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Watch: Israeli police brutally assault Palestinian in Shufat
Published Friday 04/07/2014 (updated) 07/07/2014 11:02
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BETHLEHEM (Ma'an) -- Video footage emerged Thursday of Israeli border police brutally beating a Palestinian man unconscious in the Jerusalem neighborhood of Shufat.

A video posted by Palestine Today TV shows what appears to be masked Israeli border police in riot gear beating, kicking and stamping on a Palestinian man until he lost consciousness.

Israeli police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld said he was unaware of the incident and had not seen the images.

1 ) Julie / USA
04/07/2014 19:19
these rabid izraeli zionists are the most psychotic murderous criminals among mankind. Hitler is tame in comparison. i hope every Palestinian and everyone who supports their struggle is armed to the teeth with cameras, it's the most effective weapon they have against izrael's lies, fabrications & hasbara. the whole world is watching...and discovering very quickly how despicably vicious and maniacal izrael is...such horrific, relentless cruelty is the unchanging hideous face of izrael.

2 ) Hanny / Swiss
04/07/2014 19:41
These Jews don't like having stones thrown at them from the Jerusalem neighborhood of Shufat., do they?

3 ) Leonardo / France
04/07/2014 19:45
European Jews retaliate like this against anti Jewish activists too, when we run after and catch the filth.

4 ) Kathy P / USA..
04/07/2014 20:23
I cried.. I honestly cried..

5 ) dan / USA
04/07/2014 20:57
And these uniformed (but masked, so knew they were outside the law) thugs go home to family. Israelis are remarkably brutalized, and as the whole country is these guys on their days off duty, the whole place is not normal. Nor do Palestinians live in a normal society, impossible under a gun - but the Israelis are morally repugnant for holding the gun - as in video- cowardly against people who cannot fight back

6 ) JoeFattal / USA
04/07/2014 23:08
cont.....,is at stake. Whatever they created in the last few decades will disappear and sooner or later the whole area will be as good as it was thousands of years ago, back to the bible age. Its their future they playing with not the Palestinians. But since Israel is running by a government that think they are invincible, it will turn against them just because they can control their own people which is backed by the military. Israel in the long run will be deafeted by their own people.

7 ) Paul / USA
05/07/2014 01:43
Zionist Savages!!!

8 ) Carol Scheller / Switzerland
05/07/2014 12:16
An example from the Israeli border police, for ALL to see on Interne - if it was really border policemen, but they are unfortunately notorious for their brutality. How does their pay compare with that of soldiers or regular police ?

9 ) Sam / UK
05/07/2014 15:45
My question is to Mr Abbas and his cronies, what are you going to do in the face of the ongoing Israeli savagery. The world is not going to help you.

10 ) danibhoy / ireland
05/07/2014 17:01
did that poor man survive that horrendous attack?

11 ) Omar Jamal / Pakistan
05/07/2014 18:19
To all people who feel for the suffering of the Palestinians, may God bless you all, for it shows you have humanity & a good heart; unlike the Zionists who don't have a shred of it !!

12 ) Tom / USA
05/07/2014 18:49
This kind of Rodney King beating would start a riot if it happened in the U.S. The apologists for Israel on this string are appalling. It's 3D zionism: denial, deceit, and distortion. Even when there is video evidence, the deniers of zionist barbarism flail at the victims instead of calling for justice. It's disgusting. And it ain't Jewish.

13 ) Naji / USA
05/07/2014 20:09
That was no man, it was a 15 year old boy, Tariq Abukhdeir, a US citizen from Tampa, Florida who was visiting his family on summer holiday, and cousin of Mohammed Abukhdeir, the 16 year old who was kidnapped and burned alive in Shuafat. Micky Rosenfeld is lieing! The video was shown to the judge as Tariq was taken to court straight from the hospital and she even commented that she was appalled at the brutal nature of his beating, asking why a handcuffed man was still being beaten.

14 ) Naji / USA
05/07/2014 20:12
To make matters worse he was taken straight from the hospital to jail, has severe internal bleeding, a broken nose, broken chin, and is nearly unrecognizable. The United States Department of State has acknowledged they are well aware of the situation but will not intervene and refuses to comment. A minor! An American! Yet the US has not budged on the situation. Had he been Jewish or of Israeli background rather than Palestinian background, I'm sure the US would be blowing doors down!

15 ) Bill / USA
05/07/2014 20:16
It turns out that this video documents the arrest of Tarek Abu Khdeir, a 15 year old US citizen of a Palestinian family who happens to be a cousin of the boy murdered by Israeli settlers. Now, he faces prosecution in Israel for unknown crimes (per Israeli procedures, the charges are kept secret).

16 ) saqib / Pakistan
05/07/2014 21:23
I would rather say ashsme to all political leaders who claim to b Lords of Islamic States. Furthermore it is responsibility of every individual to raise voice against such massacre

17 ) Gerard Quinn / scotland
05/07/2014 23:26
When will the rest of the world sit up and take notice of what israeli is doing To the palestinians people .?

18 ) sean / derry
06/07/2014 04:33
This is a crime against humanity. Not the Palestinians..... we need to start humanising people dehumanised by corporate driven strategies and Israel policy!!!!!

19 ) Abdifatah yussuf / Kenya
06/07/2014 04:36
One day, One day, the zionist will pay this.

20 ) Monika / Israel
06/07/2014 08:19
Those Barbaric Savage Occupation Terrorists should know that the palestinian big brother is watching and filming them everywhere.The international society had understood it in the last days how and what happens to the Palestinians every day,(perhaps this will help to get rid of those Zio settlers government on Palestinian soil and their brutal war crimes on the Palestinians)

21 ) Janet / Australia
06/07/2014 10:17
But the bloke in the video, who is getting some discipline, has a shaven head, who is kidding who?
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