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Israel finds bodies of 3 missing teens
Published Monday 30/06/2014 (updated) 02/07/2014 12:21
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Israeli security forces stand guard next to their vehicles on June
30, 2014 in the village of Halhul, where the bodies of the three
missing Israeli teenagers were found.(AFP/Menahem Kahana)
TEL AVIV, Israel (Ma'an) -- Israeli forces scouring the occupied West Bank for signs of three missing Israeli teenagers discovered their bodies Monday afternoon, its army reported.

They were found in a field in the Hebron area, not far from where they went missing, according to reports.

"Following extensive searches in order to retrieve the three abducted teens; Eyal Yifrah, Gilad Shaar and Naftali Frenkel, an effort led by the IDF, the ISA and the Israel Police, three bodies were discovered in the area north-west to Hebron, north of the community of Telem," the army said in an emailed statement.

"The bodies are currently going through forensic identification," it added.

"The families of the abducted teens have been notified."

Deputy Israeli defense minister Danny Danon also confirmed their bodies had been discovered, saying they had been murdered by "Hamas terrorists" and calling for a widespread operation to "eradicate" the Islamist movement.

Israeli public radio said the bodies were discovered in a field near Halhul, a town north of Hebron, about 10 minutes from the roadside in the southern West Bank where they were last seen.

Palestinians were quoted in other Israeli media saying massive amounts of forces were surrounding the city.

Israel's military did not immediately respond to inquiries.

Shortly before the news was made public, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin called an urgent meeting of his security cabinet from 9:30 p.m. with ministers expected to take "operative" decisions, public radio said.

The three Israeli teenagers disappeared from the Gush Etzion settlement on June 12.

Israel has blamed Hamas for kidnapping the teens, but the Islamist movement has denied involvement.

Israeli forces launched a military search campaign in response, arresting hundreds of Palestinians and shooting five dead. Over 100 were also injured throughout the operation.

AFP contributed to this report
1 ) jv / Canada
30/06/2014 19:07
So the score so far. 3 Israelis dead vs How many Palestinians dead? Hundreds arrested, thousands of homes trashed, the US is about to cut funding for Palestine and Netanyahu just announced his plans to annex the rest of Palestine. Congratulations on your big win.

2 ) Brian Cohen / Israel
30/06/2014 22:21
The thruth is out and it is ugly. Hamas is the partner in the Palestinian government. Hamas is indeed a terorist organization whose goal is war. Their leaders keep saying it straight and up front - it is time to arrest them and send them to the ICC to be charged, tried and sentenced to live the rest of their lives in prison.

3 ) JoeFattal / USA
30/06/2014 22:45
Knowing Israel I still have doubts that the 3 missing were kidnapped or killed. I hate to say it, but I would like to see their dead bodies in a video or a picture or any reliable confirmation that they are dead, but not from Israel. I just don't trust them.

4 ) Adam Neira / France
30/06/2014 23:38
Prayers for Eyal Yifrah, Naftali Frankel and Gilad Shaer.

5 ) Elyas Mohammad / Middle east
01/07/2014 00:03
3 dead "israelis" vs how many dead Palestinians? If israel had any shame, they would have counted how many kids, teenagers and adults they have killed without right. Zionist terror has itself to blame, they have opressed for ever 60 years now yet they still act as the victim. This article should have mentioned the Palestinians killed, jailed, injuree or got their homes vandalized since the 12th of june alone.

01/07/2014 00:09
they are not teen any more.

7 ) Julie / USA
01/07/2014 00:17
the death of the teens is tragic. settlers are illegal, how sad the parents chose to live illegally risking (wasting) the lives of their children. needless to say, murder is WRONG. who killed them has not been proven, certainly not by an independent jury or just court of law. we're only told the izraeli version & everyone knows how izrael fabricates, lies, twists. maybe mossad did it so izrael can falsely justify more war against innocent Palestinians...who they already kidnap & murder all time

8 ) Colin Wright / USA
01/07/2014 00:32
Just doing the math here. After this sort of thing, Israel usually massacres random victims at a ten-to-twenty ratio in what she conceives of as retribution. I've lost count -- but hasn't Israel already killed ten or so? Ergo...thirty to sixty victims required, Israel has already collected ten...she'll require twenty to fifty additional victims.

9 ) Tobias / USA
01/07/2014 00:37
There will NEVER be PEACE, BUT there can be JUSTICE NOW, where The value of the international 3 teenager's lives, in Halhul Land, should be transferred to the 3 Jewish families, who may wish to build a new Jewish village right there next to the town of Halhul.

10 ) Avram / Northern Section
01/07/2014 00:54
Despite the grusemness of the teens murders,reprisals should stay measured. This incident could trigger events,bigger than anything thats happend in months.

11 ) The Precious, The Law, & / The Peace
01/07/2014 01:08
To Israelis, There Is Nothing More Precious Than Life, and To Palestinians, There Is Nothing More Precious Than Land, so When Palestinians Steal Jewish Lives, They Should Pay For It, in terms equally precious to them, Palestinian Land, and * Such Laws Would Actually Lead To Peace !!

12 ) ian / australia
01/07/2014 02:36
If the bodies were in a field "10 minutes" from where they went missing it's not believable they weren't found immediately (which of course they might have been). And the mad rampage through the West Bank (with 8 dead) is revealed as a TERROR campaign disguised as a rescue mission, in the words of "Bomber" Harris, "to destroy the morale of the civilian population". (The objective to "dismantle" Hamas is also a lie as the REAL target was the unity government and international support for it.

13 ) ian / australia
01/07/2014 02:38
(contd.) Israel NEEDS Hamas, in fact ALL extremists, and would miss it sorely if it was "eradicated"). And there now seems LESS evidence of Hamas involvement as the picture emerges of a vicious murder (not an abduction) by unknown killers of hapless Yeshiva students as simple revenge for the deaths of the teenage martys at Ofer (amongst other crimes too numerous to list).

14 ) jabbar wahki / PR
01/07/2014 02:59
the 1st thing pals should do is abhor the deaths of any civilians on either side, especially children, and mention that many innocent pals have also been killed. [give examples] 2nd, call for an independent- international?- investigation, including the autopsy to verify the identity of the bodies, and for the killers, whomever they may be, to be brought to justice.

15 ) Moses Kestenbaum ODA / Korea
01/07/2014 03:12
Arabs go to hell, Never again will there be a palastinian state, its over now, go join Hamas and kill each other you bastards son of the devill

16 ) Michael Collins / Eire
01/07/2014 14:52
Given the statements of international leaders, its already guilt by association. No doubt they would also support the Israeli response in their own countries, mass killing, house demolitions, arrests, land annexation. May God with His infinate mercy & wisdom forgive me, but I find much of what has occurred difficult to believe. I also wonder if the two suspects will turn up dead or alive. Both sides need to be heard, and independant verification of bodies, etc, take place. Justice must prevail.

17 ) Outlier / USA
01/07/2014 17:59
Everyone here keeping scorecards on this situation should be ashamed. These are people who have died; their potential forever unfulfilled, their families forever devastated, the world forever poorer for their loss. Maybe, just maybe, some good can come from all this suffering, but for now, Israelis and Palestinians are better served by dealing with their grief and the memories of those lost.

18 ) Arnold / Canada
02/07/2014 01:38
Joe Fatal #3. The funeral was all a set up as well ? You piece of dirt !. Julie # 7. You are worse than Joe. Trying to put the deaths on the Mossad in order to go out and kill Palestinians. No words for you except evil witch.

19 ) Brian Cohen / Israel
02/07/2014 07:36
Colin Wrong again shows that he is paid to write propaganda by some well-oiled anti-Israel machine. Nothing like putting up some lies like 20-1 ratios for every incicent and crap like that. Come on, Colin. Mizrahi was murdered on Passover...so where are the 20 or 60 revenge deaths you say must have happened? They didn't. You're nothing buy a pseudonyn of a paid shill. I again dare you and challenge you to meet me in public. You're a fake.
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