault. They must be eliminated. Time for a complete government change in Gaza. They are ruthless and could care less about the people of Gaza.

13 ) Colin / Tampa
20/07/2014 17:36
This is a disgrace on World Jewery and Judaism! Shame on Israel.

14 ) Randi / NJ
20/07/2014 17:48
i will say what all have and will say in different words. they have nowhereto go. ask them to leave? to where? restore what to whom. just look at what this achieves, Israelis' don't give aid and comfort on their own to the innocent. total failure to be human. SHAME on you. how far you have gone and Moses and Joshua see it all. i am asking you to let human beings live and show the innocent there is help. Who will be the first?

15 ) Huma Lacey / United Kingdom
20/07/2014 17:50
May Allah be with these people. Thousands of people in the UK are demonstrating against the British government for supporting isreal. We are trying but not a single Islamic arab or non-muslim country is ready to fight for palastine. They are shameless and i don't know how they sleep at night.

16 ) Lynx / Palestine
20/07/2014 18:17
Abbas "does not comprehend why Hamas refuses the Egyptian-brokered, humiliating ceasefire" ..which by the way ensures that the status quo remains same...2 million people under siege and dying a slow death. Abbas himself is the reason why we are in this mess...20 years of his Oslo disasters have obliterated the Palestinian people, dispossessed them even more, and their cause forgotten except for images like this...Abbas is not fit to be a Palestinian president, any president...

17 ) Numbers / Reality
20/07/2014 18:21
In Israel: 5 are dead and 80 are injured, and In Gaza: 400 are dead and 3,000 are injured, in less than 2 weeks, and * HAMAS SHOULD START BEGGING FOR A CEASEFIRE, * BEFORE THERE IS NOTHING LEFT OF GAZA.

18 ) M. Hulot / USA
20/07/2014 20:29
It is strange how the best equipped, highly trained and most humane military in the world seems to kill many civilians, while in no danger except from their own errant bullets.

19 ) Christine / Canada
20/07/2014 22:02
To all u people living peacefully in your homes with electricity,water, schools,roads,universities,pubs,restaurants... What if someday someone comes and takes your land, demolish your house,force you to leave your neighborhood, even live in camps with no electricity,no water,no heating, becoming exiles abroad or prisoners in your own country,where you are constantly humiliated and when u object or refuse to leave,u r put in prison,beaten and even killed. What would u do?what choices do u have?

20 ) Outlier / USA
20/07/2014 22:04
If the death toll were 66 Israelis, Ma'an would not use the word "massacre" and Palestinians would be passing out candy. This war is a horrible business, but it is a business Hamas launched by firing missiles and so the costs are its responsibility.

21 ) Hussam Alatrash / Palestine
20/07/2014 22:23
To these bigots defending Israel: how can you defend the brutal killing of hundreds of civilians and somehow blame it on the Palestinians??!! Massacres have continuously been committed by Zionist militias even before 1948, and that trend continues to the present day. This is natural for a state created on the principle of ethnically cleansing the natives to host a settler community. Such a sad turn for humanity: Fascism is live and well in 2014.

22 ) Christine / Canada
20/07/2014 22:26
Hamas is obviously not the smartest choice,dunno what they hope to achieve?some say they are extremists who only care about killing Israelis? others say that they are in good terms with Israel giving her the pretext to bomb Palestinians? and many more theories...or maybe what they r saying: you took our land,scattered us around the world where we r forced to live in camps,what's left of us r prisoners in our own country,we can't have our land back but we won't let u live peacefully in it.

23 ) John / England
20/07/2014 23:01
My heart goes out to all the people of Gaza. This massacre has to end. The whole world knows who the aggressors are in this situation. It is Israel who is killing these people, not Hamas. Israel. Some Israeli's want us to look at the cause of their actions and cite the rockets fired from Gaza, then they want us to stop there, but I'm afraid anyone who wants to justify the murder of Gazans by reference to Hamas rockets is obliged to continue along that causal chain of events: Nakba & occupation!

24 ) selda martinez / Wales
20/07/2014 23:15
i cannnot believe all this neo-nazi commentary. Israel bombs, sends tanks and attacks using the most sophisticated weaponry armed by neo-nazi loving british/american governments(ukranian neo-nazis also fully supported by West as were the insane Isis) - and kills huge numbers of people and somehow another group are blamed? Look up Ahmad Jabaari and Baskin to see what Israel does to those who fight for peace here. Israel wants to kill Palestinians.

25 ) Plumenthal / USA
21/07/2014 00:09
All the Zionists commenters here are despicable. They are really good at blaming the victims.

26 ) Nour / Palestine
21/07/2014 04:47
Bad propaganda about Hamas and Palestinisns , please respect martyrs and civilian victims. Think and be human. Thank you

27 ) abc / pakistan
21/07/2014 08:30
my heart is crying no words

28 ) Md farid / bangladesh
21/07/2014 09:11
Rise your voice against stop genocide in palastain

29 ) sandra cordero / canada
21/07/2014 09:59
If democratic leaders can not denounce the atrocities that Palestinians are living, may be it is because they agree that hatred is ok. the problem is that hatred is not ok. Speek up leaders cause the patience of the world is running out.

30 ) Richard T. / Canada
21/07/2014 11:26
Hamas does not force Israel to use disproportionate force that steals 100 lives, mostly civilian, largely women and children, for every Israeli victim. That is pure choice, and, indeed, opportunistic massacre.

31 ) Elaine / uk
21/07/2014 14:11
Israel is bang out of order & committing genocide, this is not defending itself. Truth about Israel murdering innocent women & children needs to seen by those that support Israel. Stop blaming hamas for your failure to get along with the Palestinians. End this genocide now & learn to get along together. Ireland did it & so should Israel & palestine. May god forgive Israel for this

32 ) Marie / USA
21/07/2014 15:02
Here it is! The best example of Israel Hasbara trolls serving the Israel propaganda machine. It's simply ridiculously hilarious! Just read Uncle Sufa and Shonas ' comments.

33 ) Shalom / Australia
21/07/2014 16:09
Hamas is the democratically elected government of the Palatinate people (Lets keep it in perspective) israel is being dominated by Zionist terrorists who want to continue their murder..... The tide is shifting however against Zionism and good Jewish people are speaking out.... I have noted lots of Rabies doing the same and saying Zionism has hijacked Judaism (Zionism is Terrorism)

34 ) Georgia / London
21/07/2014 18:22
When Israelis in the occupied territories now claim that they have to defend themselves, they are defending themselves in the sense that any military occupier has to defend itself against the population they are crushing. You can’t defend yourself when you’re militarily occupying someone else’s land. That’s not defense. Call it what you like, it’s not defense.

35 ) olga / argentina
21/07/2014 23:38
so many thanks for non publishing my comment. :(

36 ) George Woodcock / Canada
22/07/2014 00:18
World leaders who are backing Israel's right to commit genocide against the Palestinian people, will also have to deal with the emergent backlash against Jewish communities in their own countries. Conditions are right at the moment for trouble in many places, especially Europe. Poverty, migration, poor living conditions, racism, etc, are breeding conditions for the type of incidents we see currently in France, Germany, Belgium. This is in addition to the rise of the far right. Not good for sure.

37 ) Ezra / Usa
22/07/2014 00:21
Good will always overcome evil in the end, the days of Zionist terror are limited.

38 ) ian / australia
22/07/2014 03:54
#1, #6, #8, #20 etc. Witness the sickening new rationalisation from Brian, Outlier et al. which is Golda Meir's old chestnut warmed up. We don't WANT to slaughter your children, but you leave us no choice. It's not OUR fault, it's YOURS for MAKING us do it. (Golda went further in stomach-turning, chutzpatic gall adding we will never forgive you for it. Sheesh!) Hamas may indulge in florid rhetoric about martyrs but it's ISRAEL which CREATES them. Does it never occur to the IDF to NOT fire

39 ) ian / australia
22/07/2014 03:55
(contd.) because civilians may be hurt? And what is the sadistic devastation for? What is gained by razing an apartment building even if the residents heed the "roof knock" and evacuate? It certainly won't stop the rockets. (A fact well known to Israel.) Its primary effect is surely to harden the resolve of radical elements in Gaza, outraged by the collective punishment of the innocent, in effect, inciting, prolonging and entrenching rocket fire. Israel is RECRUITING terrorists and GUARANTEEING

40 ) ian / australia
22/07/2014 03:56
(contd.) violent resistance. (And surely knows it.) And how is Hamas the aggressor? And Israel the victim? And this sustained massacre self-defense? Rocket fire from Gaza is ALWAYS in response to some Israeli criminality. It's ALWAYS provoked. This time by sniper killings of teenagers, targeted assassinations, lethal incursions over the border (in Gaza) and the rampage through the West Bank to "find" the "kidnapped" students (known the whole time to be dead). How is the violence of Hamas,

41 ) ian / australia
22/07/2014 03:57
(contd.) after 500 dead, NOT purest self-defense, pure resistance, against a savage aggressor? And is it really Hamas which refuses to enter into reasonable "discussions"? Their grievances are well known: the blockade of Gaza and occupation of Palestine, and are UTTERLY valid as both are war crimes...like the Israeli refusal to budge on either. So, truly sickening, guys, both the orgy of destruction and your impulse to justify it. But tell me, honestly, (Brian and Outlier) do you even BELIEVE

42 ) ian / australia
22/07/2014 03:58
(contd.) the litany of propaganda nuggets you regurgitate or is it just a palatable version of events to help you live with the horror and guilt of Israel's latest descent into barbarism? Hmm?

43 ) Nina / Algeria
23/07/2014 00:56
May Allah Be With You Gaza We'r sorry We Can Do Nothing But Pray For you, Our Governors ashamed us If it were up to us we wouldn't think twice to liberate you Forgive Us Gaza

44 ) Brian Davis / UK
23/07/2014 12:23
Israel needs to terminate every leader of Hamas and Islamic Jihad. The Palestinians need a leadership that is for the people and not a leadership that uses it citizens as human shields.

45 ) Maureen / Australia
23/07/2014 21:30
#44 Brian Davis The problem is, Hamas is for the Palestinian people. USrael only want willing puppets to live on their knees and to lick the boots of their war criminal Zionist masters, not democratically elected leaders who strive to preserve the Palestinian people's ancient culture and heritage.

46 ) Outlier / USA
24/07/2014 19:29
38-42 Ian, You could not be more wrong. Hamas is the party ultimately responsible for Gaza's civilian deaths. Hamas precipitated the war with the cynical hope that Gaza civilians - especially children - would die in the conflict. Why else would Hamas not build shelters, but instead use construction materials to build attack tunnels? Why else would Hamas store rockets in schools? Why else would Hamas demand Gazans stay when Israel told them to evacuate? Hamas evil, on display for all to see.

47 ) Nothing But The / Truth
27/07/2014 00:42
May it be His Will, for the ground to swallow-up Hamas fighters (Amen), Since long before the start of this and every other Gaza War, ** HAMAS USED MOSQUES, HOSPITALS, SCHOOLS, ** AND CIVILIANS, FOR WAR CRIMES, instead of Prayer, and His people (Israel) just targeted Hamas' fighters & weapons !!

48 ) Sean Jamiseon / Canada
31/07/2014 04:52
This massacre by the Jews is a real Shame and can not be good for the security of Jews living anywhere in the world. Killing innocent children, women and men in Gaza is like playing video game for the IDF. A bunch of cowards. I know these images are not going quietly in the world and there will be a huge price to pay.
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