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Hamas heard of ceasefire 'through media'
Published Tuesday 15/07/2014 (updated) 16/07/2014 21:25
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Palestinians inspect their damaged homes after an Israeli missile
strike hit Gaza City on July 8, 2014 (AFP Mahmud Hams)
GAZA CITY (Ma'an) -- Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri said Tuesday that the group were not consulted by Egypt about ceasefire arrangements and only heard of the initiative through media outlets.

"We in Hamas haven't heard about the Egyptian suggestions except on media outlets. Nobody has consulted us about this initiative, and so it is natural that the initiative isn't binding to us."

"We fought in order to end oppression practiced against our people in general and the people of Gaza in particular, and ceasefire wasn't our goal when we fought," Abu Zuhri said.

The Hamas official condemned international and regional support for the ceasefire initiative, explaining that if one of the sides involved in the conflict is not consulted it is "worthless."

Islamic Jihad said the group was officially notified about the Egyptian initiative but will agree with Hamas on a joint response.

Gaza spokesman Yousif al-Hasaynah said the group had reservations because it had not taken part in the wording of the ceasefire and will not agree to it without Hamas' approval.

US Secretary of State John Kerry has urged Hamas to accept Egypt's ceasefire proposal to halt fighting with Israel in the Gaza Strip.

"The Egyptian proposal for a ceasefire and negotiations provides an opportunity to end the violence and restore calm," Kerry said.

Arab foreign ministers in Cairo early Tuesday called on "all parties" to accept an Egyptian proposal to end the raging conflict between Israel and Hamas.

Over 190 Palestinians and been killed in Israel's ongoing assault on Gaza, with at least 1,400 injured.

No Israeli have been killed in the fighting.
1 ) Sarah / The Netherlands
15/07/2014 15:32
Last "war" it was the same, Egypt didn't inform Hamas (nov 2012). I think they ( "Israel" and Egypt) want to give Hamas a bad name, and tell the world: "see? Hamas is the aggressor, not "Israel". But in reality? "Israel" is and was always the aggressor.

2 ) Rena / Israel and USA
15/07/2014 15:34
Note regarding last 2 sentences of the article: No Israeli citizens have died,thanks to the Iron Dome that explodes rockets in the sky, but 7 million have been terrorized by 1400 rockets that have been sent over by Gaza. The only people who have been physically injured are children and the elderly. Houses and streets are damaged by rockets and fires. Also, the Israeli economy is suffering as businesses are closed, tourism is dead, and fighting a war is using millions of dollars.

3 ) JoeFattal / USA
15/07/2014 17:19
Of course Hamas wont accept a ceasefire. After all the deaths and construction damages and now that Hamas is better equipted, just stopping the rockets or having Israel fire missiles on Gaza without a good deal something like lifting the Gaza siege which I believe is the main request that Hamas has which Israel probably would be stupid for not giving it them would be satisfactory for Hamas and probably will stop any hostilities for good. Hamas is not fighting for the settlements but for Gaza.

4 ) ABE / USA
15/07/2014 19:00
To#3, By the way Hamas already HAS GAZA!! They want more. stop firing rockets and destruction will stop.

5 ) Michael Collins / Eire
15/07/2014 19:12
There is something very odd about this whole 'ceasefire' offer. Most people thought Hamas had been consulted & had high hopes of achieving something good for Gaza. From what is emerging however, it looks like Hamas has been set up to fall (I understand they [Hamas] called it an 'ambush'). If true, this is a very stupid move. The only way to acheive peace would be to consult & involve Hamas in negotiations. Hamas will not be disarmed, nor will it be quiet, it has the right to resist provocation!!

6 ) Outlier / USA
15/07/2014 19:59
However Hamas heard about the ceasefire proposal, it had plenty of time to review the provisions. Rejecting the proposal because it felt a lack of respect does a disservice to Gazans.

7 ) khan / india
15/07/2014 20:02
Hamas shud not listen to this hypocrites Egypt and others Muslim Nation ... They are donkeys and US is the ass h**Le. Go Hamas u will win.please all Islamic Shia or sunny go and fight with this Israel womens

8 ) Brian Cohen / Israel
15/07/2014 20:37
No, Joe. Hamas is not fighting for Gaza otherwise they would accept peace with Israel and make peace and prosperity for Gaza. Hamas wants war, not peace, and fools like you support them so that Gazans can die. Nothing is "satisfactory" for Hamas other than the destruction of Israel and its replacement with an Islamic state. Maybe you want to join them so you can stone women to death?

9 ) Brian Cohen / Israel
15/07/2014 20:56
Great background info on Hamas - helps you understand the situation in Gaza: http://www.ynetnews.com/articles/0,7340,L-4543634,00.html

10 ) Phil / UK
15/07/2014 21:10
Sarah. Nobody needs to give Hamas a bad name! JoeFattal. What planet have you been on for the last eight years? The whole purpose of the blockade is to stop Hamas from getting the weapons they are currently firing at Israel, and since Egypt has been co-operating with the blockade, it's working. Now tell me again so I can have another laugh. Why would Israel be stupid not to lift the siege?

11 ) Paul / Ireland
15/07/2014 21:32
Oh dear Rena, you won't mind if I boo hoo. Israeli / Zionists are low lives intent on the genocide of the Palestinian people. You are worse than Nazis, the followers of Judasism disown the Zionist as they do not follow the Tora , here in Ireland the boycott of Israeli goods is gathering momentum, hope the Zionist enjoys the poverty, you are a pirriah

12 ) Tibi / Tubas
15/07/2014 21:39
Regardless of how Hamas heard of the ceasefire,
it's answer is what matters, and that was "No".

13 ) @ Joe-3 / \ Tobias / USA
15/07/2014 21:47
- Bad behaviours of children should not be rewarded by parents, or
their parents are just encouraging a repeat performance, and
- Bad behaviours of Hamas will not be rewarded by Israel either, or
it would just be encouraging another repeat terrorism performance, so
* THERE WILL BE NO "GOOD DEAL, like lifting the Gaza siege"
( and No Prisoners Released (another Hamas demand) either,

14 ) @ Sarah-1 / \ Tobias/USA
15/07/2014 21:57
[1] HAMAS has "a bad name" internationally solely because it
[2] While Israel was hunting for the kidnapper-murderers in the West Bank, Hamas decided to launch rockets, to which Israel responded defensively, so
* HAMAS initiated the hostilities, and thus it
[3] ISRAEL accepted the Egyptian ceasefire deal, so it

15 ) Jake / Palestine
15/07/2014 21:58
that is how deep underground the hamas leadership is hiding. Rats.

16 ) Paul / Canada
15/07/2014 22:57
Rena, I suggest you go to Gaza and see what REAL war does to people. There you'll see for yourself what death and misery is like. Tourism is dead in Israel? oh you poor thing.

17 ) @JoeFattal / US
15/07/2014 23:11
Hamas already has Gaza. No Jews live in Gaza. Hamas is fighting to kill Jews and destroy Israel, not for Gaza. Try reading what Hamas says, Joe.

18 ) your / hated
15/07/2014 23:19
F israel

19 ) Arnold / Canada
15/07/2014 23:41
Sarah #1. How dense do you think we people are. Or rather how gullible are you. This is like a "good cop - bad cop" comedy routine. Hamas the political is the good cop and Hamas the military is the bad cop. And you lap it up.

20 ) Arnold / Canada
15/07/2014 23:45
Rena # 2. If it was up to me I would only agree to a ceasefire if Hamas yelled UNCLE and the Saudis paid back Israel for the cost of the Iron Dome rockets. For the Saudis it is spare change and Israel is out fighting for them as well.

21 ) Tibi / Tubas
16/07/2014 03:45
-1- Hamas Had An Easy Way Out, both for themselves and for all the residents of Gaza, and all that was required was to * JUST SAY "YES" to the Egyptian Ceasefire Agreement, but -2- Hamas would rather die than live in peace with Zionists, regardless of how many Gaza residents will die because of their stubborn, stupid, and impotent rocket attacks on Israeli civilians !!

22 ) Javad / Canada
16/07/2014 05:32
what i would insist to know is...how small group of Hamas fighters with not much to eat or comfy bed to sleep could smuggle that many rockets in to Gaza under Israel's (claims to have the strongest army in middle East with most sophisticated technology) eagle eyes?

23 ) Brian Cohen / Israel
16/07/2014 20:34
Javad - news didn't happen this week. Wake up and do some research and show that you are not so shallow. Hamas had a year under the rule of Morsi in Egypt to build 1000 smuggling tunnels and bring in thousands of rockets, thousands of mortar rounds with the approval of the Muslim Brotherhood government in Egypt. Also, Hamas is RICH! Go google the stories about the Hamas millionaires and their mansions in Gaza. Go read about the Gaza-Egypt border. Then make comments.

24 ) Gerry / USA
16/07/2014 22:26
Those comments which try to resolve the conflict by asking Hamas to "stop firing rockets" are severely deluded. Israel is the occupying and oppressive overseer of Palestinian life. If Hamas stopped fighting, Israel would continue it's oppressive occupation as it always has. Palestinians are fighting for their livelihood and freedom which is constantly undermined by the occupation. "If only Hamas stopped firing rockets" is not a solution. Israel must give back Palestinians their homes.

25 ) Isaac / USA
18/07/2014 03:29
Israel is just a killing machine. they have done this kinds of massacres many times since the Jews from Eastern Europe decided to invade Palestine in 1947. The Jews have taken already 90% of the original Palestinians land and they have destroyed countless of cities, town, villages, mosques, etc. killing thousands and evicting more than 5 millions natives. Gaza is the larges concentration camp in the world. I think the Palestinians want to live like human beings without the eternal occupation.

26 ) Tinne / Belgium
19/07/2014 13:44
People are so ignorant, it frustrates me to the bone! I'm happy some of you at least see what's really happening here and convicting the crimes of the Israeli terrorists. It's OUTRAGEOUS that things like this can happen in this century and that we just let it happen! I don't understand how the Israeli's can treat other human beings this way. But then again, they don't see the Palestinian as human beings, but as parasites they have to remove so they can have their land and belongings.
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