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46 Palestinians killed as Israel presses Gaza ground assault
Published Friday 18/07/2014 (updated) 19/07/2014 10:54
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Mourners carry into a mosque the body of Muhammad Abu
Musallam, a Palestinian young boy who was killed along with his
sister and his brother in an Israeli tank attack, during their
funeral on July 18, 2014 in Beit Lahiya, north of the Gaza Strip
(AFP Mahmud Hams)
GAZA CITY (Ma'an) -- 46 Palestinians have been killed in Gaza by airstrikes and artillery fire since Israel launched a ground operation late Thursday, medics said.

Two Palestinians were killed in separate strikes in Rafah and one in Beit Lahiya on Friday afternoon.

Rafat Bahloul and Sihab Zurub were killed in airstrikes on Rafah, while Mohammad Matar, 23, was killed in the strike on Beit Lahiya .

Ahmad Hassan Saleh al-Ghalban, 23, Hamada Abdullah Mohammad al-Bashiti, 21, and Abdullah al-Samiri, 17, were killed in an airstrike which witnesses say completely destroyed a home in Khan Younis earlier on Friday.

Mahmoud Ali Darwish, 40, and another unidentified man were killed in al-Nuseirat refugee camp.

Earlier, Ahmad Abdallah al-Behnsawi was killed by shelling in Beit Lahiya, medics said, while the bodies of Saleh al-Zgheibi and Alaa Abu Shabab were found under rubble in eastern Rafah.

Three children were killed in a targeted shelling on a home in northern Gaza. The bodies of Ahmad Ismail Abu Musallam, 14, his sister Alaa, 13, and their brother Muhammad, 15, were taken to Kamal Adwan hospital.

The children were killed when a shell hit their bedroom.

Early on Friday, ambulance crews said nine people were killed in the shelling of a home east of Khan Younis. Their bodies were found under the rubble of a residential building.

Among those identified were Hammad Abdulkarim Hammad Abu Lihyeh, 23, Muhammad Abdulfattah Rashad Fayyad, 26, and Mahmoud Muhammad Fayyad, 25, from Khan Younis.

Relatives Bilal Mahmoud Radwan, 23, Munthir Radwan, 22, Ahmad Fawzi Radwan, 23, and Mahmoud Fawzi Radwan, 24, were also killed.

Amal Khader Ibrahim Dabbur, 40, Ismail Youssif Taha Qassem, 59, Nassim Mahmoud Nassir and Karam Mahmoud Nassir were killed in Beit Hanoun and at least 25 injured in heavy shelling.

In Rafah three people were killed and 11 others wounded by Israeli forces, who fired foul-smelling gas during the operation.

In the Gaza City neighborhood of Shujaiyeh, Rani Abu Tawileh was killed and 12 members of his family injured in heavy bombings.

The body of Hussam Abu Issa was pulled from rubble in central Gaza on Friday. It is believed he was killed in overnight attacks.

On the ground, witnesses reported gun battles breaking out east of the southern city of Khan Younis, with military sources confirming it was one of the areas in which the troops were operating.

A wounded baby receives treatment at al-Shifa hospital, in
Gaza City, on July 18, 2014.(AFP/Mohammed Abed)

An Israeli military spokeswoman told AFP ground and air forces had attacked at least 36 targets in Gaza since the incursion was launched.

Over 260 Palestinians have now been killed in Gaza since Israel began it's military assault on the coastal territory last week.

One Israeli soldier was reported killed early Friday and five others injured.

"What the occupier Israel failed to achieve through its air and sea raids, it will not be able to achieve with a ground offensive. It is bound to fail," Hamas chief Khaled Mashaal said from his exile in Doha.

A Hamas spokesman in Gaza earlier said "Israel will pay a high price" for launching the ground operation and that his movement "is ready for the confrontation".

President Mahmoud Abbas said Israel must stop its ground operation, warning it would lead to "more bloodshed" and complicate efforts to end the conflict in the enclave.

Israel approved the call-up of another 18,000 reservists, taking the total number approved to 65,000 for an operation aimed at protecting Israeli lives and striking "a significant blow to Hamas's terror infrastructure," the army said.

"I regret that despite my repeated urgings, and those of many regional and world leaders together, an already dangerous conflict has now escalated even further," UN chief Ban Ki-moon said, urging Israel to "do far more" to spare Palestinian non-combatants.

Figures provided by the Gaza-based Palestinian Center for Human Rights show that civilians account for more than 80 percent of the victims of Israel's assault since July 8.
1 ) Bemused / New Zealand
18/07/2014 11:40
Ban Ki-moon's leadership, or lack thereof, has rendered the UN completely irrelevant.

2 ) Maria / USA
18/07/2014 15:04
Ever wonder why Palestine launched rockets? In May Israelis killed 2 Palestinians, it didn't even make it on USA news! When the Palestine people killed three Israeli kids, Israel launches airstrikes, and Palestine launches back rockets. Everything is on the news. And they set a 16-year old boy Palestine boy on fire, and it’s barely mentioned. And the rockets are scrap metal rockets. They barely pose a threat, but Israel now invades Palestine using soldiers in a ground assault. I'm Disgusted.

3 ) Joanna Liagi / Greece
18/07/2014 15:06
I have to say that this story must end now!! Please there are young children and babies.WHO IS YOUR GOD? wHAT IS YOUR BELIEVE? KILLERS DO NOT BELIEVE , THEY ONLY KILL WITHOUT THINKING. YOU DONT PROTECT YOYR GOD ,YOUR COUNTRY ,YOU OBEY THE HELL. WHAT IS THE POINT?WHAT IS THE GOOD ? MOTHERS WITHOUT CHILDREN ,DESTROYED FAMILIES. the point is that you fight for money ,for miserable,for fun.you kill babies just because they want peace. STOP WAR NOW! FROM GREECE. 18/07/2014

4 ) Mel / USA
18/07/2014 16:20
The UN is nothing more than an echo chamber for USG imperialism. It's just another BigWig 'House of(AmericanWar)Lords'.
Bunkie is just a passive BOT programmed to say"concerned","troubled","I regret" etc. Arab League is just a megaphone for Wahhabi,Salafist Riyadh!
US Congress is an AIPAC Zionist outpost.
My heart goes out to Palestine &Gaza. Strange how a Malaysian plane goes down JUST as Israel starts a ground offensive(Mandela Day 2)?Avigdor was in UKraine recently 2C his Judeo-Nazi mob!

5 ) Jenny Towlewarts / USA
18/07/2014 17:05
Sick that this happeneing and our world leaders turn a blind eye. A child killed in Israel is a travesty and a child killed in Palestine is justified. Trully hunanity is lost and their can never be peace in the world with a state like Israel and a country like the US. Obama is worthless and Israel is a blood thirsty war machine. Hate to say it but Hitler should have finished the job......

6 ) Oh Yeah / US
18/07/2014 17:24
Stop the rockets. Shut down the tunnels. Then...only then...pull back to the border. But leave a mile-wide No-Go zone at the border.

7 ) Francis / Zambia
18/07/2014 17:56
For the sake of innocent civilians Hamas please stop firing rockets at Israel and Israel please withdraw your ground forces from Gaza.

8 ) David / USA
18/07/2014 17:57
Joanna- Hamas has been sending rockets into Israel for years. Years. Hamas has been sending murder squads into Israel for just as long. Had Hamas been more concerned with improving the lives of Gazans than with trying to harm Israel, THERE WOULD BE NO DEATHS IN GAZA.

9 ) The Gazans must be very / PROUD in the way
18/07/2014 17:57
Hamas is running their government, peopole, economy, future VERY PROUD

10 ) JoeFattal / USA
18/07/2014 18:07
Expect civilian casualties toll to rise. That's how Israel wins its battle but at the end they will lose the war. They will elevate Hamas stronger in the eyes of the Palestinians setting aside Egypt and their new dictator that Israel start getting too fond of him.

11 ) Shona / Canada
18/07/2014 18:17
It's odd that the Hamas military or political wings, ensconced in their respective bunkers far beneath the surface and the streets of Gaza. Are unable and cannot provide shelter, food, medical supplies, water, electricity, air raid shelter, sirens or fuel for her Arabs, but they are able to count and record dead bodies and their ages, with accuracy.

12 ) JoeFattal / USA
18/07/2014 18:40
Again there was an interview on CNN to an Israeli official about the death toll in Gaza. And the official without been asked mentioned the Malysian airline that was shot in the Ukraine. And said the world is condemning the killing of civilians and the death of 298 civilians on the aircraft and that is nothing comparing to what's going to happen in Gaza. So he was talking only about civilian casualties, and that's what Israel is being doing, killing more civilians.

13 ) @ Yeah-6 / USA too
18/07/2014 18:54
- If Israel does Not "stop (shoot-down) the rockets", in self-defense,
then they would have been killing Israel civilians for 10 days now.
- If Israel does Not "Shut down the tunnels", again in self-defense,
then Hamas militants will soon be killing Israel civilians, and
- Every World Government, Except Hamas, Wants The Fighting To Stop,
And Only The Hamas Government Will Never Consider living In Peace !!!

14 ) @ Jenny-5 / USA too
18/07/2014 18:58
"A child killed in both Israel & Gaza is a travesty", but
- Only Gaza Is Trying To Kill Children, And
- Only Israel Is Trying To End The Killing.

15 ) carine / UK
18/07/2014 19:27
#6 There is a mile-wide no-go zone, but it's on Gaza's side - that's why so many Gazans are killed, cultivating their own land ' too close to the "border" '

16 ) carine / UK
18/07/2014 19:32
Maria, I agree with your comment, except that there is no evidence whatsoever that the 3 Israelis were killed by Palestinians. Therefore the rage and fury meted out by Israel is/was all the more despicable.

17 ) Muslima / Europe
18/07/2014 19:48
I am surprised at Saudi"s king and Muslim authoritis more over surprised at Muslim Countries , No reaction as nothing happening. Cowards They are look aftering Allah's House and they can't help and support HIS Umma.Shame on them. Go and drawn yourself and do not call yourselves Muslim. Instead call yourselves HYPOCRITES COWARDS.

18 ) Justice for Palestine / Canada
18/07/2014 20:56
My God commands me that - Thou shalt not kill - Thou shalt not steal.

19 ) Outlier / USA
18/07/2014 21:48
The ceasefire was there for Hamas to accept. Because it might be interpreted as a sign of weakness, Hamas rejected the ceasefire. Now all of Gaza must suffer so Hamas can save face.

20 ) Mel / USA
19/07/2014 00:28
Poor kids! They couldn't show the face of his other brother(Ahmad). It was too badly burnt, bless him!
Great show of Israeli PR face,huh? Apartheid bombing on Nelson Mandela Day.Zionism thumbing its USG-immune nose at everyone who believes in "democracy" & "Equal Justice Under Law!" I'm sure Obama was "heartbroken"again. Maybe Obama's sitting with the Hill-of-Shame,with Israel's indoctrinated scumbags watching 'human fireworks',cheering with beer while KIDS BURN?You're going DOWN Israel!

21 ) ian / australia
19/07/2014 15:44
It's entirely possible Israel will re-occupy Northern Gaza and maybe even move in a few crazies from Brooklyn into an outpost. It would tick all the boxes in the Master Plan. The stated reason would be security for Ashkelon and the southern cities but the REAL goal would be to create another flashpoint to be agonised over endlessly with calls for a "negotiated" solution, incensed Palestinians decrying its "illegality" and Israel refusing to relinquish the "buffer zone" for reasons of "security".

22 ) ian / australia
19/07/2014 15:45
(contd.) And it would change the subject from unpalatable issues like Palestinian statehood and borders. "Militants" driven south (and crazy) into crowded Gaza would resume rocket fire from new locations, something, in the face of invasion, they would have every right to do. Nothing would change. Time would stand still. Palestinians would remain divided, powerless and VIOLENT. (It would also re-establish Bibi's bona fides as a hardass, showing his slavering, far-right bedfellows

23 ) ian / australia
19/07/2014 15:46
(contd.) who have been calling him a wimp on "terror" that he still has the gonads, sorry, G-nads, to lead the whole shebang.) All in all, Mission Accomplished.
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