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10 dead, including 7 children, in Israeli attacks on Gaza
Published Thursday 17/07/2014 (updated) 19/07/2014 10:25
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BETHLEHEM (Ma'an) -- Ten Palestinians including three children from the same family were killed and many others were injured in renewed Israeli airstrikes on the Gaza Strip on Thursday.

The deaths brought the total number of Palestinians killed in 10 days of hostilities to over 240 and at least 1,770 injured.

The airstrikes came immediately after a temporary five-hour humanitarian ceasefire between Hamas and Israel ended, and as Palestinian militants fired rockets across southern Israel.

In the latest attacks, three Palestinians were killed in Israeli tank shelling in the east of the Gaza Strip, medics said. Emergency services spokesman Ashraf al-Qudra said they were killed east of the Shajaiyya area.

A Ma'an correspondent identified them as Abed Ali Natheer, 26, Mohammad Shadi Nateez,15, and Mohammad Salim Natiz, 4.

Also Thursday, three children were killed in a strike on the house of the Shuhaibar family in the Sabra neighborhood of Gaza City, in an attack that also injured three other members of the family.

The three dead children were identified as Fulla Tariq Shuhaibar, Jihad Issam Shuhaibar, and Wasim Issam Shuhaibar.

An Israeli army targets a house for al-Jbour family in Khan Younis, killing Rahaf Khalil al-Jbour, 4.

Yassin al-Humaidi, 4, also died of injuries sustained during a strike on Gaza City.

An Israeli airstrike also hit Beit Hanoun in the northern Gaza Strip at 4:35 p.m. Thursday, killing a man.

Spokesperson for the Palestinian Ministry of Health Ashraf al-Qidra said that the body of Ismail Youssef al-Kafarneh arrived at a hospital in Beit Hanoun after he was found dead in his home following an airstrike.

Hamza al-Ubadala was also killed in an airstrike on Beit Hanoun.

The Israeli military confirmed that they had launched approximately 30 air strikes since 3 p.m., targeting "terror sites" including "11 concealed rocket launchers, a weapon manufacturing facility, and 11 attacks against terror tunnels."

Rahaf Khalil al-Jbour

Four Palestinians were also injured in an Israeli airstrike at eastern al-Bureij in central Gaza Strip.

Israeli warplanes also targeted a farm in al-Qarrara town in northern Khan Younis inthe southern Gaza Strip, open land in eastern al-Maghazi, land belonging to the Judeh family in Jabaliya and another strike near three houses in al-Zawaideh.

At 4:10 p.m., an hour and ten minutes after the end of "ceasefire" period, an airstrike targeted an open area in Beit Lahiya in northern Gaza Strip.

No injuries were reported in that strike.

Another airstrike at 4:20 p.m. hit a house in al-Shujaiyeh.

Israel declared earlier that two rockets hit Ashkelon at 3:02 p.m., just as the "ceasefire" period ended.

At 3:35 p.m. al-Qassam Brigades claimed responsibility of targeting "Kibbutz Nirim" with three mortar shells and targeting Kissufim with two 107 missiles.

Israel also said that a rocket hit an open area in Beersheba, with no injuries or damages reported.

Al-Nasser Salah al-Din Brigades said that they targeted Ashkelon city with two grad missiles at 3:05 p.m.

The military wing of Hamas, the al-Qassam Brigades, claimed responsibility for rockets that hit Sderot.

Abu Ali Mustafa Brigades claimed responsibility for the targeting of Nahil Oz with three rockets.

The National Resistance and the al-Nasser Salah al-Din Brigades said they targeted Sufa with two 107 rockets.

Al-Quds Brigades said that they targeted a military site and Sdirot with nine missiles, and the Beit Hanoun "Erez" crossing with two mortar shells.
1 ) Mel's mom / USA
17/07/2014 18:41
Mel, can you get off this site, and clear up your chazzershtal (pig sty) room, and bring down those soiled blankets for washing? We need to send them off for the church to send to Syria. Then we will go to that nice pro bono Jewish doctor, and see why your gastric band has snapped again.

2 ) Lucy / UK
17/07/2014 19:08
Why are these Palestinian children not using air raid shelters? There seems to be plenty of concrete to build tunnels, underground structures and bunkers for the Hamas military and political wings. But no provisions were built for their most important precious citizens, their own children.

3 ) nobody cares / WORLD IS FOCUSING
17/07/2014 19:26

17/07/2014 19:48
Boeing 777 Travelling From Amsterdam With 295 On Board...

5 ) David / USA
17/07/2014 19:58
Boy am I sick of these cowardly Hamas 'freedom fighters.' All they accomplish is getting civilians killed and maimed. They have neither honor nor dignity. If they want to fight, let them come to the border and attack it like men, rather than hide behind women and children and fire off toy rockets like the cowards they are. If my kids were hurt or killed because my government was insane, I'd shoot the first politician I saw. Where are the 'good' people of Gaza? Take back your lives!

6 ) Mo / Canada
17/07/2014 20:05
Israel continues to beg Palestinians to leave the areas of fire. hamas continues to beg them to stay in the line of fire and attempt to kill civilians on purpose. no blame for israel

7 ) Sonny / USA
17/07/2014 20:28
More innocent civilians died due the most immoral army.

8 ) @ The Inter. Criminal Courts / War Crimes
17/07/2014 21:30
Though Israel targets Islamic militants in self-defense:
-1- Al-Nasser Salah al-Din Brigades targeted Ashkelon
-2- Hamas' al-Qassam Brigades targeted Sderot.
-3- Abu Ali Mustafa Brigades targeted Nahil Oz
-4- National Resistance and al-Nasser Salah al-Din Brigades targeted Sufa
-5- Al-Quds Brigades targeted Sdirot and the Beit Hanoun "Erez" crossing,
and the UN's International Criminal Courts at the Hague
should address the above 5 admissions of war crimes !!!

9 ) Paul / Kenya
17/07/2014 21:33
Keep sending rockets into Israel and keep getting killed. Great strategy.

10 ) Tibi / Tubas
17/07/2014 21:34
DAMN THESE ISLAMIC MILITANTS TO HELL (without the virgins too):
- Al-Nasser Salah al-Din Brigades, - Hamas' al-Qassam Brigades,
- Abu Ali Mustafa Brigades, - the National Resistance,
- al-Nasser Salah al-Din Brigades, & - Al-Quds Brigades,

11 ) Colin Wright / USA
17/07/2014 22:02
Obviously, it's insufficient, but even as I denounce these crimes, as an American, I remain complicit in them, and so I apologize. It's both nauseating and horrifying to realize one is part of a group that makes such evil possible. The US needs to pull the plug on Israel NOW.

12 ) Martin / USA
17/07/2014 22:04
Hamas should at least provide their citizens with bomb shelters. But they don't. http://www.arabnews.com/news/602511

13 ) Arnold / Canada
17/07/2014 22:31
Keep up the good work Hamas. You for sure do not give a rats ass for the children. If you did you would stop this nonsense.

14 ) Tibi / Tubas
17/07/2014 23:44
* ISLAMIC MILITANTS know that No Peace can be accepted with Jews, and eventually may realize that their presence in Gaza is harmful to Gaza, and just leave to continue the "resistance" from abroad, so as Not to * USE GAZA'S CIVILIAN RESIDENTS AS HUMAN-SHIELDS anymore !!

15 ) Mel / USA
18/07/2014 00:16
I'm sure Obama,is,"heartbroken"?
Hey Obama? See that picture of the beautiful child on life-support?
Now imagine that it's your daughter MALIA who is(using Israel's Zionist/fundamentalist terminology)not Jewish(Goy),she's Black("Kushim")& she's Christian("Jesus is an SOB","Mary is a Monkey").Think about it Obama? You can't have it both ways! Zionist Israel is as much our "ally" as AQ/ISIS(interpret that as you see fit).Zionism is BACKWARD!
Condolences in abundance occupied Palestine!

16 ) Mel / USA
18/07/2014 01:40
And tell me "heartbroken"Obama,while you prepare to sign Congress's Bill for another $650(illegal)MILLION US tax-dollars(without our citizen permission &against US LAW(Symington Amd.) to occupying Israel for its Iron Dom(inion)"self defense"weapons(&tanks/jets etc),how much of the WHITE TOXIC GAS BEING USED RIGHT NOW in Gaza,did you sell them too? So it's not OK for Saddam "to gas the Kurds",but it's OK for Israel to use CHEM weps on Gaza's BESIEGED civilians&their legal resistance?

17 ) One / Question
18/07/2014 04:43
Why would Hamas care about lost lives? They need to produced more pictures of the dead palestinian children to advance propaganda war. All Hamas leaders are hiding in bunkers and tunnels while regular palestinians are left to die under bombs. Hamas likes to tell that they are prepared for the war - why did not they prepare bunkers and bomb shelter for Gaza civilians?

18 ) Gustav / Norway
18/07/2014 10:21
Israel has to stop the blocade of Gaza and get out of Palestinian territory. That`s the only solution. Bombing is just escalating the war and strenghten Hamas !

19 ) David / USA
18/07/2014 18:11
How many bigoted, stupid, useful-idiot Americans are there on this site? If Hamas just stopped firing rockets into Israel and stopped sending terrorist commandos via tunnels into Israel, peace would exist! The blockade is because Hamas was receiving heavy weapons to be used against Israel, nothing else. If Hamas cared more about the people of Gaza and less about trying to harm Israelis, there would be no deaths or injuries to anyone in Gaza. That is the simple truth.

20 ) Greg / UK
18/07/2014 20:52
Gustav - the problem is: there is no such thing as palestinian territory - never was, there is not now and never will be. Before 1947 it was British mandate, before that it was Othman Empire, before that - Roman Empire and before that - Israel. Between 1947 and 1967 West bank and East Jerusalem was Jordanian territory and Gaza - Egyptian territory. After starting and losing the 1967 war Jordan and Egypt lost control over West bank, East Jerusalem and Gaza and withdrew all claims.

21 ) Maureen / Australia
18/07/2014 22:47
That's the pity, isn't it? The Western world protest loudly when "collateral" damage strikes them but covers up the innocent deaths caused by their invasions of other nations! BTW, Malaysia allowed its aircraft into a no fly war zone. Why?

22 ) Susan Johnson / USA
19/07/2014 00:18
These comments are ridiculous. Bomb shelters aren't available in Gaza because they lack the building materials...Israel controls goods that enter Gaza. People continue to live in temporary housing (tents) from Cast Lead 2008-2009. I visited Gaza in May 2009 and could not believe the destruction and conditions Gazans were living under. Remember, Gaza has no Army, Navy, Air Force, etc. Israel controls Gaza's borders; citizens can't leave They are living in an open air prison.

23 ) Sophie / USA
19/07/2014 07:18
I also think - If Hamas just stopped firing rockets into Israel and stopped sending terrorist commandos via tunnels into Israel, peace would exist! The blockade is because Hamas was receiving heavy weapons to be used against Israel, nothing else. If Hamas cared more about the people of Gaza and less about trying to harm Israelis, there would be no deaths or injuries to anyone in Gaza. That is the simple truth. We, civilians of Israel, can not accept living under rockets! Why should we ??

24 ) Martin Luther / Germany
19/07/2014 13:39
Some interesting comments, including those about bomb shelters. We should also remember that bomb shelters, if they take a direct hit can also be lethal. Gaza is very densely populated. Putting a large section of the population underground (I assume that's were they would build, if they could) might produce a lot more civilian casualties. We see what happens in a tunnel collapse or Israeli tunnel strike, they need bulldozers to dig out the dead & can sometimes never recover the bodies.

25 ) Libby / NZ
19/07/2014 13:45
Very sad situation. Now everyone is talking about the Malaysian air crash too. So much bad news. Why did they allow them to fly over a no fly zone, when others like UK/US were warned not to, who knows. It sounds a bit odd, however conspiracy theorists would say it was a set up to detract from the situation in Gaza. Those with world powers can orchestrate many things. Most of the dead were Dutch, there was one US citizen & one Israeli (Jewish convert to Christianity). Lives snuffed out instantly.
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