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Official: Autopsy shows Palestinian youth burnt alive
Published Saturday 05/07/2014 (updated) 06/07/2014 15:03
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Relatives and friends of Mohammed Abu Khder, 16, carry his body to
the mosque during his funeral in Shufat, in Israeli-annexed East
Jerusalem on July 4, 2014 (AFP Ahmad Gharabli)
BETHLEHEM (Ma'an) -- A preliminary autopsy report shows that 16-year-old Muhammad Abu Khdeir was burnt alive by his kidnappers, a senior Palestinian official said late Friday.

Attorney General Muhammad Abd al-Ghani Uweili told Ma'an Abu Khdeir's autopsy showed soot in the victim's lungs and respiratory tract, indicating he was alive and breathing while he was being burnt.

Abu Khdeir also had a head injury, but died from complications as a result of being burnt, Uweili said.

A final autopsy will be released later, he added.

The autopsy was conducted at Abu Kabir Forensic Institute in Israel in the presence of Palestinian coroner Dr. Sabir al-Aloul, the director of the Institute of Forensic Medicine at al-Quds University.

Palestinians say right-wing Israelis kidnapped and killed Abu Khdeir, whose body was found early Wednesday in a forest near West Jerusalem.

The murder is thought to be a revenge attack in response to the kidnapping and killing of three Israeli teens, who were buried the day before.

Israeli police say the circumstances behind Abu Khdeir's killing remain unclear.
1 ) anonymous / indonesia
05/07/2014 14:55
Barbaric act...

2 ) Nida / England
05/07/2014 15:45
This is very sickening, your war is with the bit of land not with these innocent children, I mean honestly we are all Humans we all bleed the same blood, it isn't going to make you feel better by killing innocents just making you look like cowards and making the world hate you more, you are not doing something good your doing evil, and on the day we die we pray you get punished and feel the pain of those innocents you've hurt Ameen May Allah bless our muslim brothers and sisters

3 ) Mel / USA
05/07/2014 17:00
This poor boy,like millions of collectively punished Palestinians,is one symptom of Israel-gone-psycho!It's Zionism's (in 2008-9)erased any myth of "democracy"it never planned anyway with Bibi &his Yisrael Beitenu/Likud lunies,screaming "finish the job"against Hamas,but was code for steal ALL Palestine &wipe good Muslim/Christian people off the map of "The Land of Israel".As if it NEVER was anyone else's"home".That's white-supremacy,delusional exceptionalism,"Puritan"colonial/Nazi psychopathy!

4 ) Mel / USA
05/07/2014 17:24
"Israeli Jews consciousness is characterized by a sense of victimization,a siege mentality,blind patriotism,belligerence,self-righteousness,dehumanization of Palestinians,and insensitivity to their suffering...":Journalist Akiva Eldar:summarizing Dr,Daniel Bar-Tal's(Tel Aviv Uni)research into Jewish-Israeli attitudes after Op.Cast Lead. "There is no doubt that these(Israeli-Jewish)attitudes were a product of indoctrination...(constructed)narrative of war ...(controlled)information.."(Dr.Bar-Tal)

5 ) ezra / canada
05/07/2014 18:25
these russian jewish settlers...this isnt new 14 years ago when they began killing they found palestinians bodies with all the nails pulled from the hands and feet and they had screws hammered in them and thebodies were burnt...this is russian settler judaism....

6 ) E / Usa
05/07/2014 18:27
No sense of right or wrong. Where should they live? Nowhere!

7 ) Carlos / US
05/07/2014 19:15
Inhumane atrocity by barbaric Jews. Utterly disgusting and a shame and stain on Judaism

8 ) JoeFattal / USA
05/07/2014 19:48
There is something that puzzle me about that incident. One of the 3 settlers that was killed was an American/Israeli citizen. This teenager was a Palestinian/American citizen. It looks to me that the same group that killed the 3 settlers are the same that killed this teenager. Someone knew that he was a Palestinian/American and took only few days to find it out. So who ever did it has to be either the military or the Israeli Police or a group that work for either one of them.

9 ) Mel's mom / USA
05/07/2014 22:46
1, 2, 3, and 4 you have no idea or any evidence, who has killed the boy, have you?

10 ) ashwaan / south africa cape town
05/07/2014 23:08
These aren't humans they more like satanist killing innocent children as if its a game allah will deal with them in allahs time free palestine

11 ) Brian Cohen / Israel
05/07/2014 23:12
I completely condemn this murder and demand that the Israeli and Palestinian police make full effort to bring the perpetrators to justice. At the same time I demand that Fatah and Hamas immediately stop paying reward money to the murderers of Israeli civilians - this is a disgusting and illegal act that goes against the norms of a civilized society. Either the Palestinains stop doing it, or they should stop lying to the world and admit that their goal is war, not peace.

12 ) Brian Cohen / Israel
05/07/2014 23:14
The person who is paid to write as "Mel" is getting to be too much. It is clear that nobody has that much time on their hands to write comments to what appears to be almost every single Maan news item related to Israel. His biased, inciting and extremely poorly written comments that were once amusing are now simply pathetic. Whoever is paying him should at least give him grammar lessons.

13 ) Alan / United Kingdom
06/07/2014 02:11
I think that these barbaric monsters that committed this atrocity has sunk humanity to an all time low. Two wrongs don't make a right??? Although i'm an optimist i'm also a realist and it pains me to say this but i don't see solution anytime soon.

14 ) Machado / USA
06/07/2014 02:24
No doubt apologists for the perpetrators of this murder will blame it on their remembrance of the Holocaust thus death by burning, the perpetrators having visions of the hapless teens consigning their fellow Israelis to the gas chambers. What a sick, sorry lot from PM to PERP.

15 ) maggie / USA
06/07/2014 03:23
I want my government to stop funding Israel's brutality toward Palestinians. This occupation and oppression must end. We Americans give more welfare to Israeli citizens than we do our own. It's no wonder we are hated in the Muslim world and face the threat of terrorism because of our abeyance to Israel's genocide of the Palestinians. Osama bin Laden told us that the reason he attacked the USA on September 11 was because of our unbridled support of apartheid Israel.

16 ) azim / uk
06/07/2014 04:28
Strange. Israel does the same deed repeatedly while we sit and watch and talk about zionism and feel good about ourself coz we done wat we could...just blame zionism right? Why dont we send american doctors to also carry out forensic tests. That way its not just an all muslim investigation. It will also put pressure the us government to listen.

17 ) J?rgen Heinrich / Chile
06/07/2014 05:50
Who will stop Israeli State Terrorism ? This coward crime against a child will have revenge and reprisal. When i see all crimes against humanity carried out by the Jews and Israel through out the history......i think.......well Adolf Yes Adolf...was not too wrong and he has been demonized by the so called International Israel Lobby. Netanyahu should be put on trial at the International Criminal Court NOW !!!!

18 ) Maureen / Australia
06/07/2014 07:23
See what you and your right-wing crazies have caused, Mr Netanyahu? BTW, the three dead Israeli teenagers were allegedly found weeks before the announcement of them being found. Apparently, the Israeli gov. informed the Israeli press of the find but put a gag order on release of the information. Ref. Global Research.

19 ) Ambia / England
06/07/2014 13:00
The ummah needs to b strong. Together if the ummah did something about all this, if Saudi helped, if these rich muslim countries helped they could have tought israel such lesson that they dont say "Uff" to a muslim but hold on....why would they help? They are all cowards who obey America, blinded to see what our brothers & sisters are going through. Its all going to get just so bad till Imam Mahdi soon arrives. There is nowone else to help. Everyone is for themselves.

20 ) Xx / Uk
06/07/2014 13:40
When will the world media wake upto this and do some thing about it

21 ) Hakim / UK
06/07/2014 17:59
E / usa; who are you talking about, Ashkenazi Zionists from Russia or the Plantations?

22 ) dr.w / usa
06/07/2014 21:55
True inhumane and the criminals should be brought to justice just like they punish suspects. The criminals have been identified, now do the right thing if Judaism is to be applied.

23 ) Roxy / Japan
07/07/2014 19:18
He was only 17…What did he ever do to deserve this? We need to put an end to this chain of hatred now.

24 ) Anwar / Qatar
07/07/2014 19:40
@8 - Joe, there is something else that is odd about that incident regarding the three boys; the emergency call; I haven't heard the tape, but have read what was on it. The use of the word 'three'. No where have I read that there were any religious references on the tape, words like 'blessing', 'thank God', etc. 'Arab' Arabic speakers from the region pepper their language with such references, like when Israel bombs Gaza 'Allahu Akbar'. Maybe the Arabic speaker wasn't an Arab!! We pray for peace.

25 ) ranin / jordan
07/07/2014 21:26
many crimes at palestine is cometed everyday just if you're a normal human you will know who's the guilty... muhammed abu khdair is a teenager with no power , he had just wanted to pray nothing else so maybe for that he burnt alive ... please be fair ...

26 ) Samir / Palestine
19/07/2014 18:01
let me tell you, i am not surprised this happen 3 day before that hamas kidnapped 3 teens from israel and killed them. You can have to voices - one for israel and one for hamas... That boy was a victim of the hate created by a hamas action. in this case i think its wrong to blame israelies... those teens captured by israel would be sent to prison not like the hamas militants which would recieve honor for their despicable actions
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