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Death toll passes 100 as Israel continues Gaza assault
Published Friday 11/07/2014 (updated) 12/07/2014 23:35
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A picture taken from the southern Israeli-Gaza Strip border shows
an explosion moments after an Israeli air strike on Gaza City, on
July 11, 2014.(AFP/Jack Guez)
GAZA CITY (Ma'an) -- Eighteen Palestinians have been killed in Israeli airstrikes since midnight Friday, Gaza's Ministry of Health said, bringing the death toll in Israel's military assault to over 100.

The latest airstrikes and shelling killed two Palestinians and injured 16 others in Deir al-Balah in the central Gaza Strip, bringing the number of dead Friday to 18.

Medical sources said that the bodies of Mohammed Samiri and one other arrived at the Al-Aqsa Martyrs Hospital.

In the al-Nizar neighborhood in al-Shujaiyya in eastern Gaza City late Friday, a separate airstrike killed two people.

Spokesman for the ministry of health Ashraf al-Qidra said Hussein al-Mamlok, 47, and Saber Sukkar, 80 were killed and three others were injured in the strike.

Three others were injured, he said.

Medics say the attacks raised the death toll to 108 since the campaign began.

Nearly 700 have been injured.

Earlier, warplanes targeted worshipers leaving a mosque in the al-Zaytoun neighborhood, medics said. Seven people were injured.

An earlier attack on a home in Jabaliya killed Saher Abu Namous, 4, while another in the same city killed an elderly man, Muhammad Rabee Abu Hmeidan, medics said.

An airstrike on a car in central Gaza killed Hamas municipality employees Mazen Aslan and Shahraman Abu Kas, and a five-year-old, Shahd al-Qarnawi, later died from injuries sustained in the blast.

Earlier, five Palestinians were killed and 15 injured in Rafah after the Israeli air force targeted the Ghannam family home.

Ghaliya Dib Jaber Ghannam, 7, Wissam Abdulraziq Hassan Ghannam, 23, Mahmoud Abduloraziq Hassan Ghannam, 26, Kifah Shihada Dib Ghannam, 20, and Muhammad Munir Ashur, 25, were identified as those killed.

The home was hit without warning and the impact of the airstrike completely destroyed the building and several surrounding properties.

Toddler Nour Abu al-Najdah was also killed in Rafah after being injured by shrapnel from an airstrike, while Raed Abu Hani, 50, was killed in eastern Rafah.

Adnan al-Ashhab, 40, died from injuries sustained in an airstrike near the al-Nuseirat refugee camp.

In Gaza City, Israeli warplanes targeted a fifth-floor apartment building, killing Anas Abu al-Kas.

According to Gaza's Ministry of Health, over 100 Palestinians have been killed and at least 600 injured in Israel's assault on the besieged coastal enclave.

The United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs published an emergency report documenting that 58 Palestinian civilians, including 11 women and 21 children, have been killed as of 3 p.m. Thursday during Israel's assault.

Over 300 homes have been totally destroyed or severely damaged and around 2,000 Gazans have been made homeless, OCHA added.

US President Barack Obama said he was concerned the fighting could escalate and "called for all sides to do everything they can to protect the lives of civilians", the White House said.

Relatives and friends of the al-Hajj family gather in a mosque to
pray over the bodies of eight family members during their funeral
in Khan Younis, in the southern Gaza Strip, on July 10, 2014
(AFP/Said Khatib)

"The United States remains prepared to facilitate a cessation of hostilities, including a return to the November 2012 ceasefire agreement."

Appeals for an immediate truce also came from UN chief Ban Ki-moon at an emergency meeting Thursday of the Security Council, saying a ceasefire was "more urgent than ever".

Russian President Vladimir Putin issued a similar plea in a phone call to Netanyahu, urging an immediate end to the bloodshed and expressing concern over civilian casualties.

Hamas has been striking deep inside Israel over the past 48 hours, with rockets crashing down near Jerusalem and Tel Aviv and even as far away as Hadera, 116 kilometers to the north.

Senior Hamas member and the movement's former Gaza prime minister Ismail Haniyeh ruled out any backing down by the group.

"The enemy (Israel) is the one that started this aggression and it must stop, because we are (simply) defending ourselves," Haniyeh said in a statement early Friday.

1090 sites bombed

Since the start of the operation, the Israeli military's biggest offensive on Gaza since November 2012, its forces have hit over 1090 sites in Gaza.

In the same period, Gaza militants fired 407 mortars and rockets that struck Israel, while another 118 rockets were intercepted, an army spokeswoman said Friday.

Israel has approved the call-up of 40,000 reservists.

In a news conference, Hamas' armed wing the al-Qassam Brigades issued a veiled threat to kidnap soldiers, saying a "ground war will be a chance to free Palestinian prisoners."

Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri said in a separate statement that Israel would "pay the price for its crimes," saying an Israeli ground assault would be a mistake, calling Israeli troops "cowards."

AFP contributed to this report
1 ) afra umar / Pakistan
11/07/2014 12:15
This is insanity this has to stop where is ur humanity poeple they r capturing their land don't let them succeed in there plan May Allah never make Cruel incentives to be accomplished

2 ) nykee julian / usa
11/07/2014 15:04
LA elah. Ela lah. God be with all family

3 ) Shona / Canada
11/07/2014 16:36
Hamas has deliberately turned the proud civilian Palestinian people into hostages and human shields, who are being being killed.

4 ) JoeFattal / USA
11/07/2014 16:47
Israel is not going to enter Gaza until they inflict more civilian casuaties to have the edge in the conflict since they will have their own military casualties in Gaza.

5 ) JoeFattal / USA
11/07/2014 18:09
Something tells me that if the unity didn't happened none of that would have happened.

6 ) Shona / Canada
11/07/2014 18:41
@5 none of this would have happened if the suicidal radical Islamic Hamas in Fortress Gaza, had not fired 800 rockets indiscriminately onto suffering Israel civilians last month, before this escalation started. It would be better for the innocent Pal’s children and grandmothers who are human hostages, if they overthrow Hamas now.

7 ) Mel / USA
11/07/2014 18:42
Condolences!Israel sure likes targeting civilians without Iron Domes & bunkers while they're ASLEEP at night.Attested by the fact that their bodies/limbs are found wearing NIGHT/BED CLOTHES!Unless of course,the Palestinian resistance is FIRING rockets FROM THEIR PILLOWS,or babies cribs? Israel would KNOW,it can see thru' Drone camera's with GREAT acuity!And the Ghanam family is the one of DOCTOR Ghanam,a dedicated physician,not the I/J member!Not that Israel cares!

11/07/2014 19:05
almost 100 people are dead for nothing . god cursed you netanyahoo.

9 ) Jerry / Sweden
11/07/2014 19:53
http://www.almanar.com.lb/engl..., and claiming "World Protests in Solidarity with Gaza". Solidarity with burning flags.... What a comfort for the wounded civilians, burning USA and Israeli flags helps a lot.... The same amount of missile fired resulted in the same amount civilians killed because Hamas encouraged those people to act as human shields for the arsenal under the house they lived in.

10 ) Arnold / Canada
11/07/2014 21:45
Joe/Fattal - The IDF will not enter Gaza until they feel they have neutralized Hamas' rockets. If it was up to me I would not enter at all. I would lay a total seige on Gaza and really do what the Nazis did to the Jews in Warsaw. Stop pussyfooting around. They would anhalate Israel in a second if they could and you know that. This letting hundreds of trucks of food and medicine daily is completely insane when these people are continuously firing at you.

11 ) Paul / Kenya
11/07/2014 22:06
Something tells me if hamas stops firing rockets at Israeli civilian population centre, all this would stop.

12 ) shirley / australia
11/07/2014 23:12
yes and guress what maan dont see you reporting on how putin just supported isreal and its assault on gaza saying poor isreal has a right to protect itself and the three settlers abomination and no sympathy for pals killed before even kn owqn what happened and revenge and attack on gaza hamas with no proof and poor gaza could not be responsible for settlers putin is a liar a gutless crawler to us isreal he let down geneva he does not suport sunnis hamas know this time to let west anti war know

13 ) Tobias / USA
11/07/2014 23:35
- Neither side will stop, until they're done trying to hurt the other, and - Neither may ever be done, so 100 death may happen every week, until - Either Gaza militants are all dead, or they ask for peace unconditionally.

14 ) @ Joe-5 / USA too
11/07/2014 23:51
Only 3 ways could you post such a comment, where: -1- You Are An Idiot. -2- You Are A Liar to write "if the unity didn't happened (Way Back In April) none of that would have happened", or -3- You Blame The "Unity" for the kidnapping/murderers of the Israeli teenagers (3 months later), leading to Israel's immediate search response, which lead to Hamas' immediate response of rockets (war crimes) and more terrorism !!! - Which is it: Idiot, Liar, or Blame Unity For The Murders ???

15 ) Time's up / Bozo's
11/07/2014 23:54
"Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri said in a separate statement that Israel would "pay the price for its crimes," saying an Israeli ground assault would be a mistake, calling Israeli troops "cowards." That's rich coming from a bunch of whinging terrorists who are hiding behind the skirts of their women!

16 ) @ Joe-4 / Only Hamas
12/07/2014 00:37
Only Hamas wants Israel to enter Gaza, so that the international sympathy might switch towards Gaza. However, Only If Hamas' rocket war crimes cause enough damage, just like Only when Hamas' kidnapping/murders caused enough damage, will Israel be forced to respond to Hamas' Terrorism, and Hopefully Hamas' aggression remains impotent enough, so that Israel never has to launch and Invasion that Only Hamas wants !!

17 ) Dave A. / Boston
12/07/2014 07:22
The IDF stands in front of its children and civilians. Hamas hides behind their children and civilians.

18 ) Dave. / Boston
12/07/2014 07:28
Why does Hamas put their missiles in hospitals, mosques, and schools? This is why there are civilian deaths. Hamas is committing major war crimes

19 ) notice that the LEADERS OF / HAMAS re NOT SEEN??
12/07/2014 09:53
where are they? are they hiding in shelters? where are their chidren? How come only the POPULATION IS BEING HURT????

20 ) Mel / USA
12/07/2014 15:05
Where can they run? Where are the bomb-shelters?Where are the Israeli Jews screaming on the streets picking up their families bodies blown to smithereens?Obama would be outraged then ,that Hamas F16's,Tanks,Drones,Naval missiles were bombing poor"victim"Boo-hoo Israel,the Barbarian? Oh but wait,Hamas DOESN'T HAVE all that hardware.It has LESS than the Jewish resistance,in WW2.What minute a family house is there,next it's gone.They are still digging the Ghannam bodies out& ALL others,inlcd KIDS!

21 ) els / canada
30/07/2014 05:00
my heart goes out to the family's who lost a family member i sit in shock as i watch it on tv can't imagine having to live threw this the two sides has to come to some agreement that works for both iinocent children shouldn't have to suffer this is not there war i pray for peace in your country
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