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Israeli raids on Gaza kill 10, including 6 children
Published Wednesday 16/07/2014 (updated) 17/07/2014 14:05
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GAZA CITY (Ma'an) -- Israeli raids on Gaza on Wednesday afternoon killed nine Palestinians, including six children, bringing the total number of Palestinians slain in nine days of Israeli assault to 222.

Four children were killed when Israeli forces shelled a beach they were playing on in Gaza City on Wednesday, medics said, in an incident witnessed by AFP journalists.

All four were on the beach when the attack took place, emergency services spokesman Ashraf al-Qidra said, with several injured children taking refuge at a nearby hotel where journalists were staying.

They were reportedly attacked by Israeli naval boats, witnesses told Ma'an, and were members of the same family.

The children were identified as Ahed Atef Bakr, 10, Zakariya Ahed Bakr, 10, Mohammad Ramiz Bakr, 11, and Ismail Mahmoud Bakr, 9.

A Guardian reporter who witnessed the attack, and helped provide first aid to two children injured by shrapnel, tweeted about the shelling.

Five Palestinians including a three-year-old were also killed on Wednesday afternoon in an airstrike in the Absan area of Khan Younis in the southern Gaza Strip.

Akram Muhammad Abu Amer, 34, and his brother Kamal Muhammad Abu Amer, 38, were killed in the airstrike, along with Hussein Abd al-Latif al-Astal, 23, Roqayya al-Astal, 70, Yasmin Mahmud al-Astal, 4, and Osama Mahmud al-Astal, 6.

Elsewhere, five people were injured including two critically in an airstrike on Shamlakh family home in Sheikh Ajleen neighborhood in southern Gaza City.

Muhammad Kamal Abd al-Rahman also succumbed to wounds from a bombing in Gaza earlier in the day.

The latest attacks brings the Palestinian death toll since midnight to 23, with 222 killed and 1,670 injured since Israel's assault began last week.

A Gaza-based rights group says over 80 percent of the victims are civilians.

Yasmin al-Astal

Osama al-Astal

Earlier, Abdulrahman Ibrahim Khalil al-Sarhi, 37, was killed in an airstrike on the Zaytoun neighborhood of Gaza City while Omar Abu Daqqa, Ibrahim Abu Daqqa, and Khadra Abu Daqqa, 65, were killed in a strike targeting a civilian vehicle in Khan Younis.

Ashraf Abu Shanab, 33, was killed in Shabura camp in Rafah and Muhammad Abu Audah and Muhammad Zahouq were killed in an Israeli airstrike on the Abu Audah family home.

A five-year-old girl also died after falling from a building following an airstrike on a residential building in Rafah.

Islamic Jihad fighter Muhammad al-Dabari was killed in an airstrike on a Rafah building, while two men were killed in Khan Younis, while another man died from injuries sustained in an airstrike before midnight.

Gaza fighters have fired more than 1,200 rockets at Israel, which on Tuesday claimed their first Israeli life.

Overnight, warplanes struck about 40 sites across Gaza, among them political targets and the air force also dropped flyers warning 100,000 in northeastern Gaza Strip to evacuate their homes ahead of an air campaign east of Gaza City.

AFP contributed to this report
1 ) Shelly Downing / USA
16/07/2014 20:04
Just where are these people supposed to evacuate to?

2 ) Mel / USA
16/07/2014 20:35
Oh my Lord! WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY Israel? Why,why,why,why,why? You have NO VALID reasons,excuses,or moral,ethical,humane answers! SAVAGE ZIONISTS! YOU STAND ALONE!
Don't even superficially apologize or talk diplomatically of "unfortunate","accidents",or your"concern",when it's ALL DELIBERATE TARGETING!
A pox on your head Israel!

3 ) Brian Cohen / Israel
16/07/2014 20:37
Of the 1300 rockets fired from Gaza, something like 300 have landed in Gaza. There was a great picture of one a few nights ago on Israel Ch 2 news that you see the solid fuel motor suddenly stop, and the rocket nosedives into Jabaliya and blows up. So, take 300 unplanned explosions in Gaza and a history of dead Palestinians from Hamas and PIJ rockets, so nobody really knows if these kids were killed by the IDF. What is a fact is that Hamas brought this war on Gaza. Hamas can stop it, but won't.

4 ) Mike Hunt / USA
16/07/2014 22:32
Brian, You views on the world are so backwards you must wear your ass as a hat. It's doesn't make a differnce if it's 1 child or 1000. The fact is innocent children are being murdered by the Israel Zionist regime. Quit trying to finger point about who started what and justify why you condone innocent people being murded.

5 ) Brian Cohen / Israel
16/07/2014 22:56
I'm curious, Mel. Are you Cherokee, Navajo, Sioux, or just a plain old colonist settler land stealing slave owning white trash kind of American? I do have a theory that your real name is Mahmoud and you live in Khalil, not America...

6 ) dovi / usa
16/07/2014 23:01
simple!!! stop firing rockets, and israel will stop the bombing!!!

7 ) Anthony / USA
16/07/2014 23:14
Where are the eyes of the world , I understand it's easier to look the other way than to stand up to Israel !!! Shame on all you Arab countries , nothing but puppets of America ,,,

8 ) jabe7 / canada
17/07/2014 00:18
Dovi. Simple!!! Stop the illegal, immoral, dehumanizing, violent, barbaric occupation and the result will be PEACE, SALAM, SHALOM. And Israel will take one giant step to becoming a respected member of the human family of nations.

9 ) Robert Kelly / Ireland
17/07/2014 00:33
Brian, you should be ashamed of what your people are doing, and of yourself for your comments here.

10 ) Tom / USA
17/07/2014 18:45
The murder of those boys on the beach beside the international press corps hangout was not just barbaric. It was a statement to the journalists asserting Israel's impunity to butcher without repercussions. Israel's "permanent victim" status is clearly imperilled.

11 ) marzouk talamas / Palestine
17/07/2014 20:25
It's exactly like if a chihuahua(hamas) bites at a pitbull(israel). It doesn't justify the pitbull to chew it up into pieces. When I see Israel bombing the hell out of Gaza and killing innocent civilians it shows me that even though they have all these weapons and security systems and money and support from the us, israel is weak because it acts like the weak.

12 ) Malone / Hfx
17/07/2014 23:21
Most of you people are un in formed..sad

13 ) People of RSA / South Africa
19/07/2014 08:37
can people be so inhumane .... To kill innocent people and think its ok.....May Allah (swt)make it easy on them in this horrible time....we make dua for this to stop insha allah.....stop pointing fingers at who is to blame....No human has to go through such things....
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