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Israeli soldiers spray foul-smelling chemical on Manger Street homes
Published Saturday 19/07/2014 (updated) 21/07/2014 14:12
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(Mohammad Alazza)
BETHLEHEM (Ma'an) -- Israeli forces sprayed homes and shops along Bethlehem's Manger Street with a foul-smelling chemical on Friday night following clashes with local youths protesting in solidarity with Gaza.

On Friday evening, Israeli forces opened fire on youths in northern Bethlehem with stun grenades and rubber-coated steel bullets after large marches broke out in the area near Rachel's Tomb.

After midnight, Israeli forces brought in trucks that sprayed the sides of buildings along Manger Street with a putrid-smelling chemical known as "Skunk."

The chemical was sprayed along Bethlehem's main street primarily in the areas in front of the Paradise Hotel and Azza refugee camp, and as of morning the area continued to smell of sewage.

The chemical has been used frequently against residential areas in Bethlehem in recent weeks, in what many suspect is a form of punishment toward local residents for nightly protests by local youths against Israeli offensives in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank.

In June, an elderly woman was injured after soldiers fired the chemical with a cannon mounted on a truck into her home, breaking the glass of the window and causing her to pass out from the smell.

Protests against the most recent Israeli assault on Gaza, which has killed more than 320 in the last 12 days, have been violently dispersed by Israeli forces, and at times Palestinian security forces have deployed to prevent youths from reaching the area of the separation wall as it cuts through northern Bethlehem.

1 ) Kathy P / USA
19/07/2014 14:20
Spraying foul and putrid, extremely persistent and long lasting chemicals.. To make an entire village uninhabitable... The most vulgar form of collective punishment... What a repulsive and repugnant society..

2 ) Maisie / UK
19/07/2014 14:46
Kristalnacht with knobs! And the inter-dependent West is rallying for a ceasefire without preconditions. Ask Ban's deputy, Jeffrey Feltman, who has terrific form in the Middle East what he will do when sent to negotiate the ceasefire. The longer this goes on, the longer the memories of the surviving children of this massacre will be. It beggars belief how world leaders can appear before cameras with solemn facial expressions, saying "Israel has the right to defend itself."

3 ) Stop War / Britain
19/07/2014 15:20
Horrible and inhumane treatment of people in their own land. Memories of war last forever. My father remembered the bomber planes coming over until he died, recounting the memory on his death bed. Is this what millions of British and Commonwealth citizens fought and died for in WW1 & WW2? Because if it is, then they were lied to. Shame on world governments for allowing and supporting this.

4 ) stickler / US
19/07/2014 15:23
Was the Palestinian protest a peaceful demonstration? If so, the Israelis committed a crime against civilians. But as soon as the rock throwing/fire setting begins, you lose the moral upper hand, decrease sympathy for your cause, and justify a response from Israel. The rock throwers are reacting emotionally and not using their heads. They are actually helping Israel.

5 ) Free Gaza / USA
19/07/2014 18:05
Stickler -- you are in no position to lecture. As President Obama says, "Palestinians have the right to defend themselves." Oops, he didn't say that, did he? Apparently, only Israelis have the right to defend themselves.

6 ) hate is blinding / Canada
19/07/2014 18:07
These protesters are venting their frustration - they are motivated by hate and envy. They are protesting against the existence of the jewish state, never mind the particular borders; they are exhibiting their rage rooted in their frustration not to be able to turn lsrael into another Syria or lraq, Afganistan or lran.

7 ) Kris / USA
19/07/2014 19:34
@stickler, you're saying that collective punishment is OK?

8 ) Mel / USA
19/07/2014 20:51
Hey,my fellow,'good Christians' Obama,Cameron,Merkel & you Saudi Wahhabi's who'respect'our Isa(Jesus).Zionism is spraying its putrid,rotting-corpse liquid on YOU,& us,USA,too!
Zionist Israel is SRAYING Jesus'birth place with rotting corpse fluid!
All the prophets our respected,except by Zionist Israel!Try explaining that to Sasha & Malia, Obama,when you take them Church tomorrow?'Yes girls,Israel is spraying Jesus with sh*t & torturing & crucifying him again in BETHLEHEM!Aren't they,Hagee?

9 ) christian palestinian / usa
20/07/2014 00:29
The Palestinian people have the absolute legal right to defend their people and land by any military means at their disposal. Palestinians must follow the Lebanese Resistance model !!

10 ) No right / US
20/07/2014 03:05
OK, you're right. Israel does not have the right to defend itself. Now, what happens next?

11 ) Face the Facts / Canada
20/07/2014 06:16
Throwing rocks and fire bombs, that's not helpful. Violence will get you more violence.

12 ) Frank / USA
20/07/2014 06:34
I agree with Kathy P...what a repulsive and repugnant society...Israel that is...FYI - the rock throwing typically begins when the security forces arrive to stop any form of demonstration...by Palestinians that is...

13 ) Peace / USA
20/07/2014 06:38
What a way to treat the place where Jesus was born....what a shame these people are allowed to control a sacred place...what a shame they have no respect for other human beings, especially in the Holy Land.

14 ) William / USA
20/07/2014 06:39
They should be spraying this and more all over Gaza, especially in the tunnels.

15 ) William / USA
20/07/2014 06:42
@stickler - hasn't that always been the case? I have yet to see a peaceful protest by Arabs against Israel. Sadly, such violence from their side also takes its toll on innocent Arab bystanders, when rocks and molotov cocktails fly in all directions. They once paralyzed a Palestinian Arab 5-year old girl in a family car with one of their rocks...and her life was saved by a close by IDF patrol. Violence only hurts their cause - always will.

16 ) Jeff / USA
20/07/2014 07:33
The answer is so simple. Hamas should stop bombing Israel on a daily basis. Stop their suicide killings, Live and act like normal people and this wont happen. Israel has a right to defend themselves.

17 ) David / Zion
20/07/2014 12:52
Israel does have a right to defend themselves. The protest are promoting civil disobedience and should stop. This is why protestors are met by Israeli forces to bring the area back to normal. It's going on in other places and is the fault of the protestors and the fault of Hamas for not talking about the situation in any formal, civilized or dignified way. You don't have to start trouble to resolve problems.

18 ) awaatif / rsa
20/07/2014 16:55
disgusting racist zionist settlers. get out of occupied palestine! go back to Europe

19 ) Patrick O'Shaughnessy / Ireland
20/07/2014 19:09
How can anyone say that Israel has the right to defend itself, with the exception of the US, who is fully backing Israel. Other countries need to move away from this position & condemn what is happening now, because it is clear that war crimes are being committed. This is not about rocket fire, it is about destroying Gaza. Hamas has a legal right to resist occupation under international law, for sure they would be happy if the case went to the ICC, so no excuses for Abbas. (cont)

20 ) Patrick O'Shaughnessy / Ireland
20/07/2014 19:11
(cont) However, it is clear that Hamas is seeking a political solution, otherwise there would almost certainly have been more than a couple of rockets from Lebanon & Syria (& Iran’s been quiet). An unconditional ceasefire isn’t enough, call a humanitarian ceasefire/temporary truce for a couple of days & try to negotiate Hamas demands properly. They want the siege & intolerable situation of the Palestinians to end. This may be the opportunity to finally work towards lasting peace and resolution.

21 ) Patrick O'Shaughnessy / Ireland
20/07/2014 19:12
(cont) The only way forward now is to support the Palestinians from a humanitarian perspective, but also accept that their resistance against occupation is valid. There needs to be an end to the terrorist narrative in order to move forward. Considering what they have been through, the factions have gone the distance alone & without help. Now is the time to change the game if you want peace. If this continually escalates, other outside parties could involve themselves, and it won't be pleasant.

22 ) Joe / USA
21/07/2014 01:10
Let about 50 million Chinese "peace keepers" and their families invade. That should be a shocker for both the Israelis and Palestinians. Even when things are calm, the Chinese can kick it up with incendiaries, blame both Israelis and Palestinians, then force them from their homes. Keep repeating the procedure until both groups and removed further and further from their homes. Any form of resistance or protest will be automatically construed as terrorism.

23 ) William / USA
21/07/2014 04:47
@Mel (#8) - still, Israel's actions are much more benign than the active takeover and occupation of the Grotto by "Palestinian" terrorists, don't you think?

24 ) Indian / India
21/07/2014 09:59
Entering into someone's country as refugee and occupying their land, finally killing them like bugs. Now calling them as terrorist. Do u think people dosent deserve right to live in their home land just because they are muslims or Palestinians? how sweet of Israiles. Some here support them. I dont understand u people. U would feel the pain when someone enters ur house as guest and occupy ur home by killing ur family just because u asked him to leave.

25 ) Gash / UK
21/07/2014 14:07
Like everything Israel has done for last 50 years it has been done against United Nations and international Law....War crimes have been done by both sides, but Jews came to a land stole the land from the Palestinians and called it Israel,,, every year since they have taken even more Palestinian land and then you wonder why Hamas stand up for the civilians in Gaza who now live in a ghetto. 1943 uprising in the Warsaw Ghetto.

26 ) Anwar / Gaza
21/07/2014 14:38
#monsters #zionists #evil #LongLivePalestine #FreePalestine. Palestine will one day be free and israel will have to answer to God for their sins.

27 ) Kim / UK
21/07/2014 15:03
Three Israeli boys are kidnapped and murdered, then one Palestinian boy is kidnapped and brutally murdered, Hamas start firing rockets, then Israel start air raids in Gaza. Israel have attempted a ceasefire three times, with no terms, to allow Gaza citizens to get essential food and aid. Hamas have rejected the ceasefire three times, and continue to fire rockets. If Israel stop the air raids, nothing will be solved because Hamas will continue to fire rockets. Note: FIRE ROCKETS not throw rocks!

28 ) san / uk
21/07/2014 15:56
hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh you are talking about a dignified way what about the civillians living in Gaza .Do they live in dignity .When they were told to leave their homes ,where were they meant to go .Have you visited Gaza ?. I lived there for 1 year with my husband who is in Gaza now , there is nowhere for them to go both borders closed to them do u expect them to swim in the sea or what .

29 ) sally / usa
21/07/2014 18:04
Herod = Haman = Hitler = Hamas
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